Atlantis Corporation Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger                                                                   Clear sign on tomb lid of Pacal Votan

The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan is more relevant than ever from The Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension.

“Atlantis Corporation is referred to as a mental disease which takes the form of amnesiac compulsion to materially incorporate all human needs and services into functions of a privately controlled system called “money”.

In this system, money represents power over time; however, the production and circulation of money are strictly controlled, and in order to obtain any of the money, which is the only recognized instrument of power and exchange, one must sell one’s time to an ’employer’ in exchange for it. This system has aptly been called ‘wage slavery’.

Where did it begin? Why does it continue? Why do humans seem powerless in the face of the Atlantis Corporation?

The Atlantis Corporation has its roots in the Babylonian ghost religion of twelve. It is referred to as a ghost religion because it is a fraudulent imitation of true spirituality, a false order of reality born of a fundamental abuse of power, and a need to subjugate free will, which is the same thing.

The roots of this perversion reached beyond Babylon to evoke a primal Atlantis in which power was stratified into a loss of equality. The resulting abuse destroyed the very civilization it created.

The Babylonian loss of equality placed men over women and reduced the 13 annual moons, the power of time, into a calendar of 12, the power of space.

Henceforth, time was to be the pawn of imperial space, enslaved as power units to be known as money. Thus was born the first corporate male hierarchy, a ghost culture of the power of 12 held by men in robes.

Transmitted as a corporate hierarchical structure holding power over time and history, according to corporate rules of the game, the only way to negotiate further power was by using the inverted power symbol, money.

To sustain itself, this male hierarchical ghost culture of the power of 12 instituted taxation and promoted the technology of war to justify its need to collect money and expand its power base.

From Babylonia, the power of 12 spread throughout the Mideast to India and China to the East and the Mediterranean basin to the West. To a greater or lesser degree, the Babylonian power standard of 12 was adopted throughout the civilized world of the Eurasian landmass.

As a complex number, 12 represents the power of a self-perpetuating stasis. All of civilization as it evolved to the present time is an expression of the static power of 12.

The 12-part division of the year is derived from a 12-part division of the circle as the power of space, the Babylonian-Atlantean week, 12-month year.  

The 7-day week’s purpose was to create a yoke in which to contain human energy in units small and easy enough to translate into monetary equivalents.In this way, human survival became lowered to the threshold of daily bread, and the priests and their imperial orders were able to gain greater and greater control over third-dimensional existence.  

The corporate structure of Babylonian priesthood only grew in customs and complexity, finally to be transmitted to the decaying imperial power structure of ancient Rome. The true inheritor of the corporate Babylonian power structure was the Christian church.

Like the original ghost religion of Babylon, based on the power of 12 covering up the 13th moon, the power structure of the Christian Church was used to cover up Jesus, who was a true emanation of the Universal Light of the power of Thirteen.

In AD 321, Emperor Constantine consolidated the Roman imperial order with the Christian Church and adopted the seven day week to the 12-month calendar. The Babylonian ghost culture was now grafted on to the Christian church.

By the 13th century AD, the success of the ghost splinter of the Neo-Babylonian Christian church of Rome was consolidated.

The virus of the Atlantis Corporation was now totally locked up within the secret chambers of the Vatican. At the heart of this power, consolidation was complete power over time and history; the Julian calendar inherited from the Romans, who inherited it from the Babylonians.

The seven day week and the 12 month year now owned by the Church in the form of the Julian calendar was to be converted into a complete system for translating time and property into money, where money in and of itself was to be a very strictly controlled instrument of power.

In this way, since money is only an abstraction of stolen time, the creator of intoxicatingly fictional values, the money system evolved as the chief instrument furthering the creation of a worldwide ghost culture, the Planetary Atlantis Corporation.

With power over time, the Church zealously watched over and financed the European conquest of the world to make sure it maintained its power over history. In 1583 following the securing of its dominion over the planet, the reformed 7 day week, the 12-month Gregorian calendar was instituted by the Vatican, essentially sealing the planet within the Babylonian ghost religion of the Atlantis Corporation.

