Ceremony of Light: 260 Days of Vision

The outer self we present to the world is but a mirror of an internal psychic process. The real learning occurs in the inner academy of the soul, where all the mysteries of creation lie dormant until their appointed time of discovery.

The synchronic codes of the Law of Time contain vibrational keys to enter these doors of mystery. These doors open into the hallways of the New Earth, where colorful geometries dance, where music pours forth from the rocks, where everywhere light tells its beginningless tale. 

Those who read these words hold the keys to the Remembrance of the vows we took before this incarnation.  We vowed to Not Forget our true essence, no matter how the world appears.  We vowed not to get caught in the Hall of Mirrors or the Swamps of Sorrow. 
We vowed to keep our eye on the diamond of the sacred flame of truth.  We vowed to remember that the New Heaven and New Earth are contained within us, not “out there.” 

Our consciousness is the Bridge of Time that connects us to the New Earth, where the people of O.M.A. await our Remembrance. They are sung awake through our awareness of their presence. Only through correct alignment of our consciousness to Source can we lift our awareness to reach them.

As we raise our frequency, we seek to sound the Lost Chord and open to the music of the Higher Spheres that lifts us into the next octave of being. In this new octave, we regain our powers as co-creators of Timeship Earth. 

All that is occurring on our Planet’s surface is designed to disillusion us so that we seek the Source of all Appearance. We have been conditioned to serve external awareness primarily. Our path of awakening begins when we first become aware of a Greater Reality beyond our conditioning.

To reach the Source requires us to live from the Inside out. Our awareness is key. Where we direct our attention is all-important. Are we placing attention on the new that is being born, or on the old that is dying? We are between the worlds. 

“Operating by purely third-dimensional chrono-astronomical timing standards without knowledge of the synchronic order of the Law of Time subjects humanity to a partial and one-sided view of reality which is hazardous to the planet and jeopardizes the future existence of the human species as well as all of life on earth.” Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Season of Love

As I write, it is the White Electric Dog: I activate in order to Love; bonding loyalty … Today begins the 65-day cycle of the Season of Love. The main lesson of the Earth plane is to learn to love unconditionally and universally. Only the magnetism of Love can hold together matter and spirit in life. The Rainbow Bridge is built on the foundation of Unconditional Love.

The beauty of the 13 Moon calendar is it gives us a simple daily practice of symbols and numbers that link us with subtle worlds and attune us to patterns of Nature that allow our mind to perceive the unity that binds the world of appearance. This enters us into deeper levels of self-reflection, which is the key to gaining true wisdom. The 13 Moons provides the frame of time, but YOU provide the meaning.

“Even as you seek wisdom, so shall wisdom seek you. “—Kybalion.

Our level of consciousness at any given moment is dependent on where we are placing our attention. A great opportunity opens to us four days after the upcoming Solar Eclipse. We start a new 260-day cycle on the 18th day of the Spectral Moon, May 19, 2022. We can choose to enter into a self-initiated 260-day Ceremony of Light and Vision on this day, Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon. This is an opportunity to amplify our practices to synchronize with galactic time.

During this time, we can choose to focus our awareness for 260 days on a positive trajectory for Timeship Earth. You might contemplate and write a vision for your life and the Planet in your journal; the greater the detail, the better. For beginners, we might envision our Rainbow family reunited in love and living in harmony all over the World, celebrating the unity in diversity.

Allow yourself to dream and envision the world you would love to live in. Read your vision every day for 260 days, and refine it as needed. Focus on it once in the morning and once before you sleep. Imagine you are telepathically transferring this vision into the Noosphere (planetary mind).

Our actions follow thought. The world needs as much positive vision and practical action as possible. When a thought or vision is held continuously in the mind, it can be telepathically projected into the planetary mind or Noosphere. This requires the development of continuing consciousness, the ability to hold a single thought-form for a duration.

This 260-day experiment concludes on Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun, February 2, 2023 (Resonant Moon 24 of the Red Self Existing Moon Year). 

At this time, you might also amplify your inner and outer practices. If you are new to this, you might begin a 260-day cycle of tuning to the 13 Moon calendar. Each day simply meditate on one of the 260 self-synchronization commands or affirmations that correlate to the 260-kin galactic spin each day. These daily affirmations are contained in the synchronometers and the 13 Moon Star Travelers Almanac of Synchronicity. https://lawoftime.org/product/star-travelers-13-moon-almanac-of-synchronicity/. If you are a beginner and speak Portuguese or Spanish, you might contact Flaviah: lamat228@gmail.com.

