Hall of Mirrors, Kin 64–Yellow Crystal Seed

Seek not the Mirror
But the face in the Mirror
Follow the Echo Back to the Voice
Trace the Voice Back to the Source
Where Voice and Echo, Mirror and Face
Are One

With so much focus on events of the external realm, I felt to share an experience from the internal realm. It is comforting to know that what is occurring in our external time-space reality is only one of many realities occurring simultaneously.

The codes of the synchronic order are such potent tools to explore other dimensions and levels of consciousness. We have only just begun to tap into these new mind technologies that facilitate, among other things, the possibility of time travel and sensory teleportation. These codes are a true gift of galactic intelligence to assist us in our evolution toward cosmic consciousness.

I have been documenting the results of these inner experiments of the Noosphere II project for the past five years. I offer my experience in order to inspire you to further explore the many treasures that await inside yourself, God willing.

This particular experience occurred about four spins ago when I was meditating inside the cube focussing on a mirror at the solar plexus chakra– kuxam sum.

Seated within the cube, with eyes closed, I visualized sitting in the Resonant Mirror, Kin 98, position on the top half of the psi bank, with a reflecting mirror in my solar plexus. I beamed this reflecting mirror to the other half of the psi bank, the occult position of the Resonant Night, Kin 163, and imagined it beaming me back its information. I focussed on the meditative qualities of mirror: Reflection, Endlessness and Order.

My intention was to access another dimension. I felt it was the perfect day being that it was tone 7, the resonant tone of attunement representing the seventh dimension, the mirrorless void zone.

I imagined the mirror in my solar plexus beaming out to other dimensions. I practiced for quite some time trying to remain in a receptive state. Though I felt an overall sense of calm and well being, nothing much happened.

When I went to bed that evening, I entered a hypnogogic state. I soon felt myself hurtling through the cord of the solar plexus (which I had had some experience with). In this process you sometimes feel “crunched” or hear a type of static or crackling sound as the dimensions are shifting.

Then suddenly I found myself in a familiar house. A party was about to happen. And I was the hostess! I felt a bit anxious. Was I prepared for this?

The guests begin to arrive: acrobats, dancers, magicians, musicians, and children. Many guests appeared to have come from another era, another time.

I felt both fascinated and a bit overwhelmed as I was the hostess and the guests are arriving so rapidly it is impossible to greet them all.

I realized that this is my house—it is a moveable feast—kaleidoscopic, ever changing. As I walked from room to room, the rooms shifted into different eras.

I walked into one room. It was dark. Children were sleeping on the floor. I went outside and saw several guests drinking fine wine. I looked at the bottles; they all looked different and seemed to span many eras.

Creative activity was bursting forth everywhere. I was not sure what to do, so I just walked around and made sure everyone was having a good time.

A man approached me. He seemed to know me well. I could not place him.

He motioned me over and said: “Red Queen.”  I was surprised that he called me by this name. He said it again: “Red Queen, would you like to do some mirror work?”

I was not quite sure what he meant. He seemed persistent. I agreed and followed his instruction.

I gazed into this very unusual mirror. It had three parts with two round parts at the center. I noted that there was also a mirror in my solar plexus. I become lucid and remembered that I was meditating this at an earlier time in another time-space.

When I first gazed into the mirror, I was amazed to see my etheric body—I appeared completely transparent. Then the mirror sucked me in further and further. I saw numerous reflections and was amazed, mesmerized.

I lost all awareness of everything else besides what I saw in the mirror.

The more I gazed, the more beautiful I became. I saw all the beings who I had been–other lives; other worlds.

Then, everything dissolved and disappeared and I was left with the pure experience of my core essence—so dazzling, so beautiful and utterly pure; connected to the whole Universe. I understood that this is who we all are.

“Now you understand the power of the Mirror!”  The man’s voice jolted me out of the meditation.

I came back to awareness of the party—the man smiled knowingly. I thanked him and continued to walk around the party greeting the guests.