With the concurrent mechanization of the clock was born the disease of global materialism. Henceforth, all understanding of time would stop at the docile and unconscious acceptance of the 12-month Gregorian calendar, only to be calculated in monetary terms according to the arbitrary divisions of clock-time.(see more here:

In AD 1992, to affirm its control over time and history, the Church, issuing its first catechism since 1555, declared mediumship to be a sin whose purpose is to gain personal power over time and history. Holding the calendar of 12, the Church keeps the planet within the grip of its version of time and history.

The Protestant Reformation against the power of the Roman Church only resulted in the creation of protestant ghost splinters of the larger Babylonian-Roman ghost splinter.

While the Roman Church consolidated the neo-Babylonian Gregorian calendar of 12, the ghost splinters of Protestantism created a ‘secular’ base for the mechanization of time and the conversion of money into the ultimate determining and controlling human value.

from movie Metropolis

The combination of the two factors–the control of the planet by the calendar of 12 and the mechanization of the 60-minute hour–had the immediate effect of accelerating the DNA of the human species.

Since 1583, a 400-year population explosion had occurred, irrevocably altering the traditional social bases of human society.

At the same time, under the auspices of the explosion of the perfection of artificial and arbitrary 12:60 timing frequency, human engineering and industrial machinery have impacted exponentially on the geological processes of the global ecosystem, hastening the imminent transition of the biosphere into the noosphere.

As acceleration increases the probability of change from within the 12:60 system reduces to zero. The absolute zero of 12:60 time can only result in the entrainment back into the natural galactic timing frequency of 13:20. The event occurs within the climax of the spiraling sickness of the Atlantis Corporation.

Though spawned by the Catholic Church, by AD 1754, the Atlantis Corporation had sprouted its own gorgon-headed monster: the industrial-democratic revolutionary wave.

Vatican’s audience hall, resembles a snake.

Backed by an elite of bankers, by the 19th century, this revolutionary wave becomes the dominant world force. Though the Church had lost influence as its royal patronage and power base shrank, it still held the trump card of the power over time and history, the Gregorian Calendar.

When Italy became democratic, the Church was temporarily orphaned. But in 1928, the Fascist government of Italy recognized the Vatican as a political entity. Since that time, the Pope and the Vatican have continued to exert major influence worldwide. Why?

Not only does the Vatican hold the calendar which runs the planet, but it also allows unrestricted import and export of money from its banks, which otherwise operate under a veil of secrecy. 12:60 time, 12:60 money: why does the Vatican still hold all this power? Because it is still the Babylonian stronghold of the ghost culture of Atlantis.

This ghost culture is also known as the Mafia, the international consortium of cartels who assure the free circulation of money, guns, drugs {and human trafficking}.

Break the power of 12 by the return of the 13 Moons, and the Babylonian power of ghost Atlantis will dissolve …

Image Artist: Daniel B. Holeman


Slaying the Artificial Dragon: Only Love is Real White Cosmic Mirror

“What has been called civilization has now played itself out. There is no reason any longer to perpetrate it for any reason or in anyway whatsoever. The only solutions is to stop everything and redirect the species.” –Valum Votan

We are in the midst of a powerful season of eclipses.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is also currently preparing a free 7 day online event, with 28 speakers, leading up to the Day out of Time. We hope everyone will join us for: Timeshift 2020: Activating Galactic Culture on Earth, Cosmic Moon 22-28 (July 18 – 24). More details forthcoming before the Solstice/Eclipse.

Today is June 15, 2020, and marks the 68th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan beneath a Mayan pyramid in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. This tomb had been sealed for 1,260 years (692 – 1952). Today is White Cosmic Mirror, Kin 78, closing the Wavespell of Death.

12:60 refers to a collective belief system frequency: 12 month calendar, 60 minute hour.

From the Galactic point of view, third-dimensional civilization and all that pertains to it are illusory conditions of mind. These illusory conditions are the result of following and being imprinted by the artificial 12:60 time ratio.

The entire world of 12:60 values is a legacy handed down for generations that no one has yet been able to alter.

This dreamspell of false time, can be likened to a cult. But in this case the cult leader is not a human, but an Invisible Force that takes commands from an Artificial Intelligence.

This artificial “cult leader”  seeks to entrap as many humans as possible by keeping them in a state of fear and division. When one is in a state of fear, one will do whatever the authority commands to ensure a false illusion of safety.

