Dolphins, Sirius and New Galactic Beam Magnetic Warrior

“Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.” —Buckminster Fuller

It is often said that Cetaceans are the planetary elders and star emissaries. Dreams are revealing the Supreme Importance that we direct our attention and protective light toward the dolphins and the whales.  “If the humans of Earth make extinct these species (cetaceans), they will have no standing in the galaxy.” (Star Trek).

On the morning of White Crystal Wizard, I awoke from a dream with the dolphins. I was in a pyramid-like space with ocean water. Many dolphins began to gather near me. They were transmitting much information regarding the holomind perceiver (which they embody with the balance of their right and left hemispheres). Their superconscious panoramic awareness and supreme control over their brain functions was evident.  I felt such love for our communion and began to say “In Lak’ech” to each of the dolphins.

With these words, the dolphins rose up one by one, shapeshifting into half humans (but their face still partially dolphin). I understood that they wanted to make contact and reciprocate my acknowledgement of them and also to reveal deeper aspects of their intelligence. They were supremely playful and put out their webbed hands for high-fives.After the play, they gave a warning that something was to come soon on planet Earth.

Then I was dropped from above into a large city. I looked around, it seemed I was waiting with many people in line at a busy restaurant. I look across the street and all the Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc were being shut down, people were freaking out because they cannot get a latte (I realized that everything was closing all over the world). Then buckets of rain began to pour. Then a hailstorm.

My first thought is that the weather was simulated. Everyone felt something big coming. The dolphins knew.  I was running along with many people up a flight of stairs to find shelter. An old man near me began to fall. I caught him before he hit his head… No one will stop to help us. He is very heavy. Massive lightning begins to strike everywhere. Somehow an enormous strength fills me and I pick up the man and put him over my shoulder and walk effortlessly up the stairs. Then I heard a voice: “REMEMBER the MAGIC OF THE GOLDEN DOLPHIN!” I wake up.

(Courtesty of

The effects of this dream continued into my morning meditation. I was reflecting on the meaning of the dream in relation to the New Beam and world events.

If dolphins are the bridge to the Sirian star system, then the Golden Dolphin is the Sirian Solar intelligence representing the Supreme Light of the incoming Golden Age. The Golden dolphin is helping to recode the planetary frequencies by channeling in the new vibrational frequency of the New Beam.

This new galactic beam  is moderated through the Sun. The information can only be received through telepathic attunement. The Galactic Maya knew that what we call the telepathic function of the human brain is actually activated by frequencies from the Sun.

Double Rainbow welcomes in the New Galactic Beam on Galactic Synchronization in Mt. Shasta. 7/26/2013. Watch your dreams for new images, animals and colors. (Stay tuned for the 7-Year Program to Anchor Galactic Culture on Earth on

Sirius: Higher Central Sun

Our solar system is a living organism and is a member of a much larger galactic cosmic hierarchy. The Sun, the brain of the solar system, is ultimately controlled by Alcyone the central Sun of the Pleiades which is controlled by an even farther, higher central sun: Sirius.

The electromagnetic currents of Sirius affect our local solar activity. We know that the Sun is about to flip polarity which affects the entire solar system.

Nasa’s site says: “A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is, literally, a big event. The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the “heliosphere”) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.”

Sirius is known as the sun behind the sun that affects our own Sun. It transmits energy to our solar system through electromagnetic lines of force. This emanates the different rays and councils of hierarchy that govern the motion, forces and movements of the different planets. We now know that with the increased solar activity that all the planets of our solar system are shifting.

Dolphins, Whales, 13 Moons and Sirius

Dolphins and whales are the transmitters of the New Beam which carries with it the traits of peace, love, synchronicity, and unity consciousness.  Dolphins work through the frequency of joy, play and sound vibration.The 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer and synchronic order is a Sirian system based on starting date July 26 in accordance of the heliacal rising of Sirius.