9 thoughts on “Hall of Mirrors

  1. Eye found (establish/dis-cover)ed the LOT in 2008 on a random search of the interweb…


    On Kin 193 of 2009 found TMQ. Been ever diligent in T’zolkin awareness.

    Ready for action.

    Bio-mother and sister-in-law are 198’s.

    TMQ and noo-sister are 138’s – part of RED initiate PROCESS. A W A K E N I N G.

    Mirror work is the absolute essence of “lak’ech”

    Re-flect-i-ons (remember; i is the imaginary number ;) )


    Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Golden rule shit. (PHI constant) ;)

    LOVE URself.


  2. Dear Red Queen!
    First of all I want to thank you- and I`m sure many other Kins all over the planet do also – for the enourmous task you took over to guide LoT after VV`s ascension toward 2012 and beyond.
    Couriously just yesterday on Crystal seed / Nov.13 a friend of mine told me that he visited Sealife Berlin with his son and among all those amazing coulorfull fish there was another entertainment, which was an “Mirror Labyrinth Room”. It must have been quite funny and tripping to walk thrugh.
    My own “Mirror” expirience has all to do with 18.4 the Self existing Mirror and some artwork I finished on that dreamspell day in greg. 1 999. Amazing syncs regarding this graphic I found out 12 solar rounds later shortly after 03/11 and VV`s departure on 89. It depicts the melting of a solar year and 2 Tzolkin plates. Don`t know if an Email with an attached jpeg of it ever reached you in spring.
    I was quite “high” back that time and couldn`t figure out what all that was about.
    I knew only some amazing things where going on, which where not explainable with our usual linear time concept.
    It`s true, tone seven is resonating like a mirror between one the beginning and 13 the “fullfillment”.
    On 11:1:1:11 or 2.10 I happily resonated between moon and sun, night and day, time and space:
    Silence is the sound of mother earth.
    And when deep silence enters the mind, counciousness gets clear and empty like a mirror.
    In lak ech
    Kin 189

  3. I wish I was in a position to dialogue with you Red Queen one on one. I am thankfully your reader on Blog, White World Bridger.

  4. On 2004 i had just followed 13 Moons for over a year, since i met you and VV at the Call of the Condor when you 2 sat on the big tipi to have lunch on kin 216 just in front of me. I thought that im not the kind of disturbing public people but when i was to leave that space i felt attracted to your magnetic field. Asked Valum why he was wearing sun glasses. “Don´t want to be recognized” he laughed while taking them out. (everybody was very aware of his presence) His eyes pure, innocent, deep, a perfect mirror for the soul that hides behind it. You asked what my Galactic Signature was before we split roads. I joined you again after one of Valums presentations and asked him how was it possible that cosmic energies was translated into words. “Good question” he said and moved his head as when you intend to listen closer to the “source of the voice”. I felt a vortex sound in my ear and transported to a space where i seemed to remember a far distant origin of a star trip. After those days i spent a few moons living simple 13:20 life in North Brazil, sleeping under a tree, learning the Dreamspell.
    Back to Argentina in 2004 i met a Yellow Lunar Sun and we had a Cosmic Romance for over a moon and a half. It was intense. We channeled cosmic messages. Among those messages we had written one as signed by Pakal Votan. It was an invitation to manifest a display of mirrors to occur on the main squares of different countries. It was supposed to be just mirrors, no words, no explanations, no leaders, just that. I thought that the event was fit to happen on 10 Mirror. It felt perfect. I went to the Internet to spread the voice and was amazed to find that the date chosen was the 52nd annyversary of the Opening of the Sarcouphagous lid. So i write an email to Valum on kin 118 with that message. He replied on kin 122, said that he liked it and “We will see you on the mirror on that day”.

    7 of us gathered on Buenos Aires central Square, Plaza de Mayo, with mirrors on that day and connected tellepathically with the ceremony that was being held at Palenque.

    Around the Holtun of that day, on 2009, the movie Home was presented on many big cities main squares.

    To be continued…

    (Galactic Navigator)

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