This 12:60 frequency has infiltrated every institution, including science, politics, medicine, religious institutions, and celebrity culture.  It breeds on all that is unnatural: war, taxes, inequality, greed, poverty, genetically modified food, destruction of nature, materialism, and abuse of all types.

The endgame of this 12:60 frequency cult is to merge humans with machines.

The Book of Revelations speaks of the beast with seven heads and ten horns. Verses 5-8 say that this beast would be given 42 months (or 1260 days) to oppose God and make war against God’s people.

The ego is the seven-headed beast or a dragon that must be slain. This world caters to and feeds the dragon (ego), not spirit.

This 12:60 cult has no tolerance for thoughts or questions outside its own frequency. No critical inquiry is allowed, lest you be shamed, criticized, censored and demonized.

This suppression of energy leads people to seek external addictions to feed the inner hunger of the soul.

This 12:60 cult frequency has been institutionalized and held in place by the Gregorian calendar, an instrument of control. This false frequency has become so second nature, that the majority do not realize it or question it.

The Gregorian Calendar is the central, most unquestioned dogma of modern civilization. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

This frequency of 12:60 keeps us in a perpetual state of disempowerment, division, inequality, suspicion, poverty, and with general feelings of inadequacy, shame, and self-hatred.

This is the effect of living under the spell of false time.

All falsity must be exposed and brought into the light of consciousness. This process is now in full acceleration.

Ultimately the 12:60 cult seeks to mechanize and fragment consciousness, luring the masses into a hive mind where they unconsciously repeat rote platitudes and emotionally charged slogans.

Austrian Psychologist, Wilhelm Reich, said that upon examination, “new” or revolutionary ideas are “desperate attempts to revive very old ideas that could not prevail at the time or were deprived of their vitality by the sluggish-thinking human masses.”

He says that the “modes of thought that were erroneously described as radical or revolutionary and led to a new social order in times of crisis were not newly introduced or concocted; they can be traced to the very beginnings of human organization.”

Our job is to stay AWAKE and not fall into the trap.

We can choose to overcome the inertia of the past by shifting our focus to the Creative Light of new potentiality. We can choose to take time each day to unplug from the chaotic vibrations of the world and create our inner sanctuary, where we can shake off the world’s mind and resonate with the Divine.

The systemic problems embedded in the 12:60 frequency, can only be solved by transcending them altogether and raising our consciousness into the pristine New beam frequency.

It does not matter our religion, race, or economic status; this is all about CONSCIOUSNESS and frequency.  The truth is that we live in a multidimensional universe and who we are is far vaster than we can imagine.

Love is always the answer. But love requires understanding. And understanding (or innerstanding as many say) requires reflection.

With innerstanding, a sense of compassion naturally arises that opens our heart to a Greater Cosmic Love Story.

What if this is all for Love? What if everything was designed in Beneficence for our soul growth? What if it is not like what we think?

The Creators of the New World are those that seek harmony first and foremost.  They are the ones with clear and flexible minds that are unprejudiced by media and other influences. They are the ones with compassionate, pure hearts who have transmuted their reactive biospychic emotional drives to serve a Higher Vision.

To stabilize higher and holy perceptions, it is essential to have some type of daily practice to keep our mind elevated above the density of this world.

In the Dakini Teachings, the words of Master Padmasambhava to Yeshe Tsogyal are a helpful reminder.

Master Padma said: When practicing the Dharma, you must first tame your own mind.

Yeshe Tsogyal asked: What does that mean?

The Master said: You must cut the five poisons at their root:  anger, stupidity, pride, strong desire, envy.

You must extinguish the scorching flames of anger with the water of loving-kindness.

You must cross the river of desire on the bridge of powerful remedies.

You must light the torch of discriminating knowledge in the darkness of stupidity.

You must crumble the mountain of pride to the ground with the pestle of diligence.

You must overcome the storm of envy by wearing the warm garment of patience.

In any case, these five poisons, your old archenemies, will ruin your being in the three realms of samsara if you uninhibitedly indulge in them. Do not let them run wild.

Cultivate your inner space. Nurture your healing temple. Create your inner zone of peace. Love is All.




