Breaking the Time Loops and Clearing the Records Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth

Nine-tenths of the people will reject the most overwhelming evidence, even if it is brought to them without any trouble to themselves, only because it happens to clash with their personal interests or prejudices; especially if it comes from unpopular quarters. –HPB

Something happens to you when you realize that your entire life is a self-constructed matrix.

Emotions of many colors arise when you realize the artificial shadow that has been overlaid into your brain. This artificial matrix governs the way you think, your decisions, how you feel about yourself and the world, your beliefs and worries and fears. Who is the puppet master of this matrix?

When one is habituated to see the things behind (externals), one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”

~ Sri Aurobindo

If time is a flowing river ever moving with no obstruction, then this artificial (12:60)matrix is the roadblock that dams the true spirit and splits it off so that pure energy channels are confused and thrown into divergent pathways.

What really matters then is getting your unobstructed flow back. Reconnecting to the Source of the stream.

Are we all lost in time?  What is childhood? Is it a slow eclipse of our memory? Does our memory change as our consciousness evolves?

Time. We have to really go inside to understand–really go inside. What does that mean? How much about yourself do you remember? How do you remember? What is memory? How can memory help in your day-to-day life? How will remembering yourself without the influence of the artificial matrix make you happier? Are you happy?

This artificial matrix (otherwise known as 12:60 frequency) makes us believe that third-dimension is the only valid dimension. Anything outside of this dimensions is labeled as “fringe” or “far out.” When we are locked into this narrow bandwidth then we can become easily triggered by the fluctuations of the external world.

Here are morning notes to Self:

Over identifying with the passing flesh is a preschool stage.

Do not waste energy fighting for superficialities.

Identify with the Invisible Essence and transcend.

Recognize your own worth from within and do not worry what others think. You don’t need to explain yourself.

We are Instruments of Infinity. Behave accordingly.

If we are not constantly evolving and changing our views then we are likely not growing, but remaining stagnant in fixed time loops. How much of our identity and emotional responses are based on external events, or in trying to make others see life the way we see it?

If we feel called to assist in Planetary Healing (or healing of the Ancient trauma), then we  must first break out of the prison of negative time loops engraved in the linear patterning. These are the artificial “dams” that impede our creative flow.

Time loops are a result of conditioned mind patterns and can be likened to a skipping record. When this occurs we replay the same stories or cycles over and over.

This scratch in the record contains the imprints of deep trauma or wounding and unconscious pain. When a person becomes “triggered”, the record starts skipping, the perceptual lens narrows and the mind begins projecting the narrative of the trauma.

The vibratory structure of the trauma can take over the entire perceptual field resulting in the inability to see any point of view except that of the pain body.

When triggered, the person views all others in its field in relation to the traumatic narrative playing out in their mind and ascribes “others’ particular roles in their drama (of which others are often  unaware).  If the characters in the play do not behave according to the rules of their narrative then the person becomes even more agitated or upset.

This can manifest as emotional explosions, anger, abuse and blame. We see this occurring planet-wide.Anger is a hostile reaction to feeling hurt or not seen. It is a defense mechanism to allowing ourself to feel vulnerable. Underneath it all is the feeling of fear and separation. The ultimate fear is of death and abandonment, which traces back to our fundamental feeling of separation from Source.

“Its not my fault, its yours,” is the subliminal motto of the universal negative time loop that we see playing out all over our planet. It is this attitude that continues the same dysfunctional cycles over and over. We fixate on the perceived wrongs of another person (or country, etc.) which gives us a temporary sense of power and prolongs us facing our own shortcomings and the pain within.

This pattern will continue until we have reached a threshold, where we finally acknowledge that the pain that is within us is ours to resolve. It does not belong to anyone else. The record will continue to skip until this has been acknowledged and cleared.  

Our job (if we so choose) is to assist in the clearing of the records and thus, the healing of the ancient trauma.

“Once a conditioned pattern is established in the mind, many impressions will automatically be rejected, or else filtered through the conceptual mind.


To tune into the cosmic thinking layers, the human must first identify conditioned thoughtforms through cultivation of a meditation practice.  –Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 1.

This is why the Buddha emphasized meditation on selflessness or egolessness (emptiness). Only by directly experiencing selflessness can we end the process of confused projection.

