Sirius Session #1

Sirius Expressions — Interview with Valum Votan by Melody Mars

The following is an excerpt of Melody Mars’ (a.k.a. Red Queen/Stephanie South) interview with Valum Votan/José Argüelles (2007).

MM:. My name is Melody Mars, and I live in an underground Martian colony. We are in close contact with Valum Votan who is currently stationed on the very troubled planet Earth or V. 24.3 as he calls it… we are very excited that our timespace has merged with his and that we will be allowed to broadcast his answers to our interplanetary network. We are concerned with the state of the Earth and are curious as to what answers Valum Votan might bring to us…   

Hello Valum, we are so happy for this opportunity to interview you today.

VV: Thank you Ms. Mars and I too am happy to be here.

MM: As you know we Martians now live underground as the surface of our planet has become uninhabitable. Now on Earth there is a lot of talk about global climate change, economy and the threat of terrorism, etc. Are these mere symptoms of a deeper cause on your planet? What do you think is the most important issue that faces your planet today?

VV: Shoring up our spiritual future.

MM: Hmmm… can you expand on this for our listeners?

VV: Yes, the real root issue is that none of that would have come about if we hadn’t lost our spiritual dignity as a species. If we want to restore anything to the future, if we want to accomplish anything meaningful for seven generations to come—as the Native Americans put it—then we have to shore up our spiritual future. We have to realize that it was due to our lack of spiritual dignity to fall from spiritual grace and the giving into the demons of the lower self, forsaking our higher spiritual self that got us into this situation.

MM: Yes, we had similar challenges in our civilization. How do you foresee the human race getting out of this situation?

VV: If we really want to get out of this situation, we have to make the reconnect with our deeper spiritual self. Then we will make something lasting. Of course all of this could be coming about through divine intervention as well. But hoping for divine intervention without facing how we got here and without considering that it is really up to us to shore up our spiritual future by reconnecting with our higher self, by owning up to ourselves all the different ways in which we perpetrate what is going on due to our own lack of mindfulness and negligence in everyday life—we have to start with this. Only the spirit lasts and we don’t want to forfeit that.

MM: Well put! We have been watching the humans and, like you, we see that they’re struggling. What advice would you give the humans—what is the first step they might take to regain their spiritual dignity?

VV: This is very simple. The first step to regain spiritual dignity is to stop in your tracks and sit down and look at what you are doing and look at your mind. Ask yourself, am I going too fast right now? Why am I going so fast? Where is my mind going in such a hurry? How can I get a handle on this? How can I see who I am? That is the first step.

MM: and the second?

VV: The second step is to realize that if you want something new; you have to do something new. You have to look at your mind, as that is where it all flows from—all the phenomena that we see in our every day world as well as all the psychic states and attitudes that we have. Without introducing something genuinely new and doing something genuinely new, we don’t get very far. We might get into a safety bubble for a while but that won’t last.

MM: You have written so succinctly about our civilization in your book The Arcturus Probe, which I will quote here:

Within a very short time, Mars was uninhabitable to its once-proud third-dimensional populations. Where the trade and triumph of empire had sent its armies and caravans, empty winds raged and blew chilling blasts of red sand. Everywhere the evil red sand drifted, covering shattered monuments where no one any longer breathed any kind of air but that which was radioactively poisoned.

As you tell about, Earth is on the brink of a similar scenario.

VV: Yes, it is on the path of a kind of repeat performance. So we need to switch tracks. The next thing is to do something really new, you can do this by putting yourself in the frequency of universal galactic time and get with that 13 Moon 28 day synchronometer.

MM: Yes, you have done much to spread the news about this new frequency 13:20. You state in your book The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time that this frequency remains constant throughout all phases of the evolutionary spectrum, maintaining synchronic order though all phases simultaneously.

VV: That is correct. It is this frequency that has brought us together today.

MM: Fascinating … Do you believe that the technological revolution in any way has made the world a better place?

VV: Yes, I believe it is an inevitable unfoldment. By making everybody who is involved in these technologies—their self-absorption takes them more and more into the channel or matrix of their own individuality. This is a necessary component when you are breaking down a mass process. In other words, there is an increasing identification with your own self and ego, which sometimes seems like a pernicious thing, but on the other side, it also serves as a crumbling of the mass order or mass consciousness, which we need to have happen.

