Phoenix from the Flames: Oregon Fires White Planetary Worldbridger

Why tarry now? When a house is burning, scurrying for your possessions will only cost you your life. This house that is burning is Babylon, the 12:60 way of life, which is now destroying your biosphere and poisoning everything about your life. Do not linger now fondling your machines. This is the day of judgement. If you can remember, leave this burning house and know that a better way has already been prepared for you … Telektonon, 102

The Old Order is crumbling before our eyes.

I began this writing from Portland, Oregon, where the air is reaching hazardous, and now Oregon is the worst air quality in the WORLD. My heart goes out to many close ones who are displaced or have lost their homes, including several friends and family. In particular, Jose Arguelles and mine’s longtime assistant and friend Jacob Wyatt, his wife Kelly Harding, and their two young children, Aidan and Juniper. Jacob is Director of Communications for FLT  and he and Kelly assisted with all graphics and layout design of Cosmic History Chronicles and many other publications. 

The Alameda fire that claimed their home occurred on the evening of Blue Resonant Night (September 8), Kin 163, in Talent, Oregon. Many other houses were burned in the nearby town of Phoenix, which symbolizes the flame of resurrection.

Blue Resonant Night was also the signature of the Day out of Time on July 25, 2013, followed by a sunrise Resurrection Ceremony in Mount Shasta on Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164.

Here is a link to their GoFundMe page. I encourage you to help support them if you can, through financial means and/or your Love. (Thanks so much to Cornflower for creating this page!).

“In order to rise / From its own ashes / A Phoenix / First / Must / Burn.” — Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

Many are still in a challenging fire situation along the West Coast of the United States. As of this moment, approximately 3.4 million acres burned along the West. Many investigations as to the cause are underway.

These are all wake up calls into a Greater Reality.  Our personal experience is but a fractal of a vast Cosmic Story unfolding.

Change and impermanence is the only norm.

As I write this second part it is White Planetary Worldbridger, 19 years from the pivotal 9-11, when much of the world we see today was set in motion. 911 backward is 119.

Kin 119 is Blue Lunar Storm, which codes this present year. This is the year of supreme polarization and catalyzation; a time where old patterns are being swept away, as a new light descends.

The old structures are threatened by the New light and seek to extinguish it by various means. As above so below. There is a raging war in the heavens and war underground all being played out on our current Earth stage.

Earthquakes are increasing. Volcanoes are sending ash into the stratosphere, blocking the sunlight and the ability for seeds to grow. As growing seasons lesson, genetic seed banks are increasing. The air, water, land and the human mind is full of pollution.

Planetary Worldbridger corresponds to Planet Mars. Seeing the images of the reddened  skies in Oregon, combined with toxic air, I could not help but flash to what occurred on Planet Mars when the atmosphere went out.

Within a very short matter of time, Mars was uninhabitable to its once proud third-dimensional population. Where the trade and triumph of empire had sent its armies and caravans, empty winds raged and blew chilling blasts of red sand. Everywhere the evil red sand drifted, covering shattered monuments where no one any longer breathed any kind of air but that which was radioactively poisoned. –The Arcturus Probe, Jose Arguelles

Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon, Kin 164. No filter on


The Arcturus Probe recalls the memory of the Martian Atlantesians who were given to a deadly trade-off: in place of free will and cosmic memory, power and luxury padded by an elite who continually espoused a philosophy of defense and security.

Deja vu. The Wake up call has now been issued, again. And it keeps getting louder.

With new (or old Atlantean) A.I. technologies, for every story in the media, there seems to be a counter-story. For every story, there is another story to debunk it. These advanced psychological operations are being deployed through the media and the Internet. Personal management software is also being employed, so it appears that there are several people at once online to simulate widespread support for a particular narrative or point of view. No wonder many are confused.

What is real?

Ultimately only love-energy is real. But to know this requires cultivating our direct channel to Source and developing and trusting our intuition above all else.

Inner discipline, combined with outer action is essential to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes. It is comforting to remember that our true Divine Essence is always undisturbed, no matter the changing life circumstances.

With multiple challenges upon us, we can either choose to go into fear and despair, or we can utilize the current earth challenges to affirm our wholehearted commitment to being emissaries of the New Light. We have come to help lift this Planet into its next dimensional octave.