The dolphins are holding and transmitting these frequencies of harmony and radial consciousness. Science has discovered that the dolphins measure “time” with 13 sets of 28 grooves along their teeth, which are further arranged in a configuration that functions as an antenna for sound and communication.

Perhaps the Golden Dolphins are the keepers of the lost chord, the New sound vibration that is being vibrated to our planet and rearranging the molecular structure. This sound vibration is also the etheric grid that connects all the pyramids.

Recently when I was at Teotihuacán (on 6 Eagle) atop the Pyramid of the Moon, I sensed that sound vibration had created the pyramids and now this vibration was shifting (see last blog 432 hz, Lost Chord and New Beam…). On this day I was given a rock with the face of a dog found at Teotihuacán on the Day out of Time. The man who gave it to me Jorge Mora–Resonant seed was wearing a wolf shirt . Sirius is known as the “star of the celestial wolf”. Also note that the Big Island of Hawaii is in the shape of a wolf, and is the same 19.5 latititude as Teotihuacan.

Alice Bailey sees the Dog Star as the true “Great White Lodge” and believes it to be the home of the “Spiritual Hierarchy”. For this reason she considers Sirius as the “star of initiation”.

“First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the sun Sirius. If it might be so expressed, the energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality, reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic centre via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalizing centre, whence emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man.” —Alice Bailey

New Beam and Encantando

The day after the dream, I found that in Brazil there are said to be entities known as Encantado, which means enchanted one. (Note that the dream occurred on Crystal Wizard: I dedicate in order to enchant). Encantado often refers to shapeshifting dolphins, with the ability to turn into humans, and which also have magical abilities such as to control storms, etc.

In the news the next day was the following—a further sign to turn our attention toward the healing and protection of the oceans. This news of the unusual mortality rate of the dolphins…, and of course each year more than 200,000 dolphins are legally killed in Japan. (In 2009 Valum Votan was going to hold the First Planetary Noosphere Congress in Japan. But then after a dream visitation from the whales he decided it was not the right place, due to the mass slaughter of whales and dolphins happening there).

Syrians and Sirius

In light of the talk of Syria and WWIII, note the words of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, who taught about the effects of the Sirian system on our world.

When asked what forces were responsible for the world crisis during World War II, he listed as the number one cause “a welling up of magnetic force on Sirius, which produces effects upon our solar system and particularly upon our Earth.” He proclaimed the Sirian energies stimulated both the best and the worst in humanity, as depicted in the global conflict.

From my recent dolphin dream, I saw that it is through the energy of the Golden Dolphin that the most destructive cataclysm will be averted. Dolphins came to Earth to hold the vibration even before the continents appeared. They are also the planetary water guardians.

Note the water messenger Dr. Emoto is a White Crystal Dog. Sirius is also known as the Dog Star (in the constellation Canis Major) holding the codes of the crystalline grid.

Dolphins and Holomind Perceiver

The key part of the dream is how the dolphins were embodying and transmitting the Holomind Perceiver. In other words they are holding the psychocosmic hologram of universal unity–the template of the new human holographic frequencies.

The Holomind Perceiver is a Sirian broadcast, first received by Valum Votan. He saw that at the center, the 441, is the Sirius B-52/Element 113, this is a telepathic element that creates hypersensitivity in the brain, radializing and equalizing our sense perceptions. Once the Holomind Perceiver is fully evolved and imprinted in the corpus callosum we attain panoramic vision and wrap around perceptions.

The dolphins already have these capacities. When one hemisphere is asleep, the other is awake, so they are always conscious. They can intentionally control the passage of information through the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum, a thick white band of nerves deep within the brain, is the bridge that facilitates communication between the two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are physically separate.

Interesting to note that Steven Greer has 113 on top left of image for movie Sirius. What is the meaning?

Even though dolphins have two hemispheres just like humans, theirs are split into four lobes instead of three. The fourth lobe in the dolphin’s brain actually hosts all of the senses, whereas in a human, the senses are split. Some believe that having all of the senses in one lobe allows the dolphin to make immediate and often complicated judgments that are well beyond the scope of a human ability.

