2011 Lunar Eclipse and Solstice Meditations

Synchronize your meditations and prayers for the transformation of our Planet on the Full Moon (in Gemini) and Total Lunar Eclipse on Alpha 26, Kin 91: Blue Cosmic Monkey (December 10, 2011). The last total lunar eclipse was June 15, 2011 (discovery date of the tomb of Pacal Votan, 1952); and the one before that was December 21, 2010!  The Eclipse will be visible at dawn from the Pacific side of our planet, namely Western USA and Canada.

This day also marks the 22nd anniversary of the discovery of the Law of Time (1989); furthermore, one spin ago on Kin 91 occurred globally synchronized memorials for Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

This Lunar Eclipse is followed eleven days later by the solstice on Rhythmic 10, Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night (December 22, 2011). The power of intention is particularly powerful at the solstices and equinoxes. These are supreme times to activate intentional ceremony to make the transition from unconscious to cosmic consciousness.

Here is a suggested healing meditation for the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon and solstice:

Visualize the whole Earth as a single thoughtform. Everything that is occurring is the unfolding of a larger galactic being. Visualize all the people on the planet as children experimenting on the physical plane. Some experiment consciously and some unconsciously. Bless them all.

Visualize the Earth in your heart, and feel compassion for the whole Earth—everybody and everything: saints and sinners, oppressed and oppressors, gangsters and thieves, politicians and bankers, the poor and needy, the rich and the super rich; the hard working people and those who seek the truth genuinely, those who have attained the light and those who have no idea there is anything to attain. Feel compassion for the greedy and the war mongers, the victims who have nowhere to turn. Send waves of healing light and compassion out to the whole Earth and pray for the mercy of the Divine Force to quicken the leaden mass and bring the rainbow of a new beginning for all beings equally!

UPDATE from previous blog: Parallel Earth and Rainbow

Two days after my parallel earth experience  it was reported by NASA that “Earth’s Twin Discovered Beyond Solar System”!  It is called Kepler 22-B and is 600 light years from Earth. I am in complete awe of this as the Great Mystery continues to unfold!

“It’s so very lonely… you’re 600 light years from home…”
2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones

4 thoughts on “2011 Lunar Eclipse and Solstice Meditations

  1. It was a Blue Cosmic Monkey day on Full Moon of around May, called Wesak.

    I had spent the last few weeks on a retreat with a bretharean friend called Victor Truviano.
    Before i was assisting other friends on Jamusheen’s 21 day process of “Living of Light”
    and after that some of us took an 11 day meditation with victor.
    We would only eat beans and fruit juices
    1 type a day,change type every 3 days, and mix it all on the day 10.
    The purpose was to detach from the belief of being feed by solid food.

    After the process ended i felt so empowered, i decided to go back to Buenos Aires
    so i could channel all that light to the city.

    Arrived on kin 90 and, as i had been reading the CHC’s vol III, i spent the night listening to lots of 70’s rocknroll on my headphones, from Syd to Jimmy to LedZep and so…

    Maybe i had a short nap and when the morning came, on the Guide watch to kin 91, i took white clothes, a banner of peace which i dressed on my back, a violet blanket on my shoulder and an acoustic guitar, and went to the streets so i could play some music on the buses.

    I actually remember that the first buses to came where number 5 and number 86 (add to 91) and one of them allowed me to jump in. I could clearly feel the different vibrational rate from me to the people there, they unhappy faces, it was a hot day in the city, most of them were going to work.

    I started playing some chords while i approached the people by asking what they knew about Time and if they knew that it was a full moon day and also replicated Jose’s question of when was the last time you saw a sunrise. People stared at me without getting involved.

    I played a beutifoul brazilian song:

    Oh Great Central Sun (Oh grandioso Sol Central)
    may you enlighten us (Ilumina, Ilumina, Ilumina…)….

    after i finished the bus was all silent…

    I thanked and blessed them all goodbye.

    Then i was on my way crossing the avenue to visity a friend (6 Night),
    crossed by the middle of the street.
    It was a Red Light and a double handed avenue.
    i passed by the front of a stopped bus
    and a motorbike hitted me.
    I fell and my head hit the ground.

    then i raised and felt all strange on my skull
    the guy told me that i should go to a hospital to check it was all okay
    i thought no, it was a special moment,
    maybe a door between worlds was opened
    so i just left walking (my guitar never felt from my hand)

    arrived to a church and decided to enter
    i was seeing clearly how all of this civilization was living
    inside a 12:60 bubble
    saw it as some kind of projection sent from higher dimentions
    to help this humanity with a few things we need to understand
    before becoming a Cosmic Unified Planetary Organism

    I entered the church and make some turns
    then i went to the confessions area
    (i was born jew so i don’t know a lot of church protocols)
    when i got to the priest i said “Hi, what’s your name?”
    “Gabriel”, he said
    he was shining
    i told him what happened to me
    and then i asked what he think about all the people who sometime in their lifes experience as if they where Jesus Christ himself.
    He said that he understood that the Christ is a descent of conciussnes
    and that it isn’t over yet.
    I felt so thankfull for listening that from a priest on a church.

    and then i saw his watch, and started to tell him about 2012, ecc.
    asked him if i could bring him anything to read about it and he said ok.
    so a few days later i brought to him the Pakal Votan’s Gospel :)

    Naturally the story continued, but i think that ill pause it here, maybe its more than enough

    A reflection:

    it is amazing how everything we live finds its way through our lives,
    as for an experience when it becomes a story being told
    and then it finds it’s value at being listened or read by others
    and they may even affect their lives

    i always repeat to myself
    The Past is the Storage of Memory
    The Present is the Memory being Created
    and the Future….

    …well, let’s go there and find out!


  2. Coda:

    sorry i have to add this part:

    after giving a good Hug to Gabriel i asked permission to go to the altar and give thanks
    for being still alive on this phisical plane, and somewhat i extended the violet blanket and naturally started to make a Salat Prayer.

    a lady came and told me that i was on a christian church and that prayer was from a different religion so i should go and do it outside.

    i said to all people there “Okay, but know that the time of Universal Religion is coming”.

    then i spent the rest of the day wondering if i was going to die as soon as i lay my head,
    cause i was feeling really, really strange. I went back home and tried to sit in meditation but my thoughts were flowing too fast, so i decided to cook myself some beans.
    It took me a few days to land back on earth but i finally did it.

    sorry for the very long comment!

    In Lakech!

  3. i just want to ask what is this when mix telektonon 1,31

    1. Pacal Votan’s Gospel of the Telektonon
    A Special Dispensation for the Day of Truth, AD
    1993-94, Kin 144

    if try to open mind what is this

    7.26.1993 is 1.1.1994 in 13-moon

    so june 19 2012 (12:60)

    is 12 21 2012 (13 20)

    thank you

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