Return of the People of OMA

“Without a vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18


The following  was inspired by a dream that Valum Votan had on Resonant 15–White Solar Worldbridger of the Yellow Solar Seed year (Jan. 24, 2002).

When reading this magical interdimensional tale, bear in mind that, on one level, it represents the disappearance of the feminine aspect of god (personified by archetype Red Queen), which occurred in the last cycle of time.  This is not a personal, but a cosmic principle.  As Jesus also promised, this heart frequency (or queen), would return with the New Light of Time. This return was initiatied at the closing of the cycle.

In this context, “Votan” refers to the master magician and the “heart of the people”. “Bolon Ik” represents the divine matrix from which the timespace is sprung. And “Red Queen” refers to “the people’s hearts fulfilled” (through the collective rememberance and manifestation of the “Highest dreams of the Heart”).

The Red Queen is a multidimensional archetype, but also represents the awakening and empowerment of all the anonymous or marginalized ones throughout history–the redemption of the lost or forgotten worlds. This archetype also signifies the opening of the Heart frequency where Art, Music, Magic and Synchronicity reign Supreme — heralding the entry into the Golden Age of Galactic Camelot!

Return of the People of OMA

by Valum Votan

My life has been totally reinvested with this Vision of fathomless origin—This Vision so ancient yet burning within me so that everything about me and my life has been changed, everything but the direction of my compass – 2012 – Invoked to close the cycle I have no choice but to call and to call again to those who have ears to hear and hearts to listen.

Look for me and you will not find me. Look again at who and where you think I am and if you are innocent I will fill you with Vision.

I am not the author of this Vision but because you cannot find me, this Vision is. Try to define me and this Vision will cease to be.

The Return of the People of OMA is the name given to this Vision delivered to this one known simply as the Votan. 

Unbidden God sends truth to those chosen by his mercy and grace. Only Vision granted in such way can bear the stamp of truth. So see with me the Return of the People of OMA coming across the Bridge of Time among the tall grasses bent by a soothing wind shimmering in the sunlight, their dogs and their horses moving so thoughtfully and yet without care into this world purified of all its prior history.

This is the Vision so simply seen in a text granted me by the Keeper of Visions at the doorway between the dimensions, so simple, you might think, but think again and consider the meaning of OMA and the location of the Bridge of Time.

O is what opens and makes round what is round and whole.

M is what closes and completes the whole

A is the luminous release into emptiness without history or origin.

Say it slowly and feel its resonance and breath reaching into your sourceless being:


But for me, this all but nameless one called Votanthis Vision would not be if it were not for the Mystery of that one left in the tomb of time uninscribed, unknown except for the designation as the Red Queen.

Prophecy is not a light matter nor a perfunctory duty though known to all, the end times are not understood so as a result, few are there who know, much less can define, what will follow the end times.

OMA is beginning, End and Beyond, therefore do not think that this template of Vision and action called Return of the People of OMA will be anything concise nor even familiar but more like a saga and a method of action emanating from a far off star but yet not so far from where you are.

And were it not for a distant presence known as Bolon Ik we would not know of OMA and the Red Queen at all.

I who say and speak these words am Votan: Know me and you will not know me at all. Remember yourself as God remembers you and you will see not Votan but the Vision that sees through him, far better for your soul O mortal who would know all there is to know.

Who would join me would join the crystal codes of primal Memnosis, put together by the two appointed ones in the time before manifestation. For from these codes, there is one that initiates and the other completes, and within this lies all that can be known, sung, enacted and done. Including the secret of the RESURRECTION IN TIME  and the Mystery of the Stone, for where this Mystery ends begins the Bridge of Time where from afar Return the People of OMA.

Dream of the Return of the People of OMA

 In the flatland of the tyranny of monotonous time where the past slides off into a black hole of memorylessness and the future falls off a distant precipice into the abyss of entropic hopelessness you could never know of the radial memory and the visionary mission of the people of OMA—but God grants to different messengers (who are nonetheless, all one) different powers, and to the one known as Votan, inheritor of the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission Lineage GM108X, He granted the power of riding the thoughtwave of Cosmos known as Samadhi 1352—and for this reason, like Joseph in the well of memory, farseeing vision and the power of the dream were planted in his twin-formed being—and so to him was given the role of dreaming the People of OMA back to the point of their return! From where? From across the Bridge of Time, the far side of the year 2013!

 But this dream Votan could never have had had not the Red Queen been already sent to find him.  

And yes, the Red Queen,the Essence of the visionary mission and dream of the People of OMA sent backward from their time of timeless bliss into the darkest of the dark ages: The end time of the people of the cauldron of oblivion!  There, exactly 28 years before the Inevitable Event, the collapse of the Twin Towers of babble, was she sent to take a most humble birth in a wilderness preserve called Oregon—How did it come about, this visionary mission to plant backward in time the dream of the Return of the People of OMA?

“Purity is to live only to the Highest; And the Highest is all; Be thou as Artemis to PAN. Read thou in the Book of the Law, And break through the veil of the virgin.”