Where are we Now? From Artificial Gates to Natural Time/Love Charter

Dissynchronized and at odds with itself everywhere, humanity is broken apart into splintered mind fields, each controlled by a different timing standard, a fact about which the human race is virtually ignorant- to its own detriment. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.– Krishnamurti

You are here alone.

And so is everyone else.

There is no security in this world.

There is no perfection in this world.

The feeling of security is dependent on the direct proportion as to how much of the INFINITE we can embody in our mind and heart.

We must be ready to perceive the unexpected and miraculous.

We are in the midst of the biosphere-noosphere transition. All aspects of our lives are accelerating rapidly. To change the planetary script requires us to make conscious that which has been unconscious. This is our awakening.

We are called upon to have courage in facing a planetary dark night of the soul, but with the certainty of a New Dawn.

Current Scenario

The Law of TIme makes conscious what was previously unconscious. This is the first step to change. Though the current scenario as layed out here might appear a bit dark, it is also perfectly designed for us to Wake up to the Greater Dream. It is incentive for us to remember our power and envision and enact the World we want to see.

Seeing the whole gameboard like a movie is the first step in changing it.

So here we are in 2020: White Magnetic Wizard year. Nineteen years after 9-11, we have Covid 19. LIfe, for many, is now uncertain, and some are living in much fear.

Civilizations are destroyed because of the falsification of fact and corruption of truth. Deception is common. Corruption is vast. Ignorance is enforced.

Call out the actors of the script, but do not blame them for playing their predesignated roles. What if the role they are playing was perfectly designed for you to rise to your highest essence? See them. Thank them. And ask them to please exit the stage, in love.The current planetary scenario is pivoted on people giving up their sovereignty under the guise of safety and protection. The first stage of this occurred at 9-11. Now tracers and surveillance systems are rapidly increasing, tracked by a wi-fi signal.

Independent media is now being censored on nearly every platform, especially media having to do with personal health. Censorship only happens when those in power need to control a narrative because other truth might get out.

One current example is the much talked about the mandatory vaccine. People should be allowed to decide for themselves. The mainstream media shames, labels, and condemns those who question the safety of inoculations. “Officials” are now saying a lockdown will be in place until there is a “cure,” which Bill Gates and others say a vaccine is the only cure.

But. if we have one vaccine for this virus, then what if it mutates, will there be more? What are the ingredients and possible side effects? What is the success/risk rate? Why doesn’t the media inform people how to boost their immune systems as well? Should the public not receive full data before deciding this?

 What Dreamspell have we Entered?

Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a rejection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest most sublime aspirations.—José Argüelles/Valum Votan

As we sit in our homes, checking our phones, satellites are going up over our heads, and fifth-generational wireless towers are being rapidly installed. By 2023 there are expected to be 42,000 satellites.

 Many scientists put forth that increased radiation weakens the immune system, making people more susceptible to viruses and another disease. Why does the Federal Communications Commission, who oversees wireless and non-wireless,  not address potential human and environmental risks?

Whether we realize it or not, Humanity is already being artificially re-engineered through our cell phones and computers. The cybersphere is becoming increasingly controlled by A.I. Self-replicating nano-bots or nanoparticles and technology are now small enough to be inserted into the food chain, chemtrails, or vaccines.  As we move into 5,6, and 7th generational wireless systems, we might ask if this level of radiation is inhabitable for carbon-based lifeforms?

See Fiorella, KIn 93’s, Charter of the Italian people at the end of this blog. Feel free to share or translate.

Newspeak and Technocracy

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. C. S. Lewis

In the novel 1984 (1949), George Orwell described a society in which thought itself was controlled. In the book, children were taught to use a simplified form of English called Newspeak to assure that they could never express ideas that were dangerous to society.

Years before that, in Brave New World (1932), the British author Aldous Huxley envisioned a near-perfect society in which unhappiness and aggression had been engineered out of humanity through a combination of genetic engineering and psychological conditioning.

When a planetary system is sufficiently stressed, and people are kept in fear, then it is easy for those in power to set up a new social order. In this case, it is a technocracy.

Technocracy means ruling by technology. The term was coined in 1932 with the Technocracy Inc. movement.

“Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers, and technicians monitor and control all facets of personal and civic life—economic, social, and political.” —Patrick Wood, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan horse of Global Transformation.