MM: Can you tell us, how growing up as a little Mexican/American boy called Joe you imagined what the Earth would be? And does the Earth today look different than you expected?

VV: When I was growing up, if you want to put it that way, or when I was 17, when you are ready to experience the world—the world felt like an open book—like however you wanted to write it you could. I was acutely aware of science fiction versions of the future and in some ways I feel that the future has become the worst of those science fiction fantasies.

MM: What was the best of the science fiction fantasies?

VV: The best of the science fiction fantasies was that somehow or other we would arrive in a world that through our goodness and awareness of the reality of our planet in space we would come to a potential Golden Age where we would communicate with extraterrestrials and we would begin to build a benign cosmic civilization and community with the extraterrestrial forces of the universe.

MM: Yes! A much better vision than War of the Worlds or Invasion of the Body Snatchers … now we are getting more to When Worlds Collide or The Day the Earth Stood Still, right?

VV: (nods) Klatuu Barada Nikto: The Galactic Federation comes in peace.

MM: So tell me, what excites you the most about the future?

VV: What excites me most about the future is that it is actually happening!

MM: Hmmm…that’s an interesting answer… So, now take us into the future; how do you view the Earth 20 years from now?

VV: I see the world 20 years from now in the same light as my positive science fiction fantasy that I just mentioned.

MM: Excellent. OK, switching gear. Presently on Planet Earth there is all this talk about free speech. Humans are fighting for “free speech.” We do not struggle with such issues in our Martian colony. So we watch in amusement trying to understand. What do you think this is all about? Do you believe in free speech?

VV: The idea of free speech is basically hype.

MM: But it has come to our attention that this is big news lately. So what is free speech and how is it different than 40 years ago?

VV: First of all, how can there be free speech if you don’t know your mind? If you don’t know your mind then you are just a parrot. There are lots of parrots.

MM: Why do you think so many people are clamouring to voice their opinions?

VV: There are now close to 7 billion people on the planet. When you increase the mass number of human beings and you don’t have any kind of template of higher order to contain them, then there is an increasing feeling that everyone needs their chance to speak. In reality, no one is saying anything new. The idea of freedom of speech is very limited because if you don’t know your mind you’re not going to say anything meaningful and you are not free anyway—you are a prisoner of your own habits. It’s hype.

MM: OK, I get your drift … so let’s talk about art and music. Do you think there is anything new and fresh coming through the current art and music realms?

VV: Yes, I think there is a strong impulse. The arts are the place where we see a kind of freshness that we don’t see elsewhere. When we tune into some of the newer music we realize there is a type of wave motion that picked up on the rave and is integrating traditional rock and roll to more cosmically sublime and rhythmically paced sound that is taking us closer and closer to a feeling of cosmic newness.

MM: So you think there is a new race of cosmic artists coming through the Earth plane?

VV: As long as the artists understand that it is up to them to open themselves as mediums and channels and receive what is new and use whatever discipline they have developed to communicate that, then I think the fresh, positive vision for humanity is very strong. I think it comes through more in music than anywhere else. That is going to communicate universally without borders and since music engages the whole body sense much more strongly than the visual arts, the sound of music coming through whatever medium—even on the computer—vibrates you more than a visual image on the computer is going to. Music is still carrying the vision of the future for us today.

MM: How do you see the future of pop culture? Or is there one?

VV: It will go into interesting convolutions when we all become telepaths. Then we will have a new kind of pop culture, in which we will integrate artistic vision and forms and translate them into telepathic imagery that we communicate with each other to accomplish new types of things that we can’t imagine right now.

MM: How will this time be remembered after 2012-13?

VV: As the last dark days of dreary old Earth. When the blue meanies were still holding sway. At the same time it will be remembered as the time when the heroes and heroines were lurking in the shadows putting together the dream that is carrying us today.

MM: Thank you for your time.

VV: Thank you for yours.

14 thoughts on “Sirius Session #1

  1. Ah.. yes alas all is well when the ‘Blue Meanies” wake-up and realize that their reality has been compromised just as much if not more so, because they are the ones still living out the uniforms of an era of unconscious dictatorship! When the ‘Love-Bubble” decends upon their weary little minds, it will be like taking a breath of really clean, fresh breath of Air…..then they will know the difference!

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  5. I am Skywalker explorer of space , is there any talk of coherent thought sequencing, to contact our cosmic family. If so where is the talk happening.

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