Paradigm Shift/Noosphere, Kin 104–Yellow Cosmic Seed

Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned, the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we can’t eat money.

—Cree Indians.

There is so much repressed psychic and creative energy in the human species just waiting to be released from the deadening 9-5 “time is money” world of inequality.  The current unraveling of the economic system and the arising of the Occupy movement is a symbol of an internal revolution made manifest.

The collective voice is rising up in peaceful resistance to the 12:60 “time is money” machine civilization that makes us pay to be born, pay to live and pay to die.

This inhumane and outdated paradigm is based on living in an artificial time that is totally disobedient to the laws of nature. Everything is now being thrown into a bubbling cauldron of transformation and stirred vigorously. Things are sure to get stranger in 2012 as we continue to unravel our collective karma back to Source.

Those who are struggling, take heart; do your best to occupy your mind with spiritual abundance. The test is to keep generating positive energy and gratitude even when the third dimension appears dire. Everything is shifting and a mysterious plan is moving us all.

The old civilization is crumbling, yet a new system is not yet in place—at least not in the third dimension. We are witnessing two completely opposite mindsets clashing.

On the surface level these two mindsets appear as those who hold the corporate interest (who are reaching record levels of profits) and those in the majority, known as the 99 percent, who are reaching record heights of poverty and unemployment.

For example, the U.S. 2012 presidential election is set to exceed 1 billion dollars for each candidate, while the U.S. also shells out 2 billion dollars a week for foreign wars! Think how many people worldwide could be housed and fed with this money!

According to the Law of Time, we are at the climax of history and materialism resulting from a crisis of consciousness and spirit.

In its present condition, humanity is totally disobedient to the natural laws of economy by which the rest of the biosphere functions. The economics practiced by the dominator human culture is the exact opposite of the economics of the biosphere: how to make the least out of the most and produce a maximum amount of waste. –Jose Argüelles, Galactic Culture Master Plan

It is futile to try and “fight the system,” as that only dissipates our energy for the positive creation of the new.

It seems the only solution for changing this hyper-competitive world of materialism is a collective turn inward, back to Source, the remembrance that another path has already been prepared.

The corporate interest thinks that people who are unemployed just want more jobs. But people want more than just jobs; they want an entire paradigm shift.

According to the Law of Time this entire time is money paradigm is held together by the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock, which creates the artificial 12:60 timing frequency.

Artificial means “formed in imitation of something natural.” So our present civilization is like a simulated artifice of the natural world as we move through artificial environments with artificial lights, wearing artificial fabrics and eating artificial food.

Living in this artificial timing frequency has become second nature in the fabric of civilization, as explained by Jose Arguelles in the Galactic Culture Master Plan:

The old (Gregorian) calendar and the old time controlled by it are dominated by economics. Why? Because the 12:60 economics is a profit-based economics. It is the profit value that is the lowest common moral and spiritual denominator of the old time.

As a result the society of the old time is controlled by a  cartel of bankers who have driven the profit motive to the top of the upside down scale of values. Neo-liberal free market economics is the end time name of the final form of this profit value belief system.

What is behind the profit motive? Usury and greed, rationalized by the philosophers of the eighteenth century as “enlightened self-interest.” However, enlightened self-interest has little in common with self-enlightenment.

That greed and usury could become so institutionalized as to dominate the belief system of an entire species to its moral detriment and its environments expense is due to the imposition of an irregular and artificial measure of time encoded as the anachronistic Gregorian calendar. Fortified by the equally artificial but ruthlessly accurate (by its own terms) mechanical clock, the Gregorian calendar spawned the perniciously fast dogma, time is money.

Since everything in history is a replay of an earlier event point, what is now occurring can be likened to the story of Jesus driving the moneylenders from the temple. Incidentally this verse occurs in Matthew 21.12 (of course 21.12 is also 12.21):

“Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.” Then he said: “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.”

The Quran makes a similar statement and speaks out about usury in several suras: “The usury that is practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at God. But if you give to charity, seeking God’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold” (30:39).

So what is true economics?