These four lobes correspond in the holomind perceiver to the four hyperplasmic flows: alpha-alpha flow, alpha-beta flow, beta-beta flow and beta-alpha flow, each having sublimating and activating components, plus the fifth central Sirius B channel.

We create the bridge of time through conscious activation of the holomind perceiver which connects the corpus callosum in a binary crossover polarity (See Book of the Cube). See Holomind Perceiver and How to use it:

Presently, the human brain is bilateral, organized by right, left, top, bottom, back and front. This is the basis of the six-sided cube, with ourselves as the center (seventh) point. To become “cubed” means that our senses are radialized allowing us the next step in the reformulation of our biological apparatus. This is function of the Sirius B element (see Book of the Cube).

Swim with the Light

This brings me to another dream with Valum Votan several moons ago. In the dream I was in a medieval castle with Votan and several others. The castle held the seed bank for the next creation as well as all scriptures, sacred treasures of the planet, etc. Then came a big flood. Some people were drowning. Everything was being washed away and Valum Votan appeared and said: “We must learn how to Swim with the Light. Swim with the Light! Swim with the Light!”

Then I saw those who understood begin to rise above the water, to levitate while the cleansing was happening.  Then after all was washed away, the only thing that remained was hundreds of tiny colored cubes, in all shades of color. These were the primal cubes of creation, the primal cubic partons that were meant to seed different geomagnetic points loaded with the New Beam Creation codes—all a time release program—all guided by Sirius and coded into the Holomind Perceiver.

Relisten to this song, keeping in mind that it was inspired by the star Sirius with the blue Sirian fairy. New Beam magic is at hand!

29 thoughts on “Dolphins, Sirius and New Galactic Beam

  1. Totally agreeing with and supporting your dream and the dolphin / whale / Sirius connections happening at this time.
    Just before leaving to attend the Galactic retreat in Mt Shasta I was led to do a 2 day course with Justin Moikeha Asar.. (The liquid crystals.) called The Nun Te Ku Ba… the great teachers of the ocean..
    Synchronicity had led me to do the course, as the energy and vision of the Dugong, had been calling to me, along with that of the whales .
    I did the course, and felt so strongly that It would lead into a strong connection with the galactic retreat, and it did.
    The whales were connecting to through the crystal skull I took with me, now with Lwx, and we spoke of the whale energy, also as we remember, the last night of the retreat, we did a whale song and dance which was fantastic.
    I wore that week a bracelet of red coral, which holds the energy of illumination, and the energy of the dugong, and I had taken the liquid crystal drops for 21 days before leaving for mt Shasta… they siginified.. ‘the light in the darkness”.