No matter what the obstacle, our job is to maintain continuing consciousness and stay focussed on the Highest Path/Timeline.

From the ashes and debris, we will arise from the flames and reestablish Galactic Camelot or Shambhala, the mythic kingdom on earth where true loyalty, understanding and service is the norm.  In this world,  kindness is the highest currency, and  Divine Wisdom, Love and Equality are the axis upon which we establish our daily life.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” — Haruki Murakami


The Mask and the Mirror Blue Galactic Monkey

Our term on this earth is finite. Outward image and trappings mean nothing. The Evolution of our consciousness takes precedence over any third dimensional form identification.

In my meditation this morning I recalled that the first gift I ever gave to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was a CD of Lorenna McKennitt’s The Mask and Mirror. It was his 63rd birthday (9 x 7), Kin 126, and the first day of my apprenticeship.

126 = 63 x 2.

Her album was released in 1994, the same year as the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen in Chiapas, Mexico. She is kin 105: Red Magnetic Serpent.

My favorite song on that album was Dark Night of the Soul, taken from the writings of St. John of the Cross.

Somehow this album could not be more relevant as now we find ourselves in a masquerade ball in a quarantine zone at the end of linear time.

Resolving our inner most being is critical. No one can do it for us. There is no one to blame for not taking responsiblity for ourself and feelings. The man-made artificial 12:60 system is destroying our world. But only so that a new world can emerge from its ashes. As one world ends, another begins

Only Love is REAL.


Nature Bats Last

As the forces against nature unwind, the degree of violence on our Planet will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and the degree to which the balance of Nature has been broken. This is Natural Law, and different bioregions are (and will)  experience varying degrees of this.

Meanwhile on the earth realm and according to the Institute for Policy Studies, since “lockdown” began in March, the group of billionaires’ total wealth has increased by $308 billion. Billionaires boast a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion and their collective wealth skyrocketed up 1,130% between 1990 and 2020. Hmmm… I wonder what the wise Tree people have to say about this?

The devastating reversal predicted in many Prophecies, such as the Hopi, is part of a cyclical unfoldment, where Nature bats last.

If those who thrive from the destructive aspects of this system, its money and its power, can manage to stop it from destroying the people, then many may be able to survive the current season of Purification and finally enter an age of Peace. Everything is still possible as long as we have breath.

This Blue Lunar Storm year (that we entered on July 26) is seated in the Mirror wavespell. This indicates a year of deep self-reflection, of who we are, what this world is, and what our true mission is.

While in public, we may have to mask ourselves, at home we must face the Mirror of our soul. This is the meaning of the Time.

As a species we have deviated so far from nature, which is merely our core ESSENCE.

When we veer too far, an identity crisis ensues. When we forget who we are, we tend to identify with “roles” to define us; whether it be family roles, gender roles, politicial, racial or national roles.

We are at a turning point of historic magnitude exceeding anything that we have known in the whole of our history.

We are in the Great Unknown where the Ancient and the Future are colliding.

This life is all an inner game. Those who have already “bottomed out” and gone to zero point and experienced the dark night of the soul, are faring better at this time than those who have not. For them (myself included) every day we wake up is a blessing. Our happiness is not dependent on other people or the outside world.

At this time, some people are plunging into fear, and panic, while others are receiving Divine Revelations from the Source.

The fact is that if we REALLY remember who we are as Star Children, or children of the Sun, connected to GOD, then all of these third dimensional identiies become irrelevant. This is not to negate the process of healing on the physical plane … but just to point to the fact that we must go DEEPER.

The biggest crime to humanity is harm of innocence, be it children, animals or Nature.  

NOTHING should be mandated (except perhaps kindness) in my world-view. Forces of darkness seek to divide those of us who would otherwise be united.

It is painful to witness and experience.

Many of us experience it in our family circles and close friends. Many of us empaths are having to set and reinforce strong boundaries. We are living a paradox. We must learn the art of setting strong boundaries while not creating more karma and division. Easier said than done.

If everyone realized that each person is on a unique path of soul growth and memory retrieval, then perhaps we could have more compassion and not be so quick to judge other’s viewpoints. Perhaps we would take to heart the prayer of St. Francis and seek to Understand rather than to be understood.

