Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

We are now entering into a New Time and a renewal in our history in which Telepathy is being applied in accessing higher and higher states of spiritual consciousness in which not only a few will become masters of this art, but the New Civilization will be ruled by the Minds of the Righteous in a totally New Universal World of Peace. — Mother Tynetta Muhammad

In this time when there is so much prejudice, misunderstanding, and judgement regarding different faiths, I ask that you read this with an open mind and heart. We are transcending history and lifting above our dualities and preconceptions in order to see the divine mathematical template woven within all people, events, traditions, etc. This is what we call the hand of GOD = GALACTIC ORDERING DYNAMIC.

At this present stage of time we recognize that words are full of conditionings. The Law of Time and synchronic order are keys to understanding  the interconnectedness of creation through mathematics.  When we begin to perceive the synchronic circuitry that weaves through all people, places and events then our perceptions are lifted into non-dual galactic consciousness.


Mother Tynetta Muhammad: Kin 67, Blue Lunar Hand: Stabilizing Healing.

This blog is in honor of the passing of Mother Tynetta Muhammad on February 16, 2015, White Rhythmic Wizard, Kin 214.

Mother Tynetta (also known as Mother of the Faithful), was a dynamic speaker, gifted musician,  learned scholar and promoter of the Nation of Islam as well as indigenous rights. She also had a profound understanding of the Law of TIme and the universal mathematics behind creation. As she was a close friend with Jose Arguelles, I was privileged to meet her on several occasions.

Mother Tynetta’s husband, Hon. Elijah Muhammad, taught that Islam is mathematics. Shortly before his passing in 1975, he put forth a 22-part series called The Theology of TIME and told Tynetta that she should study the worlds’ calendars and prophecies, not only those of the black people, but of the brown and red races as well, especially the prophecies of Mexico. He said within 20 years a time would come for a new teaching and she should look for these signs.

While in Egypt in August of 1987, she received a leaflet about the Harmonic Convergence and went to meditate in the Great Pyramid. Soon after this, she discovered The Mayan Factor and was intrigued by the 0-19 code.

The Ancient Maya had the most advanced system of numbers and knowledge of time. In the vigesimal system  the count is by 20 (fourth dimensional time), as compared with the decimal count of 10 (third-dimensional time). The positional zero represents the factor of 20 and is written with a simple symbol in dot-bar notation.


The vigesimal mathematics of the 13:20 frequency is known as the 0-19 code, which is written in simple dot-bar notation.

19 Code/Rashad Khalifa

All is Number, God is a Number, GOD is in all. Dynamics of Time 19.13.

Nineteen is over all. Quran, 74:30

Mother Tynetta had studied the Quranic 19 code after her initial meeting in 1980 with Dr. Rashad Khalifa, an Egyptian scientist who performed an exhaustive investigation of the number nineteen in relation to the Quran. He found that nineteen is the common denominator throughout the Quran’s mathematical system.

Khalifa had moved to the United States from his homeland of Egypt in 1959, seven years after the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

Mother Tynetta wrote a regular column Unveiling the 19 Code in the Final Call magazine and stated: “.. all my fields of studies attest to and prove that the universal Language of Mathematics provides for the measurement of Music (sound), Color, (light) and Medicine which involves the chemistry of the atoms of life, our DNA and the physics of our Universe.

She put forth that GOD speaks all languages at once by using an “underlying linguistic code common to all.” This code is the universal language of mathematics.


Jose Arguelles first met Mother Tynetta in 1988 and learned about the work of Khalifa. He   later began his own investigation based on the 19 code in relation to the Law of Time, much of which is chronicled in his unpublished work: The Holy Quran and the Law of Time: 19 = 260.

Synchronicity 19 

Rashad Khalifa pointed out that there are six suras in the Quran that are multiples of 19: 19, 38, 57, 76, 95, 114. The sum of these numbers is 399 (19×21). The total number of verses in these six suras equals 260, the number of the Tzolkin matrix. 399 written in vigesimal system is 19:19. Jesus birth is announced in the Quran in sura 19:19. 