    since returning home, the energy has been very strong with the teachers of the oceans, and on kin 185.. ( elec serp) and also the date of the 26th anniversary of the harmonic convergance, I hosted an event here in Melbourne, which was called the sounds of source..sos..tour, by Lia Scallon.. ( white dog), and Lia, works under the name of Sounds of Sirius.. she channels the language of light, from Sirius..the divine mother. and has for many years, we have always considered this a strong connection to the whales also.
    the fact I hosted the Melbourne event on the evening of kin 185 was, totally synchronisitic, when I realised the significance, of the date, I knew that is was so meant to be.
    There were 4 Melbourne events in all, and then we gathered, for a private ceremony down at St Andrews Beach , where a friend has beautiful spiritual property and it is on the song lines, where the whales swim through.
    myself and the other hosts of the events, Lia and some special guests, meditated and Bunna Lawrie, from the movie whale dreamers joined us.. (* this also is synchronistic as I know bunna, and the movie is mentioned in ‘Time , Synchronicity and Calender Change.. as per valum Votan (Jose Arguelles) connecting to it also.
    Bunna is Australian aboriginal, a whale dreamer..he sings, and plays his sacred instruments, to the whales and sea creatures.
    *Bunna Lawrie is The Whale Whisperer, a song man from an aboriginal tribe at Whale
    Rock, on the Nullarbor ocean cliffs at the Great Australian Bite, where his ancestors, the
    Mirning people have carried out ‘whale dreaming’ ceremonies for centuries.
    The Mirning tribe have what they called ‘a dreamtime connection’ with the Southern
    Right whale. The dreaming connects past, present and future in one dream, in the ever
    evolving cycles of life, birth and death.
    Bunna took us through an indigenous prayer, and song of the whales, and LIa began to channel powerfully, with the sounds from Sirius, and the whale consciousness.
    Since then, I have found the shark, and dolphin energy very strong , coming in with the whale, .. as all have their totem and meaning I have been working with this daily, and chanting Nun Te Ku Ba .. in my meditations to take me into connection with the whale/dolphin energy and their Sirius connection.
    As I read further down the blog , I see the picture of the brain, which has come to my attention 3 days ago.. I was informed, ( by a skeptic I was having a conversation with ) that I am the squishy mushy stuff in my head… at first I felt insulted, then I realised, I like my brain and how it works, it is squishy and mushy, and very intuitive and open, so seeing the pics here I feel even better now, and will thank that skeptic for the compliment ( touché:).
    Further down, I see the photo of the dolphins.. the stargate..I have been working with this, being shown It on several sites, and books this last week, and it answered some questions I had regarding and artwork I have showing , a ring .. which I felt was a portal of some kind, now I realise it is probably a stargate…but the painting itself appears to be beneath the ocean, and yet at the same time.. in space.. reading this blog now , I believe It is all making more sense, and I thank you so much for posting , being so articulate and remembering your dreams, and putting it all together. .. In Lakech, and blessings , Shirley ;)
    ps.. its was a pod of dolphins first I saw , the day I arrived in Byron bay, last year blue storm, the week we met.. at 11. 11. am ;).. in synch !

  2. I’m so happy to see that the dolphins are speaking to you too! Welcome to the dolphin club ;)

    By the way, this was the front news title in a local newspaper on Cosmic Blue Eagle:

    And a little hello from the dolphins…

    Rainbow hugs!

    Galactic Agent 222

  3. Some time ago, maybe a year, I had a dream where the earth had been flooded completely. All human activity had been wiped out. As my sight glided over the ocean water, I felt a great joy and saw that the dolphins were jumping and playing.

  4. 24. Now during this present time of (inter)planetary electromagnetic disorder, oceanic life, namely whales and dolphins, have been assisting in holding the Earth’s frequencies in balance. When the cycle commences and begins again, the sun will gain a new level of evolutionary balance. CHC Vol. 6 p. 144
    Neptune 300, Frequency of oceanic memory, 300 Triangular of 24, 1+2+3+….24=300, Kinich Ahau is designated Velatropa 24. This signifies that the power of the cumulative memory of V24 is kept in Neptune , planet of oceanic consciousness. p. 146
    Sun will flip its magnetic field soon!
    If we consider V24.3 a dreamlike illusion , a place where karma from previous worlds is been living out. And death a portal where consciousness is being transformed but not the end of the things, then we might can handle events like WWII which is linked to Mars in a different way. By the way Bashar Assad Syrias leader was born on 9.11. 1965 …. 36, 6×6 cubed years before the 9/11 Twin Tower Babylon fall.
    9.7 on 18.3

  5. Thanks so much for this post, especially the song “wish upon a star” and the great old disney graphics. This last few days I have been hearing, singing, feeling Dylan’s song,
    “Beyond the Horizon”….. just checked the lyrics…seems like it also resonates….how fun
    to just think of communicating in song instead of verbal concepts….isn’t that what sharing
    playlists is??? Definitely feel major things are afoot…..the scary, threatening perceptions can definitely be tempered thru the song vibrations for me…… Rumi said, go up on your house and “Be your note…. BE LOUD”!! Be well my friends, love those playful friends the dolphins, and know that we are them and they are us…..Step out … it can happen to us land mammals as well…… Graciella Sierra