Though, if those we seek to understand abuse our empathy and feel entitled to attack us, then sadly we have to block them from access to us.  I, unfortunately, have had to do this several times these past weeks, with all due compassion, but we are here for soul evolution.

“For love that is not requited in equal measure is not love at all; it is not sacred. And holding on to the ideal of such love can keep us from finding the one that is true.”

― Kathleen McGowan, The Book of Love

It is a sad realization that not everyone can understand our heart, particularly if it is a close relation. But if you find yourself having to defend or explain your perceptions over and over, only to be perpetually misunderstood, attacked or projected on, then there is no choice but to Move on, out of self-respect. And then lift our eyes to the Stars.

Starry Ancestors

In times like these it is helpful to remember the bigger picture and the Greater Mission.

Our ancestral cultures worldwide remember our connections to Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, and other star systems. They also remember the times when we had to go within the earth for safety, protected and instructed by higher evolved beings who dwell there, and who are at one with the beings from the stars.

The pathways between the stars, which form the constellations, are mirrored in the ley lines of our Planet.

Certain sacred sites bear specific relationships to certain panets, stars and star systems (see the work of Richard Leviton). Such is the gridwork or the Arcturus protectorate, that the ancients helped construct in attunement with the Earth.

We are now being asked to re-activate this planetary gridwork.

In the “lockdown”, each of us is precisely where the earth needs us to be to activate this gridwork. Our prayers will be directed toward reactivation of vital life force not only upon the surface of our Planet, but within it.

We know that there are tunnel systems that run through the Earth, great caverns and hidden chambers containing objects and records of the past. These are the invisible libraries.

This past Day out Time, I had been scheduled to assist in opening of the Invisible libraries at Shire Farm in Tetford, UK, with Mike Booth as foreseen by Richard Leviton. This was to be followed by an event in Glastonbury (Avalon) at the retreat of Mary Magdalene. But it was not meant to be in the physical.

The musicial chairs stopped in the Solar Moon (March), and we are where we are meant to be in these moments. Nothing is by accident.

Wherever you are reading these words, imagine that an invisible library sits below the earth. You are the Keeper of the Knowledge of whatever location you find yourself in.

Note: The invisible libraries not only contain all terrestrial and off planet knowledge, but also have an index and record of broken dreams and neglected opportunities of the human race. Each of us has some feeling in our heart that we are not manifesting all that we came here to be. Don’t feel bad about that. It is inbuilt into our cross-bred genetics which keeps most of us in a perpetual state of paradoxical flux. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Note that carbon is the base of both coal and diamonds. If we make a change in the electronic stucture, the isotopes, then we change from coal to diamond. This an alchemical process which is now available to us all. But we have to be completely open, without judgement or animosity, with the understanding that no institution, no belief system, and no government can help us.

We ARE the UFO’S: Unified Field Organizers. There is nothing outside of us. We are always in “Contact”, we just have to clear our mind enough to receive. Tools were devoped in an ongoing time release, an interdimensional interface system known as the Holomind Perceiver.

Galactic (and interdimensional) intelligence is waiting for us to wake up.. (note the video at end was written by Sir Alfred Tennyson, whose birth and homeland was Tetford Lincolnshire where Dev Aura now resides, the place where I was supposed to be this past Day out of Time to activate the Invisible libraries.

Master Teacher of Tamarinda, Ambassador to Agartha (inner earth)

Harmonic Convergence 33: Origins in Time Blue Solar Storm

Thirty-three years ago on August 16-17, 1987 (Kin 55-56), was the Harmonic Convergence, the first synchronized global peace meditation with the purpose of synergizing the Highest Collective Intention of Humanity.

Many know these dates as a time for unity and globally synchronized meditations. Few know the origins, the prophecy and the key events leading to this date. Here we will give some fascinating highlights.  The entire story can be found in 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler.

The dates of the Harmonic Convergence were based on prophetic events beginning with Good Friday 1519 when Cortez led the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexico. On the Mexican sacred calendar, it marked the precise end of a 52-year cycle. Since then, nine 52-year cycles had elapsed and came to a close on August 16-17, 1987.

