Mystery of Life and Death

“From above house of heaven, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us Now!” 

Recently someone very dear to me and this work passed away unexpectedly. He was Kin 68, known to me and others by his spirit name Sham Tok Maru. His passing was cause for a deep pause and inner reorientation. Many of you knew him. He conducted our weekly Silio meditation call and was among one of the most disciplined and honorable beings I have ever met. 

I contemplated creating a tribute for him, but he had no interest in being public in any way. He was a deep hermeticist and preferred work on the inner planes, never seeking outer accolades.

For the past nine years, he was among one of the closest beings to me since the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Particularly through 2020, he has energetically supported this work behind the scenes. His knowledge, study, and application of the more advanced synchronic codes were unparalleled. 

In honor of him, I am including one of his favorite passages from the Cosmic History Chronicles. This is also in honor of this Kin 89 being the 16th spin of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 

I dissolve in order to purify — Releasing flow. I seal the process of Universal Water, with the Spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.” 

This excerpt is the introduction to the Book of the Cube, the seventh and final volume of the Cosmic History Chronicles. The first six were done together with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Had this book never been completed I likely would not have met Sham Tok Maru, as it was this book that helped activate his mission and that connected us and many others. This life is truly mysterious.

This excerpt is also dedicated to anyone who has lost someone close to them, in the knowledge that we shall all meet again, and we will understand everything. 

Mystery of Life and Death

Through death, this book was born. This introduction begins in a dream: Full Moon, Blue Galactic Night; 114 days since the departure of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 

“Fear nothing!” Valum Votan said to me in the dream. “Grieve not! Arise and Go Forward! … Fear not; the world is a mere illusion. A plastic façade, bendable by truth.” 

In the dream, he held out a crystal cube. He motioned for me to concentrate. I first looked into the cube and saw nothing but superficial reflections. I gazed longer and suddenly noticed a long highway lined with very few houses. I noted a luminous glow emanating from some of the houses. Then I was lifted above the Earth and, with x-ray vision, saw the lighting up of specific residences across the planet. 

I realized I was being given access to view the light of those beings with a covenant for utter transformation. These agents of light reflected, through the cube, different fractals, together making the most exquisite and fantastic whole! Their minds merged as one in a telepathic network of light. At the same time, simultaneously, they each opened to a different channel, unique and brilliant. These were the wise ones, the makers of things to come, the keepers of the inner prayer, the co-creators of the new reality! 

Suddenly I was back on the long highway, and my mind was magnetized to a specific house. I was granted entrance into one of the female’s homes through telepathic gestures. My spirit hovered over her, and she seemed calmly and happily aware. She carried a single candle, went to a desk, and sat down. I watched as she wrote the words: 

The Long War is Over, and the Days of Doubt are Past

What a deep relief these words brought! Then my attention turned back to Valum Votan, who was smiling and holding the magic cube of vision. It was now evening, and the stars were glimmering in the clear sky as he went inside, made a fire, and put on a tea kettle. 

Then I awoke from the dream. 

Where am I? And how did I get here? The dawn was breaking, and slowly, the layers of this reality set in, one by one with all their subtle tensions and densities. Tremendous pressure and urgency filled me, my heart pumping fast. Only one thought in mind: Finish the Book of the Cube! I immediately rose from the bed and got to work. 

So here I was, left alone in a remote location in the southern hemisphere where he named Moronga Morove (Aboriginal for Rainbow Serpent), spreading his ashes to the winds and around the trees so they could carry them the galactic vibrations of the Dreamtime all around the planet. 

The meditation of the cube seizes me and won’t let me go—night or day—until it is complete. It is winter time. The winds are howling. The fire is burning. Tea on the kettle. Codes strewn across the table and all over the walls. Sitting bundled up in my rainbow poncho and Incan hat seems to facilitate tuning into a radio channel of a specific galactic information stream … Cosmic History. 

I gaze out the window as an unseen force directs my thoughts. Dark mists are rolling off the falling gum trees. I piece together streams of transmission while new streams enter. I feel the presence of a Being of intelligence peering over my shoulder, guiding me, crossing this out and adding that. First slowly, then quickly, the text arranges itself; I surrender to the process. 

Over the past nine years, I have undergone countless initiations as the power of Cosmic History unfolded. 

Within the psychomythic realms, I am the archetype of the Serpent Initiate and Valum Votan, the Spectral Magician. His spectralization from this planet put me through the most profound initiation yet. Where did he go? What is the meaning of this? What is death?

The wheel of time turns the cycle of life and death. The meaning of the manifest cyclic order is in the mystery of death. Any initiation is a type of death. There has to be death before the birth of the new being that can incorporate new knowledge. 

At first, it felt as though my solar plexus was ripped from its station and my equilibrium temporarily shaken as I struggled with physical reorientation and my spirit longed to follow him out of this dimension. But I knew that my mission was not yet complete. 

Then a message of comfort came: Do not worry or grieve. Death is a factor in the evolution of spirit; it is merely a physiochemical change of third-dimensional matter; its real meaning is a rite of passage of spirit. The mission continues. It is an endless journey of the spirit. Everything and everyone that ever was is here with you now. The spirit helpers surround you, guiding you. Those who remember the dream will assist.

16 thoughts on “Mystery of Life and Death

  1. You are not alone. I have been working obsessively since 1995 to create a felt-sense understanding of the Cube and its relationship to the Sphere. I know this work is not a solo effort. We are joined by an invisible web that is becoming stronger by the day.

  2. hi Stephanie, this is so beautiful. I remember with such clarity and joy those times in Byron Bay we spent together. I am in ireland now with the whaledreaming. much love your way Kim

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  4. Dear Stephanie,
    I hope this message receives you well. I recently noticed in my journalings that Kin 224 Yellow Cosmic Seed and Kin 104 Yellow Electric Seed have the exact same glyphs. How is this possible? Am I just missing something or discovering something? Recently I have felt there is a spilt in reality or more so, a choice…between fear and love. I look forward to hearing back from you!
    LOVE ALL ❤

    • All of the three dot glyphs will be the same. Electric Seed, Galactic Seed and Cosmic seed all have three dots, so the guide kin will be the same for all. The guide kin for all three dot glyphs is always plus 4 which means Seed (4) + 4 = 8 = Star. Works the same for all glyphs. Even so there are subtle differences between the tones.

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