Las Vegas and Maldek Kin 135: Blue Overtone Eagle. Harvest Moon

The fracturing of the original cosmic Mandala was replayed at Mandalay Bay Resort with the largest mass shooting in  U.S. history (next to Wounded Knee), leaving at least 59 dead and more than 520 injured. Inevitably much more will be revealed in the days to come.

As we watch the theater of world events escalating, it can appear that there is no hope, purpose or future in the Present Order.  The levels of fear, confusion and suffering are immense on our planet.

This entry is to shed light on the symbology behind the recent Las Vegas shooting from the Galactic Mayan vantage point. The intention is to offer keys to help trigger your own process of memory retrieval.

I had just arrived in Las Vegas for a few nights on the afternoon of Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey (October 1, 2017). Though I was no where near the Strip, I was up all night feeling it.  This event triggered a fractal replay of the final days of Maldek.

The shooting occurred 9 days after the Autumn Equinox on the final night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and 4 days before the Harvest Moon (the tenth full moon of the year). The Harvest Moon is also known as Hunter moon and/or Blood Moon.

From a higher vantage point, the destruction of Maldek represents a point of “failure” in the process of evolution. It recalls the primal shattering of the cosmic egg that sent ripples of dissonance forward and backward through time.

Cosmic History states: War is the institutionalization of a primal carnal crime originated on Maldek, it legitimizes killing just for the sake of killing.

In his book Other Tongues, Other Flesh (1953), George Williamson Hunt writes:

.. the Old Testament has many references to the destruction of Lucifer or Maldek. Maldek, as a world, came to an abrupt end during the Exodus from Egypt in the days of Moses (13th century before Christ). The Exodus took place amid a great natural upheaval that terminated the period of Egyptian history known as the Middle Kingdom. Contemporary Egyptian documents describe the same disaster accompanied by “the plagues of Egypt”.

One of the first visible signs on Earth of the destruction of Maldek was the reddening of the earth’s surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. Ipuwer, an Egyptian eyewitness of the catastrophe, wrote his description on papyrus: “The river is blood. Plague is throughout the land. Blood is everywhere.”

After the Las Vegas massacre, hundreds rushed to bloodbanks to donate blood.

The alleged shooter (some believe there were multiple) was pictured with what appeared as the number 13 tattooed to his neck.

In the Tarot number 13 is the death card.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark is Eihwaz which also represents death, and is connected to Yggdrassil, the World Tree, which Odin hung from for 9 nights to learn the secrets of the Universe.

Of course the true meaning of the number 13 has been inverted so that it has become associated with death and darkness rather than resurrection and life (just like Isis has been coopted).

Both the 9-11 attacks and the Las Vegas shooting occurred on Monkey days, which represents magic and illusion. This is further coded by 91 (13 x 7) (Route 91).

Kin 91 is Blue Cosmic Monkey. Cosmic = 13

Kin 131 is Blue Magnetic Monkey. Magnetic = 1

So we have the Magnetic (1) and the Cosmic (13) Monkey encoded.

In the Dreamspell cosmology, the end of the Monkey Genesis is the point at which a low frequency beam hit the earths ionosphere and inseminated the electromagnetic field of our Planet with an artificial time veil.

This 12:60 beam, localized (in this galaxy) on Saturn and Jupiter, had the effect to alter DNA and consign the majority of human minds to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension of reality.

This time released Beam began to electromagnetically permeate the minds of certain ones who were predisposed to begin the process of spreading a culture of death by blotting out knowledge of the 13th moon (which represents life-force, femininine energy and resurrection).

As a result degeneration set in, as did the amplification of the Time Wars on earth (of which many star systems are involved).

This low frequency beam has everything to do with the “theft of time” and slave system that we find ourselves in. It also offers clues to the origin of our collective cosmic amnesia that leads to the recovery of our true identity as multidimensional beings.

Back to Las Vegas: 2017

The opening of Mandalay Bay Resort occurred on  March 2, 1999, Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star. It is located next to the Luxor Hotel and Casino, the 9th largest hotel in the world.

The Luxor is designed as a pyramid similar in size to the Red Pyramid in Egypt and also includes a Sphinx and an Obelisk.

Symbolically, the Luxor is connected by walkways to the Excalibur (to the north) and the Mandalay Bay (to the south). But most interesting is that each night the Luxor projects the strongest Beam of light in the world! Most curious to consider.

Luxor opened on October 13, 1993: Kin 223, Blue Lunar Night, sign of Saturn.  There were several deaths during construction as well as a few suicides along with many reported UFO sitings at this venue.

The Luxor is 365 feet tall and located at address 3900 (3 x 1300). This calls to memory Thoth, the Egyptian god associated with the creation of the 365-day calendar of which New Year’s Day coincides with the annual heliacal rising of the star Sirius. This is the same starting date as the 13 Moon calendar.

