Timeship Earth and the Coming Shift

As the Earth changes, so do we. Our entire planet is now going through a whole system initiation as it phases out of one time and into another.

As many of us have experienced, when you consciously work to shift your frequency, then all that no longer resonates naturally falls away from your world. This is now happening at an accelerated rate and global scale. This is known as a “splitting of the worlds,” an impersonal, archetypal force that operates through what might appear as a human drama.

The same thing is now happening to the Earth. If Earth is a living being (which She is) and there are two primary frequencies: natural and artificial, then there are also those who love the Earth and wish to cooperate with Her shift and those who do not for whatever reason. We are coming to a point of maximal polarity, where the tensions between the two are so great that they can no longer co-exist.   

At this point a split must occur. A split into what we might perceive as two parallel Earths. This is also known as the launching of Timeship Earth 2013 as put forth by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

As a timeship our earth is a fourth-dimensional vehicle coded with all the laws of cosmic time. This fourth-dimensional timeship encapsulates the Earth’s third-dimensional structure. The more we raise our frequency the more we become aware of this already existing parallel Timeship Earth that we are evolving into. It is part of a time-release program that reaches climax in 2013.

In The Arcturus Probe he states:

The blanket of third-dimensional amnesia spread throughout the holy and sacred timeship like a poisonous gray fog. The most insidious aspect of this gray amnesiac fog was that it made those afflicted believe it could be no other way.

But now the Earth is waking Herself up and waking up every living creature on Her. As the earth begins to vibrate at a higher frequency, everything that is false becomes rapidly exposed. In this process comes a natural period of collective disillusionment. Many have already undergone this, but now as we are well into the shift it is happening en masse.

Now you must understand that as the time shift occurs, and the power of the Group of Seven rapidly decreases, the big lie will be exposed. When the big lie is exposed, many of the people of the Earth, the lost time-travelers, will at first rise up in disillusionment and anger. (J.A. The Arcturus Probe)

We are seeing this happening increasingly on a wide scale, currently with the Wall Street protests, etc.  As the people of the Earth go through their period of disillusionment and all the emotions this brings up, the Earth is simultaneously preparing for this launch by purging Herself of many toxins inflicted upon her by manmade artificial time. These toxins are purged through earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis, etc. Mother Earth is healing and preparing her vessel for something that has never been experienced in the universe before! Those who are sensitive feel these shifts in their physical body and are feeling the need to continuously purify their vehicle at greater levels.

We are preparing to shift out of the familiar conditionings into a new way of being: a galactic way of being. The time is now to clear our karma, purify our body/mind and raise our frequency. We are being aided by the increased solar activity of the Sun.

According to The Mayan Factor this was all foreseen by the Galactic Maya who came from the stars in the tenth baktun to seed a time-release program that would help offset the effects of the accelerating artificial/mechanistic timing frequency in order to blaze a new path, or an alternative universe, that would open at a foretold moment in time to those ready to make the shift.

(Timeship Earth 2013 is an anagram of 13:20, the new frequency embodied by our physical being with its 13 main articulations and 20 fingers and toes. 20 x 13 = 260 Tzolkin sacred count).

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