2 thoughts on “Telepathic-Transmission

  1. To create reality through the Power of thoughts, has always been my intent.
    At the moment my reality creates my thoughts….something has gone wrong.
    but still…I watch my failure with the witness eyes…. ^_^

    • Hi Alghisi Alice, I realise it a little over a year or so in a reply and your message resonated with me so I felt the wish to give my view as to how I am creating my vision with the hope it may prove positive for you . I am mastering the art of no mind and like you watching my failures with the witness eyes :) I am loving the new role my mind is doing for me now as I never question myself and I always trust the love in my soul/spirit united sensitising all 6 senses to greater sensitivities gaining knowledge through my experiences and the enquiring soul within to always get me in trouble. Hence Failure is great and is feedback and I cant wait to make more mistakes as long as they are not the same mistakes prior. My mind is simply a great video recorder and as Socrates stated, to observe without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence. I would like to go one deeper where when one is a master observer with the witnesss eyes inclusive of ones mystic marriage of ones soul and spirit then there is no higher intelligence than the eternal intelligence where anything is possible by falling in love with your twin sense within gaining gratefulness, humility, love for humanity – with emotional intelligence as your art.

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