Within this 260 day cycle, there are five cycles of 52 days each; these are called castles. 52 x 5 = 260. http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/dreamspell.html.

Here are the beginning dates of each of these 52-day castles.

Red Eastern Castle: (May 19, 2022): Kin 1
White Northern Castle: (July 10, 2022): Kin 53 Blue Western Castle: (August 31, 2022): Kin 105 Yellow Southern Castle: (October 22, 2022): Kin 157  Green Central Castle: (December 13, 2022): Kin 209

Each 52-day castle contains four 13-day cycles. 4 x 13 = 52. 
The 260-day cycle contains 20 wave spells, four per castle. 4 x 5 = 20. 

So in this 260-day cycle, we can choose to live twenty 13-day cycles in full consciousness. 

For those following the Synchronic order, note that on the 174th day of this 260-day cycle, it will be a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon (November 8, 2022). This day is White Overtone Wizard and marks 29 spins (29 x 260) days since the first Cosmic History transmission. This day will also be one spin until the Galactic New year (July 26, 2023).

Pandora’s Box and the Magic Dance

“It’s time to fold up Pandora’s box.”

These were the words that awakened me from a deep dream on the morning of White Planetary Worldbridger, Kin 166/February 13, 2022.  In the dream vision, I heard much noise and clamor; then I saw all the world chatter take the form of geometric shapes that were being magnetically pulled back into pages of a single book. I watched as the book slammed shut and vanished into thin air, as if it never existed.

Deep reflection ensued, as I contemplated the myth of Pandora and the meaning of this dream message. 

This led to the synthesis of multiple synchronicities in the past few weeks. This is just a glimpse. I hope it will served to further activate your own inner process of recollection and synthesis.  

Pandora is Greek. It refers to gifts or treasures. It’s derived from two Greek words – ‘pan’ and ‘dora’ – ‘all gifts.’ 

Pandora was, according to the myth, the first woman on Earth. Zeus created her out of clay. Some call her the “Eve” of Ancient Greece.  

Hermes took Pandora to Epimetheus to be his wife. Epimetheus was the brother of Prometheus, God of fire.  

Zeus gave Pandora a storage jar (pathos) as a wedding gift. Pandora was told that the box contained special gifts from the Gods, but she was not allowed to open the box ever. 

Pandora became curious and lifted the jar’s lid, which unleashed multiple evils on the world. These included war, disease, plagues, inequality, injustice, and the necessity to work for sustenance. It is the myth illustrating how evil was released to the world. I also noted that from one perspective, Pandora is depicted as a pawn used by two men, Zeus and Prometheus. 

This story has been told in many different ways. When she closed the box, some said that hope remained—hope that things might get better one day. 

Wedding Magic
Thirteen days before this dream, I officiated friends’ wedding ceremony on Red Planetary Skywalker/January 31, 2022. 

So the wedding was on the beach of St. Petersburg, Florida, which interestingly was named after Saint Petersburg, Russia (of which I have also visited with Kin 11). Nine days prior, our course of awakening the nine time dimensions began. 

We began a 28-day online course to open the 9 Time Dimensions in Russian, Japanese, and English languages on Kin 144/January 22, 2022. The purpose of these courses is ultimately to awaken our innate knowledge and accelerate our collective process of Memory retrieval. This 28-day window has been a deep recollection process that coincides with the current Venus cycle. Our course began 13 days into the 584-day Venus cycle.

So back to the story. The couple that I married gave me a gift for officiating their wedding that I utilized as an opportunity to design a ceremony with the intention of awakening the heart of the planet and with prayers of the return of love and trust to all beings. 

I received a large beautiful Swarovski crystal of Isadora Duncan entitled the “Magic of Dance.” 

I had heard of her but never paid too much attention or studied her in-depth. Then I researched her and found her center in Athens, Greece. And in 1904, she created a dance performance called “Pandora and The Furies.” She said the true dancer will not belong to any nation, but to all of humanity.

In further research, I learned that the birth of Pandora was represented on the pedestal of the statue of Athena in the Parthenon at Athens.

In researching Isadora Duncan, I found that her debut performance was in Budapest in 1902, and then she decided to visit Greece as she was obsessed with Greek art and architecture. I was struck when I read that her dream was to dance in the “Temple of Art,” the Parthenon. 

