Sirius Session #2

(these first series are taken from Lunar Wizard/Electric Storm years 2007 – 2008)

RQ: Greetings, we are here with Valum Votan in the post-historic, post-apocalyptic 2012 chat room and we are here to see what he remembers. Today is the Blue Crystal Hand, so we will begin our interview by talking about the Rainbow Bridge project and how that has put us into a whole other reality. Can you tell me, when did you first hear or know about the rainbow bridge?

VV: In the present incarnation, of course, the rainbow bridge was first remembered to me in the Lunar Seed year, in fall 1981, some six years before the Harmonic Convergence event. This was the time for it to be remembered because now the factors had gone into play to bring me into this present incarnation of being accelerated and brought into consciousness.

RQ: But this program existed before your remembered it in 1981, right?

VV: Yes, definitely. Its being remembered was due to the fact that it was part of the program introduced with this incarnation. And of course this program was something that had been determined by different councils concerned with the situation here and wanted to ensure that this mission had a positive conclusion to it.

RQ: Let’s rewind this vision back a little further – back to another time … back as far as you can remember, and then tell me what you see.  

Silence. Meditation.

VV: My fortress is the pre-dawn vigil. I am from an ancient lineage of seers.

RQ: How long ago?

VV: Pause … 30,000 years ago.  I am sitting wrapped in hide at the end of a long Arctic night waiting and watching for the first signs of light … for the first signs from the beyond—that I might return to my people with a vision.  To do this I had to be separated from the people, from my clan and family so that only God—Great Spirit—Allah—Hunab Ku could know me.

RQ: So you were like the flame of the sacred fire? The shaman or yogi of the clan?

VV: Yes. —a living matrix of seers. Like them I send silent prayers to the beyond that a vision may be kindled and that I too might return one day to my people with the sign to renew and nurture.

RQ: So would you say that it is from this space that a vision such as the rainbow bridge arises?

VV: Yes …

RQ: So it is very important to keep our consciousness tuned. Can you give a vision of where we are going?

VV: We are going nowhere but into the universal cosmic mind. There is nowhere else to go. Once the cycle of materialism is closed, and the possibilities of ego are exhausted. To reach this exalted state of consciousness and remain there in holy seriousness is to be standing in God at all times.

RQ: That’s what we are striving for. But as we know, maintaining continuing consciousness on this planet is no easy task. Do you have a tip that you would like to share for our readers?

VV: Simple exertion in spiritual practice and remembrance of the Creator. Not everybody is at the same level nor advancing at the same rate. The same teaching can be given to two people at the same time. One will get it and the other one won’t. You have to build up your spiritual momentum and keep your head turned toward the guiding light of divine knowledge and compassion. In this way what is karmically worn out falls away, and only the inner spiritual purity remains.

RQ: It is an ongoing process of self-cultivation.

VV: Exactly. And perseverance is key. The great yogi Milarepa says: “If a great yogi has no perseverance then how can the experiences and realizations come?”

RQ: So let’s bring this back to the rainbow bridge, which is key to your 2012 mission. Or maybe we should do a whole other interview session exploring this theme … ?

VV: Good idea … As we evolve into the rainbow we will understand everything more completely and so be able to vibrate the physical into higher and higher levels and frequency.

RQ: Thank you. Now let’s talk  briefly about the new revelation you have been receiving, the 441 cube matrix. We understand that you have gone through several phases of prophecy and things keep unfolding more and more and it seems that you have now struck on the greatest level master program synthesis that is the underlying coordinating matrix of everything else. We want to address this a little bit. Maybe you could say a few words about how this new revelation is rearranging your perceptions and what this means for humanity.

VV: The 441 cube matrix is an 11th dimensional structure. Because it is a mathematically or numerically organized structure, it actually represents the entirety of the 11th dimension. Also because it is a mathematical structure it is capable of being resonantly downloaded from the 11th dimensional to the third, fourth and fifth dimensional function, which we as beings of this density are capable of. This is inevitable.

RQ: In other words the transmission to this level of functioning is an inevitable step in the mental/spiritual evolutionary process of the human species?

VV: That is correct. It is a natural consequence of the conscious discovery of the process of the universal synchronization, which is represented by the synchronic order, and the law of time.

RQ: So all codes of the law of time can be found in this 11th dimensional structure?

VV: Yes. In other words, once you have realized the law of time and understand that, it brings in the higher operating order of which the law of time is a lower-dimensional function: the cube matrix, which in itself, as an 11th dimensional transmission, is a transmission of the unity of the totality. In the fractal system, 20 is the totality and 21 is the unity of totality. 20 squared is 400, and then you go to 21 squared and between 400 and 441 there are 41 units: the interval of God. 441 is the unity of the totality.

