Cosmic Restart: Kin 1

Reposting blog by Eden Sky, Kin 173:

Greetings Tribe of Light ~

I have just composed a new blog post to share my perspective on how to align with this potent Restart! It offers inspiration and insight into our collective, planetary moment based on the codes of The Galactic Calendar.


Here is an excerpt:
“On The Galactic Calendar, we are entering a Cosmic Restart on Sept 1, 2021! It is called Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon. This Galactic Frequency always launches us into a new 260-day galactic creation cycle, a new evolutionary spiral. This Galactic Frequency signifies a Rebirth moment; a sacred portal inward, inviting us to re-calibrate our perceptions. Being conscious of this new cycle, we can unify with people all around the world who are psychically aligning with the opportunity of this potent moment!

This New Galactic Cycle occurs during these exceedingly challenging times that we are all facing. As a global human family, we continue to undergo these times of trial, these times of initiation. Beyond appearances, what else is happening? It is time to consciously invite RESTART into the next, ascending level of our lives. It is time to open to a new chapter in how we relate to existence; Time to Spiral Up!”


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