Message from the Future?

On the morning of the equinox, Kin 127, I woke up to a powerful dream that I am still unfolding. 

I share as it feels connected to the Mirror wavespell experiment posted in the previous blog.  

In the dream, Valum Votan appeared. He indicated something “big” was coming. He said much assistance is now available. His evolution was apparent, and his energy was highly refined.

I saw a flash of light, and then my perception shifted. I was seeing through the lens of the future. This world had already passed away. What we experience as reality is just a past replica. I realized that all of the “new’ knowledge and discoveries on earth are all in the past. It is old knowledge from a future lens. The more we are immersed in the world mind, the less we can perceive the bigger picture and the new movements of energy.

I asked Votan where he was, and he said he was living in a place “similar to New Zealand” but also very different. He transmitted images. He knew that the beauty of New Zealand was the closest approximation that my human mind could relate to. But I understood that where he is actually at, is a place I cannot yet fully grasp.

I asked for his phone number, the prefix was 441, and the rest of the numbers were meaningful, but I did not remember when I woke up. I commented on the numbers, and he said jokingly, “well, what numbers did you expect?”

Then he led me to what appeared as an esoteric art installation in a very large warehouse. He wanted me to meet a man, who I was told is on earth now. He asked me to listen to him as he was a man of wisdom. The man appeared to be in his mid-60s and had a unique and mysterious energy yet was approachable. I was intrigued by his depth of being. He made no small talk and told me that in less than 30 years, the earth would be completely changed. Everything. He didn’t give a specific date but indicated soon that the “reset” button was scheduled.  This reset has to do with transitioning from form to frequency.

He repeated this message a few times as if to really imprint it in me. In an instant I understood the meaning of the biosphere-noosphere transition and all that we are currently experiencing on earth. Though much transmitted in the dream that I could not recall upon waking.

His words conjured a type of Noah’s ark scenario in my mind. I heard the words from the Bible: “Be ye renewed by the renewing of your mind.” I understood the knowledge of the Law of Time was merely to prepare the mind for this reset, so we will not be shocked.

We are building the bridge of time, an interdimensional ark, from the world of form to the world of frequency.

 In the dream I could feel that Votan was leaving and I said, “I love you so much.” As I said those words, I could feel a part of my energy was still coming from human conditioning. I felt it immediately and cleared it instantly. He said it was very different where he is at, and that he is currently working with “Athena.” I noted this and wondered about the meaning.

He then motioned to one of his trusted helpers, Kin 34, who was standing in the background by a car, awaiting instructions. Votan motioned to him that it was time to go, and motioned for me to get in the car. The car was a strange compact low to the ground futuristic looking Italian sports car. The top opened for us to climb in. Votan said he was taking me to an important movie and that we can’t be late. The movie was a preview of coming attractions for what is soon to come.

End of dream …

I woke up and wrote down the words: Do your best, but the reward is in another dimension.

Upon waking, many pieces of the inner puzzle began to cohere. I wrote in my journal for nearly two hours. In looking at the coding and noting the less than 30 years, I noted again that 2039-2040 will be Kin 34 years: White Galactic Wizard. This will complete the 52-year cycle of the inception of the wizard’s count that begins during Harmonic Convergence 1987.

I looked up Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, and made many notes.Then I understood more deeply the meaning of the biosphere-noosphere transition as a time of adjustment to this new way of being that we are entering after the “reset.” The new “reality” we are entering will be nothing like what we think. The purpose of the seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles is to prepare the mind for a new way of perceiving. It is a between-the-worlds-transmission that communicates on multiple dimensions beyond words.

The codes of time and all of the knowledge accompanying them are like training wheels so we can become familiar with this new vehicle that we are moving into; the new vehicle is based on elevating our frequency so that we will not be shocked when the world of form changes. We will embrace and surf the changes seamlessly, riding into a new octave.

Zuvuya Experiment: Mirror Wavespell

Zuvuya is the path that anything takes to return to its source. Though it may take many appearances, the Source is always One.