RQ: So, in a nutshell, what is the purpose of this system for humanity?

VV: The purpose is to understand that in the preparation for cosmic civilization that the actual language we speak is the telepathic language of number—of ratio and fractal proportions. This is what it is all about.

RQ: Would you call this an extraterrestrial system or a type of cosmic languaging system?

VV: Yes, in the sense that it is above the earth knowledge. The 441 cube as a fractal of the totality of the 11th dimensional structure, and in its totality comprehends the entire range of vocabulary, grammar and syntax of the universal cosmic telepathic language. It is a structure with different sets of matrices: the cosmic time matrix, cosmic space matrix, synchronization matrix, and the base matrix: the underlying ground of the structural mathematical order of the universe as we know it and don’t know it.

RQ: Earlier we were discussing this in relation to the holomind perceiver; can you tell how this factors in?

VV: These (matrices) all program the new sense organ that we are evolving, which is the holomind perceiver. The holomind perceiver, itself as a circuit, is completely a function of the different matrices of the 441, cube matrix. So I am serving as a type of telecosmic transceiver, receiving this program, which is also mediated by the Sirian council.

RQ: So it’s like a daily download that you have to tune into.

VV: Yes. Through the downloading of this program, or the way it is downloaded and learned is by practicing the daily coordination of it and projecting it into the noosphere. The noosphere operating circuit and the holomind perceiver operating circuit are holographically identical. There is still much to work with, as it is a vast system. We are talking about the evolutionary mechanism by which we are going to the supermental, superconscious, superhuman stage.

RQ: Wow! Well I think this a good place to leave it for the moment. Thank you for joining us this evening.

VV: It is really my pleasure and I think it is important for everybody to understand that evolution happens!

(collage by Valum Votan)

15 thoughts on “Sirius Session #2

  1. holy seriousness – holy siriusness ;)

    tnx for sharing these sessions psiSTAR :)
    we (dragon forest peace garden 13:20 home crew) are actually about to embark on our caravan journey to the dogons – sirius calling ~:-)
    stay sweet queen and keep em coming! till the otherside…

  2. Timely message to release, thanks much and blessed be SS/RQ! Harmonic Convergence will soon be the norm. In all forms, we must perform, our tasks, with pure heart, clear mind, and submission to, and guidance from, the divine plan and will. May Peace Prevail on Earth! Live lightly and rightly on the Earth. Siempre con gran respecto a la Madre Naturaleza!

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  4. Valum Votan shifted dimension and established himself at the heart of the Earth Timeship
    He was transmuted into the Earths Crystal Core to be established in the center position
    of the 441 Time Cube.
    From there he is emanating the Pakal Votan Samadhi 1352
    a rEsonannce of the GM108X Stream theGalactic Mayan to the Time traveler
    ill go back to the text now and keep reading
    this is the Galactic Navigator Noospherizing the cYbersphere
    spOntaneous transmissions are BEing uploaded to


    83 aNtipode watCh

  5. I (we-my friends) are simultaneously translated and 441 exercises. Not yet fully understood. However, its appeal has caught us. This session is important to help on understand about 441. Higher dimension’s common sense. Tells us much more recognition than current integration. Thank you. I shere immediately. they will exult! kin99 IN lak’ech

  6. our red queen, from here in the star biorregion, we are also starting a caravan from viña del mar in chile, to tiwanaku bolivia to visit the portal of ura runes in the sun gate of tiwanaku and unite the wiphala 7×7 and the 441 matrix with a powerful meeting in the phisical realm, we are holding a sacred peace pipe to have ceremonies in al places where we go, and also celebrating with the sacred galactic knowledge, we are travelling 3 people at this moment, one of us is the fire guardian Oscar Tinajero he make temazcal ceremonies..

    we send a big hug to everyone,in the name of universal peace.


  7. There exisst a full text on the 441 cube matrix/ I downloaded it but my computer got a cold next to the west african atlantic// Amazing revelations these spiritual fractals: InLakEch
    Kin 100; dakar:

  8. Very important information to consider on this article: Since Jan 1st and Day Out of Time (both Sirian dates) are synchronized every 5 galactic spins or 1300 kins, NY’s Eve is a great Sirian Portal to set intentions. Much love Stephanie. it was a real honor to share with you and all the kins around the world the Closing of the Cycle @ Palenque. Ayum HunabKu Evam Maya E’Ma Ho!
    Kin 113 Red Solar Skywalker

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