When a vinyl record has a scratch, the instructions are to:

1. Identify the damaged area (get to the root of the original trauma)

2. Lightly sand the area in a circular motion (Reimprint the pattern through inner work/, meditation).

3. Brush off the record with a cloth (Release and let go of old patterns)

4. Submerge in water and wash (Purify body and mind)

5. Dry in a circular motion (Reinforce new patterns through consistent practice)

6. If scratch is too deep get help from a professional (or from those who have sufficiently cleared their own records and can support you). 



23 thoughts on “Breaking the Time Loops and Clearing the Records

  1. Great post as usual Stephanie!! We are all syncing up with the new earth timelines which is fascinating to me. I told you last post that I work with the archetypes on the earth grids and timelines through my fully activated lightbody :) Just recently I saw “blame” healing from the earth energy grids.

    These big programs or patterns as you so aptly describe above appear to me like a powerpoint slide (which cracks me up hahaha!!). I can see the giant word “blame” with some sub text or fine print written below it while clearing. This is what my inner voices (multidimensional selves) refer to as the “manuscript” much like a computer program that was entraining the DNA to vibrate at very low levels evoking all kinds of emotion and repeating programmed behavior within ourselves.

    It appears these scripted programs were embedded and running on the earth grids from major timeframes or epochs in earths history which left not only huge imprints within our own cellular memories but on the earths energy and DNA as well!!

    We are working on clearing the Noah timeframes now and synchronizing the time tables which were skewed and shifted just like you mentioned above.

    Some of these time fractals were so overused and worn that they bent, mutilated and in some cases were actually broken. Can you imagine what that does to the fabric of time and space!

    So as we heal “blame” we heal judgement and the cause of our percieved differences, fears and trauma that affect our perception of everything just like you said!!

    Also we just need to remember we are healing our biology in this lifetime. These old patterns of energy, manipulation and entrainment made it impossible for the planet to ascend organically. The DNA can not absorb light when vibrating at such low levels. The whole biological system was in a “fallen” state of density unable to accrete enough light to self correct.

    This is the sole reason we came in mass this lifetime to heal our biology in the lowest density as a vehicle of physical expression outside of our eternal existance as pure consciousness.

    We were not damaged but our biology was, as well as the biology of the planet. These broken timeframes were wreaking all sorts of havoc galactically and universally as well. This is my understanding as I have been completing a contract to help the earth ascend as part of a gift from the ascended masters.

    Thank you for your post it is so metaphorically perfect to my perceptions of internal knowing as well!! Which is syncronicity at its finest!! Maybe it will help us all to remember our mission and let the emotions flow through rather than identify with them personally especially in this evolutionary lifetime.

    Love your posts, thank you for letting me share as we support each other in understandings. It is all so fascinating but appears so very real and threatening at times, which is indeed the illusion we are integrating at present. Love you!! Cheri

  2. Thank you very much for your blog posts. They are greatly appreciated.
    Kin 121 / Red Self-Existing Dragon / 108 Galactatron

  3. ## i will come show u what i can do call me i will put up or shut up i can just use my mind make things jump back to life!! Ive tried and tried ive e mail a bunch!!! Learn power of intention flesh will never die only if u give it contract trick or treat thank u so much u gys are my heart. Kz. 60

    • U by yourself knowing the art of intention can heal the trees people easily our response to mirror of illusion servs the old u r creators free will no more mirror its all about our intention guiding the direction of time ship does deer bear tiger have one the books of nature tell a different tail the butterfly shows us the beauty of returning to the mulch piles the caterpillar fills the great tree seeding next generation all great ships have caterpillars pushing them. Zenith= the great wide all inclusive path of light=Law of time all my love I will sea u gys!!!!!!!!!! This i VOW today!

  4. LOVE IT! YES! Thank you for your Transmissions, all ways! Great way to communicate some of the impacts of the 12:60 time spell frequency…. great imagery… holistic inner and outer… Am sharing now. U ROCK! Rainbow Hugs, Eden Skywalker & Family

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  6. come2boom2018@home&shareURno-ledge4all8Uz

    i just watched ur Time, Love, Authenticity: Bringing Galactic Consciousness to Earth on the tube and I dream UR presence on the boom liminal village program. dream dream dream :) blessings from euroasiaz occident cabo do roca sacred sintra – windy wind blowing west west dreamlines blest weaving and waving acknowledging and praising, raising the future into te now, the how oh how the how, just release, trust, and know the wow in the now does all the work which will be then and to some a when?
    how does it resonate? do u dream boom?

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