Embracing the Unknown: Cave of Initiation

A Hand from the Unseen is reaching out to Humanity. The Mystery of the Unknown beckons us. Many people fear the Unknown; but it is in the Unknown where our treasures lie.

One is never afraid of the unknown, one is afraid of the known coming to an end.


With all that is unfolding in the world, many people are experiencing waves of sadness, depression, despair, loss of orientation of a higher vision, and loss of purpose in their own lives. For some people, even the will-to-live is diminishing, due to the intensified energies that we are navigating. Without a larger context or purpose for life, it is difficult for humans to aspire to cosmic heights of perception. The way out of these mental states begins with self-reflection, gratitude, creativity and service to others (and the Planet).

The Earth is a stage set for the evolution of our soul. But to understand this requires the cultivation of a foundation of self-knowledge. This starts with consistent self-reflection.

Self-Reflective consciousness is the opposite of the reactive mind that we see so rampant in the world today. Reflective consciousness means that we can sufficiently separate our true selves from the data we receive. In other words, we do not identify with anything in this passing world hologram. It is the meaning of being “in the world, but not of it.”

To reflect objectively and see a bigger picture requires cultivating the ability to step back and observe as if we are an alien species (of which we are). Cosmic History refers to this as “seeing ourselves from the other side.” Or seeing this Earth dream from the lens of our future self.

Changing of Time

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors. Change is the only constant. Change implies Time; and the changing of Time. In other words, change is Time in action.

The static dynamics of what we have known as “reality” is disintegrating. We are in a great transition from one Time to another. We must learn to embrace the Unknown. The Unknown is merely a state of Being that is beyond our conditioned mind and previous experiences.

To sit with your own mind continuously
in unceasing dialogue with the Unknown
this is fundamental to the evolution of the noosphere
If you stop thinking of yourself then who is there?
–Valum Votan

Dialogue with the Unknown requires a deep receptivity; a profound listening. Listening is one of the greatest arts. Most people only listen through the filter of their own preconceptions, opinions, judgements and prejudices. They only hear their own inner chatter. True listening requires full Presence and attention. Listening with full receptivity produces awakening to deeper realities.

As we further awaken, we begin to perceive that the entire historical narratives are programmed constructs. This is the whole premise of the Cosmic History Chronicles.

Cosmic History points out that in Sacred Order, there is no history, only cosmos unfolding in Time. Human history is a description of the Fall; the Fall from the sacred to the profane; the Fall from conscious to unconscious. This archetypal “Fall” then ensues a type of drama, which climaxes as the “Last Battle of the Heavens on Earth.” . See previous blog on Thieves of Time.

In the Quran, the Fall is described in Sura 38:67-83 when Iblis (Satan) gets into a feud with God, unfurling a type of drama. From the war in the Heavens, cosmic time becomes lower time, spawning drama on Earth. From this drama is born the myth of the Eternal Return.

In the Telektonon cosmology, the time between the “Fall” and the “Eternal Return” is referred to as the “War and Taming of the Heavens, an Opportunity for Planet Earth.”

“War” is described as the dynamic dissonance of processes of synchronization, evolution and involution that accompany the life of a star system. The star system is our solar system with its planets, called Kinich Ahau, or Velatropa 24. The migration of life and intelligence in all of its forms and dimensions throughout the galaxy also informs and affects the system of Kinich Ahau.

Everything happening on Earth is a stage set designed for our awakening (if we choose to see it that way). In this process of awakening, TIME serves as the frame or the container of changing events.

Since Time is of the Mind, it would seem the most essential work is knowing our own Mind. In light of this inspiration, we are offering a 13 day journey: Cave of Initiation: Inner Realm and Law of Time. An Initiate is a seeker of the deeper mysteries and hidden truths. In a world so externally based, this is a call to reestablish the inner realm as the primary reality.

Reconnection with our inner essence is the key to Return to Natural Time. Our true nature has nothing to do with the narratives that society imposes on us. These 13 days offer tools and inspiration to stay the course. All levels welcome. Offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can register or join in telepathically on Kin 53 – 65 (July 10 – 22). https://lawoftime.org/enter-the-cave/

For questions in English, please write N’Elektra: nelektra227@lawoftime.org. For questions in Spanish or Portugese, please write Flaviah: lamat228@lawoftime

We look forward to meeting you on both the inner and outer planes.

The 13-day journey begins on Red Magnetic Skywalker, Kin 53. Skywalker is the 13th solar seal connected to prophecy. In the 13 days we will touch upon the prophecy of Pacal Votan and the meaning of terma (hidden treasure) as it relates to the upcoming visual transmission: Terma of the Red Queen. This 149-page art book contains over 120 original drawings by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. The images are in code form and depict different facets of initiation in this world system and others. A limited first edition will soon be made available. The First edition is in English only, with other languages to follow.

9 thoughts on “Embracing the Unknown: Cave of Initiation

  1. Greetings of peace and love dearest Red Queen,
    Thank you so much for all your brillant posts which turn us to light and love, and put faith in our faces!

    Looking forward to entering the cave of initiation. Meanwhile I translate your post in our website. 13lunes.fr

    Veronique Planetary Eagle

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