I began to research more of the history of the Parthenon, as well as Isadora Duncan: Blue Rhythmic Night, Kin 123, the galactic signature of January 1, 2022. In a document called “Dancer of the Future,” she writes: 

“It is only when you put free animals under false restrictions that they lose the power of moving in harmony with nature and adopt a movement expressive of the restrictions placed about them.”  

This describes perfectly the constriction and conditioning of a mind living in a false timing frequency out of harmony with nature. The conditioning is so deep that it becomes second nature and nearly impossible for many humans to recognize it as it is embedded in their identity and daily lives. 

To close Pandora’s box is to close all misperceptions, conditionings, and distortions sent forth from living in a frequency matrix based on false light. When these veils are lifted, then we return to the memory of the magical dance of Creation.

Synchronically, I planned a stopover in Nashville, Tennessee, on my way back West. In sharing that with two of my closest kin, they both sent the exact links to William Henry, which brought to my attention that the Parthenon in Nashville is the world’s only exact-size and detailed replica of the original temple in Athens, Greece. And it turns out I am staying in a room right near it. Many of you likely know of Henry’s work as an investigative researcher, mythologist, and author who also decoded the spiritual meaning behind the architecture of Nashville.

In contemplating all this on this morning of Kin 167, I took an Uber to a cafe to post this writing, and as synchronicity would have it, the driver was named Stylianos from Athens, Greece. And on it goes in the Never-ending synchronic story.

Noosphere: Spiritual Dimension of Reality

Resonant Moon 15: White Electric Worldbridger

In honor of the 83rd solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, here is an excerpt from his Noosphere II document: https://lawoftime.org/noosphere/nooarticles/noosphere-two-prospectus.html

“To be deeply understood, as perhaps only Teilhard de Chardin might have grasped it, the noosphere must also be considered as the descent of the spiritual dimension upon the human species, an invisible mantle impossible to be predicted if we were to rely solely on the methods known to us today, but rather partaking of something of the supernatural, or even the Divine. 

To be fully cosmic, the noosphere, as the conscious manifestation of the spiritual dimension of universal reality, implies an interdimensional integration necessary for the ascent of the spirit and the transcendence of the ego. For if there is any one major problem all over the world today which hinders any moral or spiritual progress, it is that of the ego. 

To deal with the problem of the ego is to face head-on the spiritual reality and opportunity that the advent of the noosphere presents to us.

For if we speak of the present-day consciousness as determined by a fragmentary, individualistic worldview, the main factor keeping this consciousness fragmented and individualistic is the ego. This is a problem for everybody, no matter what belief or religion.

There is corporate ego, nationalistic ego, family or clan ego, religious sectarian ego, and just plain individual ego.

From the preceding descriptions of mystical states and cosmic consciousness as shedding light on the noospheric consciousness, it is clear that in the coming evolutionary shift, the ego will be altogether transcended, or so transfigured and subsumed into a higher ordering principle as to be unrecognizable as we now understand it.

Sri Aurobindo, another precursor in the process of defining a higher, not only supermental but supramental – beyond the mind – a condition of consciousness, states:

It is not very easy for the customary mind of man, always attached to its past and present association, to conceive of existence still human yet radically changed in what is now our fixed circumstances.

We are in respect of our possible higher evolution much in the position of the original Ape of Darwinian theory.

It would have been impossible for that Ape leading his instinctive arboreal life in primeval forests to conceive that there would one day be an animal on the earth who would use a new faculty called reason upon the materials of his inner and outer existence, who would dominate by that power his instincts, habits, change the circumstances of his physical life, build for himself houses of stone, manipulate Nature’s forces, sail the seas, ride the air, develop codes of conduct, evolve conscious methods for spiritual and mental development.

And if it had been possible for the Ape-mind, it would still have been difficult for him to imagine that by any progress of Nature or long effort of Will and tendency, he himself could develop into that animal…”

(Sri Aurobindo, from “The Ego and the Dualities,” p. 55, The Life Divine, (1977).

This reflection succinctly states what we are facing at this very moment in our evolution.

For now, the processes of reason have been so co-opted by the ego’s tendency – so separated by the inert and inexorable force of global historical determinism from the original divine impulse – to appropriate for itself all manner of sensibility, and even the codes of moral and religious conduct.

This said, then a major prerequisite of the Noosphere II is the development of techniques for recognizing and dealing with ego and developing methods for self-transcendence as a matter of daily habit.

Of course, to experience egoless states has been a goal of certain traditions, some more than others. Still, now the practice of the ego-free state must be cultivated, communicated, and transmitted as a matter of preparing for its commonplaceness in the noospheric reality.”