In Time and the Technosphere, Dr. Jose Arguelles defines the technosphere as the artificial sheathe around the planet. He described the technosphere as the intermediary stage within the biosphere-noosphere transition.

…the technosphere is a structure brought about by the 12:60 timing frequency and thus is purely a function of the latter. As such, the technosphere is embedded in the global macro-organizing principle of the 12:60 frequency, the Gregorian calendar.

The technosphere’s effects are to supplant the organic processes of the biosphere with totally industrialized ones, resulting in a severe imbalance in the biosphere. Biology is being replaced by silicon.

Yet, even with all of this advanced technology, we are still using an outdated Gregorian calendar, fossil fuels, and centralized electrical grids—all due to money and power to control time and energy.

What is this 12:60 frequency?

12:60 timing frequency: Artificial, purely third-dimensional timing frequency based on a combination of irregular twelve-month calendar and mechanistic sixty-minute hour, adoption of which results in the unconscious program within the human mental order, causing the species to deviate altogether from the natural biospheric order, resulting in the technosphere. –Dr. Jose Arguelles

Dr. Arguelles was born in 1939, the same year as The Technocrat magazine wrote:

Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the whole population.

The magazine went on to explain that Technocracy seeks  to create a resource-based economic system where scientists, engineers, and technicians would be the sole planners and controllers of society. This would explain why a billionaire technocrat such as Bill Gates would be allowed to be in charge of global health, agriculture and education?

Dr. Arguelles points out that as an operating planetary structure, the technosphere consists of five interactive components; Commodity production, Cities, Energy, Transport, Communication. We see the fragility of these five components at this time.

He also points out that the final collapse of the technosphere is also the final war between blood (biology) and money (currency). This translates as the harvesting of lifeforce, i.e., biological currency.

Many good people, understandably, do not want to look at the dark sides of humanity. Darkness is just the place that the light has not yet reached. Part of the psychological operation of this time is to make us believe that reality is only what is presented in the mainstream news.

In this Technocracy, which furthers the transhuman agenda, humans are ultimately connected by nano-particles, or smart dust,  to a hive mind that takes command from an Artificial Avatar.

Set apart from the natural cycles by the dissynchronous frequency of mechanization, the Time Wars are also waged against the biosphere, which is viewed as a hostile force to be overwhelmed and plundered. Everywhere on Earth, nature is on the run. –Jose Arguelles

What can we do now?

Those receptive to the New Vibrations are now being ACTIVATED and awakened to new solutions.

Victory of the Light is coming. Time is growing short. The battle is not over yet. We are being called to rise into full ATTUNEMENT with Source of all Creation and identify with the clear mind of Truth. Everything is perfectly designed for our awakening.

What is occurring shows that we have countless ties binding us to an unresolved past. Old ways of thinking, old social and institutional contracts must be broken for our Spirit to ascend. At some point in time, we have consented to this control. But now we are revoking all agreements that do not serve the highest good of humanity..

The new galactic seed of humanity is incubating at a vibratory level, awaiting the right moment to manifest. New rays of Light are being emitted from the cosmos for the builders of the New time to arise and create.

Question everything. Refuse to become an enslaved automaton. Do what you can locally. Educate yourself.The two things we have that machines don’t have are HEART and CREATIVITY.

Begin to view everything as energy. Switch off the news, light a candle, and enter the inner world. This is where real freedom is.  We can change the time as we are time travel vehicles.

Hold the Highest affirmative visions and thoughts.

Live in connection to nature. Be simple. 13 Moons. Cultivate love. Grow your garden and make your soil. Healthy soil and organic seeds = healthy food. Here is an inspiring and useful site: This is an excellent book, Free Food, and Medicine,

We are the ultimate technology. We were born for this time.





(name and surname, place and date of birth), being of legal age, sound mind and in full possession of my psychophysical faculties, without constraint or quarantine, in my capacity as an inhabitant of Planet Earth, member of the Italian people, according to the will of the Founding Fathers, in the name of the Italian people (art. 1 of the Italian Constitution), I commit myself to leading a Healthy Lifestyle in harmony with Natural Cycles, contributing in every way possible to keep the Planet clean.