We are in the Mirror Wavespell that concludes on the White Cosmic Dog, Kin 130, at the center of the 260-day Tzolkin Matrix.

This is an invitation to join in the inner realms in our work with these mirrored numbers for this 13 day cycle. And also to keep track of our dreams. Working with numbers and patterns helps us to penetrate the density that is currently enveloping our Planet. The numbers return us back to the synchronic order, which is always harmonic.

The Tzolkin, also known as the Harmonic Module, is an interdimensional time tool. Its symbols and numbers represent vertical intersections to your physical plane of third-dimensional time that can be tracked on our solar calendar.

To connect with this Mirror experiment on the Inner planes:

Write all 260 numbers forward and backward. Study them.

Subtract the larger number from the smaller one.

Note the palindromes. Note the multiples of 9. Find the patterns. Play. Study the numbers within the Tzolkin. Listen. This will help further plug us into the interactive intelligence of the Mathematical Universe. Also see:

If you have been studying this knowledge for awhile, you may also wish to continue this practice to 441 and beyond, and then map the patterns within the Holomind Perceiver.

Note your dreams in this 13-day cycle (wavespell). This Mirror Wavespell includes the Equinox on Kin 127, and concludes with a New Moon on Electric 6 (September 25). Also, contemplate:

Wavespell is a 13 day cycle. This cycle is a fractal of the Tzolkin.

The 260-unit Tzolkin contains 20 wave spells. 13 x 20 = 260.

Tzolkin is a fractal of the psi bank.

Psi bank is the cosmic registry and storage unit of the Earth’s evolutionary timing programs. It is correlated with the sunspot cycles (see Earth Ascending).

The psi bank is the nervous system of the Noosphere (planetary mind). Noosphere is the self-realized Planetary Mind.

The Noosphere is directly related to the electromagnetic field of the earth. There has been an increase in the intensity of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, directly affecting Earth’s aura. The activity of the Sun, with its increased plasmas and electromagnetism, directly affects our Consciousness.

When we realize the Noosphere, we experience ourselves as one Consciousness in many different space suits, spread out over time and space, unified by telepathy. This means that you who are reading these words are the same One who is writing these words. This is why we say In lak’ech: I am another yourself.

“All is a number; God is a number, God is in all.” —Dynamics of Time.

1.35: Lunar Moon 22
Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror
BMU 422
Kin eq. 185

Mirror Universe: Queen, Dreams and Numbers

The past that is already dead remains present in the future that has yet to be born.” — Lewis Mumford.

Zuvuya is the language of the rememberers.” –Jose Arguelles

The Dreamtime has been highly activated. Simultaneously, the pressure is being turned up in the alchemical vessel of Timeship Earth. 

We are now 21 years since 9-11-2001. On the 113th day after 9-11-22, it will be another Gregorian New Year. The year 2023 marks 441 years that we have been using the Gregorian calendar. 1582 + 441 = 2023.

The numbers grow louder with each Gregorian year. Here I will share a few keys, numbers and dreams to activate your further decodements. Feel free to share more.

There were 911 days between the announcement of the “pandemic lockdown” on 3-11-20 and Queen Elizabeth’s passing on Kin 113 (9-8-22). 113 is 311 backward. I will unfold that more after giving further context. 

9-11-22 was on Kin 116. If you turn it upside down and reverse it, 116 is 911. Also, note that 11-9 was the end of World War 1 in 1918. 

Mirror Universe

We are all working together telepathically and in the dreamtime. If you are not already tracking your dreams, it might be a good time to start.

On the morning of Kin 108, I awoke to a dream of the Mirror Universe, a recurring theme. In the dream, I was walking on a forest trail when the landscape began to change. The flora and fauna was morphing and soon I found myself on an unusual, yet beautiful tropical island.

I was basking in a warm, velvety breeze when I was greeted by two men who were very familiar. Their skin was highly melanated; a beautiful luminous blue-black color. They radiated a deep peace and wisdom. I have dreamed of these beings before. In my dream I wondered if they were the Dogon People associated with Sirius C? Such unconditional warmth and buoyant joy exuded from their presence. They motioned me to a nearby body of water; it looked so pure and crystalline. They pointed to a man swimming. As he came closer to shore, I saw it was Valum Votan! 