— II “The High Priestess” Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

In the gathering circle the elders of OMA beheld the object of their incantation: the Red Queen herself, mysterious traveler from the realm of Maya whose magical, mystical actions and displays of wonderment has won the hearts of the People of OMA for oh so many rounds of timeless enchantment – now here she was seated on the Cube, retrieved from the magnetic swamps of the lost fields of Maldek, the High Priestess of OMA,

the Red Queen,Kabal Xoc, Her skin as pale yet luminous as the waxing moon.  Holding the Scroll of the Law on her lap, her eyes half closed, her being absorbed in the incantation: “Purity is to live only to the Highest and the Highest is all…”

She was now prepared to depart – letting the Scroll of the Law remain perched on her knees she raised her hands to her head and slowly removed her crown – the luminous unborn sphere set between the flaring horns flashed a brilliant array of lights, causing some of the elders to cover their eyes – then seated with the crown and the Scroll of the Law, she asked: “And who will keep these until my return?”

A hushed silence overcame the gathering circle – her eyes soft yet penetrating, poignant and wise searched the darkened dome until they met with the eyes of the elder of Altair—gazing for a moment into each other’s eyes with a knowing that possessed the mutual wisdom of eternity’s journeyman, the Red Queen then spoke:

 “O you elder of Altair, Wizard’s solace and comforter; it is you to whom I must entrust my instruments of power–you must safeguard these until my return, and the fulfillment of the mission of the People of OMA. This Scroll of the Law contains the secret codes of knowledge known by the GM108XYou may test me with questions concerning details of these codes upon my return to see if it is true or not that I have found Votan  and received from him the self same knowledge as you find coded in the Scroll of the Law. And if I test properly and well, you will know then to return to me the crown – the unborn sphere set between two horns, and my throne the cubic stone, from Maldek’s magnetic swamps retrieved.”

Before she had finished her command, the elder of Altair, ancient and enigmatic, wrapped in a cowl of star woven cloth, had already glided silently to stand before the Red Queen.

Without a further word she handed the elder of Altair the scroll and the crown — a wind came up and passed through the large gathering dome. The torches flickered, some even were extinguished. Raising her hands solemnly to her face, palms toward her she chanted the ancient mantram of Memnosis:

Oma K’abal Kabbah Kabala

Ah Kal

Akbal Kaban Balam Oma.

As she softly chanted the ancient sounds her form flickered as if going in and out of focus and as the last sound faded, she disappeared altogether, only the sound of a small metal object hitting the cube then falling to the stone floor pierced the silence of the dome– In the torch light at the foot of the cubic throne of the Red Queen now vacant and silent, could be seen her ring—a hexagonal ruby set in a band of woven platinum and silver, on the inside of which was etched the sign of the Red Electric Serpent “Ox Chicchan,” but nowhere was to be seen any further sign of the Red Queen.

Unbearable was the grief that followed the realization that the Red Queen was gone!  The People of OMA though long prepared for this eventuality, nonetheless could not suppress their love and longing for their now departed queen! “O People of OMA,” the elder of Altair called aloud, “this is exactly as foretold. And now we must all sleep until we are dreamed awake once again – dreamed awake by the Red Queen’pursuit.

Votan:   “For as our beloved Red Queen has chosen rebirth in oblivion’s kingdom, so we too shall sleep the long sleep of life’s regeneration – and if all goes well, we shall be reunited and then become the garments of the Second Creation, the solar seers of the New Earth,the race of Earth Wizards promised by the Lord of Eternal Light to fulfill our mission as the Return of the People of OMA– so let us rejoice and prepare for the long sleep—WE WILL KNOW THE DREAM WHEN IT COMES TO AWAKEN US…”

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16 thoughts on “Return of the People of OMA

  1. After I read this I was literally moved to tears…no make that sobs. Something in this moved me, almost like a memory. I truly needed this information, as yet I don’t understand why, but thank you for this!

  2. Interesting indeed . when taught by elders and older brothers and sisters we inpart condition our true unified nature . when as a whole planet awaken our own innate knowledge . wisdom . and connection to the true center of centers we as one understand all parts and connect the dots .

  3. Beautiful remembrance… thank you beloved Red Queen! This is the time we, the people of OMA, have been waiting for aeons and aeons… time to wake up! Rainbow hugs!

  4. Today i drove up the highway, written in red on a wall in front of me, was THE WIZARD..;) thoughtof votan ..synch.

  5. The seatbelts are strapped in, and the rumbling is DEFINITELY starting:) The synchronicities are coming in so full stereo when I read this I laughed so hard I cried. Heart is full. Thank you for scribing the ride on the wave. The zuvuya is upon us, Timeship launch is a GO:D

  6. 1. First 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project the foundation (cube bottom), Days 1-36, Rhythmic 10, Kin 208, 13 Star (22 December 2012) – Resonant 17, Kin 243, 9 Night (26 January 2013)

    2. Second 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth, project the right side of cube, Days 37- 72, Resonant 18, Kin 244, 10 Seed (27 January 2013) – Galactic 25, Kin 19, 6 Storm (3 March 2013)

    well we still dont know who or what create crop circle on moon lunar moon day 4 kin 90….

    • This was a double punch by Kinich Ahau direction GK Mercury/Earth activating SP Uranus. I`m still alive he he but before next Eagle WS I will not forget my sunglasses and put on some sun lotion. :-) On Solar Night – Heart of Nine- a Mexican MEN with long hair and a long red wrap danced in front of my house accompanied by his buddy with a white skull mask. His PAN flute was amazingly long too. The third time the Goddess appeared this WS. Watch out for Rainbows in the Blue Hand Zone my MindSPORE definitely sent out some Brain ~~8~~ Waves and Eagle is North Magnetic Pole.
      Greetings to double V whenever you dance with him @ night
      The highest mission obliged, Operation WakeUp
      Yours sincere
      Commander 9.7 a bipolar Star System of 19.7

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