1) that during the winter of 2019/2020 it was suggested I live in isolation due to the alarm generated by the British Imperial College report on a possible pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus;
Testimony 1

Testimony 2;

2) that official documents on the progress of the worsening state of health and annual deaths due to the cause of flu viruses from 1918 onwards attest that the number of Italian deaths in 2020 is the lowest in the last seven years (ISTAT);

3) that Dr. Neil Ferguson, director of the infectious disease department of Imperial College (UK), on whose epidemiological model the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree was based, declares that his team has had to re-evaluate the mortality estimates of COVID-19 and expressly says that: “asymptomatic infections have greatly increased and the percentage of lethality has drastically decreased, while mortality is lower than for any seasonal influenza”;

4) that the same conclusions as in point 3) were also reached by:
• the National Virus Surveillance Institute;
• the World Health Organization (WHO): “…evidence shows that limiting the movement of people and goods during public health emergencies is ineffective in most situations and can divert resources for other interventions.”;
• PubMed;
• Columbia University;
• NIH Human Microbiome Project;
• Human Gut Microbiome;
• Leaky Gut Syndrome;

5) that from my research I learned that the COVID-19 virus has been lethal inside hospitals, for patients who:
• were already suffering from various pre-existing pathologies;
• usually took indefinite quantities and types of pharmaceutical drugs;

• had been vaccinated against the flu;

• had been subjected to 5G radiation;
while it is harmless to everyone else (Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai)

6) that 5G technology is harmful to living creatures:

  • Italian Appellate Court judgment of January 13, 2020;
  • Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage;
  • Electromagnetic Biological Medicine;
  • Biological effects of electromagnetic fields;
  • NIH: National Institute of Health;
  • Effect of radiofrequency radiation on reproductive health–Indian Journal of Medicine;
  • Cognitive impairment and neurogenotoxic effects in rats exposed to low-intensitymicrowave radiation–International Journal of Toxicology;
  • Clear Evidence of Cancer – US National Toxicology Program;
  • Biological Effects of millimetric radio waves – USSR Science and Technology BiomedicalSciences;
  • Class Action Lawsuit against the deployment of 5G in the US against the FCC byMunicipalities Across the USA (;I PROCLAIM1. the free movement of both adults and children in the open air, the reopening of parks and beaches, respecting a correct lifestyle in harmony with nature, continuing to work as much as possible from home using as little as possible internal combustion-powered means of transport;2. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the felling of trees for the installation of 5G masts;3. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the installation of 5G antennas and the IMMEDIATE removal of those already installed;4. that all alleged debts borne by each citizen (Art. 23 Italian Constitution) be annulled, giving concrete effect to the AMNESTIES approved by the Extraterritorial Monetary Body GST Virtual Bank:
    • First amnesty (one hundred billion euros to balance alleged debts to the revenue- collection agency),• Second amnesty (three hundred billion euro to be credited towards the revenue agency and banks);
    • Third amnesty (three thousand billion euros to balance the national debt and to demand compensation for damages suffered by the economic collapse generated by the measures deriving from the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree);5. that, after the first amnesty referred to above, the Revenue Collection Agency and all other similar organizations be abolished;6. that the use of scriptural currency is accepted as regulated by the gstvt-002-2018 Act of October 9, 2018 of the GST Virtual Bank – Extraterritorial Monetary Body, object of petitions now under discussion by the finance commissions of both the House of Representatives and Senate;
  • Testimony 1, Testimony 2, Testimony 3;

7. that law enforcement personnel respect their oath to be faithful to the Republic and to observe its Constitution (Art. 52 and 54 of the Italian Constitution);

8. that the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) and any other negotiations aimed at affecting the economy of the Italian people be disavowed, unless the people themselves are

the first to benefit;


according to the principles enshrined in the following documents:

1) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Paris 10 December 1948 – UN)
2) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MOTHER EARTH (Project: February 2010) which recognizes the Earth as a living organism to be respected and protected 3) the CONSTITUTION OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC
4) the Roerich Pact – INTERNATIONAL TREATY OF PEACE of 1935
5) the model of the VIRTUOUS 13:20 MUNICIPALITIES approved on June 22, 2012, n. 116 with a Resolution by the City Council of Ceglie Messapica, Italy;
6) and with unconditional respect for the planet Earth both as a unified biospheric system and Noosphere;
7) respecting the freedom to choose various forms of health treatment and therapeutic integration of complementary and traditional medicines according to the free circulation of scientific information.