This also marked the last day of the nine hell cycles as prophesied by Mexican prophet and culture hero, Quetzalcoatl, credited for bringing knowledge of the sacred calendar See previous blog:  The number nine (1+4+4) is especially significant because early Americans believed there were nine levels of the underworld through which the dead must descend.

Harmonic Convergence is well known by many, but what is the story behind it? 

The dates were first given to José Arguelles by Tony Shearer in 1969. Tony was a poet and storyteller with a special interest in Quetzalcoatl and the sacred calendar of ancient Mexico.

On their first meeting, Tony revealed to José the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells. Tony said the prophetic dates, August 16-17, 1987, were revealed to him by a mysterious female “curandera” (shaman) in Oaxaca, who came from a “long lineage of shamans.”

Tony explained that each of the thirteen heavens and nine hells refers to a 52-year cycle.

AD 843 – 1519: Thirteen 52-year Heaven cycles. (Note 1519 began the Mayan conquest by the Spanish). 

1519 – 1987: Nine 52-year Hell cycles

Thirteen heavens of decreasing choice, nine hells of increasing doom, followed by the time of Great cleansing and purification. 

During this time, José became close with Visionary astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, who watered the seeds of prophecy planted in him by Tony. These two men inspired the conclusion of his 1975 book The Transformative Vision, which describes the period between 1987-2012 as the planetary interchange of tinctures to create wholeness. 

The Mars Connection.

Flashforward to December 1, 1983, Kin 2: José, was in Los Angeles visiting author and visionary Marilyn Ferguson. Here, he met Paul Shay, of the SRI, and Richard Hoagland, a former science investigator and writer. Hoagland had been with NASA when the Viking Space Probe sent back pictures from Mars on July 25, 1976, including the controversial “Face on Mars.”

José was stunned when Hoagland showed him the original photographs.

 Deep recognition resonated through him and he felt a million years of cosmic memory reawakened in a flash. Great streams of memory flowed from the Martian face into his being in what felt like vast spaces and eons of time. 

To José, the face verified the certainty of existence on previous worlds; this meant all of human history had to be re-envisioned. He thought if DNA is truly unitary and if a form of DNA has been verified on other rocks from Mars, then that proves that life exists on other worlds! In the shock of recognition, he felt great weights of false intellectual baggage fall away, as he was reminded, once again, of his cosmic essence.

A few days later came the vision for the Harmonic Convergence.

While driving down Wilshire Boulevard the next morning to return his rental car to the Los Angeles airport, José felt something strange occurring and pulled into the nearest parking lot.

Here, he had a powerful vision of the conclusion of the Prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells. He pulled out his notebook and fervently drew the vision of many people lying on their backs in a circle with their heads pointing toward the center where a blazing fire was burning. All of the faces were looking skyward, just like the Face on Mars!

Suddenly he heard the words: “Earth Surrender Rite.” He knew intuitively that this was how the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl was to be completed. He heard the words:  “Harmonic Convergence.”

Key events leading up to the Harmonic Convergence

1985:  In the spring of 1985, Jose is introduced to Mayan day-keeper, Hunbatz Men by Domingo Diaz Porta, leader of the Great White Brotherhood. A few moons later Jose’s beloved friend and mentor Dane Rudhyar passed away and José is last to view his body.

1985-87, During this time José met Jim Berenholtz, a Los Angeles ethnic musician who had the same vision of hooking up artistic networks on Earth to affect global change. José and Jim agreed which were the main sacred sites in the world; they knew if these sites were activated, then the Earth could come alive again. 

José, with the help of his wife Lloydine, worked tirelessly to prepare people for the Harmonic Convergence, including endless promoting of “art as everyday life” and “art as an instrument for global change.” They launched a word-of-mouth Harmonic Convergence campaign calling for 144,000 “sun dancers” to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16-17 to open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle.

One of the main purposes of the gathering of the 144,000 was to activate the planetary grid system, the etheric structure of the Earth, or the Earth’s light body. The premise of the planetary grid is based on the position of specific ancient monuments whose location presupposes certain geomagnetic power points. The connection between all of the different power points, whether they are known about or not, constitutes the Earth’s planetary grid.

Mount Shasta was a key sacred site that people flocked to during Harmonic Convergence.