After that, I woke up and was inspired to write all 260 numbers of the Tzolkin forward and backward. Then I continued this exercise through to 441. Each mirrored pairing felt like a portal to other universes. Then I began to subtract the lesser number from the greater one and study the multiples of the product. 

Anyone who works with synchronic patterns and numbers knows the incredible harmony and sense of wholeness that overtakes you when you engage the numbers. It lifts us beyond the conceptual mind into the world of energy and frequency. In working with these numbers, I noted that if you subtract the lesser number, you will find that the product is always divisible by 9 or it zeros out in the case of palindromic numbers. 
For example 

119 911
911 – 119 = 792
792 = 9 x 88

441 144 
441 – 144 = 297
297 = 9 x 33

792 297
792 – 297 = 495 
495 = 9 x 55

There are many patterns to discover. Study the palindromes and allow them to reveal their unique personalities to you.  I received the message that this simple exercise is part of the Zuvuya Mirror Universe Radial Training practice.The Mirror Universe is very real and accessible. It is a higher frequency version of the reality that we are now experiencing

Ok — shifting gears, back to Queen Elizabeth. (Disclaimer: in looking at the synchronicities, I am in no way promoting any illusion about Royals and all they are associated with). This is merely to demonstrate the mathematical structure and patterns behind the world of appearance).

Queen Elizabeth’s birth kin is 33: Red Resonant Skywalker. She passed on Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker. Skywalker is associated with Mars. Mars is associated with death fear and the overcoming of it. 

Elizabeth became Queen after the passing of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952: Resonant Moon 28. This day was Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon. Kin 89 is the passing day of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 130 days later came the the opening of the the tomb of Pacal Votan on Kin 218 (June 15, 1952).

Kin 130 is the White Cosmic Dog, the center of the 260-day Tzolkin matrix. The more we reflect on, examine and decode this reality, the less real it appears.

Elizabeth was officially “crowned” Queen on June 2, 1953: Crystal Moon 4. This day was Kin 50, White Spectral Dog. Her passing was on Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113. Solar is tone 9. Skywalker is solar seal 13.

9.13 signifies the mathematical code of the prophetic sign of the prophecy of Pacal Votan, long count date  

9 x 13 = 117.   Kin 117 is September 12, 2022. Kin 117 is Red Cosmic Earth; it is the number that Transcends Synchronicity. This day marks 22 spins (22 x 260) since Valum Votan’s dream about the number 441. Kin 22 is sign of Bolon Ik. This dream in 2007 activated a time release of vast information templates, that ultimately led to the Holomind Perceiver. (For the whole story, see Time, Synchronicity, and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life of Jose Arguelles, and Book of the Cube.)

Continuing with number 117; if we add the five kin numbers of the fifth force oracle, the sum is 911. 911 reduces to Base Matrix unit 29. There are 116 heptads (weeks) in 29 moons of 28 days each. 29 x 28 = 812.

812 is 218 backward, the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. 

117 711
711 – 117 = 594
594 = 9 x 66

218 812 812 – 218 = 594
594 = 9 x 66

Another dream followed the Mirror universe dream, two days later on White Rhythmic Dog. The dream took place in Picarquin, Chile where I found myself at the 49-day Earth Wizards seminar that was held by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1999. Noting one thousand years earlier in 999 Quetzalcoatl departed on a “raft of serpents” vowing to return on a day “sacred to his name.”

While I had not been physically to this seminar, the dream was vivid and I saw many who had been there and felt gratitude for those who heard the call to learn something so new on this Planet. This event was the genesis of the making conscious and anchoring the Law of Time and synchronic order on Velatropa 24.3 (Earth).

Main dream message: Don’t forget the origin nor forget the completion. The Gregorian calendar is a control mechanism that works subliminally to maintain the present dis-order of false reality. The level of conditioning on our planet runs deep and all traces back to instruments of “time control.” Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock are time distortion filters that keep people confused and in a state of fear. “Who owns your time owns your mind.”  Discipline of mind, body and spirit is of most importance of this time to stay above controlled narratives.

