Mirror Universe: Queen, Dreams and Numbers

The past that is already dead remains present in the future that has yet to be born.” — Lewis Mumford.

Zuvuya is the language of the rememberers.” –Jose Arguelles

The Dreamtime has been highly activated. Simultaneously, the pressure is being turned up in the alchemical vessel of Timeship Earth. 

We are now 21 years since 9-11-2001. On the 113th day after 9-11-22, it will be another Gregorian New Year. The year 2023 marks 441 years that we have been using the Gregorian calendar. 1582 + 441 = 2023.

The numbers grow louder with each Gregorian year. Here I will share a few keys, numbers and dreams to activate your further decodements. Feel free to share more.

There were 911 days between the announcement of the “pandemic lockdown” on 3-11-20 and Queen Elizabeth’s passing on Kin 113 (9-8-22). 113 is 311 backward. I will unfold that more after giving further context. 

9-11-22 was on Kin 116. If you turn it upside down and reverse it, 116 is 911. Also, note that 11-9 was the end of World War 1 in 1918. 

Mirror Universe

We are all working together telepathically and in the dreamtime. If you are not already tracking your dreams, it might be a good time to start.

On the morning of Kin 108, I awoke to a dream of the Mirror Universe, a recurring theme. In the dream, I was walking on a forest trail when the landscape began to change. The flora and fauna was morphing and soon I found myself on an unusual, yet beautiful tropical island.

I was basking in a warm, velvety breeze when I was greeted by two men who were very familiar. Their skin was highly melanated; a beautiful luminous blue-black color. They radiated a deep peace and wisdom. I have dreamed of these beings before. In my dream I wondered if they were the Dogon People associated with Sirius C? Such unconditional warmth and buoyant joy exuded from their presence. They motioned me to a nearby body of water; it looked so pure and crystalline. They pointed to a man swimming. As he came closer to shore, I saw it was Valum Votan! 

After that, I woke up and was inspired to write all 260 numbers of the Tzolkin forward and backward. Then I continued this exercise through to 441. Each mirrored pairing felt like a portal to other universes. Then I began to subtract the lesser number from the greater one and study the multiples of the product. 

Anyone who works with synchronic patterns and numbers knows the incredible harmony and sense of wholeness that overtakes you when you engage the numbers. It lifts us beyond the conceptual mind into the world of energy and frequency. In working with these numbers, I noted that if you subtract the lesser number, you will find that the product is always divisible by 9 or it zeros out in the case of palindromic numbers. 
For example 

119 911
911 – 119 = 792
792 = 9 x 88

441 144 
441 – 144 = 297
297 = 9 x 33

792 297
792 – 297 = 495 
495 = 9 x 55

There are many patterns to discover. Study the palindromes and allow them to reveal their unique personalities to you.  I received the message that this simple exercise is part of the Zuvuya Mirror Universe Radial Training practice.The Mirror Universe is very real and accessible. It is a higher frequency version of the reality that we are now experiencing

Ok — shifting gears, back to Queen Elizabeth. (Disclaimer: in looking at the synchronicities, I am in no way promoting any illusion about Royals and all they are associated with). This is merely to demonstrate the mathematical structure and patterns behind the world of appearance).

Queen Elizabeth’s birth kin is 33: Red Resonant Skywalker. She passed on Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker. Skywalker is associated with Mars. Mars is associated with death fear and the overcoming of it. 

Elizabeth became Queen after the passing of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952: Resonant Moon 28. This day was Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon. Kin 89 is the passing day of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. 130 days later came the the opening of the the tomb of Pacal Votan on Kin 218 (June 15, 1952).

Kin 130 is the White Cosmic Dog, the center of the 260-day Tzolkin matrix. The more we reflect on, examine and decode this reality, the less real it appears.

Elizabeth was officially “crowned” Queen on June 2, 1953: Crystal Moon 4. This day was Kin 50, White Spectral Dog. Her passing was on Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113. Solar is tone 9. Skywalker is solar seal 13.

9.13 signifies the mathematical code of the prophetic sign of the prophecy of Pacal Votan, long count date  

9 x 13 = 117.   Kin 117 is September 12, 2022. Kin 117 is Red Cosmic Earth; it is the number that Transcends Synchronicity. This day marks 22 spins (22 x 260) since Valum Votan’s dream about the number 441. Kin 22 is sign of Bolon Ik. This dream in 2007 activated a time release of vast information templates, that ultimately led to the Holomind Perceiver. (For the whole story, see Time, Synchronicity, and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life of Jose Arguelles, and Book of the Cube.)

