Shifting into a New Story

In the grand story of the Book of Creation, a page is about to flip as we move into a new chapter. But before the new chapter appears there comes a dimensional shift.

A new world is being created at this very moment; a parallel Earth. Each moment we are being called to raise our vibration to meet this new frequency.  We are now crossing the bridge: the Bridge of All-Time.   

At this precise moment of the shift, those sensitive are experiencing the extremes of polarities. On the one hand we are experiencing high, inner cohesive states of excited consciousness and feeling the new light streaming into our bodies and minds as our night dreams become more clear and lucid. While at the same time we may be feeling frustration or impatience to manifest these new qualities. This is because the timing of the lens is still coming into focus, but at this moment the 3-D world is still not up to that vibration.

On the flip side,  we may experience feelings of heaviness, sadness, depression and grief as these new light frequencies penetrate into our third-dimensional reality. Some do not want to be here at all as it is a time and place of such denseness and suffering. Perhaps we are all collectively mourning a world past.

This is the point where we have to do everything we can to cheer ourselves up and make positive magic spells. Like this:

Disarm the darkness
By giving up the fight
Smile, smile, smile
Til everything dissolves to light
(written by Red-eye Jed-I Queen on a late night star flight)

The point is that, through this time, we have to find our own box of magic tricks to transform the swamps of sadness, extinguish the fires of anger, change hurt to humor, depression to joy, and abracadabra our way out of lower emotions by cultivating the armor of a new view.

With the new armor of view we can reframe our lens, uplevel our self-perception and embrace the all of the all with the beauty of compassion.

The synchronic codes of time equip us with a new portal of perception. And when applied, lift us out of the mundane third-dimensional mire into an archetypal realm where we remember we are the hero and heroine of the story!

And everyone is presently here on our planet: The trolls at the gate, the fire breathing dragons with bombs to explode the world, even space dragons waging war outside the earth. The bad air fairies pumping our planet with chemical pollution as the chemtrails try to drown out our frequency while the artificial lights drown out the stars. And the sea villians are killing our beloved Sirian friends, the whales and dolphins!

Then there are the poison apples of Monsanto, the overpopulated farting sheep, and the power hungry slothful Jabba the Huts. The good fairies are in hiding, waiting for a safe planet. No wonder why some call this a prison planet, or the quarantine zone of the free will experiment (JA). It is like we are walking through some strange mental asylum where people are working out varying degrees of karma; mind pollution everywhere.

But—something is now changing. And we are anticipating the great story flip.

What is going to happen on the next page? Will we all still be on the same page or will we scatter onto different pages according to what chapter of the story we have evolved to?

We still have a window of opportunity to raise our frequency and to help others raise theirs in preparation for this shift that is already well underway. This is a big stretch for many to contemplate. This is because we have been conditioned to think that unreality is reality and that reality is unreal.

A veil has been pulled over our collective consciousness. This veil is also known as the overlay of artificial time. It is like a cloud covering that permeates our perception of this world and blocks out the light of the real world (which is always present everywhere) just beyond the clouds.

All it takes to reach this new world is a collective return to essence beginning with living the natural cycles of time.

2 thoughts on “Shifting into a New Story

  1. Yes we are changing this dimension,we can be in the other so easily raise your vibration by alligning with natural time and with the spirit of who you truly are remember where you have come from yes mum and dad but beyond where your innocense is and your inner knowing can jump for joy so we can help others who are wanting to jump on board into this new world we are becoming now xxxelmera

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