Parallel Earth and the Rainbow, Kin 87–Blue Solar Hand

Parallel universes or other galactic brains are all equally coordinated by God and are synchronically ordered in a mirror-like extension of dimensionality in relation to this universe or galactic order… 18.5, Dynamics of Time

As you read these words you are also reading these words on a parallel earth. Things are shifting very rapidly. Keep your mind focused on the highest world you can imagine. Anytime you experience something in this world that is dissatisfying, upsetting, angering, etc., use it as a cue to remind yourself that this is NOT the Real World, but merely a placebo, a facsimile, a testing zone.

Then do your best to turn your mind inward in appreciation to the Creator and feel the New Eartnow being phased in. This new world gives you energy. Anything that gives you energy is part of the vibration of this incoming world.

On Resonant Serpent, Kin 85, I was having a particularly challenging third-dimensional day. There was nothing left to do but turn inward and pray. I was guided to a practice, which felt to be a form of Pratyahara yoga, where you practice withdrawing the senses from the mind by consciously releasing tension from the body, and thereby getting yourself into the most relaxed state possible without falling asleep. I entered a deep state and found myself traveling outside my body.

I was standing outside of an apartment complex. I walked up a few flights of stairs directly to apartment 31. I entered without knocking. It was a nice, spacious, immaculate yet simple apartment with wooded walls. I looked around the apartment. It seemed familiar. I walked down the hall to the left and saw an outline of my grandfather who had passed years earlier, as if to signify that I was indeed in another world.

I entered one of the rooms and saw a woman studying. She turned around, it was me! I understood that I had entered a parallel earth. Everything appeared similar to Earth, though lighter, more luminescent. I mentally compared the feelings of the two different earths.

In this parallel earth everything had such a profound feeling of wholeness that I cannot fully articulate. For example on this earth we are accustomed to there being so many details that we can never keep up with them. There is so much information that we can never process. There is so much to do that we can never get it all done. The details are endless, even down to constant lint on the carpet, the cobwebs in the corners, the little pieces of this or that that you never know what do to with, or the accumulated single sock drawer because one always disappears in the wash. Then there are the to-do lists, the timetables, the appointments, the emails, etc.

None of this existed on this parallel earth. There was a most beautiful, penetrating feeling of wholeness; an all pervading peace, warmth and well being in a very calming here and now. As I was thinking these thoughts Valum Votan entered the front room wearing a Hunab Ku shirt. He had overheard my thoughts comparing the two earths and added (telepathically): “Don’t forget that traveling is so much easier and enjoyable here than on your earth, with all those airplanes polluting, long lines, security checks and forms to fill out!”

He pointed to the large windows in the front room. I looked out the window and the sky seemed to open, pouring forth the most dazzling rainbows of all shapes and sizes:  double rainbows, triple rainbows, dancing rainbows, rainbow mists, twirling rainbows – the ultimate rainbow parade! VV telepathed: “This is what happens when you learn how to unzip the sky!”

Then I remembered how he had always said: Rainbows are to the noosphere what toxic waste is to the technosphere.

Not only is the noosphere as the planet mind vast in scope, but it also extends normally into other dimensions as well. The noosphere is encoded with the multidimensional scale of the universal cosmic mind.  While multidimensional operations of consciousness are normal for the noosphere, for the human this is considered paranormal.

Then I understood that not only had I entered a parallel earth, but an earth that had attained noosphere (a unified collective mind). Here, manifestation is instantaneous, but it is all good as the collective mind is set to a high positive frequency and deeply attuned with its Creator, and so have become genuine co-creators.

Then appeared a big red spaceship. I got so excited that I ran out of the apartment and followed it down a hill where I found myself on a pier surrounded by a beautiful large body of water. There was even a family sitting on picnic benches. They were accustomed to the sky phenomenon.

VV joined me and showed me the beautiful birds, which he fed greens to, and he pointed out the flowers in colors I had never seen before; at the center of each flowers appeared beautiful multi-colored mandalas that almost looked like eyes. I began telling him everything that had happened on earth since his departure. He seemed interested to hear. I asked if he could come back with me (in this world anything seemed possible). He explained that he could no longer physically reenter that earth; but he could enter this earth, a parallel earth. He indicated that this is just a glimpse of the world(s) that wait for those who believe in the Dream.

We went back into the apartment.  I saw again the parallel “me”, and I understood that I also exist in this parallel earth in a continuation of the Noosphere II project, which was simultaneously being carried out here. Also it was impressed on me the supreme significance to spread the Rainbow Bridge meditation to as many people as possible through 12-21-2012.

The human has capacity to interact with the psi bank to participate in the creation of earth’s rainbow brain.

After this occurred I slept for 14 hours straight. I was hoping to reawaken in apartment 31, but I woke up here on this earth to hopefully remind you that you too exist in the parallel earth and our collective thought is calling forth this New Reality into our present timespace.

In Lak’ech, Kin 185
“I activate in order to survive …”

Please see also “2013 – New Aeon of Consciousness”

22 thoughts on “Parallel Earth and the Rainbow

  1. I just left a large collections of greens for my birds yesterday and today so I do believe I am ONE with VV’s instructions as I do hope to be so fortunate….and that said the Rainbows are overhead too and while we all await a more sensual consensual mutual interlope – to me – this signifies the beginning…..
    Thanking you all the time for your missives that bring the Ring of Truth to our current conditions knowing that they are all transitory….. much love – ycstar*

  2. Wow, that is so beautiful … and in confirmation I would like to add something I wrote in my journal on the same day (Resonant Serpent).