Harmonic Convergence gained the attention of every major television network and news magazine from the Wall Street Journal to Newsweek.

José knew that the Harmonic Convergence was an event with meaning extending into other dimensions. What was occurring as a prophetic enactment on the third dimension was something that had been previsioned and foretold at a higher level, in another dimension and in another time, by seers whose sole purpose it is to monitor the karmic unfolding of this planet.

José later wrote:

“… August 16, 1987 marks the conclusion of an 1144-year cycle initiated in 843 AD. It is also significant that the date 843 AD marks the ebb and disappearance of what is referred to as classic Maya civilization.

“In this regard, August 16, 1987 is also known as (Galactic) Mayan return, meaning a return of the nature and influence of the kind of consciousness and perspective that dominated classic Mayan civilization. This consciousness and perspective were, needless to say, dominated by a supreme concern for harmony and the synchronization of all levels of reality.

“ …While August 16, 1987, may mark the end of history, or actually, the reversal of the historical process that was set in motion by August, 3113 BC, December 21, 2012, marks the end of the present stage of evolution and the beginning of the next. 

“The 25-year interval between the two dates marks the time during which the obsolescent, polluting and self-destructive tendencies of civilization are abandoned and the apparatus of civilization itself taken down. At the same time it marks a period of ever-increasing harmony in which the frequencies of the Crystal Earth make ever more apparent the wondrous moment of transformation that swiftly approaches.”

The Mayan Factor and Harmonic Convergence

José wrote his best-selling book The Mayan Factor to coincide with the Harmonic Convergence. It was published on Good Friday, April 16, 1987, twelve days after the passing of his teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It was also Good Friday 1519 when Cortez led the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexico.

In the August 11 edition of the New York Times, in the article: “New Era Dawns—or Just a New Day?” José was quoted: 

…The vibratory infrastructure holding the Earth together is in a condition of intense fever called resonant dissonance. Influences such as the arms race and insults to the environment could cause the breakup of the Earth into smaller bodies not unlike the Asteroid Belt…This can be averted, by harmonic convergence achieved in a synchronized collective of human beings, through which the possibility of a New Heaven and a New Earth is fully present.

In a press release for The Mayan Factor, José described who the Maya were (are), elucidating the meaning of the Mayan’s role in the Harmonic Convergence:

The Maya were planetary navigators and mappers of the larger psychic field of the Earth, the solar system and the galaxy beyond. … The  purpose of the Mayan return is to assist humans in aligning with the cosmic whole. This will lead to conscious operation within the greater community of galactic intelligence. 

21 days before Harmonic Convergence

July 26, 1987, Kin 34: José gave a presentation to an overflow crowd at St. John’s College in Santa Fe to announce the coming of Galactic Culture. Viewing the Harmonic Convergence as the first Mayan return point, José declared that their presence would be perceived in a myriad of ways, according to an individual being’s belief system.

This day was the official start date of the 13 Moon count and what would later be known as the Wizards Count or New Sirius Cycle. (July 26 corresponds to the rising of the star Sirius).

(Note that on July 26, 2020, we entered New Sirius Cycle 33, coded by the Blue Lunar Storm year.) 

August 16-17, 1987: Kin 55-56

On the morning of August 16, José arose at sunrise and blew the conch 144 times, 36 times to each of the four directions. Astrologers noted that this day marked a grand Trine alignment of Sun Moon Mars and Venus conjunct in late degrees of Leo and Six out of the 8 planets were forming a Grand Fire Trine.

That afternoon, he and Lloydine drove back down to Boulder to join Barbara Marx Hubbard at KGNU Studio for a live global radio broadcast to all the sacred sites around the planet, including the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Glastonbury, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Temples of Delphi in Greece, Woodstock and Central Park (New York),  Sedona (Arizona), Mt. Fuji (Japan), Mt. Olympus (Greece), the Ganges River (India), Popocatepetl (Mexico), Mt. Haleakala (Hawaii),  etc. 

The Harmonic Convergence marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations and ceremonies at sacred sites around the Planet. Many people’s lives changed at this time. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Everyone from Shirley MacLaine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event.

For the diseased civilization is now out of control, and the Earth is thirsty for its sacred warriors to return. –José Arguelles

For more, see: …………….