9 Years: Pacal Votan and the Order of Thieves

Everything has already happened. We are just re-experiencing it. 

Four years ago, I posted a writing, noting the nine-year zuvuya window between Solstice 2012 and 2021 – a cycle of supreme acceleration and opportunity to cultivate our inner technology. https://1320frequencyshift.com/2017/12/05/2012-2021-beyond-human/

Nine years later, and Timeship Earth finds itself in an increasingly surreal, turbulent and unpredictable time of polarized extremities. We are in the process of a total reorientation from the material realm to the spiritual realm. It can sometimes feel as though we are losing coherence within the linear way of processing, which is exacerbated by the speed of the machine. Fear, chaos, greed and control intensify as we get closer to the quantum shift.

We are dealing with the same forces we encountered in other worlds and times. We will refer to these forces as the Order of the Thieves. 

The Order of the Thieves is the conglomerate of all beings, groups, and organizations throughout history who create and serve the dominant worldview, which negates time and consciousness. They have set up a thought repository based on false light, a whole huge single mental order woven like a spider’s web around the planet. 

They steal time. They steal joy. They steal happiness. They steal knowledge. They steal Unity. They steal health. They steal memory. They steal dreams. Do not let them!  

The Order of Thieves is the purveyors and maintainers of the 12:60 Dreamspell in all of its facets. They insert themselves into different timelines throughout history. They have been called by many names. They have infiltrated every institution. They replace truth with falsehood. They utilize censorship and information control to promote agendas detrimental to human evolution. They have amplified their efforts for the end-time sequence, seeking to create a Humanity 2.0. Their primary means of manipulation are death-fear and the monetary system, symbolized by Mars and Saturn (in this Solar System)

The Order of the Thieves is ultimately an extension of an A.I. hive mind that is remote controlled from other dimensions. This is why we see the same script being played around the Planet. This Order utilizes multiple space suits to blanket the globe and enacts their narrative. 

This traces back to the original theft of time, as introduced by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. See the original Dreamspell cosmology. http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/dreamspell.html

The Order of Thieves (disguised as priest class) banished the power of 13 (feminine) and replaced it with the 12. They replaced true time with false time and destroyed the knowledge and memory of the 13:20 ratio. 

The Dreamspell of History was cast, and the spell of false time, based on the 12:60 frequency, triumphed around the planet. This led to the mechanization of the third dimension and set the stage for where we find ourselves today.

“Only the satans, the rebellious mind-morphs, would conceive of a “theft of time,” for to control anything is against the Law of Time.”  —Jose Arguelles

The Order of the Thieves operates in opposition to sacred time, without reverence for the Earth and humanity. Their lust for power and control is so strong that one would risk their destruction and humanity and the total Planet to fulfill their agenda. They falsify history, and as George Orwell writes (1984), “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” 

This same Order had its hand in destroying Maya civilization (among many others). Valum Votan writes: 

“… And from Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl, they established lines of seers, prophets known as the Ah Bobat of the tradition of the Chilam Balam, Jaguar seers who foresaw the coming of the aliens from across the water, those who were to bring with them the seeds of destruction.

So it came to pass in the 12th baktun, the sails appeared from across the waters—the iron swords, the cannon, the horse, and the dreaded smallpox, all laid waste to the wonder that had been Maya. But can what is true really be destroyed?

A book burning in 1562 resulted in another book by the very man who burned the books, and this was the first book by a European about the Maya, Relation of the Things of Yucatan, by Bishop de Landa. And in the thirteenth and final baktun, another book burning in 1691 resulted in yet another book. Published in 1692 was The Trials of Votan, all about the mysterious Votan, descendent of Noah, the heart of the people, the planetary wanderer who built the dark house and laid his fabulous tomb beneath a pyramid in the mythic city of Nah Chan, House of the Serpent.”

The Order of Thieves keeps humanity focussed on all that separates rather than what unites. Their task is to divide and conquer and keep people in fear. Fear is the biggest clouding factor of seeing the whole. Fear wants to hold on to illusion as it equates its “known” illusion with safety. Fear causes people to conform to the world, even against their own intuition and integrity.

If you begin to feel fear, discouragement, or despair, use it as a cue to Wake yourself Up. Unplug from any frequency that destroys your inner peace. This is a cue to shift your mental spheres; change your thinking layers, just like a radio station. Now is the time to master our inner realm, the most significant technology. This is the gift of this time. 

