Who is Votan? Kin 62: White Planetary Wind. The tone of manifestation in the Prophecy wavespell.

“Votan is the master magician.”  —Madame Blavatsky–Crystal Magician

Votan is a time traveler; a current of energy, thought, information and intelligence that transmigrates from one world system to another.

Votan is the wisdom of the people and a universal archetype that symbolizes supreme solar consciousness. 


The magnetic reversal of the suns polarity was announced on Yellow Galactic Sun, Kin 60–birth sign of Pacal Votan: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/video-sun-has-flipped-upside-down-as-new-magnetic-cycle-begins-9029378.html

From time to time this intelligence incarnates and embodies itself in different parts of the world. In Norse mythology Odin (Wotan/Votan) is the supreme god of wisdom and means “tree”.  The tree is associated with the cosmic tree of knowledge. 


Odin brought the knowledge of the oldest set of runes, the Elder Futhark. 


These runes assisted people to re-organize their lives according to higher principles and work in different clans and tribes to develop new social customs and ways of living on the Earth. In this regard, the knowledge of Odin “Votan” is the knowledge of how to bring order and organization so that people can become empowered and enlightened once again.

Votan: Heart of 9 

Votan also means “heart of the people” (Tzendel Maya) and is associated with the number nine: the house of 9. In the mythology and cosmology of the Germanic/Nordic people there were nine different realms, the central realm belongs to the humans.


Palenque Nah Chan, the House of the serpent, is associated with 9 Wind. 9 Wind is also the same as Quetzalcoatl according to the Oaxaca manuscripts. If Quetzalcoatl is 9 Wind and he is the plumed serpent then he is also a serpent initiate of wisdom.


The stories of the “Votan” in the New World traveled from the Old World down the coast of North America (which is also the path the Norse or the Vikings  traveled down). Like Quetzalcoatl (a Votanic incarnation) Votan brought new knowledge, social customs, history and culture to the people.

The spirit of Quetzalcoatl was known to the people of Mexico before the incarnation of the actual culture bringer in 947 of the Christian era. This Quetzalcoatl—the long-awaited one–lived the archetypal messenger pattern, bringing great forms of art and culture.


Pacal Votan and Palenque

images-19Pacal Votan incarnated in the cycle of Palenque in the seventh century 603-683. He was an emanation of solar consciousness associated with the sign 8 Sun. 8 is the Galactic tone of integrity and  harmony.

Pacal Votan was a Harmonic Master of Synchronization.



Solomon with uroroborus

The Telektonon Prophecy tells how Pacal Votan witnessed key historical events:

He witnessed Abraham at the sacred mountain of the West.

He witnessed the building of the Tower of Babel, and also key points in the lives of masters such as Solomon and Noah.

The Telektonon prophecy also tells how Pacal Votan helped to direct the vibrational frequency of the original 144,000 elect, and speaks of him “supervising the Book of Clear Records at the Earth’s core” where the 7 radial plasmas flow in from the poles and are archived, correlated, mutually catalyzed and calibrated.


These archival stores are then sent out from the Earth’s core into the biosphere in service of the Universal Plan of Unification and in turn accelerates the collective realization of the noosphere (planetary mind made conscious).


This plasmic information that is stored in the center of the Earth imprints different people in different ways.

The achievement of Pacal Votan and Palenque was to establish these very powerful notions of time, synchronization and calendars, leaving clues for his later emanation, Valum Votan.

It is interesting to note that Carl Jung, Kin 234, wrote an essay called “Wotan” in 1947. Of course Jung also published his famous essay on synchronicity in 1952, the year of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. (And his birthday is July 26, galactic new year of the 13 Moon calendar). 

Valum Votan and Jose Arguelles

Valum Votan means interdimensional portal.

Jose Arguelles realized himself as Valum Votan on his 58th birthday (Self Existing Dragon) He recognized Valum Votan as an emanation of the code body created by Pacal Votan (for full story see below Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change).

An emanation does not mean reincarnation. Reincarnation is dependent on a sequence of rebirths, while an emanation comes through a transmission of information through a system of coded knowledge.

In this case Pacal Votan was a medium of transmission in what is known as the Galactic Mayan (GM) mind transmission (GM108X).

Parallels of the Votans

Kin 58 is the death date of Pacal Votan. Valum Votan was born 1939 = 19 +39 = 58. VV passed away 58 days after his 72nd birthday (Kin 31).

Valum Votan, the revealer of the Law of Time and promoter of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar as a matrix of synchronization and universal unification, passed away precisely 1328 years after Pacal Votan (2011 – 683).

Like Quetzalcoatl Valum Votan was born a twin (on his mothers 30th birthday and parents 11th wedding anniversary). Valum Votan also fulfilled the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, the prophecy of 13 heavens and  9 Hells with the Harmonic Convergence (1987).