True economics is how to make best use of the least to make the most with an absolute minimum waste. There is no waste in nature. The biosphere, which is our natural economic order, is in a continuous process of recycling itself. –José Argüelles, Galactic Culture Master Plan

Arguelles envisioned a collective return to living in natural cycles based on galactic culture; a world where everyone’s basic needs are met and time is free to live in synchronic harmony. This new galactic paradigm is based on beauty, truth and equality and is held in place by a harmonic timing standard.

In the new time calendar four weeks of 28 days is one moon and there are thirteen and not twelve moons per year. There are no crooked irregular proportions in the divine measure of time and nature. Nor is there any usury, taxation, money lending, or even money as it is presently used and understood in the time of the 13 Moons.   –Galactic Culture Master Plan                     

In order to gain a higher vantage point of this planetary unfoldment, we can lift our mind above the chaos and “occupy the noosphere” (the unified mind sheathe of the Planet).

What does this mean?

To occupy the noosphere, we must make consistent effort to lift up our minds and dwell in increasingly higher levels of consciousness on behalf of the healing of our planet and upliftment of all beings.

We can utilize our minds to view the whole earth and all the events happening as a single thought-form, and to realize collectively that there is a Higher Intelligence coordinating all of these seemingly fragmented parts. What appears as chaos and confusion on earth is actually part of an orderly cosmic plan.

The fact is there are so many things happening simultaneously that it is challenging to keep it all sorted in our mind. But if we view all happenings on earth as the unfoldment of One Galactic Being quickly shaking off human karma and becoming conscious of itself as a divine unity, then it is a bit easier to grasp.

In Manifesto for the Noosphere, Arguelles likens this planetary transformation to when water changes its state at a precise temperature from liquid to gas (represented by 12-21-2012). This is the analogy he used for the collective shift in consciousness that we are now undergoing—the entry into the noosphere.

When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves—refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions—to come into alignment with what a noospheric civilization, a holistic and holonomic planetary culture, will of necessity be like.

We can begin to live the “new time” before it arrives, and by doing this, prepare the way for others.–Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere: the Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

–Stephanie South/RQ185                                                        88


16 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift/Noosphere

  1. As a hardened skeptic, I sometimes worry about RQ’s words and the fine lines on which our society treads. The Occupy movement is a tough topic. Radical Facebookers have unfriended and blocked me because I say very similar things about the futility of resistance as resistance feeds the unconscious cycles. Thanks for bearing the torch and keeping my spirit high! In lakech!

    • Thanks for your concern Planetary Mirror–I would be your friend if I were on facebook :)
      it is true that whatever we resist, persists. Keep holding the light of the highest vision
      for all…In lak’ech

      • Thanks for your work and dedication . . . God bless you
        White Planetary Mirror

  2. Dear Red Queen,

    Thank you so much for this post-Solstice post! Yesterday I was fascinated by the shift actually occurring in the Noosphere.
    I am writing this, as here in Russia peaceful protests are also emerging for the first time in our history. It was also said that there is a tradition to expel the invaders every 200 years from our land: in the beginning of 15th century, mongolian invaders were expelled, polish in 1612, and Napoleon in 1812. And so comes the 2012 now…
    I was also thinking on how could I help protesters see what they really want, how could I manifest the shift to the New Time in the most accessible way. Then I wrote down the 13 postulates which I am still perfecting:

    1 We are the people of New Time.
    2 We are being governed by the people of Old Time.
    3 We must not fight them.
    4 We have to open their eyes.
    5 The time they live in is already ours.
    6 They just don’t know it yet.
    7 And it is useless to tell them.
    8 You can not describe colors in words to the blind men.
    9 They must see clearly first.
    10 And let every human of New Time show them.
    11 And dissolve the world of their illusions.
    12 As we create the world we are living in.
    13 The time has come to create a New World.

    The next series of protests will be held tomorrow as we move into the Serpent Wavespell of the Blue Western Castle of Burning. “I unify in order to survive”
    Let the Peace prevail with the Divine will.

    In Lak’ech, Alex Planetary Earth.