The number 19 is used 6 times in the Bible. 19 x 6 = 114, the number of suras in the Quran.

 ‘By focusing on number you will be led to high truth and a powerful description of nature and time. Understand number and mathematics so you can see the higher level of how the creation of GOD emanates from what we call number into manifestation and then into words and language.’ –Jose Argues

The Mother Wheel, Quetzalcoatl and Islam

Elijah Muhammad (Poole) studied day and night with the mysterious Fard Muhammad for 3.5 years in the early 1930’s in Detroit, Michigan. He preached that God is One, and urged Black people to return to the religion of their ancestors. images-6

Master Fard Muhammad, Kin 34, who was from the area of the Caucasus in the mountains of Russia, founded the Nation of Islam July 4, 1930, Kin 7.

Early in 1934, Master Fard Muhammad traveled to Mexico, and the last Elijah heard of him was through a letter received in the middle of that year.

Elijah Muhammad went on to lead the Nation of Islam. He taught his followers about a Mother Plane or Wheel, a UFO that was seen and described in the visions of the prophet Ezekiel.

Exactly forty years after Master Fard went to Mexico, in 1974, Elijah went to Mexico and found a house for his wife Tynetta and their four children to live in in Cuernavaca.

The successor to Hon. Elijah Muhammad is Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Kin 17: Red Self Existing Earth; Master Fard Muhammad, Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard; and Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, Kin 8: Yellow Galactic Star.

On September 17, 1985: Red Resonant Earth, Kin 137, Minister Louis Farrakhan, accompanied by a few others including Mother Tynetta, claims he was taken into the Mother Wheel (UFO) while in Tepotzlan, Mexico. In this craft, many things were revealed when he had direct communication with Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

It is interesting to note that this event occurred atop Tepotezco Mountain, a place dedicated to  Quetzalcoatl.

In the Telektonon prophecy, Quetzalcoatl is known as the special voice of Muhammad. Quetzalcoatl lived between AD 947 and 999 and left the prophecy of thirteen heavens and nine hells, a 1144 year cycle that ran from 843-1987.

If you add the numbers in the years between Quetzalcoatls’ birth and death, the sum is 47 (9+4+7+9+9+9 = 47) Sura 47 in the Quran is entitled “Muhammad.”

Muhammad and Pacal Votan

The discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan occurred exactly 1320 years after the death of Muhammad.


Garab Dorje (Pramodavajra),

Pacal Votan “time’s special witness” and Muhammad were contemporaries. Also alive at this time was Garab Dorje (Pramodavajra), who brought the Tibetan mind teachings of Dzogchen to the world. This was also the time of Pope Gregory 1 (540 – 604),  who consolidated the Catholic church as the Vatican.

Pacal Votan was appointed the throne in 615 at the age of 12. Simultaneously on the other side of the world, Muhammad was in his sixth year of receiving the Quran from the angel Gabriel.

When Pacal Votan finally came into his full power at the age of 29 in 632, Muhammad passed away, leaving the Quran as the “final criteria.”

It is interesting to note that Buddha, Christ and Muhammad were each born 570 years apart, Muhammad being born in A.D. 570.

570 x 2 = 1140 which is four years short of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl (1144 years) as well as a fractal of 114 (19 x 6), the number of suras in the Quran.

570 = 19 x 30. The Nation of Islam was founded in 1930.

Rashad Khalifa 0-19 code

It took more than 1300 years since the development of Islam in the Old World before this mathematical structure could be discovered with the use of computers.

Dr. Khalifa completed the introduction of the Quranic 0-19 code in December 1989, the same month as Arguelles discovered the Law of Time.

The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed–the suras, the verses, the words, the numbers of certain letters, the number of words from the same root, the number and variety of divine names, the unique spelling of certain words, the absence of deliberate alteration of certain letters within certain words, and many other elements of the Quran besides its content.

–Rashad Khalifa

Khalifa was assassinated precisely 52 days after Jose Arguelles discovered the 12:60 and 13:20 timing frequencies in Geneva Switzerland.

