Zuvuya Experiment: Mirror Wavespell

Zuvuya is the path that anything takes to return to its source. Though it may take many appearances, the Source is always One.

We are in the Mirror Wavespell that concludes on the White Cosmic Dog, Kin 130, at the center of the 260-day Tzolkin Matrix.

This is an invitation to join in the inner realms in our work with these mirrored numbers for this 13 day cycle. And also to keep track of our dreams. Working with numbers and patterns helps us to penetrate the density that is currently enveloping our Planet. The numbers return us back to the synchronic order, which is always harmonic.

The Tzolkin, also known as the Harmonic Module, is an interdimensional time tool. Its symbols and numbers represent vertical intersections to your physical plane of third-dimensional time that can be tracked on our solar calendar.

To connect with this Mirror experiment on the Inner planes:

Write all 260 numbers forward and backward. Study them.

Subtract the larger number from the smaller one.

Note the palindromes. Note the multiples of 9. Find the patterns. Play. Study the numbers within the Tzolkin. Listen. This will help further plug us into the interactive intelligence of the Mathematical Universe. Also see: https://1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=7861&action=edit

If you have been studying this knowledge for awhile, you may also wish to continue this practice to 441 and beyond, and then map the patterns within the Holomind Perceiver.

Note your dreams in this 13-day cycle (wavespell). This Mirror Wavespell includes the Equinox on Kin 127, and concludes with a New Moon on Electric 6 (September 25). Also, contemplate:

Wavespell is a 13 day cycle. This cycle is a fractal of the Tzolkin.

The 260-unit Tzolkin contains 20 wave spells. 13 x 20 = 260.

Tzolkin is a fractal of the psi bank.

Psi bank is the cosmic registry and storage unit of the Earth’s evolutionary timing programs. It is correlated with the sunspot cycles (see Earth Ascending).

The psi bank is the nervous system of the Noosphere (planetary mind). Noosphere is the self-realized Planetary Mind.

The Noosphere is directly related to the electromagnetic field of the earth. There has been an increase in the intensity of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, directly affecting Earth’s aura. The activity of the Sun, with its increased plasmas and electromagnetism, directly affects our Consciousness.

When we realize the Noosphere, we experience ourselves as one Consciousness in many different space suits, spread out over time and space, unified by telepathy. This means that you who are reading these words are the same One who is writing these words. This is why we say In lak’ech: I am another yourself.

“All is a number; God is a number, God is in all.” —Dynamics of Time.

1.35: Lunar Moon 22
Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror
BMU 422
Kin eq. 185

17 thoughts on “Zuvuya Experiment: Mirror Wavespell

  1. 9/4/22
    follow ups:
    Notes2ValumVotan and adjacent 2009-2020 part 1 and 2:

    part 1
    Notes2ValumVotan and adjacent 2009-2014
    —————————–750 pages
    DESCRIPTION TXT [unprepared]
    numonoia .. the ungrounded [per]version of crush screen sift compost ethics of rock on a roll

    pART 2
    Notes2ValumVotan and adjacent 2015-2020
    —————————–993 pages
    DESCRIPTION TXT [unprepared]
    true grit does not automatically follow from a true grid .. usually not .. but not less than after other flexes

    These 2 volumes are follow ups to a 422 pdf put online in april 2021 covering the noughties thru 2015..
    a pdf to 2011, the rest in htm with obsolete color code [blame my faithfulness to netscape composer]

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  3. YES!! Infinite Gratitude to you Stephanie for ALL you are holding and transmitting and pulsing on behalf of the whole, on behalf of our self-remembrance of how to be beacons of cosmic harmony to bless and uplift this planetary, galactic whole. Know our gratitude! In Lak’ech, 173

  4. we are seeds from the stars my brother and sister seeds ,I love the world we belong to, kin 219 harmony for all…

  5. The heart and never giving up on your dreams speaks straight to INTENTION the key that I have been working on sharing.
    The heart is your inner child that you brought with you, the you that you were when you were born.
    Life has a way of causing that inner child to be covered in fear and misunderstanding.
    It is time to go back and uncover him/her to remember what your INTENTIONS were/are when you came here/now.
    This is the base of INTENTION, the foundation of your reality.
    Intention is the very key to opportunity.
    Few realize the importance of this little word.
    Intention bypasses reason and transcends human logic.
    If you want to ‘control’ your outcome control your intention.
    Affirm and reaffirm your intention ‘hourly’.
    Get to know your intention, dissect it get down to its roots, find where it is coming from…

  6. Wow! Thank you 🙏 🌻💜 I’m never not in awe of being a part of this and learning how to “radiate love to all of my environment” with my favorite mantra-quote by Valum Votan: “I have nothing to lose by loving everybody”.
    Something has shifted in me and I feel grounded for the first time in my entire life, and elemental world is really responding and it’s humbling and terrific and beautiful all at once.
    Infinitely grateful for you and All That Is.

    In Lak’ech

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