Atlantis Corporation Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger                                                                   Clear sign on tomb lid of Pacal Votan

The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan is more relevant than ever from The Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension.

“Atlantis Corporation is referred to as a mental disease which takes the form of amnesiac compulsion to materially incorporate all human needs and services into functions of a privately controlled system called “money”.

In this system, money represents power over time; however, the production and circulation of money are strictly controlled, and in order to obtain any of the money, which is the only recognized instrument of power and exchange, one must sell one’s time to an ’employer’ in exchange for it. This system has aptly been called ‘wage slavery’.

Where did it begin? Why does it continue? Why do humans seem powerless in the face of the Atlantis Corporation?

The Atlantis Corporation has its roots in the Babylonian ghost religion of twelve. It is referred to as a ghost religion because it is a fraudulent imitation of true spirituality, a false order of reality born of a fundamental abuse of power, and a need to subjugate free will, which is the same thing.

The roots of this perversion reached beyond Babylon to evoke a primal Atlantis in which power was stratified into a loss of equality. The resulting abuse destroyed the very civilization it created.

The Babylonian loss of equality placed men over women and reduced the 13 annual moons, the power of time, into a calendar of 12, the power of space.

Henceforth, time was to be the pawn of imperial space, enslaved as power units to be known as money. Thus was born the first corporate male hierarchy, a ghost culture of the power of 12 held by men in robes.

Transmitted as a corporate hierarchical structure holding power over time and history, according to corporate rules of the game, the only way to negotiate further power was by using the inverted power symbol, money.

To sustain itself, this male hierarchical ghost culture of the power of 12 instituted taxation and promoted the technology of war to justify its need to collect money and expand its power base.

From Babylonia, the power of 12 spread throughout the Mideast to India and China to the East and the Mediterranean basin to the West. To a greater or lesser degree, the Babylonian power standard of 12 was adopted throughout the civilized world of the Eurasian landmass.

As a complex number, 12 represents the power of a self-perpetuating stasis. All of civilization as it evolved to the present time is an expression of the static power of 12.

The 12-part division of the year is derived from a 12-part division of the circle as the power of space, the Babylonian-Atlantean week, 12-month year.  

The 7-day week’s purpose was to create a yoke in which to contain human energy in units small and easy enough to translate into monetary equivalents.In this way, human survival became lowered to the threshold of daily bread, and the priests and their imperial orders were able to gain greater and greater control over third-dimensional existence.  

The corporate structure of Babylonian priesthood only grew in customs and complexity, finally to be transmitted to the decaying imperial power structure of ancient Rome. The true inheritor of the corporate Babylonian power structure was the Christian church.

Like the original ghost religion of Babylon, based on the power of 12 covering up the 13th moon, the power structure of the Christian Church was used to cover up Jesus, who was a true emanation of the Universal Light of the power of Thirteen.

In AD 321, Emperor Constantine consolidated the Roman imperial order with the Christian Church and adopted the seven day week to the 12-month calendar. The Babylonian ghost culture was now grafted on to the Christian church.

By the 13th century AD, the success of the ghost splinter of the Neo-Babylonian Christian church of Rome was consolidated.

The virus of the Atlantis Corporation was now totally locked up within the secret chambers of the Vatican. At the heart of this power, consolidation was complete power over time and history; the Julian calendar inherited from the Romans, who inherited it from the Babylonians.

The seven day week and the 12 month year now owned by the Church in the form of the Julian calendar was to be converted into a complete system for translating time and property into money, where money in and of itself was to be a very strictly controlled instrument of power.

In this way, since money is only an abstraction of stolen time, the creator of intoxicatingly fictional values, the money system evolved as the chief instrument furthering the creation of a worldwide ghost culture, the Planetary Atlantis Corporation.

With power over time, the Church zealously watched over and financed the European conquest of the world to make sure it maintained its power over history. In 1583 following the securing of its dominion over the planet, the reformed 7 day week, the 12-month Gregorian calendar was instituted by the Vatican, essentially sealing the planet within the Babylonian ghost religion of the Atlantis Corporation.

