Ceremony of Light: 260 Days of Vision

The outer self we present to the world is but a mirror of an internal psychic process. The real learning occurs in the inner academy of the soul, where all the mysteries of creation lie dormant until their appointed time of discovery.

The synchronic codes of the Law of Time contain vibrational keys to enter these doors of mystery. These doors open into the hallways of the New Earth, where colorful geometries dance, where music pours forth from the rocks, where everywhere light tells its beginningless tale. 

Those who read these words hold the keys to the Remembrance of the vows we took before this incarnation.  We vowed to Not Forget our true essence, no matter how the world appears.  We vowed not to get caught in the Hall of Mirrors or the Swamps of Sorrow. 
We vowed to keep our eye on the diamond of the sacred flame of truth.  We vowed to remember that the New Heaven and New Earth are contained within us, not “out there.” 

Our consciousness is the Bridge of Time that connects us to the New Earth, where the people of O.M.A. await our Remembrance. They are sung awake through our awareness of their presence. Only through correct alignment of our consciousness to Source can we lift our awareness to reach them.

As we raise our frequency, we seek to sound the Lost Chord and open to the music of the Higher Spheres that lifts us into the next octave of being. In this new octave, we regain our powers as co-creators of Timeship Earth. 

All that is occurring on our Planet’s surface is designed to disillusion us so that we seek the Source of all Appearance. We have been conditioned to serve external awareness primarily. Our path of awakening begins when we first become aware of a Greater Reality beyond our conditioning.

To reach the Source requires us to live from the Inside out. Our awareness is key. Where we direct our attention is all-important. Are we placing attention on the new that is being born, or on the old that is dying? We are between the worlds. 

“Operating by purely third-dimensional chrono-astronomical timing standards without knowledge of the synchronic order of the Law of Time subjects humanity to a partial and one-sided view of reality which is hazardous to the planet and jeopardizes the future existence of the human species as well as all of life on earth.” Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Season of Love

As I write, it is the White Electric Dog: I activate in order to Love; bonding loyalty … Today begins the 65-day cycle of the Season of Love. The main lesson of the Earth plane is to learn to love unconditionally and universally. Only the magnetism of Love can hold together matter and spirit in life. The Rainbow Bridge is built on the foundation of Unconditional Love.

The beauty of the 13 Moon calendar is it gives us a simple daily practice of symbols and numbers that link us with subtle worlds and attune us to patterns of Nature that allow our mind to perceive the unity that binds the world of appearance. This enters us into deeper levels of self-reflection, which is the key to gaining true wisdom. The 13 Moons provides the frame of time, but YOU provide the meaning.

“Even as you seek wisdom, so shall wisdom seek you. “—Kybalion.

Our level of consciousness at any given moment is dependent on where we are placing our attention. A great opportunity opens to us four days after the upcoming Solar Eclipse. We start a new 260-day cycle on the 18th day of the Spectral Moon, May 19, 2022. We can choose to enter into a self-initiated 260-day Ceremony of Light and Vision on this day, Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon. This is an opportunity to amplify our practices to synchronize with galactic time.

During this time, we can choose to focus our awareness for 260 days on a positive trajectory for Timeship Earth. You might contemplate and write a vision for your life and the Planet in your journal; the greater the detail, the better. For beginners, we might envision our Rainbow family reunited in love and living in harmony all over the World, celebrating the unity in diversity.

Allow yourself to dream and envision the world you would love to live in. Read your vision every day for 260 days, and refine it as needed. Focus on it once in the morning and once before you sleep. Imagine you are telepathically transferring this vision into the Noosphere (planetary mind).

Our actions follow thought. The world needs as much positive vision and practical action as possible. When a thought or vision is held continuously in the mind, it can be telepathically projected into the planetary mind or Noosphere. This requires the development of continuing consciousness, the ability to hold a single thought-form for a duration.

This 260-day experiment concludes on Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun, February 2, 2023 (Resonant Moon 24 of the Red Self Existing Moon Year). 

At this time, you might also amplify your inner and outer practices. If you are new to this, you might begin a 260-day cycle of tuning to the 13 Moon calendar. Each day simply meditate on one of the 260 self-synchronization commands or affirmations that correlate to the 260-kin galactic spin each day. These daily affirmations are contained in the synchronometers and the 13 Moon Star Travelers Almanac of Synchronicity. https://lawoftime.org/product/star-travelers-13-moon-almanac-of-synchronicity/. If you are a beginner and speak Portuguese or Spanish, you might contact Flaviah: lamat228@gmail.com.

Within this 260 day cycle, there are five cycles of 52 days each; these are called castles. 52 x 5 = 260. http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/dreamspell.html.

Here are the beginning dates of each of these 52-day castles.

Red Eastern Castle: (May 19, 2022): Kin 1
White Northern Castle: (July 10, 2022): Kin 53 Blue Western Castle: (August 31, 2022): Kin 105 Yellow Southern Castle: (October 22, 2022): Kin 157  Green Central Castle: (December 13, 2022): Kin 209

Each 52-day castle contains four 13-day cycles. 4 x 13 = 52. 
The 260-day cycle contains 20 wave spells, four per castle. 4 x 5 = 20. 

So in this 260-day cycle, we can choose to live twenty 13-day cycles in full consciousness. 

For those following the Synchronic order, note that on the 174th day of this 260-day cycle, it will be a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon (November 8, 2022). This day is White Overtone Wizard and marks 29 spins (29 x 260) days since the first Cosmic History transmission. This day will also be one spin until the Galactic New year (July 26, 2023).

7 thoughts on “Ceremony of Light: 260 Days of Vision

  1. I am with you and all the others who are holding the vision of unconditional love. In fact, recently I have discovered a powerful practice of consciously seeing the pure light of love and breathing with it which embodies this frequency. Through this simple ongoing exercise, all mental imperfections immediately dissolve and alignment is achieved.

  2. It was a beautiful blessing to read your words this morning ❤️‍🔥🌅
    I can feel the shifting in my bones, and this calling to contribute with holding the vision. 🙏
    Thank you

  3. Thank’s so much for the incoditional love and the rainbow 🌈 bridge around our beloved planet Earth 🌍. Thank you so much to remind our true essence. Thank’s so much! Everything is perfect 💞 like it is. Grateful to be alive sensing the New Earth. OMA

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  5. Synchronotron ON
    I know words r uneccessary yet loving sharing this unreal reality with the all.hihi.im in Santa fe again.the loom is weaving us away.jst enjoyed my 1st psyfestival(transition)since the lockdowns.2weeks helping set up and 1week festivating…overload of impressions.yet really fine.now resting in the spring water amazing like champagne.and off 2 enjoy the final days of the rainbow gathering near Madrid.its all gone beyond words4me yet loving them more than ever…
    In the beginning was the word and in the end we’ll speak again…as one reintegrate being before separating again.tzolkin pulses.
    Eternally present gratitude 2 the masters.bless u.

  6. Although I didn’t quite understand your theological expressions I get the gist. It’s very Beautiful and esoteric.
    Being a SIBYL means that I can only take DICTATION from The SOURCE of The WORD.

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