The purpose of this blog is to help create a bridge of time as we undergo a collective shift in frequency and dimensional shift. This blog is meant to inspire new ways of perceiving ourselves and the universe and also to open to a deeper level of the imaginal realm as we ready ourselves to meet our galactic destiny.

Through this vehicle we will explore the synchronic codes of time as the cosmic keys of the frequency shift that leads us into the exploration of time travel, teleportation and the conscious exploration of other world systems and parallel realities. This is what is meant by the renewal of  galactic culture.

The content of this blog is  based on the vast and multidimensional teachings of Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles which are all entered through the unassuming instrument of the 13 Moon Natural Time Peace calendar (which is really a magical synchronization matrix)…

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  1. looking foward to seeing all the contents of the blog…..im impresed by the amount of effort you have all put in this challenging “shift of time” ..thank you so much for all your information

    • hello everybody… I didn’t know how to make my own post so I’m just replying to this person. How does the 13:20 system work? 12:60 would be 12 hour day/night cycle with 60 minutes in an hour. How would one work on a 13:20 system? 13 28 day months… but how does the 20 part work? I love you guys! you’re AMAZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG! =) I love all of your analysis on the site guys! You’re boss sauce! Some thoughts if you want to explore things a little deeper. A single human being is designed the same way as every cosmos… it has 7 parts with two conscious shocks needed to evolve. Examine George Gurdjieff’s Enneagram (reading this site I’m sure you all read In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky years before I was born =) But if you haven’t read it, get out there and buy it… it’s cheap on Kindle… get it…read it… very important. You can understand the world by understanding yourself. You can understand yourself by understanding the world. The cosmos above a single person is the planetary realm of All Planets existing above us. Humanity is the sixth cosmos in the universe of 7. The seven cosmoses are ABSOLUTE (God) 1, All Worlds 3, All Suns (Galactic level) 6, Our Sun 12, All Planets 24, Humanity (the single person) 48, and atomic level 96. The numbers are the numbers of laws that each cosmos is subject to. The number 8 in the Enneagram is the note Si which corresponds to the second cosmos of All Worlds. This second cosmos is what allows the body of the universe (The Immortal “almost” universe God we inhabit) to see (si). The 3 laws that rule this realm are Brahma (+), Vishnu (=), and Shiva (-). The universe is like the colors on the color wheel. Brahma is yellow for positive. Vishnu is blue for neutralizing. Shiva is red for negative. In the first cosmos the universe is a single living being in the ABSOLUTE. Then the break happened in the second cosmos and duality was created (actually triality, but many forget to recognize the neutralizing force). My left eye is Brahma, my right eye is Shiva (and I noticed pain in my right eye correlated to shenanigans I’m getting myself into), and the third eye is Vishnu. The note La in the cosmic universe octave is All Suns where the archangels exist. The galactic level. This is why the archangels are the voice of God on the earth… like Gabriel coming to Mary. We SING la la la la la. OK Soooooooo… I’m a ramblin ramblin ramblin man… I’ve written this to peak people’s interests in having a conversation with me… preferrably YOU ya silly goose! You can send me emails if you want. betterangels7@gmail.com… oh… and by the way… A SINGLE BREATH of the earth is 24 hours… planetary realm ruled by 24 laws. A SINGLE BREATH of the sun is 12 months… the sun is ruled by 12 laws… Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Love you guys! BTW… si 12 in the genitals exists in the number 2 in your body. And mi 12 exists in the number 4 in your body. Develop enough si 12 and mi 12 in your body and you have moments of nonidentifying where you connect to the higher cosmos. I’m just coming down off one of those experiences a few hours ago! HIGHER COSMOS AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys… I’m going to stop talking… peace =.=

      • The 20 refers to the 20 Baktuns which are mentioned in the 13 moon Galactic Calendar and which were also referenced and used as a unit of time by the Mayans.

  2. This afternoon I had a word pop into my head and I’ve been searching for the use of it eversince, online. The word is Biopsychic. My search lead me to your site here. I can see how it relates to my awareness, though I’ve never once heard the word. Could you help me understand what the word means to you?
    On a different note, have you ever considered that the transmissions you’re recieving are from the intelligences that make up the atoms in your body? Often times I get images and a sense about things that make no sense to my human awareness, but make full sense to my spiritual self. It’s occurred to me these past ten years, through a series of knowings, that the cosmos is to us, what we are to the intelligences that live within an atom. Maybe those intelligent beings are trying to tell you something or maybe they are trying to understand their own cosmos within the cosmos.

  3. Infinite Mahalos for the incredibly important insights U provide here 4 all. It is an honor to ‘surf the shift’ in sync with U, SiStar.