With the concurrent mechanization of the clock was born the disease of global materialism. Henceforth, all understanding of time would stop at the docile and unconscious acceptance of the 12-month Gregorian calendar, only to be calculated in monetary terms according to the arbitrary divisions of clock-time.(see more here:

In AD 1992, to affirm its control over time and history, the Church, issuing its first catechism since 1555, declared mediumship to be a sin whose purpose is to gain personal power over time and history. Holding the calendar of 12, the Church keeps the planet within the grip of its version of time and history.

The Protestant Reformation against the power of the Roman Church only resulted in the creation of protestant ghost splinters of the larger Babylonian-Roman ghost splinter.

While the Roman Church consolidated the neo-Babylonian Gregorian calendar of 12, the ghost splinters of Protestantism created a ‘secular’ base for the mechanization of time and the conversion of money into the ultimate determining and controlling human value.

from movie Metropolis

The combination of the two factors–the control of the planet by the calendar of 12 and the mechanization of the 60-minute hour–had the immediate effect of accelerating the DNA of the human species.

Since 1583, a 400-year population explosion had occurred, irrevocably altering the traditional social bases of human society.

At the same time, under the auspices of the explosion of the perfection of artificial and arbitrary 12:60 timing frequency, human engineering and industrial machinery have impacted exponentially on the geological processes of the global ecosystem, hastening the imminent transition of the biosphere into the noosphere.

As acceleration increases the probability of change from within the 12:60 system reduces to zero. The absolute zero of 12:60 time can only result in the entrainment back into the natural galactic timing frequency of 13:20. The event occurs within the climax of the spiraling sickness of the Atlantis Corporation.

Though spawned by the Catholic Church, by AD 1754, the Atlantis Corporation had sprouted its own gorgon-headed monster: the industrial-democratic revolutionary wave.

Vatican’s audience hall, resembles a snake.

Backed by an elite of bankers, by the 19th century, this revolutionary wave becomes the dominant world force. Though the Church had lost influence as its royal patronage and power base shrank, it still held the trump card of the power over time and history, the Gregorian Calendar.

When Italy became democratic, the Church was temporarily orphaned. But in 1928, the Fascist government of Italy recognized the Vatican as a political entity. Since that time, the Pope and the Vatican have continued to exert major influence worldwide. Why?

Not only does the Vatican hold the calendar which runs the planet, but it also allows unrestricted import and export of money from its banks, which otherwise operate under a veil of secrecy. 12:60 time, 12:60 money: why does the Vatican still hold all this power? Because it is still the Babylonian stronghold of the ghost culture of Atlantis.

This ghost culture is also known as the Mafia, the international consortium of cartels who assure the free circulation of money, guns, drugs {and human trafficking}.

Break the power of 12 by the return of the 13 Moons, and the Babylonian power of ghost Atlantis will dissolve …

Image Artist: Daniel B. Holeman


Slaying the Artificial Dragon: Only Love is Real White Cosmic Mirror

“What has been called civilization has now played itself out. There is no reason any longer to perpetrate it for any reason or in anyway whatsoever. The only solutions is to stop everything and redirect the species.” –Valum Votan

We are in the midst of a powerful season of eclipses.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is also currently preparing a free 7 day online event, with 28 speakers, leading up to the Day out of Time. We hope everyone will join us for: Timeshift 2020: Activating Galactic Culture on Earth, Cosmic Moon 22-28 (July 18 – 24). More details forthcoming before the Solstice/Eclipse.

Today is June 15, 2020, and marks the 68th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan beneath a Mayan pyramid in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. This tomb had been sealed for 1,260 years (692 – 1952). Today is White Cosmic Mirror, Kin 78, closing the Wavespell of Death.

12:60 refers to a collective belief system frequency: 12 month calendar, 60 minute hour.

From the Galactic point of view, third-dimensional civilization and all that pertains to it are illusory conditions of mind. These illusory conditions are the result of following and being imprinted by the artificial 12:60 time ratio.

The entire world of 12:60 values is a legacy handed down for generations that no one has yet been able to alter.

This dreamspell of false time, can be likened to a cult. But in this case the cult leader is not a human, but an Invisible Force that takes commands from an Artificial Intelligence.

This artificial “cult leader”  seeks to entrap as many humans as possible by keeping them in a state of fear and division. When one is in a state of fear, one will do whatever the authority commands to ensure a false illusion of safety.

