Red Dragon: Attracting the Primal Force

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall be one day.” –Baltazar Gracian

Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1 lands on 2-3-23 on the Gregorian calendar. This day is an opportunity to reset our internal operating system and create our purpose for the next 260 days. 

This 260-day spin will conclude on October 20, 2023 ( How much can we transform ourselves in that time? What qualities do we want to birth in ourselves and on the planet? What disciplines or skills are we called to cultivate?

We might envision an astral windshield wiper oscillating back and forth in our etheric body, wiping clean and purifying our conditioned mind so that we may open to the descent of Greater Knowledge and Wisdom. 

We can choose to see the entire pallette occurring on our planet is to assist us in evolving and refining our Eternal soul “personality.”  Duality and polarity then become the tools for refining our internal masterpiece. A whole “other” narrative is unfolding on the inner planes. We are working not only for this world but others as well. How we choose to operate in this world determines our next experience.

The affirmation of Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon is: 

I unify in order to nurture

Attracting Being

I seal the input of birth

With the Magnetic Tone of Purpose

I am guided by my own power doubled

I am a galactic activation portal, enter me! 

The Red Dragon is the archetype of the Primal Force

Primal Force is associated with Memory.  Zuvuya is the language of the rememberers.

Zuvuya is the circuit that connects past, present and future; it is the path that anything takes to return to its Source.

It is by this path that everything can be remembered and known, even though one goes nowhere and sees nothing. Consider these words by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan:  

   “Who enters the zuvuya learns the language of the zuvuya and acquires the power to remember all, and to foresee all. For in the zuvuya, everything is seen and known as like proportion. And everything of like proportion resonates as the same frequency, no matter now small or large, how close or distant, how ancient or how far in the future.”

The Primal Force exemplifies Being as knowledge:

I am the Primal Force

Coded by the Red Dragon

My number is one

The unification of Primal Being

I am the Ancient of Days

I enter your Universe

Through the First Gate of Light

I hold the memory of Cosmic Being

Within the Primal Source: 

The birthplace and playground of

Star makers and star masters

Eternity is my headdress; 

I give birth to all forms, 

And in nurturing every form

I nurture compassion for all living things;  

Awakening in them

An essence sealed in the ever-returning genesis of my origins 

To know me is to glimpse the Primal Matrix

And if you encounter me

It will only be as a mystery

Reflected back to you

Beckoning you ever and on! 

The kin equivalent for this day is Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed, the galactic signature of the inception of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan: July 26, 1993, (Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan). 

Yellow Magnetic Seed will recur again as year-bearer on July 26, 2045.

Telektonon: Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, is the medium established by Pacal Votan for transmission. It is the communication system of the GM108X: Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission. Telektonon is ultimately a vibration: the sound of number multiplying itself. It is a mathematically based time-release program that continues to release its knowledge and wisdom.

On this Kin 1, you are invited to tune into Telektonon: Earth spirit speaking tube, by invoking the power of Tel Ek Ton On through each of its syllables. 

TEL is the power of the distant seers. 

We now invoke the distant seers, the ancestors, the guardians, and the benefactors of this world and beyond!

We invoke them through our acknowledgment and gratitude. We now send beams of gratitude to all wise ones who have walked before us. 

EK is the power of the Starborn to remember. 

We are the starborn. We activate our innate powers now! We embody the Remembrance of the Sacred Source Now! 

TON is the power of the creative mind to become sound.

We invoke the distant seers to SOUND THE LOST CHORD now! May cosmic memory be restored within the Starborn! May all be healed and whole! 

ON is the power of Eternal Endlessness: the 144,000 cubed within. 

May the Remembrance of our Eternal Nature restore us to wholeness NOW!  May we embody our Immortal Nature! 

Within the sounding of the word TELEKTONON, we assume the cosmic navigation tower of Eternal Remembrance. 

In the tower of Eternal Remembrance, all forms and names are known. The messages are embodied as the intelligence of all the Eternal Ones. 

May this 260-day spin be the most powerful yet! May new perception dawn in us! May our cosmic memory be restored! May all be healed and whole!

***Stay tuned for a new Cosmic History website set to be released on the Equinox.*** Kin 1 is the 50th spin of the inception of the 13 moon “Wizards Count.

Also see our beloved Eden Sky’s inspiring blog for Kin 1:

5 thoughts on “Red Dragon: Attracting the Primal Force

  1. I’m inspired to share a super sycnch that just occured. I was in study following the synchs for today (NS. kin 9) and reflected on how many pivotal points since entering the Synchronic Order have been coded by Red Moon:

    NS. – kin 49 Planetary Moon,
    I entered the SYNCHRONOTRON after waking up to the words “enter the synchronotron” over and over while flashing the B-52 element 113 image.

    4 moons later on
    NS. – kin 169 Cosmic Moon
    (approximately one year ago)
    I received The Knowledge Book. At the moment I received It, I strongly noticed the time. It was 9:49. At the time I had only entered the SYNCHRONOTRON and had not developed the telepathic language I have now so I only clued that 9 coded Red Moon and that 49 was the kin number of Planetary Moon, the day I entered the SYNCHRONOTRON (which in itself is and was astonishing)
    today! a year later, I decoded much, much more which elated me and confirmed that I was receiving telepathic messages then, and now they are blowing up (although admittedly I dont always know exactly what they mean)

    Gregorian 2/16 (pefected cube)
    949 (9×49 = 441 …shut up right now! And I had just entered 441 matrix AND there 9 time dimensions and each one has 49 units)…but wait! If that wasnt enough…the kin equivalent of 949 is…169 Cosmic Moon! I just cannot make this up.
    So on kin 169, Red Cosmic Moon, the day I received The Knowledge Book, I had number telepathy through the number 949 and here it is one year later and I’m just now seeing this in full, which is proof that the 441 cube matrix is a telepathic language developed as one studies the matrices and codes of the synchronic order. So I really just want to say thank you and do my best to be of service right where I’m at, and to share this as both an offering and an inspiration.
    There are more but this post is already long enough and I just needed to share with another planetary kin as I have literally nobody to talk to or share these synchs with in physical form. So, again, thank you thank you thank you and many Blessings of the One!

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