    • Thank you Alex Planetary Earth! I wasn’t aware of this very interesting 200 year cycle…it will
      be interesting to see how 2012 unfolds in 3-D–
      I love these 13 postulates–very succinct and powerful…
      In Lak’ech, Kin 185 :)


  3. the one thing that I don’t comprehend/understand about Arguelles’
    construct is that the 13 “moons” are not synchronized or even related
    to lunations.

    Sure, it’s kinda cool that 13×28=364, plus 1= 365 ~1 solar revolution,
    and there would be benefits to having the same numbers attached to
    the same “weekdays” as a repeating pattern, but calling it a “moon”
    when the lunations/phases of the moon would be wandering about,
    no more intuitively predictable/relateable than the current calendar
    system… ?

    • Hi Kootzie! That’s an interesting point! In fact the moon has several different cycles, depending on what you’re tracking (and where you’re looking from!)…. the 13 Moon calendar is based on the 28-day harmonic lunar cycle, which is the amount of time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth – *as seen from outer space.* (It makes this orbit 13 times per year). It’s interesting to note that lunar phases such as new moon to new moon are strictly relative to your location *as seen from Earth*. In reality the 13 Moon/28-day “synchronometer” is a synchronization matrix which synchronizes all cycles, for example check out this graphic of the Lunar Phases from this current 13 Moon year shown in a matrix of 13/28:

  4. Multidimensional living is not a piece of cake for us conditioned humans. I thank you and José Argüelles for mapping out the means of moving into this way of being with grace and discipline; so that we don´t simply wallow in the chaos and confusion. Between the Book of the Cube and the Manifesto for the Noosphere, there is so much to ingest. Muchas gracias por su ofrecimiento. We are homesteading with 7 children in a blended family and often feel like there is no support for our ideals and choices…fighting mainstream madness daily (especially around the Christmas blitz). Nice to have a network like the LOT, out here in the cybersphere, and now migrating into the noosphere! Luckily we also have a growing population of sustainable agriculturalists and we are creating an Earth Church here in Bangor, Michigan! We must be proactive and not reactionary; negativity is a nasty and spiraling trap. As I saw at the Crystal Skull tour in North America with Hunbatz Men – 2012: Fear Nothing!!! Target the divine awareness and use free will to flower into transcendence and noospheric being, while applying that to our 3rd dimensional space seed planet!!!

    Signing off for now to check on the goats and chickens, Julian Lauzzana, Yellow Self Existing Human 212, on the Yellow Cosmic Seed day of Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Equality (last day of Human Free Will wavespell).

    • Thanks for sharing Julian–and note the “time” you sent that message: 20:13! A good sign! Your connection with the Earth is your key to multidimensional living…(you might also try sleeping with a book under your pillow and set intention to absorb the knowledge in the dreamtime)… Keep me posted on the Earth Church…in lak’ech/kin 185 :)

  5. Even been on silence and even not having much writen comunicatión with you,
    I feel very much close to you, Stephanie,RQ185, … I am blessed for your soul strength, in all of your written. I keep walking, as a baby, on the track that was given to us for VV, still guiding us all… I feel him. …
    From my heart, thank you very much.
    Lots of galactic inconditional love.
    Ana, 191

    • We are all little children making our way the best we can through this !2:60 labyrinth. :)
      As long as we keep trying we will make it. Thank you for your innocence and humbleness Ana…love, kin 185

  6. With much gratitude for your contribution to our collective ascension… as we welcome the return of Christ Consciousness to our Beloved Gaia. Blessings abound!

  7. True words….and it`s collapsing, the € system. One of our art calendars for 2013 is called Pow Wow. Every page comes with a native indian wisdom phrase. That one with the money you mentioned comes with the shaman. He is my favourite! Am I allowed to wish you Happy Xmas and a good new year :-) Whatever happens, we should keep our humour. Comet Lovejoy is up there in the sky!!! In Lak ech 9.7

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  9. …aho aqui ben kan desde la bio region de ben …
    cada niño ke viva y naska en un centro crest 13 sera parte de esta nueva nación arcoidis
    infinito amor. El cambio es en tiempo y arte el plan maestro ya fue lanxado y rialixandose.
    Tuve la oportunidad de viven-ciar ondas encantada en dos jardines de pax en argentina y el cambio es posible..
    ………………………………art of time………………………………….

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