28 Year Cycles
Noting also that the Gregorian calendar repeats in the 28-year cycles as demonstrated in chapter 5 of Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs by Jose Arguelles.
The Twin Towers were dedicated in 1973 and destroyed 28 years later in 2001, and 28 years before that was Hiroshima. There are many more historical examples listed in that chapter.

There are 28 years between the 9-11-2001 date and 2029, the final Solar Ring of the 9-year vision map that was put forth in 2020 in the Blue Lunar Storm. 

28 years before 2012 was 1984, the year associated with George Orwell’s novel that depicts humanity in constant surveillance by Big Brother, in a world where “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; and Ignorance is Strength.”

28 years after 2012 is 2040. This is significant within the synchronic order, as 2039-2040 completes the 52 Solar Ring cycle that began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. Harmonic Convergence completed the Quetzalcoatl prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells.

July 26, 1987 – July 24, 1988: Solar Ring of the White Galactic Wizard.

July 26, 2039 – July 24, 2040: Solar Ring of the White Galactic Wizard. This completes New Sirius Cycle 52.

January 24, 2039 (Resonant Moon 24) would have been the 100th solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, who was born in 1939. He would have been Kin 111: Blue Resonant Monkey.

Then we start the 53rd solar orbit of the 13 Moon calendar in 2040-2041, which is coded by the Blue Solar Storm, Kin 139. Synchronically, this is the galactic signature of Princess Diana.

The number 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker is the same as One Reed, in the Nahuatl tradition. Quetzalcoatl was also known as One Reed.

The prophecy of Quetzalcoatl’s return is universal, for it is the deliverance from the present hell.” —Jose Arguelles/The Transformative Vision.

Could it be that December 21, 2012, date was a 28-year time-released unfoldment that concludes in 2039-2040? All possibilities exist in a radial universe that operates on zuvuya principles. 

Access your future self to change the past.  We are altering Time by observing it. This is a dream. It will all disappear.  Enter the Mirror realm. 
Energy and frequency determine what happens next.


Mystery of Life and Death

“From above house of heaven, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us Now!” 

Recently someone very dear to me and this work passed away unexpectedly. He was Kin 68, known to me and others by his spirit name Sham Tok Maru. His passing was cause for a deep pause and inner reorientation. Many of you knew him. He conducted our weekly Silio meditation call and was among one of the most disciplined and honorable beings I have ever met. 

I contemplated creating a tribute for him, but he had no interest in being public in any way. He was a deep hermeticist and preferred work on the inner planes, never seeking outer accolades.

For the past nine years, he was among one of the closest beings to me since the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Particularly through 2020, he has energetically supported this work behind the scenes. His knowledge, study, and application of the more advanced synchronic codes were unparalleled. 

In honor of him, I am including one of his favorite passages from the Cosmic History Chronicles. This is also in honor of this Kin 89 being the 16th spin of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 

I dissolve in order to purify — Releasing flow. I seal the process of Universal Water, with the Spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.” 

This excerpt is the introduction to the Book of the Cube, the seventh and final volume of the Cosmic History Chronicles. The first six were done together with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Had this book never been completed I likely would not have met Sham Tok Maru, as it was this book that helped activate his mission and that connected us and many others. This life is truly mysterious.

This excerpt is also dedicated to anyone who has lost someone close to them, in the knowledge that we shall all meet again, and we will understand everything. 

Mystery of Life and Death

Through death, this book was born. This introduction begins in a dream: Full Moon, Blue Galactic Night; 114 days since the departure of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 

“Fear nothing!” Valum Votan said to me in the dream. “Grieve not! Arise and Go Forward! … Fear not; the world is a mere illusion. A plastic façade, bendable by truth.” 

In the dream, he held out a crystal cube. He motioned for me to concentrate. I first looked into the cube and saw nothing but superficial reflections. I gazed longer and suddenly noticed a long highway lined with very few houses. I noted a luminous glow emanating from some of the houses. Then I was lifted above the Earth and, with x-ray vision, saw the lighting up of specific residences across the planet. 