• respecting all living beings by cultivating Art, Science and Spirituality for a Culture of Peace;
• promoting and implementing the Roerich Pact, for the protection of cultural and artistic values;
• ensuring that scientific research is promoted in respect for and protection of environmental ecology;
• promoting Spirituality and communion between peoples and religious exchange between different spiritual beliefs;
• committing myself to ensure that the aforementioned principles are promoted in schools with an educational orientation representative of a new cultural paradigm and are disseminated throughout national media;
• promoting support for agriculture, local crafts, tourism, the arts and talents through cultural exchanges between regions and foreign countries.

The LOVE CHARTER OF THE ITALIAN PEOPLE must be faithfully observed as a fundamental law of the Republic by all citizens and governmental bodies.

Emerging Viruses by Leonard horowitz

Plague of Corruption

Under an Ionized sky by Elana Freeland

Earth Day 2020: Origins and Reflections Yellow Spectral Seed, Kin 24

Who would have thought that much of Nature would be closed to humans on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

In celebration of this day, here are some reflections from its birthing in 1970, which Dr. José Arguelles helped kick off with the first Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California.  Many prominent people were in attendance, including José’s peace activist friend, John McConnell, who is credited as being the founder of Earth day.

McConnell proposed the idea in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco that Earth day be celebrated every year beginning March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. A month later, the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson and committee changed the official date to April 22, 1970 (Cosmic Wizard), as the day to bring awareness to the environment.

In honor of the 50th anniversary, here is an excerpt of how the first celebration of Earth day was birthed in a classroom by Dr. Jose Arguelles and his students at the University of Davis, California. This was the first zero-waste festival  in history. Excerpt from 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler.

“… When the school year began in September 1969, José was highly inspired, teaching a year-long sequence of classes in the history of modern art, from the beginning of the industrial age to the present. With more than 180 students enrolled in his main course, History of Modern Art, this was the largest class he’d ever had. The idea of giving them a traditional final exam–asking them to identify artistic styles from slides–seemed tedious. His students were restless.

It was 1969 and revolution was in the air. He wanted to bring the feeling of Woodstock and the whole Earth into his classes, but how? 

Two books he was reading at the time gave him the answer. One book, The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, by Dane Rudhyar, the second, Education for the New Age, by Alice Bailey. While Rudhyar’s book stressed the psychological qualities of the different astrological houses, Bailey’s book emphasized group activity as the key to new education. That settled it. He asked his 180 students to identify their astrological sun signs then form into their twelve zodiacal groups. For their final winter exam, José told his students to do something they “believed in.”

With this freedom, the twelve groups decided to stage a “Believe In.” The students immediately put their creative intelligence to action. They acquired use of the Experimental College Coffee House for four hours one afternoon in December, 1969, just before Christmas. What occurred was a spontaneous mini-Woodstock. Each group designed its own hand-sewn costume to complement its sun sign. There were creative ceremonies, musical demonstrations, artistic food creations and gift-giving events.

After the two-week Christmas vacation in January, 1970, José’s History of Art (which he now deemed History of Media and Visual Perception) class met for the first time. Now there were more than 400 students, with many more wanting to join.

Since the second quarter ended at spring equinox, and the historical frame of his teaching ended at the First World War, he suggested to his class to do a “Rite of Spring” (after Stravinsky’s famous musical performance of 1913).

After several classroom discussions regarding the implications of the whole Earth and human consciousness and the rise of the ecology movement, José’s students determined to prepare the ground for Earth Day and create the First Whole Earth Festival right on the University of California Davis campus!

The 180 core students, veterans of the “Believe In,” organized the new students according to their astrological sun sign groups, and four larger elemental groups: earth, air, fire and water. José’s reputation as a “radical” professor had attracted to his classes all of the most creative and revolutionary students of the campus who went to work right away to make their final exam, the First Whole Earth Festival, a complete success.

This time the students decided their final exam would span the entire week of March 17-21, 1970 (Kin 198-202). The students managed to convince the University officials to use the center of the campus, the Quadrangle, a park-like area of grass and trees with two major walkways.  Students spread the word all over California and the West Coast and invitations were sent out to all ecology groups, artists, spiritual groups, and alternative communities.