Continuing with number 117; if we add the five kin numbers of the fifth force oracle, the sum is 911. 911 reduces to Base Matrix unit 29. There are 116 heptads (weeks) in 29 moons of 28 days each. 29 x 28 = 812.

812 is 218 backward, the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. 

117 711
711 – 117 = 594
594 = 9 x 66

218 812 812 – 218 = 594
594 = 9 x 66

Another dream followed the Mirror universe dream, two days later on White Rhythmic Dog. The dream took place in Picarquin, Chile where I found myself at the 49-day Earth Wizards seminar that was held by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1999. Noting one thousand years earlier in 999 Quetzalcoatl departed on a “raft of serpents” vowing to return on a day “sacred to his name.”

While I had not been physically to this seminar, the dream was vivid and I saw many who had been there and felt gratitude for those who heard the call to learn something so new on this Planet. This event was the genesis of the making conscious and anchoring the Law of Time and synchronic order on Velatropa 24.3 (Earth).

Main dream message: Don’t forget the origin nor forget the completion. The Gregorian calendar is a control mechanism that works subliminally to maintain the present dis-order of false reality. The level of conditioning on our planet runs deep and all traces back to instruments of “time control.” Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock are time distortion filters that keep people confused and in a state of fear. “Who owns your time owns your mind.”  Discipline of mind, body and spirit is of most importance of this time to stay above controlled narratives.

28 Year Cycles
Noting also that the Gregorian calendar repeats in the 28-year cycles as demonstrated in chapter 5 of Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs by Jose Arguelles.
The Twin Towers were dedicated in 1973 and destroyed 28 years later in 2001, and 28 years before that was Hiroshima. There are many more historical examples listed in that chapter.

There are 28 years between the 9-11-2001 date and 2029, the final Solar Ring of the 9-year vision map that was put forth in 2020 in the Blue Lunar Storm. 

28 years before 2012 was 1984, the year associated with George Orwell’s novel that depicts humanity in constant surveillance by Big Brother, in a world where “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; and Ignorance is Strength.”

28 years after 2012 is 2040. This is significant within the synchronic order, as 2039-2040 completes the 52 Solar Ring cycle that began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. Harmonic Convergence completed the Quetzalcoatl prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells.

July 26, 1987 – July 24, 1988: Solar Ring of the White Galactic Wizard.

July 26, 2039 – July 24, 2040: Solar Ring of the White Galactic Wizard. This completes New Sirius Cycle 52.

January 24, 2039 (Resonant Moon 24) would have been the 100th solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, who was born in 1939. He would have been Kin 111: Blue Resonant Monkey.

Then we start the 53rd solar orbit of the 13 Moon calendar in 2040-2041, which is coded by the Blue Solar Storm, Kin 139. Synchronically, this is the galactic signature of Princess Diana.

The number 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker is the same as One Reed, in the Nahuatl tradition. Quetzalcoatl was also known as One Reed.

The prophecy of Quetzalcoatl’s return is universal, for it is the deliverance from the present hell.” —Jose Arguelles/The Transformative Vision.

Could it be that December 21, 2012, date was a 28-year time-released unfoldment that concludes in 2039-2040? All possibilities exist in a radial universe that operates on zuvuya principles. 

Access your future self to change the past.  We are altering Time by observing it. This is a dream. It will all disappear.  Enter the Mirror realm. 
Energy and frequency determine what happens next.


19 thoughts on “Mirror Universe: Queen, Dreams and Numbers

  1. Yesterday i happened to be reading in Surfers of the Zuvuya, especially from p.127 (my Kin Lahun Manik) on: chapter 7 ‘The Zen of the clean wave-form’ on living your archetype fully in the now

  2. Yesterday i happened to be reading in Surfers of the Zuvuya, especially from p.127 (my Kin Lahun Manik) on: chapter 7 ‘The Zen of the clean wave-form’ on living your archetype fully in the now.

  3. Regarding these sentence (From “We are now 21 years since 9-11-2001″…) in the article, I have seen the same discussion on Chinese websites and it is really so interesting to communicate that these people may not know the 13 moon calendar or heard of 12:60 oder, but they still find these coincidences (Synchronicity).

    My feeling is that with the death of the Queen on Kin 139, was also a reaction to the collapse of London Bridge. An old system, an old order is collapsing and ending.