I realized I was being given access to view the light of those beings with a covenant for utter transformation. These agents of light reflected, through the cube, different fractals, together making the most exquisite and fantastic whole! Their minds merged as one in a telepathic network of light. At the same time, simultaneously, they each opened to a different channel, unique and brilliant. These were the wise ones, the makers of things to come, the keepers of the inner prayer, the co-creators of the new reality! 

Suddenly I was back on the long highway, and my mind was magnetized to a specific house. I was granted entrance into one of the female’s homes through telepathic gestures. My spirit hovered over her, and she seemed calmly and happily aware. She carried a single candle, went to a desk, and sat down. I watched as she wrote the words: 

The Long War is Over, and the Days of Doubt are Past

What a deep relief these words brought! Then my attention turned back to Valum Votan, who was smiling and holding the magic cube of vision. It was now evening, and the stars were glimmering in the clear sky as he went inside, made a fire, and put on a tea kettle. 

Then I awoke from the dream. 

Where am I? And how did I get here? The dawn was breaking, and slowly, the layers of this reality set in, one by one with all their subtle tensions and densities. Tremendous pressure and urgency filled me, my heart pumping fast. Only one thought in mind: Finish the Book of the Cube! I immediately rose from the bed and got to work. 

So here I was, left alone in a remote location in the southern hemisphere where he named Moronga Morove (Aboriginal for Rainbow Serpent), spreading his ashes to the winds and around the trees so they could carry them the galactic vibrations of the Dreamtime all around the planet. 

The meditation of the cube seizes me and won’t let me go—night or day—until it is complete. It is winter time. The winds are howling. The fire is burning. Tea on the kettle. Codes strewn across the table and all over the walls. Sitting bundled up in my rainbow poncho and Incan hat seems to facilitate tuning into a radio channel of a specific galactic information stream … Cosmic History. 

I gaze out the window as an unseen force directs my thoughts. Dark mists are rolling off the falling gum trees. I piece together streams of transmission while new streams enter. I feel the presence of a Being of intelligence peering over my shoulder, guiding me, crossing this out and adding that. First slowly, then quickly, the text arranges itself; I surrender to the process. 

Over the past nine years, I have undergone countless initiations as the power of Cosmic History unfolded. 

Within the psychomythic realms, I am the archetype of the Serpent Initiate and Valum Votan, the Spectral Magician. His spectralization from this planet put me through the most profound initiation yet. Where did he go? What is the meaning of this? What is death?

The wheel of time turns the cycle of life and death. The meaning of the manifest cyclic order is in the mystery of death. Any initiation is a type of death. There has to be death before the birth of the new being that can incorporate new knowledge. 

At first, it felt as though my solar plexus was ripped from its station and my equilibrium temporarily shaken as I struggled with physical reorientation and my spirit longed to follow him out of this dimension. But I knew that my mission was not yet complete. 

Then a message of comfort came: Do not worry or grieve. Death is a factor in the evolution of spirit; it is merely a physiochemical change of third-dimensional matter; its real meaning is a rite of passage of spirit. The mission continues. It is an endless journey of the spirit. Everything and everyone that ever was is here with you now. The spirit helpers surround you, guiding you. Those who remember the dream will assist.

Embracing the Unknown: Cave of Initiation

A Hand from the Unseen is reaching out to Humanity. The Mystery of the Unknown beckons us. Many people fear the Unknown; but it is in the Unknown where our treasures lie.

One is never afraid of the unknown, one is afraid of the known coming to an end.


With all that is unfolding in the world, many people are experiencing waves of sadness, depression, despair, loss of orientation of a higher vision, and loss of purpose in their own lives. For some people, even the will-to-live is diminishing, due to the intensified energies that we are navigating. Without a larger context or purpose for life, it is difficult for humans to aspire to cosmic heights of perception. The way out of these mental states begins with self-reflection, gratitude, creativity and service to others (and the Planet).