Just as Odin/Votan brought the 24 Elder Futhark runes, so did Valum Votan bring the 64 UR runes, and later the 48 UR harmonics.

Both Odin/Votan and Valum/Votan recognized these runes as a way of reorganizing the whole pattern of life according to principles of higher harmonics.


Votan (Odin) of the Old World hung on tree for nine nights in order to gain entrance and learn the feminine mysteries. Valum Votan co-authored Feminine: Spacious as Sky (with Miriam Tarcov).

There are 9 Lords of Time in the tomb of Pacal Votan. And there are 9 time dimensions in the Synchronotron, the final revelation of the prophecy of Pacal Votan as brought through Valum Votan.

Valum Votan was the embodiment of the memory codes of the GM108X  that were then transmitted through a 9-year process to his apprentice:Serpent Initiate “Red Queen”. This was to establish a galactic lineage so that the knowledge could be continued and reformulated in the New Cycle.


Just as Pacal Votan carried the synchronic thread through all messengers of history as an index of Universal Religion (see Book of the Avatar), Valum Votan was an upholder of the Cosmic Sky religion of universal unification. (Religion meaning to ‘bind back to one’). This is also known as UR: Universal Religion/Universal Recollection.images-13

As Valum Votan stated:

I am a plain messenger. I foretell UR, the UR that follows the Great Change. Life is not safe. Security is only with God who is One. The Great Change will bring a new Heaven and a New Earth. In UR, which is the Dominion of Time, there will be no trace left of the world that preceded the great change. This is the Divine Plan for a divine planet, the coming of the Earth Wizards.



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    • This system was revealed to José Argüelles/Valum Votan 18 years after the discovery of the Law of Time (1989). It began with a dream initiation at the beginning of the Resonant Moon, Red Magnetic Moon Year (January 10, 2007), Kin 117

      what is mystery for 169… now will be maybe clear go explore moon 7 day 1 … is 169 day in the “”year”” 28×6 168 and that 169 second in kin 169 is cosmic 13 and 9 moon 13×9 117… and and… and … who is creator for cube 216… lolllllllll ….

      • stay focused maybe uploader will be on his wall i dont know this is so heavy no doubt sign for galactic spiral density wave ,,, maybe there is more little is different to look in crop circle august 1 2007 and 6 years in cube well come comes in 2012 and maybe is for

        Volume 4, Number 1 – White Lunar Wizard Meets Black Iron Garuda Crest – Cubing the Challenge pdf

  1. For me as Serpent 5, this is the best rendering of the word and vibration for bringing Heaven to Earth and describing the lineage and parallels of Pacal Votan and Valum Votan. It is the basis for Galactic Curriculum for sure. With much gratitude, Delia

  2. Jung’s article “Wotan” was written and first published in 1936.
    Jung was critiziced for some utterances he made at the beginning of the NS- Movement in Germany, when he was sort of – fascinated about what came to the survace of the german collective psyche. After the war in 1946 Cosmic Wizard 234 invited Rabbi Leo Baeck for a talk and excused himself for that. In his Essay he puts much focus on the storm/transformational and “hypnotizing” – “Ergriffenheit” magical Wind powers of the Wotan God/ Archetype. … in this case leading into a desaster called WWII

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  4. Nota en la Bitácora
    N.S. kin 58 Espejo Ritmico Blanco, Señal Clara de Pacal Votan.
    Baktun kin 11, kin de Valum Votan

    Aventura Unificación de cuentas Mayas
    completados 18 Uinales en la cuenta Nagual (Quiche)
    Uinal 19 codificado por Espejo 6 y Mono 11…

    Equilibrio de la frecuencia orbital a 365 días.
    Indice de Sincronización de cuentas Mayas = 47
    7 generaciones perdidas = 7 generadores alcanzados = Arco iris = siete anillos

    Fecha de la inversión completa del Sol, Climax del ciclo solar 24:

    NS1.26.6.17 Kin 60 Sol Galáctico Amarillo, Kin de Pacal Votan
    Baktun kin 13 caminante del cielo Cósmico (Oxlahuntiku)
    Psi Crono unidad 117, kin tierra cósmica roja, primer día de la transmisión del Synkronotron.

    Kin 60 Sol Galáctico Amarillo y la unidad crono-psi 117 suman el kin del umbral galáctico de Reina Roja. :-) Gracias por los mensajes… muy sincronizados…

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  9. does anyone know the date of pacal votans date of birth? the long count is 8 ahau. which according to long count translates to 24 th march. if synchronized with today is 6 lamat 9th march, then i assume its the 24th march…?

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