    —Kin 239 Lin

  4. AS-SALAAM-ALAIKUM Sister Red Queen, “Mira” was the significant word of my study today. Meaning “Look/Observe” in the Spanish language. As per instructions I searched higher and wider into its reflections, where it’s highest reflection revealed was with Al-Malik! The Universal King! This name is One of the 99 Attributes of Allah and one of The Sacred 14 Muqatta’at letters of The Holy Qur’an. We as the creatures of The Most Gracious Creator are created in “His mirror image and likeness”. We are further beckoned to become as His Twin Mind (11) and at the completion (9) of our divine journey ultimately reside as One Mind.
    So Happy to know you are blesed by Allah with the peace of spiritual and sacred time with Brother Valum Voltan. I pray all is well with you sister 💌💐- Kin 161

  5. This is fascinating about palindrome numbers! It seems that every pair up to 999 is not only divisible by 9, but by 9 AND 11! With the final pair which doesn’t zero out (998 & 899) being exactly 9 x 11! (998 – 899 = 99… 9 x 11)

    Once you go beyond 999 into the thousands it just remains as a multiple of 9… so interesting!!

    • All these numbers mean a lot to me but not many people know me…. my birthday is 9.13.1989 I was born at 13:13, I come from a 13th child with 13 members in my family…..the list goes on and on but it’s nothing to nobody but me and I’m fine with that. Have a beautiful day. :)
      Kin 33

  6. YES! Thank you for sharing the divisibity of 9 & 11 too! I’m really excited to see that the frequency of thought (Mirror Universe & Mira/Malik Universe) was an alignment. I’ve already implemented continue the palindrome (#)system into my study and it is very interesting.

    It equates that our completed journey(9) in this gregorian order raises us toward the grand achievement, never zero-ing out however, adding as twin souls/flames (11) to our Heavenly Creator to begin life again in a new frequency with peace of mind. Thank you for your time.

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  8. Wow and double wow!!
    So Im just seeing this article now and, admittedly, I have been having to work in time is money mentality and concentrate on paying bills and have not been as immersed in the numbers as I was just a few weeks ago…BUT have been “seeing” and experiencing the mirror effect you are mentioning!!! I have been seeing 119 so often and in so many organic ways that it has to be telepathy and also runes!!! I’m seeing runes and in their mirror, not so much merkstave but mirror. Oh God thank you! Thank you for not letting me go into full consciousness trap and also I know that the Higher Self/Source path requires 100% surrender and I haven’t always done that…I AM Willing and I ask for assistance in clearing any and all blocks to full alignment. Thank you thank you thank you

    My all time favorite quote from his last words:

    Fear nothing! The world is an illusion, a plastic facade bendable but the Truth.

    Dear God let us all Remember

  9. Wow thank you so much for this. This is really poignant & incredibly important to be aware of. I am so glad to come across this also because a week or so ago I had a bizarre dream about England & the queens death too (all of these new age type people were gathering and playing singing bowls, burning sage & doing energy work on her etc, embalming her like they did in ancient Egypt so she could pass through to a higher realm instead of going to hell was what I assumed about the event; I believe I was just observing it & not involved in the rituals)
    I felt maybe it has something to do with a release of dark magic entrapment on that land & is becoming more free for the dragon lines to re-emerge stronger & templates of sacred love to be available again for us to embody- the lands of England becoming more sovereign and restored perhaps. I’m curious if anyone has more thoughts on this …

    I also feel to share that I had an incredibly important dream quite a few months ago now of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan which I feel you will find interesting since you have been connecting with him in the astral too & perhaps an insight to share about it may come forth intuitively from you?
    I was in an apothecary and I saw all of these bottled essences with incredibly intricate shining geometry particles in the bottom, and labels with peoples names all of them blurry but I saw Jose Arguelles clearly, I intuitively picked this bottle and filled the dropper essence and dropped it under my tongue like you would a usual vibrational or spagyric essence, I was then immediately transported up into a higher realm where Jose himself was there (it was just him & I in this geometric vibrational landscape) and I was talking to him about the Zuvuya etc and getting messages and insights directly from him (I wish for the life of me I could remember the conversation clearly) I remember us talking a lot and streaming the information quickly, I was incredibly eager & excited by what was happening & to learn from him 1:1! I have anchored since this dream that my life path involves deep work in these Mayan realms so I am immersing and studying more. Since then also my entheogenic experiences have had a lot to do with Quetzalcoatl, Hunab Ku, the Tzolkin and my own kin 108 Yellow self-existing Star.
    Thank you so much for reading & if you have any further insights or wish to connect I would absolutely love to hear from you

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