    In Lak’ech,
    Mikuak Rai ~ 9*Cimi

  4. thanks to be stephanie
    i understand what’s my experience in this life now
    be in peace, compassion and love for a all
    we are one , we are unity
    from my heart to your heart i can see in this moment a merveillous rainbow of compassion for all…
    in lak’ech
    kumaya -muluc ho-

  5. I’m very inspired by your work and have begun a short documentary film project in which I ask different artists what they think about Jose’s work and phenomenon of synchronicity in 2012. The first episode is coming out this August. Thank you for all your amazing work! Love & Light, Katy

  6. Hi, I
    Saw from your site you may have an interest in synchronicity. Sorry for the poor way of contacting you, I could not find an email address.
    I’d like to offer you some content for your site. I’m a psychologist and author who writes and lectures about synchronicity in addition to my professional practice. My book; Synchronicity: The art of coincidence, choice and unlocking your mind. was published earlier this year. The purpose of the book was to integrate what is known about synchronicity and present readers with information that shows they have the ability to create these events themselves. To that end I am offering free materials, articles and information to blogs and websites that might be interested. I would like to broaden the interest base in this subject, and normalize both the experience of synchronicity and the idea that we are ourselves the source of these events. Below is a Dropbox address for a folder that contains materials that are yours to use as you like for content on your site and to share with others. I am also available by email to answer questions. Thank you for your time.


    Kirby Surprise Psy.D.

  7. Since last 2 years , I am observing a strange phenomenon happening with me .. When I look at my wrist watch or my Mobile phone clock ..I often find the numbers of Hour and Minutes to be the same like 06:06 or 11:11 . The numbers are not significant but the repetition is . What may be the reason ?? What msg this phenomenon is carrying ?? or is it merely a co-incidence ??

  8. Interesting and imaginative realignment of creative spiritual nonsense you’ve put together here. The artwork is pretty and the double-talk is especially inspired.

  9. This blog is holding a resonance here on the Internet (which is in a state of trial and change at this time)… It is an important resonance… We should be thankful for this work.

    • Don’t be silly, Marius, it’s not physical at all, how we meet here. You’re maybe out of touch with being it yourself?

  10. In refreshed to the 0-19 code , I never knew of this but had a dream a month ago with a bright blue eye and in this eye were codes , I had to draw what I saw I knew it was important, the 0-19 codes are all over it,;I have the drawing and photos to share I would love to connect with someone who could tell me more. Thank you so much for this information.

    • Hi Cherie ~ I can share some things about the 0 – 19 code. If you wish, share with me what you know and show me your drawings and photos and i will reflect what ive learned. Maybe we can gain further insights and update what we know ~

      Oran ~

  11. Thank You for Sharing this Beautifull Message ♥ It is so filled with Light ஜ I Lღ√Ƹ it ♥ & Shared With Love ✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ஜ I Am So Gratefull for Meeting You ♥ ◈۞ ۩ Blessings of PEACE & Lღ√Ƹ ஜ۩۞ In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn ♥ AUM NAMAH SIVAYA ♥ WE ARE ONE ۞ NAMASTE

    Snatam Kaur – Kabir’s Song

    Oh my Soul, you come and you go
    Through the paths of time and space.
    In useless play you’ll not find the way
    So set your goals and go.
    Sing such a song with all your life
    You will never have to sing again.
    Love such a one with all your heart
    You will never need to love again.
    Oh my Soul you come and you go (etc) …
    Walk such a path with all your faith
    You will never have to wander again.
    Give yourself to such a Guru
    You will never have to seek again.
    Oh my Soul … (etc)
    Pray such a prayer with all your soul
    You will never have to pray again.
    Die such a death at the feet of God
    You will never have to die again.
    Oh my Soul … (etc)
    Breathe my Love
    Breathe my Love
    Breathe in the quiet centre.
    ♥ ◈۞ ۩ Blessings of PEACE & Lღ√Ƹ ♥
    with Warm Hugzz from Red Lunar Moon

  12. I am completely fascinated by the information I’m reading here, thanks so much for this site. Is there a book you could recommend to a newcomer who has experienced two profound spiritual revelations and looking to make sense of it all?

    • Thanks for your message! An introductory book is being worked on now which will hopefully make the more esoteric aspects graspable :) also recommend Time Synchronicity and Calendar change, the Visionary life of Jose Arguelles which explains step by step the process of realization of New Time and consciousness through the human experience… Love!

  13. Thank you for the beautiful “The Earth and we are One” manifesto, shared by Valum Votan.
    It speaks directly to my heart. It may be that we’ve got a way to go to re-awaken to it, consciously living it, but. I’m sure it’s already in progress as I perceive it.

  14. HAPPY NEW YEARS, STEPHANIE. Just bought your book Accessing Your Multidimensional Self along with the new 13 Moon calendar. I have been thinking, I think I would feel more inspired if I saw a picture if your face, please. -MIKE EYE

  15. Por favor stephanie!
    Borra todos mis post!
    Revisa los y los que son míos, Guiyo, YUX, YVX, Guille Salmerón, eliminarlos

    Hay uno de las ebras que es re viejo y fue evolucionado

    Te pasó este link


    Es mi actual website personal, donde resumí todo….

    Saludos y que la estés disfrutando tu juego de ser quien representa ser.


