Announcing: Living Time Science! Red Self Existing Dragon, Kin 121.  

I’m excited to announce the new website Living Time Science! 

This new site was created with deepest Love and to activate the Remembrance of the Greater Dream that is Dreaming Us.

Living Time Science is the official site of Stephanie South “Red Queen” to make accessible the teachings of the Cosmic History Chronicles. It comes with the reminder that Time on this Planet is short. Reality as we know it is rapidly shifting. This World will never satisfy us. There is no way out but IN… that’s where the real magic resides.

For the full background please go to “Getting Started” section and download free new ebook: Thinking with a New Mind.

Today, Kin 121, Self Existing Dragon marks 39 (13 x 3) spins since the discovery of the Law of Time (1989) that revealed a new Living Time Science on Earth and formed the basis for the Cosmic History Chronicles.  

Command the Forces, the Subtle Threads
Awake your self from the Living Dead!

The Greater Dream is thinking You!

Special thanks for website creation to the brilliant: Nikita Gearing–Yellow Galactic Star  and Cornflower, White Rhythmic Mirror! Love you both so much!

Infinite Love and Gratitude to the incomparable Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan for his invaluable contribution toward Planetary Healing and Awakening New Consciousness. (Note: we will celebrate his 7 year passing at a 4-day event in Australia. It will be a powerful event. We would love to see you there:


14 thoughts on “Announcing: Living Time Science!

  1. As always, perfect timing! Lots of coordinates that agree from my time vector, including the need to combine the two sides, to meld the male and female to create the magical child. The rainbow bridge of science and art.

    And thanks for finally making the TimeSpace app available for those of us with iOS!

    So excited I hardly slept last night. Felt closer to VV than I have in a while; doors opening, gates appearing, a green spiral rising. Good job I’ve got such a clunky well grounded physical body, otherwise I’d still be lingering in intergalactic space.

  2. Amados y Queridos 13 : 20 Frecuency Shift :

    Gracias Muchas gracias Amados los unos a los otros trabajando en familias terrestres razas de colores y clanes eco Kin afinando la parentela 124 Atinando los abrazos al corazón del Alma Colectiva Inlakech

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 21/09/2017, a las 8:31 p.m., 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT escribió: > > >

      • Wow! So many of the images in the video are ones I have seen recently in my imaginal journeying. The central pyramid of Tollan, the three rotating circles interlocked, the magical child…

        For anyone who might be doubting whether this work we are doing is having an effect, have no doubt. The external world might look confused and horrible, but it is just the old skin that the snake is shedding. Feels itchy and looks gross, but a new shiny snake is going to emerge, have no doubt!

        The rainbow serpent is coming.

  3. Praying for a loooooong world SYNCHRONOTRON gathering !

    We do the work in the ethers, with the entire Cosmos, but we need manifest this also here…!

    HK21: 168 –> 402 –> 129
    NS Kin 174

    Blessings ~☆

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