The Earth is a stage set for the evolution of our soul. But to understand this requires the cultivation of a foundation of self-knowledge. This starts with consistent self-reflection.

Self-Reflective consciousness is the opposite of the reactive mind that we see so rampant in the world today. Reflective consciousness means that we can sufficiently separate our true selves from the data we receive. In other words, we do not identify with anything in this passing world hologram. It is the meaning of being “in the world, but not of it.”

To reflect objectively and see a bigger picture requires cultivating the ability to step back and observe as if we are an alien species (of which we are). Cosmic History refers to this as “seeing ourselves from the other side.” Or seeing this Earth dream from the lens of our future self.

Changing of Time

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors. Change is the only constant. Change implies Time; and the changing of Time. In other words, change is Time in action.

The static dynamics of what we have known as “reality” is disintegrating. We are in a great transition from one Time to another. We must learn to embrace the Unknown. The Unknown is merely a state of Being that is beyond our conditioned mind and previous experiences.

To sit with your own mind continuously
in unceasing dialogue with the Unknown
this is fundamental to the evolution of the noosphere
If you stop thinking of yourself then who is there?
–Valum Votan

Dialogue with the Unknown requires a deep receptivity; a profound listening. Listening is one of the greatest arts. Most people only listen through the filter of their own preconceptions, opinions, judgements and prejudices. They only hear their own inner chatter. True listening requires full Presence and attention. Listening with full receptivity produces awakening to deeper realities.

As we further awaken, we begin to perceive that the entire historical narratives are programmed constructs. This is the whole premise of the Cosmic History Chronicles.

Cosmic History points out that in Sacred Order, there is no history, only cosmos unfolding in Time. Human history is a description of the Fall; the Fall from the sacred to the profane; the Fall from conscious to unconscious. This archetypal “Fall” then ensues a type of drama, which climaxes as the “Last Battle of the Heavens on Earth.” . See previous blog on Thieves of Time.

In the Quran, the Fall is described in Sura 38:67-83 when Iblis (Satan) gets into a feud with God, unfurling a type of drama. From the war in the Heavens, cosmic time becomes lower time, spawning drama on Earth. From this drama is born the myth of the Eternal Return.

In the Telektonon cosmology, the time between the “Fall” and the “Eternal Return” is referred to as the “War and Taming of the Heavens, an Opportunity for Planet Earth.”

“War” is described as the dynamic dissonance of processes of synchronization, evolution and involution that accompany the life of a star system. The star system is our solar system with its planets, called Kinich Ahau, or Velatropa 24. The migration of life and intelligence in all of its forms and dimensions throughout the galaxy also informs and affects the system of Kinich Ahau.

Everything happening on Earth is a stage set designed for our awakening (if we choose to see it that way). In this process of awakening, TIME serves as the frame or the container of changing events.

Since Time is of the Mind, it would seem the most essential work is knowing our own Mind. In light of this inspiration, we are offering a 13 day journey: Cave of Initiation: Inner Realm and Law of Time. An Initiate is a seeker of the deeper mysteries and hidden truths. In a world so externally based, this is a call to reestablish the inner realm as the primary reality.

Reconnection with our inner essence is the key to Return to Natural Time. Our true nature has nothing to do with the narratives that society imposes on us. These 13 days offer tools and inspiration to stay the course. All levels welcome. Offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can register or join in telepathically on Kin 53 – 65 (July 10 – 22).

For questions in English, please write N’Elektra: For questions in Spanish or Portugese, please write Flaviah: lamat228@lawoftime

We look forward to meeting you on both the inner and outer planes.

The 13-day journey begins on Red Magnetic Skywalker, Kin 53. Skywalker is the 13th solar seal connected to prophecy. In the 13 days we will touch upon the prophecy of Pacal Votan and the meaning of terma (hidden treasure) as it relates to the upcoming visual transmission: Terma of the Red Queen. This 149-page art book contains over 120 original drawings by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. The images are in code form and depict different facets of initiation in this world system and others. A limited first edition will soon be made available. The First edition is in English only, with other languages to follow.