  6. I’m sorry I’m commenting again… but this arrived to me some hours ago… very interesting! I think the FLT should contact David Wilcock to exchange information… we are speaking about the same things after all…


  7. So much has happened for me in the last four to five days. I’ve literally been pulled around against my own will during the writing of this post, yet for good reason. At first I found myself irritated and upset that things did not originally happen as planned, but beyond that, everything seemed to fall into place for good reason, and I was able to spend more time with my family as a positive result. I’ve been decoding galactic signatures for close friends and family for quite some time now, and I thought I was the only one who was doing this. Now I realize that I am not the only one doing this. There are others and the burden is no longer so heavy, and the journey no longer so lonesome. Some people, I would have to know them for a full gregorian year before revealing their signature. I think this is a preferable method because mine was revealed to me by my older brother who I had known my whole life. Revealing a galactic signature to someone, no matter how long you have known them, should be an experience of sheer magic for both people. We are illuminating ourselves into a new energy and light. I urge these ones, to go forth and decode the dates of those in their lives that they know really well. Find the ones in their family whom the synchronometer dubs as “playful” or “loving”, find the humans and hands in your family – the influencers and the builders. I think in doing this, we can truly see a unique customized piece of art painted by the loom, made “especially” for us. No one has the exact same family members and close friends born on the exact same days. No one’s experience navigating the dreamspell will be identical to anothers. It is a gift from our highest and most evolved selves that we get to experience and witness such beautiful custom-made artwork. We are evolving to the stars, on a miraculous magic carpet. In a world filled with material consumerism, it is hard to find things made especially for us. The galactic signature and the spiritual journey encompassed within for only the most intelligent and bravest, will find that something has finally been made especially for them. No more wars, no more strife, only evolution to bliss, and the promise of the inheritance of tranquility for our descendants.

    • Thank you, Mark!

      I have been going through a very similar situation, but as you say, we each have our own path through this beautiful DreamSpell! For instance, I’ve found that even when I just meet somebody, and I feel a deeper connection with that person, sometimes I can share the 13-moon calendar with them automatically! This is particularly true because I move around from place to place and sometimes don’t get to see my friends ever again! Last night I had an amazing dream where I went back to my first college, Pensacola Christian College, and there were musicians in the hallways recording their music, I was running around with a guy on my back, and we were laughing and having fun! I saw my former roommate and his wife, but instead of his son with him there was a paper bag with his son’s name on it. When I woke up I immediately messaged my friend and told him of the dream, and then I went to some of his son’s pictures on Facebook. Benaiah was happily playing in the water. This gives me hope and comfort for them, as well as for all my Christian family in Florida!

      Paul Electric Warrior 16

  8. The Monroe Institute (where I first received a telepathic introduction to Earth Ascending while listening to their hemi-sync music) developed a healing process called the Dolphin Energy Club. If you want to help someone who is in need you imagine dolphins going to them, healing them with their magnificent joyfulness.

    Nice to have them back in such good shape, and as models for the holomind perceiver.

    Thank you for the post, came on a day when I was feeling particularly low.

  9. Dear Red Queen,

    Your dream of Swim with the Light speaks to my soul. I had a dream last year (I think?) in which I was at a medieval castle of sorts, and there were around five or six of us standing on a hill. There were storm clouds all about. We started playing a game of hide-and-seek, and inside the castle (now a huge glass warehouse full of store merchandise, such as pots and pans and fans) there was a jungle gym that I climbed. I noticed what looked like dinosaurs rampaging about, but I wasn’t afraid, for I knew it was all a dream. At some point there was a large river flowing, and I remember a boat. I can’t say for certain who all was with me, but I remember a light opening up in the heavens. Thank you for communicating your transmission. I will swim with the light!