Khalifa was born in 1935 at the beginning of the final 52 year hell cycle of the Quetzalcoatl 13 heavens and 9 hells prophecy.

52 is sacred to the Maya. 13 x 52 = 364 days (+1 Day out of Time).

Quetzalcoatl was 52 years old when he died.

The word Allah (GOD) is mentioned 2698 time in the Quran. The base matrix unit of this number is 52.

In the Quran there are three verses with 52 chapters: Sura 14: Abraham, Sura 68: The Pen and also Sura 69: Absolute Reality.

By its nature, the Law of Time is unifying and creates context for what would otherwise appear as isolated events or personages. This is because the Law of Time contains mathematical confirmation of all systems of thought as different facets of the same synchronic order.

Telektonon Revelation and 13 Moons

Unknown-8In 1993, Mother Tynetta gave Jose a pivotal book called: De Tulan el Lejano (From Distant Tollan). This book describes a number of high beings from the star Tau Ceti (Tollan) who were traveling, not in a spaceship, but in a timeship.

As their timeship moved through the dimensions into the third dimension, trouble ensued, and it crashed or dissolved. On this ship were many messengers, including Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad and Homer. See manuscript here:

The following day July 26, 1993, Kin 144,  Jose received the vision of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan. Much decoding for this prophecy was completed while he was staying at the home of Mother Tynetta in Cuernavaca, Mexico. (Note: Rashad Khalifa was 54 when he was assassinated. Jose was 54 when he received the Telekonon prophecy).

The Telektonon prophecy is a prophecy for the people of the dawn and the people of the book based on return to a 13 moon, 28-day cycle of harmony.

“Woman has the knowledge instinctively within her of the proper movement of the 28 day lunar cycle.  The more we know about the rhythm of the universe and the more we know about the cycles of the orbits of all objects in space, the more we will value and love womanhood.  Woman is impressed, is imprinted, in every divine act of Universal Order.”
–Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

Mother Tynetta introduced Jose to Islam and gave him his first Quran December 28, 1993, Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm. He was in his 55th consecutive reading of the Quran at the time of his passing in 2011. Within the mathematical unity of the Quran Jose found a radial code of transcendent unity which, he called, “the intelligence authoring the entire universe.”

Our prayers are with the family and friends of Mother Tynetta Muhammad.


Mother Tynetta’s home in Cuernevaca Mexico, 2010

The human being, the greatest of God’s creation has been also created to function by the Law of Time and whenever we go contrary to the Law of Time this brings a cessation to our motion and an untimely end to our affairs. The progress of human beings and nations of the earth today is limited because we are not in accord with the Law of Time under which we were created. God permitted a contrary world to come into existence that does not function according to the laws of divine time, therefore the life span of this world, nations, government, institutions as well as people is shortened. The Law of time is the standard by which we should measure all things. Institution should flow from the knowledge of time.
Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, kin 8.

17 thoughts on “Mother Tynetta Muhammad and the 19 Code

  1. Previous White Planetary Mirror kin 218, the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan, kin 73 & 216 visited the Temple of Pacal Votan and the Red Queen. The highly coded tomb of Pacal Votan is not accesable for public and so it closed by a fence at the top. But on this day the door in the fence, which is normally closed, was mysteriously opened, altough you were not allowed to enter. It was 88 spins since the discovery in 1952 and kin 88, Yellow Planetary Star is the perfect antipode to kin 218.

    Thank you for sharing this blog and it’s beautiful insights, I am deeply touched by it.

    Sieger Galactic Skywalker

  2. I recommend this page if people feel to explore Quran, cause there is so many crooked translations on the Web. There are also Videos of Rashad Kalifa linked. Listen to the peacefull and wise Man.
    If one Person on this Planet understood the Quran and it`s spiritual content it was certainly Jose Arguelles. His work 19=260 is prooving such a brilliant Genius. The Pdf was linked already somewhere else, so I think it is Ok if I do again.