Other students contacted the organizers of Earth Day, including John McConnell, to invite them to the preliminary Earth Day activities of the First Whole Earth Festival. McConnell attended the Festival, and went on to create the Earth Day Proclamation, which declared the principles and responsibilities required to care for the Earth. It was signed by 36 world leaders, including UN Secretary General U Thant, Margaret Mead, John Gardner and  later by Mikhail Gorbachev in 2000.

Not only did John McConnell attend the event, but the renowned German artist and friend to the Beatles, Peter Max, designed the poster for the event.

José, his wife Miriam and eight-month old son, Josh, all dressed in hand-made psychedelic clothing, arrived early to the campus on March 17 for the first day of the First Whole Earth Festival (called “Art Happening” in the first year). Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw: Scattered around the edge of the Quadrangle were teepees, geodesic domes, tents and yurts; a global village seemed to have sprung up over night.

The two main walkways had been transformed, one was now called the “Street of the Mysteries,” the other the “Street of the Magicians.” Tie-dyed banners were stretched between the trees and, in some cases, over the walkways lined with booths. 

The Street of Magicians hosted crafts people, musicians, artists and merchants. On the Street of the Mysteries were booths offering tarot and astrology readings, with spiritual groups practicing yoga and meditation, alongside exhibits of alternative energies. Over the next five days was a schedule of ongoing public events, either at the main speakers’ stand or in the Experimental College building and Coffee House. Since the Whole Earth Festival took over the entire central campus, no one attending the University could really avoid the event.

Large Earth flags billowed around the outdoor stage set up for the public events. José initiated the event with a short, opening speech:

We are here today to remember the Earth, to know that the Earth is a living being and that we are the Earth’s spiritual children. 

Other speakers included Yogi Bhajan, John McConnell of the Earth Day Committee, Swami Satchinada, representatives of different environmental and ecology groups and members from the United Nations. Also in attendance was Tony Shearer and Sun Bear, a medicine man of Chippewa heritage. (I also later learned that also in attendance was Peter Moon, author of numerous books, including the Montauk series and Transylvania Sunrise) 

Alongside the scheduled speakers and events were countless musicians, street theater performers and mimes. There were also many spontaneous artistic “happenings.” On the first afternoon of the Whole Earth Festival, a student called José over to the Experimental College where he said a letter was waiting for him. 

José opened the letter. It was from Dane Rudhyar!. For some reason, in reading his books, José had imagined him to be dead or in another world, maybe Europe. The last thing he expected was to hear from him. In his letter, Rudhyar told José that he heard about the Whole Earth Festival from a mutual friend, Stephen Levine. In the letter, Rudhyar congratulated him and his students for fulfilling a vision he’d held since the 1920s: a vision of the “whole Earth celebrated as a work of art.” Rudhyar wrote that the Whole Earth Festival marked the beginning of a new stage of spiritual consciousness, or, what he referred to as the “planetarization of consciousness.” 

For José, this confirmed, as well, the notion of a planetary consciousness and the possibility of a truly planetary being. This letter also affirmed the correspondence he had with Buckminster Fuller on this matter. Now, he knew it was real, and that the Whole Earth Festival was more than just a passing scene.

On the last day of the event, spring equinox, a global peace meditation was held, synchronized with spiritual and Earth Day groups all over the planet.  The Festival was pivotal and gained much publicity for the  launch of the first Earth Day.

The momentum of the First Whole Earth Festival continued and in 1971 came to be known as the Annual Whole Earth Festival and continues through the present, drawing tens of thousands of festival-goers each year (except this year with Covid19!)

Also, in honor of Earth Day, please take time to listen to the incredible Dr. Vandana Shiva, with her most important message to make the Earth organic and free of poisons by 2050.






Interview: Love, Quarantine and The Uninscribed

This interview, 65-day Initiation of Love, was broadcast on Mz. Felicia Muhammad’s Universal Principle Hour on the Jewel Network live radio on Kin 256 Yellow Solar Warrior (Wednesday, March 25, 2020).

We discuss love in light of the time we are living as well as my new book: The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time. We hope you enjoy!

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time, now available on ebook.

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time