    Kin 16, Yellow Electric Warrior

  10. All is in Divine Perfection as we leave the post-industrial age into the age of the transcendant awareness; Last night in the dream state (09-07-13 Blue Crystal Hand) Valum Votan appeared in a small group setting and blessed a cosmic piece of jewelry, a silvered orbed necklace with large robust spheres of some type of rare mineral. As he dawned the necklace around his neck, I was immediately projected over the Pacific Ocean, zooming faster than the speed of thought, thru the darkness of the world and instantly found myself in the bottom of the deep blues sea conversing with pods of dolphins with total acknowledgement of my presence. Soon after a beautiful whale appeared in crystal clarity and assured me that all is well…..! I trust this helps those who have any ‘shade’ of doubt that we have surely passed thru “The Harrowing of Hell” and are well on are way to creating the mentation that we are indeed ‘dreaming the world AWAKE!

    Aho…Lorenzo Kin:21 Peace Love Prosperity and Blessings to All.

  11. if someone have any kind of idea…441 days from lunar moon 2 day 4 kin 90 resonant storm year (august 26 2012) moon kin 197… 13×9 countdown more and more yes +216 days cube crop circle no doubt that is sign many times i write here that and unknown creator just add and 108 days that is 441 and again kin 11 on the end Jose Arguelles sign… this with holy quran to read tfi is our of understooding for me … here is in 21×21 matrix sorry for mine english with mistakes :)

    that is 117 countdown and 324 days beyond if this group understood something in that 21×21.. ok just write something write note .. rinri i dont know what just be sure in one that crop circle is really SIGN for terma now maybe and for 441

  12. This was lovely to read. Thank you. I have been having contact with two Dolphin Star Beings who are wanting to be born into our family. I love reading about others who are having similar contacts with these beings.

  13. – Spiritual Dignity –

    Why are we alive? What is the point?
    Dont we all ask ourselves questions like
    these at some stage in our lives?
    And no matter where our journey takes us-
    why is it that these basic questions
    continually follow each of us around?
    Why are such simple questions so tricky
    to answer and so impossible to ignore?

    Wouldnt knowing why we are here on earth, bring
    us more inner-peace? Wouldnt understanding our
    purpose remove alot of frustration and confusion
    from our daily lives? Wouldnt we all feel alot
    lighter and content, knowing that we had realized
    our true purpose here on earth and that we could
    all work towards it together? Wouldnt it be
    refreshing to share such a profound and deep
    connection with one another again?

    Arent we all getting a little bored of paying
    taxes and in our spare time being entertained by
    holywood and professional sports? Isnt there a
    little bit in each of us, that is sick of the
    corporate world destroying our families and
    the earth? So, what is it that we are forgetting?
    In this day and age, what is it that we need to
    remember in order to get that fire burning in our
    spirits again, so we can lift one another up
    to a higher state of being?

    The answer is simple, each of us needs to remember
    that ‘life is a gift’, and that we must honour the gift.

    We honour the gift by by focusing on our
    responsibilities instead of our ‘rights’.
    Our first and most basic responsibility is to
    uphold our end of the bargain with mother earth
    and live in ‘harmony’ with all of creation while
    we are here. We have ignored this fundamental
    responsibility for too long and now is the time
    to show that we have remembered. We forgot about
    ‘harmony’, only to realize how essential it is.
    We were graciously given much time here by mother
    earth to learn this sacred lesson- but now school
    is out. And if you can not show that you have
    learned this lesson, you dis-honour both your soul and
    the agreement you made with mother earth, when you were
    given the gift of life and allowed to live it here.

    All this answers the two simple questions from the start.
    The point of being alive, the reason you are here, is
    to remember that we must live in complete harmony with
    mother earth and all of creation. We must remember the
    sacred teachings and that we are the ‘care-takers’ of
    the earth- not its ‘destroyer’. So we fufill our true
    purpose by becoming the care-takers again. And we do
    this by using another sacred gift that we have- imagination.
    Our ‘level’ of imagination is what makes us unique from
    the rest of nature. And we have this high level of imagination
    so that we can ‘create’ and express our-‘self’, to then
    understand what we are and how we fit into the whole
    of creation. We use our imagination to create stone circles,
    pyramids, cairns, sacred mounds and more to help balance
    the energies of mother earth. This is our true purpose.
    A chimpanzee could play a song on the piano after much
    practice. But could the same chimp reflect on its own
    feelings and both imagine and create a song about them?
    We are here to use our hearts and creative powers to the
    highest degree we can ‘imagine’, to protect and nurture
    the gift of life.