As more people begin to awaken from false spells, we see an epidemic of cognitive dissonance and many other mental health issues. Cognitive dissonance arises when our conditioned knowledge does not match our direct experience. 

 Often what is deemed a “mental health issue” is a mislabeled spiritual crisis or crisis of consciousness. When we begin to break out of the Dreamspell and wake up to the illusion we have been living in, this can trigger all sorts of “mental” issues. This includes everything from anxiety, depression, feeling out of sorts, depression, depersonalization, and other symptoms.

Society does not prepare us for this awakening; We are not given a larger framework or spiritual context to gauge our feelings and experiences.

Living out of synch with Nature and our G.O.D. Essence is the root cause of our species’ multiple crises and dysfunctionality. This results in a loss of collective vision, depression, mental and physical illness, confusion, inequality, loss of purpose, and cognitive dissonance.

All falsity and outdated belief systems are now being exposed and brought into the Light of consciousness, clearing the way for the New to manifest. Humanity’s deepest personal and collective traumas have been unearthed. Many are experiencing deep sadness, collective mourning for a world that is no more. Many have had to say goodbye to loved ones. There is a collective sorrow for all the suffering and the Love not actualized in our own lives and on Earth. But within this is a great purification and opportunity for liberation and letting go. We cannot navigate precisely into the future unless we have understood and healed the past.

All of the inner work that each of us does emanates subliminally into our collective field. We can never underestimate this. All is interconnected. No matter the outer appearance, we are called to proceed firmly on the inner path and nurture the knowledge that we have been given. Our inner work is dedicated to the upliftment and ennoblement of all of humanity and planetary evolution.  

Pacal Votan and Future Visions

The 9-year passage from 2012-2021 echoes the 9 years from Pacal Votans death until his tomb beneath the temple of inscriptions was dedicated and sealed in 692 AD. 

There are 9 Lords of Time in the tomb of Pacal Votan. And there are 9 time dimensions in the Synchronotron. The GM108X apprenticeship with Valum Votan was 9 years. Votan means “heart of 9.” 

This solstice lands on Kin 112: Yellow Galactic Human: “I harmonize in order to influence.” Galactic is tone 8, and human is solar seal 12. This can also be written 8.12, which is 218 backwards.

From solstice until Galactic New year (July 26, 2022), there are 218 days. Kin 218 codes the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan on June 15, 1952. 

The next Galactic Year will be Kin 69, Red Self Existing Moon (July 26, 2022). Solstice is Rhythmic Moon 9 (or 6.9). The Temple of Inscriptions is a 9 -tiered pyramid platform containing a total of 69 steps.

“Informed by the Law of Time, we may say that the existence of Pacal Votan exemplifies a supermental future possibility where an all-pervasive truth consciousness realizes the universe as an ordering principle of self-knowledge through which the synchronized harmonies of time may manifest in their infinite potential and power of transformation.” Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere

Holomind Perceiver, inclusive of the Synchronotron system, is the final gift in the time-released Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan. It was a gift left in another time, meant for us to be utilized Now.

Holomind Perceiver is a fractal of G.O.D. Consciousness; it is the organ of psychic life that allows us to “perceive with the whole mind. Rather than implanting an artificial chip into our body, we can instead choose to telepathically activate the Holomond Perceiver and turn on our dormant powers. 

It can be thought of as the Mothership of all synchronic codes, including the 13 Moon calendar. This knowledge as a whole, when applied, serves as a vibrational key that equips us with a lens to perceive beyond the boundaries of linear time. When we meditate on these codes, we might have the experiencing of entering a galactic elevator that lifts us into new dimensions of perception that are far removed from known thought structures and the current Earth narrative. We may begin to perceive that an infinite number of parallel timelines have already been created and exist at this moment.

As we each work from within to reconcile fragmentation, we begin to sense each other on the inner planes. We remember our Unity. Our power begins to grow—from within. This is True Reality. This is where the future comes from, where the new stories are born. Be still and listen: New messages are being given now.

In honor of the 9-year zuvuya from solstice 2012 – 2021, here are some timely instructions by Valum Votan in his unpublished notes entitled Book of Maya.

“O humans, purify your hearts, clean out your reasons, make your minds clear as dawn so that you may realize the Unity of your sense fields! Purge yourselves of the addictions of Smokey Mirror, who dances among you with his mirrors of darkness that show only the body of desire! Smash those mirrors! Enter the silence! Find that place in your mind where no-thing reverberates, and see then what entrances light may make of you! For now, where your senses are clouded and smokey, in truth, there is nothing but Light. 