    VV I still don’t know why I am writing this …

    You are still in training. You’ll understand when outer time and inner time begin to correlate. Outer time appears to move much more slowly than inner time. I say ‘appears to’ because in reality the various time dimensions are in complete synchrony. From the point of view of the holomind perceiver there is no discrepancy.
    Everything, from the smallest quantum particle or wave is in complete harmony with the greatest macrocosmic event. In harmony with the Law of Time, even the smallest spark can have far reaching effects. When you are waiting for the wave to peak the best thing is to stay alert and balanced on your zuvuya surf board. You can also practice by riding the smaller waves as they appear.

    I seemed to see an image of me yesterday – what was that all about?

    It’s a bit like getting a glimpse of an alternate universe or parallel time-line.

    Thank you so much RQ, you are such an inspiration!

  3. Thank You for this! The Presence of this Reality seems to be Spreading quickly as I See it appearing in the Minds of Many!

    Vasumi has been staying here for several days! &^*)(^%_(%%*^)

    IN Lake’sh
    Rahb Callahan White Electric Wind

  4. to us :) here there and everywhere ok here we go, crank up those magnets sit back and vibrate as ONE :)

  5. Many tahks for you’re active and survival service inalkech kin 111 uuk chuwen pan _rap yellow human biorregion – venezuela.

  6. Om….AC-CA….Oma called. Thanx for Sharing these beautiful wor(l)ds Rainbow Queen during this first anniversary Wavespell of 89, VV ascension. Your words remind me of my 2.5 year old daughter Lara Marie…she lives in here beautiful parallel world of imagination and it’s always a pleasure for here dad to follow her into it. “Yuo shall not enter the kingdom of heaven before you become like little children again” Kin 189

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  8. Thank you Red Queen… Thank you from the depths of my heart & Soul. Your work is carrying on this amazing adventure that began with the beautiful Valum Votan. :)

    Yesterday, here in Perth, we had the most magnificent storm, the perfect representation in nature of the Blue Solar Hand accomplishing the healing and shifting required at that point in the Blue Storm Wavespell. It was such a beautiful thing to see the rainbows out on my way home from work that day…. I look forward to sharing your vision… to the day the rainbows fly.

    With love and gratitude,

    Kin 199

  9. ¡¡¡ Desde Venezuela, un cordial y afectuoso saludo para todos mis hermanos que me acompañan por un mismo camino. Les informo que ya estoy en agenda para conectar en meditación el 10 y 22/12/11 de igual forma el día 17/12 en meditación con la Virgen Maria. Un abrazo para todos y adelante por la paz y la transformación de nuestro mundo. RAN/Dragón resonante rojo 241

  10. Before, I do not knew of your existence

    By what hidden miracle you were born for me?
    In what ways have you shown?
    With what eyes have rested your eyes on me?
    Why did you choose me?
    What have I done to deserve you?
    With what face you come to me?
    What was that silence told me about you?

    It was they who took me to your door
    My brothers
    My sisters
    They have inspired me
    It was they who tore the veil eternal
    It was his song

    How could I have endured another life without your hug?

    It is your colors
    It is your tastes
    It is the way in which you stretch out over all
    in calm
    supporting all

    Has anyone seen the giant sun fall on the Horizon?
    Colud anyone imagine this other Earth?
    Could anyone imagine that kind of Love?

    I know you’ve traveled a lot, Mother
    And that in the darkness of cosmos
    You have faced countless hardships
    Have died and gone to the existence of countless forms
    And you go
    Still getting close to us, your children

    Now the tribes of stone should speak once more
    The stars fall on us
    The bridges to be crossed
    The Sword Lake arise
    The Tree of Time being eaten
    We must break the mirror
    Enter into the mystery of the Mist

    Was you who called us
    Mother’s always been you, always you

    Death is the road to Awe …

  11. Thank you so so much RQ and VV, and all of you living from the heart.

    This is the Noosphere manifested.

    Long hugs and love for all,

    Resonant Storm

  12. i went to play the song, and was half expecting some dull la la land new age music which is almost as ad as weak christain music, however i was supprised, when i pressed the play button the song was atually good, intresting in fact, like 3 or for genres all thrown in a lender, i liked this as soon as i heard the dub bassline, and the electric gutiar. thanks

  13. this story is very interesting and well worded, makes it easyer to visualise it whilst reading, it also reminds me of a dream i had,

    i was in a place where everything was so close, people where all sitting within the same space, and everything seemed very close, faces would blend into eachother,
    then whilst in that world i slept again (dream with in a dream) and awoke fully lucid in a world where i made everything and could do anything, and altough words carnt really express the story and what happened, … i would simply say it was better, so much better that when i finally awoke after what seemed like ages the real world didnt seem all to complex anymore,
    i think dreams are like a mix up of everything in the 3d world, where size+shape, and location and what the form is made of, all becomes irrelevent

    for example, you fall asleep in a house, then wake up in a tent on ground, then the tents on a boat in a river, then the river is a road and the boat is a car, then the car is a marble and the road is a railway line, then the railway turns like a rollercoaster and goes into a tunnel and u come out of the slide into a swimming pool, and ask the people what they thought of the new curly straw you are drinking with ( i could go on forever but i need to get to sleep)

    you get the drift, it all kinda loosly connects, like magnets with different lumps of wood between them

    because of the lack of a sence of time and structure in the dream world, we find it incredably hard to remember and even harder to explan our dreams, becuase so much happens and there is so much information being processed that if you remembered and then attempted to rasonalise that lot.. you would run out of hours in the day

    relative no matter is a dream…..

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