This 12:60 frequency has infiltrated every institution, including science, politics, medicine, religious institutions, and celebrity culture.  It breeds on all that is unnatural: war, taxes, inequality, greed, poverty, genetically modified food, destruction of nature, materialism, and abuse of all types.

The endgame of this 12:60 frequency cult is to merge humans with machines.

The Book of Revelations speaks of the beast with seven heads and ten horns. Verses 5-8 say that this beast would be given 42 months (or 1260 days) to oppose God and make war against God’s people.

The ego is the seven-headed beast or a dragon that must be slain. This world caters to and feeds the dragon (ego), not spirit.

This 12:60 cult has no tolerance for thoughts or questions outside its own frequency. No critical inquiry is allowed, lest you be shamed, criticized, censored and demonized.

This suppression of energy leads people to seek external addictions to feed the inner hunger of the soul.

This 12:60 cult frequency has been institutionalized and held in place by the Gregorian calendar, an instrument of control. This false frequency has become so second nature, that the majority do not realize it or question it.

The Gregorian Calendar is the central, most unquestioned dogma of modern civilization. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

This frequency of 12:60 keeps us in a perpetual state of disempowerment, division, inequality, suspicion, poverty, and with general feelings of inadequacy, shame, and self-hatred.

This is the effect of living under the spell of false time.

All falsity must be exposed and brought into the light of consciousness. This process is now in full acceleration.

Ultimately the 12:60 cult seeks to mechanize and fragment consciousness, luring the masses into a hive mind where they unconsciously repeat rote platitudes and emotionally charged slogans.

Austrian Psychologist, Wilhelm Reich, said that upon examination, “new” or revolutionary ideas are “desperate attempts to revive very old ideas that could not prevail at the time or were deprived of their vitality by the sluggish-thinking human masses.”

He says that the “modes of thought that were erroneously described as radical or revolutionary and led to a new social order in times of crisis were not newly introduced or concocted; they can be traced to the very beginnings of human organization.”

Our job is to stay AWAKE and not fall into the trap.

We can choose to overcome the inertia of the past by shifting our focus to the Creative Light of new potentiality. We can choose to take time each day to unplug from the chaotic vibrations of the world and create our inner sanctuary, where we can shake off the world’s mind and resonate with the Divine.

The systemic problems embedded in the 12:60 frequency, can only be solved by transcending them altogether and raising our consciousness into the pristine New beam frequency.

It does not matter our religion, race, or economic status; this is all about CONSCIOUSNESS and frequency.  The truth is that we live in a multidimensional universe and who we are is far vaster than we can imagine.

Love is always the answer. But love requires understanding. And understanding (or innerstanding as many say) requires reflection.

With innerstanding, a sense of compassion naturally arises that opens our heart to a Greater Cosmic Love Story.

What if this is all for Love? What if everything was designed in Beneficence for our soul growth? What if it is not like what we think?

The Creators of the New World are those that seek harmony first and foremost.  They are the ones with clear and flexible minds that are unprejudiced by media and other influences. They are the ones with compassionate, pure hearts who have transmuted their reactive biospychic emotional drives to serve a Higher Vision.

To stabilize higher and holy perceptions, it is essential to have some type of daily practice to keep our mind elevated above the density of this world.

In the Dakini Teachings, the words of Master Padmasambhava to Yeshe Tsogyal are a helpful reminder.

Master Padma said: When practicing the Dharma, you must first tame your own mind.

Yeshe Tsogyal asked: What does that mean?

The Master said: You must cut the five poisons at their root:  anger, stupidity, pride, strong desire, envy.

You must extinguish the scorching flames of anger with the water of loving-kindness.

You must cross the river of desire on the bridge of powerful remedies.

You must light the torch of discriminating knowledge in the darkness of stupidity.

You must crumble the mountain of pride to the ground with the pestle of diligence.

You must overcome the storm of envy by wearing the warm garment of patience.

In any case, these five poisons, your old archenemies, will ruin your being in the three realms of samsara if you uninhibitedly indulge in them. Do not let them run wild.

Cultivate your inner space. Nurture your healing temple. Create your inner zone of peace. Love is All.