    It´s so sad to see all those freaked out maniac Killers who try to establish an Islamic State in the Name of God. Already normal Islam is instrumentalized by the ruling power elite and far away of Muhammad`s and the Quran`s original Message. I myself struggle every day with the Mass Media Picture of Islam and what I know it really is. And I have to say this now: There is no difference between Neo-Liberal American Troops who start Wars and kill hundred thousands of Civilians in the Name of Money/Oil including Guantanamo and Abu Graib and totally freaked out killing IS Maniacs who do all their barbarity in the Name of Allah. Apocalypse Now 2001- 2015 … 9/11 opened fully the Gates of Humanitys Book of Revelation. What karmic Desaster! Where did this all start, on which planet? We now have the Equation: ISIS=PENTAGON=HELL`S BOTTOM … Ironically a fusion of polarities. (See Time and the Technosphere by Jose Arguelles)

    The Conquest of the New World starting in Europe about 500 Years ago carried within it`s luggage: Colonialism, Christanity, Capitalism and finally Globalisation. In the same way a “Way of Life” expanded over the Planet – the Technosphere, a Calendar did and finally ruled the whole World with it`s crooked timing standard. The Gregorian Calendar, now the World Standard has it`s roots in the Vatican, the katholic Church State in Rome, Italy. It programs the World-Mind unconciously again and again with it`s History Movies. The Gregorian Calendar is the base of the above mentioned CCCG program.

    In this way we could say that Submission and Islam was a very important counter balancing force to Globalisation and Christianity or the “White – We rule the World” program. Peacefull Islam was an anchor for all supressed, colonialiced, and indigenous people. It carried within the hope for Justice and Redemption.

    It`s amazing to consider that the former katholic Pope Ratzinger Kin 133 announced his stepping down from the Throne – an act which a Pope didn`t do for the last 700 years – on Kin 259. Finally he did this then on Febr. 28, the only Month in the Gregorian Calendar with 28 days.

    If you study the 19=260 Matrix on page 86 linked above, 19=260 Over it is Nineteen you will notice that Kin 7, 19, 247 and 259 form the Matrix of the 13 Gates of Redemption, with 133 in the Center. All those Kins hold important frequencies.

    This means that the old Timing Program has already been deleted in the unconcious, and the War of Heavens is in it`s last frequency battle: Globalisation vs Submission. There is no Winner, what will follow is Homo Noosphericus. The FREE and self-determining Human. It is only a matter of time, that the NEW TIME and NEW EARTH will grow out of the ashes of this grand karmic Outplay.
    NOW is the End of History.

    in lak ech
    GA 1.13.3 Kin 189 LCP 133 on the Galactic 8th Moon Day 20 Kin 224

    “The memory of a -lost chord or lost planet- is also deeply embedded in the unconcious of the human psyche.”

  3. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:
    ***a Realization a day! keeps da’ doc away!
    New Universal World of Peace…a topic for
    the Unitted Nations! yes indeed. Namaste’ R.Q. frum q

  4. So why do people using dreamspell counting, talk about mayas.? They are on anoher count then the dreamspell. I even vind clips of native mayan people discrediting jose’s worm. Whats all this about?

  5. Hi there, I couldn’t help but notice this, “52 is sacred to the Maya. 13 x 52 = 364 days (+1 Day out of Time)”. 13 x 52 = 676… 7 x 52 = 364 days (+1 Day out of time)

  6. Allah praises is due to Allah for Mother Tynetta Muhammad i never in 25 years study to much of her work but read the final call of the scientific language and codes message as she explained i wish i was able to meet her to help me define these words and number system Allah has shared with me in these 25 years since i visit the wheels at the age of 22 when Minister Farrakhan gave me my Holy name in a believer meeting when he didn’t called me by Christopher Muhammad he said Christ Muhammad

  7. Peace,

    I do not ascribe to her teachings or Elijah Muhammad’s. My concern is the apparent (typo) or erroneous assertion that her galactic signiture was white rhythmic wizard when in fact she held the signiture of Blue Lunar Hand.
    Is this a mistake? If not, it is misinformation.

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