Most pyramids were built to align with the planet Venus, the stars of Sirius and the Orion constellation. In ancient Egypt, the Orion constellation is represented by Osiris, god of the dead.

Osiris was killed and dismembered into 14 pieces by Set, god of destruction, chaos and death.  Osiris wife Isis reassembled the pieces and resurrected him long enough to conceive a son, Horus.  Horus later seeks revenge on Set.

In early times Set was worshipped as the god of wind and desert storms. The word for desert in Egyptian, was Tesherit,similar to the word for red, Tesher. This is interesting in light of an Egyptian pyramid placed in the Las Vegas desert.

Set and Horus continue to battle for control of the world, setting up an epic conflict of good versus evil.  Thoth (a.k.a Tehuti or Hermes) was the only deity able to control Set.

Draco Constellation

Six days after the Las Vegas shooting on Red Resonant Earth (October 7 =10-7), comets rained from the skies from the Draco Constellation. Draco is Latin for Dragon. Red Resonant Earth, Kin 137 is also known as Ah Vuc Ti Kab, Lord of the center of the earth.

Riding the zuvuya back to when the pyramids were originally built,  the star closet to the North Pole was Thuban, in Draco. Today the star Polaris marks the North Pole.

As galactic history recounts that during the Draco-Orion wars Lyra was brutally attacked and the survivors of the Lyraen race transmigrated to other solar systems including the Milky Way, landing on Mars and Maldek.

The Earth is now on the same path that Lucifer-Maldek took. Atomic power on that planet ended in destruction to end all destruction. But it will not happen on the Earth; our brothers in outer space will not allow the Earth to end as Maldek did. There will be catastrophes, yes, but greet them with a prayer on your lips and joy in your heart for it is a sign unto you that your deliverance is nigh.                                        — George Williamson Hunt

Further synchronic notes: The Las Vegas shootings occurred 218 weeks and 2 days since the commencement of the New Galactic Beam in Mt. Shasta, CA on July 26, 2013.

218 is the galactic signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico). A major earthquake hit this region 23 days before the Las Vegas incident, and was followed 12 days later by the devastating earthquake in Mexico City (nearby pyramids of Teotihuacan).

Mandalay Bay address 3950 Las Vegas Blvd., 89119.  (39 + 50 = 89). Of course 1989 is the year of the discovery of the Law of Time and Kin 89 is the day of the passing of Valum Votan who discovered it and transmitted the GM108x. 19 + 89 = 108.

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action. –Meister Eckhart


19 thoughts on “Las Vegas and Maldek

  1. It caught my eye that you mentioned a day in the future as if it was already in the past (October 7)…

    October 7, 2017 (Red Resonant Earth) happens to be exactly 260 days, or one spin since #45 was inaugurated. Here is a transcript of a meditation I did on that day…

    Resonant Moon 11, Earth 7, 2017

    (Inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th president of the USA).

    Days like today show the weather of the mind. Storms are created when highs and lows meet. When extremes come together. The result is a great swirling; a tornado or hurricane that is formed to dissipate and discharge the uneven forces as quickly as possible. Weather of the mind is no different, and you will discover that weather of the mind and weather of the planet are linked; one affects the other. Polarity creates charge. No one person is in charge of this. Figureheads emerge, but that is all they are. So how do you weather the weather?

    This is not the worst America has to offer. There are shadows within shadows, and when the gates are open, all manner of entities pour through uninhibited. This is the true immigrant problem. When you open your front door to the worst of the worst; to fear, prejudice and exceptionalism, you shouldn’t complain when they destroy the living room.

    But this is not the focus of our day, though it be the focal point of the planet.

    We wish to use this moment to support the idea that the creation of your inter-dimensional diamond portal be used for the transmission of high-energy thoughts from transcendent intelligent beings. Wisdom from those who have been through such times as you are now experiencing. Guidance from the future, tied to this moment. What do you say?

    In addition I would like to add this: that if you look at the imagery of the event in Las Vegas you will see an enactment of the war between archetypal male and female energies. The unbalanced male energy as the force from above shooting into the mass of female energy (dancing, singing, music, collective, communication etc) gathered below. Add to this the skewed sexuality of Las Vegas itself where women are paraded as commodities, and you have the perfect storm.

    As long as the male and female are at war internally and externally, we are in trouble. Whatever sex you identify as, please make an effort to understand your opposite.

    It has always struck me with some irony that the 911 event, if it had been linked to the 13 Moon calendar would have been called 411 (Blue Self-Existing Monkey) which is the number you dial when you want information, rather than 911 which is the number you dial when you need emergency help. The emotions tied to 911 are very different to the emotions tied to 411.