    Our creative powers begin by the soul expressing its-‘self’
    by creating a physical body and then the body again expresses
    its-‘self’, through imagination and creativity. Through our
    ‘minds eye’ we work with our hearts and soul to envision
    a creation before we manifest it. We ‘will’ things to be.
    Our body even creates many versions of ‘self’ that through
    each life you live lets the soul re-discover and remember
    in a unique and organic way each time who and what it is.
    The ‘creator’ was just the first soul to ask these questions.
    This is where the vesica piscis comes from- one circle
    represents the soul and wholeness. That same circle creating
    a second circle represents a ‘mirror of self’- a creative
    expression of self, so that the self may begin to understand
    what it is. This is the reason for life and all of creation.
    Even our cells during mitosis create a vesica piscis
    as they replicate and express themselves creating mirrors.
    The creator- the first soul to create, had only itself,
    it had nothing else around to reflect back to it information
    to help it understand what it was. So the vesica picis was born
    and then through it so were we. And we are all the answers to
    the creators questions- as each of us lives out our different
    ‘lives’, the creator gets to understand what it wanted to
    know about its-‘self’. This is why we all ask the same basic
    questions as the creator did- its in our ‘nature’, it is
    built into our creation blueprint.

    So, we can answer these questions in a much deeper sense by
    fufilling our true purpose on earth using our imagination
    and creative powers to live in harmony with all of creation.
    It is clear we came here to learn from nature. The natives
    watched the animals to help understand what to eat. Throughout
    history we have created many inventions where the ideas
    came from animals.

    We are here to make mistakes and grow so we can understand
    our-‘self'(soul) in the deepest sense possible. Knowing
    that mistakes are inevitable we must give back to mother
    earth as we are making the mistakes here. We must learn
    from our mistakes and remember it is a gift to be able
    to learn and grow as we are on this planet. Nature is the law.
    We must follow it by living in harmony with it or we will
    destroy ourselves. You cant expect to survive if you only
    follow the laws of society. They dont apply to nature and
    the whole of creation. We need to re-examine our way of life
    and remember the sacred teachings.

    We are a being of light, of pure consciousness and living
    out our different lives is part of our cosmic education
    in trying to understand our-‘self’ and the rest of creation.
    Sirius-Isis, our vesica piscis is mirroring energy to our
    sun and our vibrational tuning is expanding and deepening.
    The earth and us are going through a ‘flowering’ and growing
    into another state of being. Join in, stay sacred.
    Love,love,love – thankyou,thankyou,thankyou.

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  15. wen my phone turned off by it self it had sed 2.22am then i continued watching a video by max spiers and he sed 2 2 2 on the third 2 being sed a flash of blue white flames appeared like a portal wat is this does any one know

  16. That wasn’t a dream, it was an astral projection or a travel through Universe, but according to your description you were on one of the planets in Sirius star system your soul and spirit were contacted and given information, I had a similar experience the day healing energies were activated in my body, that very night I was on one of the planets in Sirius star system called Xylanthia and their officials explained me everything I needed to know about these energies and how to use them that I had no idea at all before that, I didn’t even believed in. Since then I am able to heal physical and emotional problems, remove any pain in less than 30 min. and I have a permanent connection to Xylanthia, I am regulary visiting Xylanthia in my dreams and I remember all the dreams since then. I can also sense energies and find strong positive energy fileds and spots in nature. My view of the Universe and our planet has changed 10.000%, I see and feel what most are unable to, I see positive changes all around me. I respect nature even more.
    May the light, love, peace and harmony be with us and within us all the time.

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