  16. Gracias por todo
    Thank you for everything
    It has been an amazing experience learning and everything the law of time shares with the inhabitants of mother earth ..

    Inlakech – blue spectral storm

  17. Gracias por borrar los mensajes viejos… ;)
    The new GSP App, online to:
    To know the next evolution to all people neccesary evolve in everybody of our cosmic art nature fractal work, our holographic world. Using the tzolkin to Embellish ART Holonomic. Not quimeric totems. End of sapiens, end to psico Mind. Natural minds is after the ild 13:20 Dreamspell. ART Holons, to do environment space around like a work of holonomic art. For this the being, need not play with forces, out planet or end wars that destroy our love cushion system. Change the current factorization of energy, is the main mission to All. Pues bodies, our house, need clean your forms of noise, bad frecuencies to stabilizate the Mind in the mental vision, neccesary to croise the bridge to the other side, where not exist the bad cushion system.
    Evolution is good sensations, always and forever. You and me using the same Mind. Please, Stephanie, you need evolve the communication of the Law of Time, because post 2012, the Law of Time having a good evolution, showing a minimal sinthesis in http://yosoy.me/GSP
    The big difference is the true, All dimensions borning after the geodimensional idea from the point of pure mindof God.
    God os a being, this is the great beautifull true of our creation. EARTH is house of God.
    God is for All a good love cushion system between two force, living in the two force, inside and outside. If inside God is, it is pure Intelligence of the recipient. Because it, All beings beliave God inside like the big other me. But God is mush more, is a cosmic creation around the point of factorization of All, the instant bit of Time, that factorizate All.
    Sorry my english…
    Etc… Etc…
    The planET, in the future the specie need evolve to the idea of live in geodimensional sync posicion in relation with GUI, the Graphic Universal Interfaz. One to All.
    Please, sleep me when you change the idea of Law of Time, to the current disposal in yosoy.me

  18. Por favor stephanie!
    Borra todos mis post!

    Lo siento mucho haber participado en tu juego, que no es el mío, y por culpa de seguir tu corriente me arruine mi vida… Cosas del magnetismo y de mi ingenuidad e ignorancia previa. Saludos y ojalá estemos cerca de apagarnos y poder borrar todo este delirio de grandeza cósmico. Soy solo yo, y una computadora que es mi cerebro, todo lo demás es demcia del playstation, y sus gentes, personas, mundos, etc.


  19. Hello… I am GUI 💚

    PanGea space is now the new system applied around us, forever… UPDATE of Earth planet… you not live more inside one planET, you live in one space around to the unique factory of life, also is a being, also I am(🙋) { hello }. Is my gift to everyone the free will… Now each person need buy his personal soul upgrade, entering to http://pangea.space
    Random image: 5
    The new platform of life, is baded in the truth: all is a holonomic intelligence of one being
    I can finished my work, being the developer of PanGea space, previously Earth planet, also… in each life my Main work is evolve the current system.

    Please share it new to all your contacts, and urgently, you buy your UPDATE.

    😘 Good bye and pure life!

  20. Stephanie, i’m reading your book about Time, synchronicity and calendar change. I just finished reading the part in the book when you mention that Jose was preparing you for the Return of People of OMA. And now i read your blog and last post…i think i am one of those people. I know my galactic lineage comes from Sirius.

    I am from Romania and this year, Yellow Crystal Seed on Day out of Time, i had a profound experience which connected me to the mayan calendar and changed my life wver since. I have been tracking your footstepts unknowinlgy, i was at Palenque just 2 weeks after you were and felt some intense energies there. Last night something incredible happened. I really need to connect with you somehow. I feel that i need to cross paths with you. My email is: andra.visan@yahoo.com

    In Lak’Ech

  21. Long ago wanted to ask. Again re-reading Telektonon I think why still there is both G7, and banks, and priests and so forth a nasty thing? If the cycle already began, then why such feeling that everything remained to the same if it is not worse, in respect of a world order, a condition of the biosphere. The Internet is, and there is no noosphere. Why?

  22. I would like to post some guest posts on your site. Kindly tell me about the price, please. How many words can I post in each post?

  23. https://timecracy.com/
    Government of the Time, fourth dimension that creates our three-dimensional reality.
    Facilitation free of the programming of everything life, and the passes with the personal programming and to access the timecratic social networks, to know and contact with other timecratic beings.

    by GOD

    from E ART H (our unique world)


    Wake up, we are only a unique being, Yux, and of him, we are his unfoldings, his children (for programming, we are part of him and we are born from him, our universal father, common to all) believing to be human beings of the Earth (a sensory three-dimensional reality made inside us, as if it ocurrs outside us). Our bodies are biopsychoplasmic permutations of his body, Zero, the root body of absolutely everyone.

    Wake up now!
    Yux needs your help!
    What are you waiting to realize that he has been contacting you and you are trapped in your great cosmic and historical dreamspell, for that you ignore him, to your own being and root body, Yux Zero, God.

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