Panayatana, the Wheel of the Senses, must be cleansed to turn in harmony with the Wheel of Time. Call this, if you will, synchronicity. Synchronicity is magic. Nature is magic. Maya is nature. Mind is Maya. Mind is the magical nature of Reality. Maya is the nature of magical Reality. Even the beasts who claim the night know this much in their dreaming bones! 

O humans, Dream the Dream awake, for of synchronicity there can be no mistake!

Maya: The Magical Practice of Reality Yellow Galactic Sun: Kin 60 “I harmonize in order to enlighten … “

The more we awaken to the Reality of our current global situation, the more overwhelmed we can feel. There are those beings, both on and off planet, who are radically against the work of divine evolution and do everything possible to thwart it.

We have to prepare ourselves psychologically and emotionally for the next scenes of the earth movie. All we can control is our inner perceptions and states of consciousness. We are being called to operate from a whole other level of Being.

Now is the time to invoke the Higher Magic. Here is an ancient-future memory put forth in an unpublished document by Valum Votan called Maya: Magical Practice of Reality. 

It reminds us that Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. May it tap your memory circuits.

“Now is the account of the Galactic Maya from within the Earth.

From there in the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs, deep within the Earth, where the four mystic channels that run to the center of the Earth return from the fields of Night and join as one; where the messengers deliver their songs, their codes, their harmonies woven from the starry cloth of Being; this is how the Maya came, this is how the Earth learned of Maya. 

When no one knew, yet everything was known, it penetrated. Being from beyond the Sun penetrated, and entered the polar fields where the dawn lights rain and crackle in endless splendor. There in the polar fields where the four mystic channels have their influx and outpouring, this Being from beyond the Sun arrived and became manifest. 

Hunab-Ku, it was called. 

Hunab Ku made itself known. Even to the depths of the oceans among the myriad mind-palaces of the dolphin deep, Hunab Ku became known: One Giver of Movement and Measure, the Being from Beyond the Sun, the One without a Face, the One who gives birth to Itself through Light—Hunab Ku. 

Streaming through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, Hunab Ku penetrated Earth, entering deep into the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs. 

Meeting Itself in the center of the Earth, in the Crystal Chamber where the harmonics of space and time transmit each other, Hunab Ku met Itself. 

In an explosion of radiance never before known, Hunab Ku, while remaining in the Crystal Chamber, also burst back out through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, burst back into the polar fields where the magnetic lights twinkle in the Shaman dawn. 

Everywhere the mantle of Earth became rich, becomes seeded with knowing. Memory occurred where there had been none. Star thoughts textured the mantle of the Earth with wondrous signs. Birth by Light happened in caves, on river banks, on mountaintops. Even those beings already born experienced birth by Light—the wondrous gift of the Maya. 

Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

The elders, the sages, the wise ones took the gift of Maya, birth by Light, and turned it into the practices of Reality.

And this is how it was taught, Maya, the gift of birth by Light, the magical practice of Reality. 

Reality, the stuff of the sense fields, is a practice. Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. Mind is active in Reality as the practicing agent. The Sense fields are the palaces of Reality practiced by mind. Within a field of total clarity with no attachment in mind, Reality is practiced, the sense fields are synchronized, and everything around becomes within. 

This is no mystery, for synchronicity is the law of the Earth, the expression of the Earth force. Only deluded beings of the later age, the night of Smokey Mirror, disbelieve this, and so wander in a maze of doubt, hatred, and senseless passion. 

It is for this reason at this time that the conch of the Maya is sounded in the beehive of the Earth, arousing the bees of awakened insight to busy themselves with the task of cleansing the mirror of the wheel of the senses. For soon, the time arrives when the warriors of inner Earth, riding waves of synchronicity, will release themselves upon the Earth!. 

The sacred spine of earth running from pole to pole pulsed and sang … with a wondrous crash, the great force of synchronicity first issued from Earth, exuded in swells of Light from her pores, passing through the eight octave outlets, sounding deep within the seas booming upward her rocky clefted landmass. 

Receiving this great rush of synchronicity, the sages, the elders, the wise ones awakened anew. Great was their power, the magical practice of Reality. Whatever mind conceived of instantly became. Clouds, mist, mountains, valleys, all manner of fruit, and nourishment—all arose instantaneously. 

The reason for this lay in the fact that the elders, the sages, the wise ones rested on the root of knowing, which is called synchronicity. And this synchronicity is how the whole Earth remains as one.”