    As always RQ, your words are inspirational.

  2. Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for this article!! I am really so interested in pursuing more information on this low frequency beam you refer to above. As part of my service mission I work with the archetypes on the grid and have been clearing and collapsing all these ancient earth timelines associated with my own soul monad as well as Quetzalcoatl as I have this DNA lightbody, that of the feathered serpent which does this on a massive scale. It is a program that activated in my DNA right after 2012 and I am of course trying to piece it all together as we go and have learned much. As we unravel and clear this whole mind control agenda that was entraining the DNA in the brainwave states of Delta primarily but Alpha and Gamma as well to vibrate at very low frequencies I keep hearing about this Ray but until now have not been able to associate it with anything or have any idea where it came from. Maybe I need to read more on Maldek but if you have any further information that I could follow to some more insight on this ray infiltration, I would really appreciate it!!

    Your article is so insightful inasmuch as this event in Las Vegas was indeed rife with occult symbology. I just discovered your blog recently and have been so involved with this work since my lightbody activated that I have been unable to really get involved with anything here in 3d.

    Thank you for your service work and contribution as a divine messenger. It takes us all together in service to get this all cleared and integrated!! Warm Regards, Cheri

    • Hi Cheri, so wonderful to hear this clear articulation… info on beam can be found in many writings of Jose Arguelles, namely Mayan Factor and Surfers of Zuvuya, though written for 2012 they are still relevant now… I’m writing more about it in new book Art of Time, due for 2018… and yes! it takes us working together in service to the ALL to clear the old frequencies and piece together the whole cosmic picture. Love!

      • Thank you so much Stephanie!! As an aside and may address some of the things Paul mentioned above it appears that it was the mitochondrial DNA that was affected primarily by the sine wave or entrainment to the lower frequencies which evoked great emotion within us and also destroyed the akash around the RNA and we lost much of our memory. The RNA has always been the most coveted aspect of our DNA because it is the pure creative source within. We lost our ability to raise kundalini, the life force within. He who controls the emotions, controls the strings of the puppets, keeping them resonating to the lower vibrations and repeating the same things over and over. We created thoughtform nightmares in the astral over all this fear and low level survival mentality.

        It was the divine feminine at this level that was infiltrated and gives all new meaning to the biblical depiction of the serpent (kundalini) and Eve (RNA) who ate the Apple (knowledge/memory) with the worm (sine wave) from the Tree of Life!!

        Oh my gosh eons of femimine guilt promoted by religion for what was a genetic manipulation hahahaha!!

        Now I will read all about the Ray because not only is this responsible for dumping neurotoxins onto the grid affecting our central nervous systems and kundalini but also sending ultrasonic (MK Ultra) pulses through our brainwaves entraining the DNA with low level sine waves keeping it from reaching the higher vibrations. Cells cannot accrete as much light at the lower vibrations.

        Of course this all targeted the earth grids and blueprints which has wreaked all kinds of havok with the time tables and our lightbody circuitry designed to operate at the frequencies of 13:20:33 (alpha, delta, gamma).

        Exciting stuff happening now in our lifetime and so fun to unravel and integrate as we rebuild our biology as a vehicle for experience.

        We just need to let the emotions flow through as everything is coming up to be healed and integrated in this evolutionary lifetime. It was our biology that was infiltrated. Our souls are and always will be eternal!!

        Can’t wait to read your book Stephanie, thank you again!! And to all of us, hang in there, all our hard work is paying off as the DNA heals and the control grids dissolve!! With so much love in unity consciousness :)

  3. Thanks 136 Inlakech

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 5/10/2017, a las 6:21 p.m., 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT escribió: > > >

  4. Thank You RQ. Having a Galactic Perspective on Planet Earth events ALL WAYS helps elevate our perspectives and our responsibility… Indeed, these times are so full of darkness and confusion, ONLY compassion heals. Compassion for all. Inside & outside. There is no other way. For me, this is an endless study.

    As one of my precious teachers Jonathan Goldman shares, these perpetrators are actually simply mediums of our collective lower self insanity that are acting it out for us all to see.. We know that we are all connected … Let us see with open eyes the horrors of these times, yet let us not despair, but let us rise up with even greater motivation to heal our own selves and to stand as Warriors of Love…

    These times are so initiatory… So much catalyzing us to awaken to our hearts. That is the Divine Feminine path that is calling us all – to feel our interconnection, to care, to be humble, to have compassion, to call the light to transform, to dwell in faith and surrender to the mystery…

    May we each be guided to be in Our Place in this Universe
    and do our unique part to help raise our collective human consciousness …

    In this life ~ we will all die, some time ~
    and if we love now, we are already victorious.

    In Lak’ech, Eden Skywalker

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