World Events and Lost Planets – Part I Red Crystal Serpent, Kin 25

The dissonance that we are now experiencing on our planet is due to the fact that the 13:20 acceleration beam is reaching a peak dissonance with the 12:60 artificial frequency of mainstream civilization.

The imbalance and injustices we see on our planet now are a replay from other times and other worlds that are now converging in our present timespace. There are many different species and intelligences involved in this.

We are now completing a phase of karmic cleansing that traces to the destruction of civilizations on Maldek and Mars as well as memories of destruction of places such as Atlantis and Lemuria. (Note that early mappers of Mars named one area Lemuria and another area Atlantis).

We have incarnated at this time to help clear the karma of the lost worlds.

This particular cycle of karmic clearing began in 3113 BC when occurred a split in the mythic order. This is due to a low frequency (12:60) beam that was directed at our planet to inseminate our electromagnetic mind field with the program of artificial time.

This low frequency time beam hit Earth’s ionosphere releasing a shower of time-release projections meant to consign us to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension of reality. This beam is what is contributed to our collective spiritual amnesia as to our true identity as fourth-fifth-dimensional galactic beings.

This low frequency has been crystallized into a belief system that is held in place and reinforced by the 12-Month Gregorian calendar and 60-minute clock (for those who are just hearing about this, this sums up 12:60 paradigm:

At this point the human species entered what is known as the “historical cycle” in order to learn certain karmic lessons. The sacred feminine 13 was substituted for 12. The spell of artificial time was cast for an allotted period when the world would be dominated by a white patriarchy that imposes its belief that all life is created for it to control and use.

This is referred to in Dreamspell cosmology as a “theft in time,”  an interplanetary event also known as the Jupiter/Maldek effect which traces back to even larger cycles and other worlds.

This “theft in time” is also known as the “Fall” (from sacred to profane). This created a split of the two hemispheres of the brain (yin and yang, night and day, male and female). When this “theft” occurred the balance of equality was lost and the energies became dominated by the left brain (male). The higher guardians designated Earth as a quarantine zone to isolate the problem and allow humans to work out the karmic errors.

Mars (deathfear)

The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan helps us to identify more deeply these different karmic errors and enables us to analyze the world situation from a cosmic perspective above the whole Earth.

The principle of the ancient knowledge formulated as the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar was revived through the Telektonon Prophecy, which distinguishes four planets that hold karma to be redeemed: Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The orbit of each planet carries a particular frequency or “power” to be redeemed: sex taboo (Maldek), death fear (Mars), false spirituality (Jupiter), and materialism/monetary greed (Saturn).

Maldek (Asteroid Belt) Sex

Here, Mars and Maldek represent the two lost planets (abused) and Jupiter and Saturn represent the two dominating planets (abusive). Keep in mind since we live in a “multiverse” the description of these planets also represent an overlay of dimensions and other worlds.

Utilizing this cosmology we can “read” world events tracing them back to the lost worlds (see Part II of this blog).

Most headline news stories can be attributed to one or a combination of these influences. Overpopulation is linked to sex. Prostitution is linked to sex. Celebrity culture is linked so sex. War relates to death. Weapons relates to death. Artificial time relates to monetary greed and false spirituality. Irreverence of nature is primarily linked to false spirituality (i.e. serving the dollar over nature). Destruction of the biosphere is primarily due to monetary greed. Inequality and poverty relates to monetary greed of the elite, etc.

At this time we are called upon to recognize the errors of the past which have led to destruction and oppression and to correct these errors by taking back our power, which involves a collective shift inward rather than outward. (See upcoming part II for further description of world events and lost planets).

image by Boris Petrovic–Kin 205

22 thoughts on “World Events and Lost Planets – Part I

  1. Errors in Time…
    Now is the time of rushing to “fix” these errors. The funny thing is: you never know if the fix will work. So “patches” are also tested to the heart’s content :)
    Every day new protesters emerge. And everyone of them goes straight to harshy karmic cleansing: police detainment, etc… It is only when it is proven that they will not fall from the way of Love under heavy pressure, the fix is considered working.
    But every tiny success is actually a huge one, as when at least something is fixed, the puzzle reduces…
    The question remains unanswered, how much will be fixed till Dec. 21? Guess the ultimate beauty of this world system is hidden there, so no one can answer it :)

  2. as of now i am going through a holographic miniture shift. i am going to be homeless in about a month and going to start wondering. with no money and no destination, and only a couple shirts and a coat and sweatshirt some combat boots and a hammock, i am setting out to complete what i have been edging myself towards over the last four years. most would be anxious or scared at this point of such insecurity, but i am nothing but at peace. knowing the earth is a providing source of security in itself if you know how to live by the mother. its an interesting planet i find myself on, torn between total rejection by the normal status quo and the en mass influence and graced influence from the natural elders i find myself in the middle. both conditioned thinking, both necessary to complete the planets end and beginning Now is how both meet and transcend. again i say what an interesting planet i find myself on, aeons upon aeons of shifting fractalling portions intermeshing, combining and adjusting flushing and combusting, internal external influences ratios with no destination, no matter how high or how low the center is always the matter of the tow. as far and deep nothing ever really keeps, except the center, the nameless, the unimaginable, the unfathomable. even the highest star elders cant fathom it, they just have learned and trained to live better in accordance with it. again i say what a strange planet ive come to help, caught between two sides which both long for unison. well soon all ends come to one . IN LAk ‘ECH – Blue Cosmic Night

  3. Yes. I,one month, was traveling past the time of creation of the solar system. Ringleader of the wave of the earth that gave birth to the situation at this time. I will own powerlessness, disappointment, was on the verge of despair. Do not have much time anymore. But, do not give up hope and mission. Change the situation, once again, we should be able to echo the lost chord. Thank you.

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  5. Planetary initiations & the memories of past stories. This time we take matters in a new direction. Thank you.

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  7. EARTH TRIBE is Celebrating 25 years of our Rainbow gatherings at Big Sur, California!
    We are having our Percussion Square Long Dance at Plaskett Creek on August 4, 2012.
    Time is ART when you play a part…Perennial Wisdom is Indigenous and in us all!
    LOVE each other as our self…”In Lak ech” ‘I AM Another Yourself,’ as the Mayans say!
    See the Christ energy in all LOVING Ways…
    Accept the Gifts of Equality, Surrender, and LOVE and Be the LOVE!
    Celebrate and Honor all the Gifts of the Earth!
    Enjoy Everything!

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