We the Secret Dreamers

Dedicated to all the Secret Dreamers who await their time when it is safe to come out and play.

The varnish of conventionalities which civilization overlays us all with must come off to the last coat, and the inner self, naked and without the slightest veil to conceal its reality is expressed.                                                                     —HPB

We, the Secret Dreamers, are calling forth an entirely new world.  We who have been working for many aeons on the inner planes, quietly, steadily, skillfully, clearing, building, shaping, sculpting. We are the ones who aren’t so loud, but who prefer to sculpt the inner dream in silence. We know that our images, feelings, thoughts all define the quality of our experience.

We, the Secret Dreamers, know that we are each responsible for the collective creation of the world we see. We have had glimpses, intonations of this new world. But now is the time to speak it into existence. To give voice to the invisible, so that we may set forth a new vibration into this world of manifestation.   

We, the Secret Dreamers, take responsibility for our every word and action. We know that every unselfish act helps raise this vibration, bit by bit. As we take responsibility for raising our own inner frequency, then we begin to resonate this increased vibration into the world, with every act, however seemingly mundane.

Bit, by bit, we, the secret dreamers build and weave the inner temple, we envision the world that we cannot yet articulate, but are now beginning to. We the secret dreamers, realize that we are responsible for our inner interpretations of reality. We  know the importance of expanding our perceptual lens to one that is galactic in nature.

We, the Secret Dreamers, have found the exit to the world of artificial time, but feel compassion for those who have yet to find the key. This is the world of artificial time that feeds fear to the imagination. In this world we never have enough. In this world we can never be satisfied. We, the secret dreamers, understand that this world hologram is based on the misperception of time.

We, the Secret Dreamers, know we live in a world of polarity and duality and seek to reconcile this polarity within ourselves. We do not blame others for our circumstance, for we know that this only keeps us stuck in a karmic loop that zaps our energy.

We, the Secret Dreamers, know that mind is the foundation of the universe and that there is more to life than earth. We are aware that we are an evolving member of a larger galactic family. We, the Secret Dreamers, are grateful to everyone for helping us to realize the secret dream now dawning; for we know that everyone and everything is conspiring to help us realize the highest dream for Planet Earth.

We, the Secret Dreamers, watch and wait for the moment to apply the higher harmonics that transforms the world…

5 thoughts on “We the Secret Dreamers

  1. The Double Headed Serpent is Staring at her own Face
    Does She Recognize Her Self?
    Have all Four eyes been fixated at the central void?
    Have Both mouths spoke the same silent word?
    Did she radiated her Full Shiny Light?
    We all know the answer is Alive.


  2. Thanks for contacting Wizards of the Earth and Planetary your service, we can be receptive to what Gaia needs. In Lak´Ech.

  3. Muchas Gracias por todo eternamente agradecido.
    Nos vemos en el Arco Iris
    Mago Magnetico Blanco, Jardin Paz Mundial, Bioregion de la Luna, Patagonia del mundo….

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