Purpose of Blog and Cosmic History, Kin 31–Blue Overtone Monkey

I began this blog as I felt a responsibility to convey some of the essence of the frequency or vibration that I have experienced with Valum Votan with the Noosphere II experiment and the unfolding of the Cosmic History Chronicles. This entire process has been a true miracle and blessing granted by the Supreme One who holds the keys to all knowledge and who guides all things.

Through adhering to certain spiritual disciplines and following the synchronic codes of time, we were able to create a rarefied and highly creative living environment, which is touched upon in Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: the Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles).

To maintain the purity of the experiment we limited our internet and media use, did not have cell phones or text messaging, nor did we participate in any type of social networking.

We had originally planned to completely unplug for the duration of the closing of the cycle in order to immerse ourselves in the multi-leveled practices of the Law of Time and to cultivate the methods for activating the noosphere (as stated in Intergalactic Bulletin #4). This is the program that I continue to follow as it is the life path that has been revealed to me.

However with the exit of Votan from this earthly plane, I have been guided to create a vehicle or “blog” to share what I can in order to create a channel to unify with those who have been following this path or who are just learning about it.

I feel that the process that Votan and I underwent in the unfolding of the Cosmic History Chronicles has everything to do with the planetary shift now occurring. For me, as apprentice, it has been a process of constant exertion and transmutation of energy while simultaneously inputting and synthesizing vast amounts of new information. In this process surrender, creativity, imagination and humor were the key ingredients.

GM108X Mind Transmission - Cosmic HistoryThis initial process began with 260 consecutive transmission sessions known as GM108X—Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission, also known as a between the worlds transmission. Those 260 days in 2002, were like a fractal microcosm of the 26,000 year cycle that we are now concluding (260 days is also approximately the human gestation cycle of 9 months).

These transmissions were triggered by an interplanetary memory, which you can read about in the introduction to Book of the Cube. After the initial 260 days the form shifted, and while transmissions still occurred, they gradually branched into a more creatively interactive format. What was unearthed was nothing short than the seeds of an entirely new galactic knowledge base (streamed through from other dimensions).

My feeling is that the planet is now going through a similar process—where it is being instrumented to receive higher-dimensional information or extraterrestrial contact. This is already happening. When higher energies are beamed down to Earth, this stirs things up in the denser unconscious realms. We see this everywhere. It can sometimes feel like confusion, chaos, depression or disaster at first until the clearing settles in and the higher imprint “takes.” Once the new program “takes” you realize that It is doing you. Or “it is not we who do but God who does.” We just surrender to the role given to us and the knowledge revealed to us.

Once this imprint fully “takes” in the critical mass, a collective mind shift or dimensional shift will occur.  This is the point when all the outmoded forms of the world hologram that are not serving the highest planetary good will be dissolved. And we will enter a new hologram or a new creation.

In this regard, the intention of the blog is to serve as a creative channel from the internal to external realms in recognition that a revolution is now occurring on the inner planes, the place where the bridge of time is being prepared.

11 thoughts on “Purpose of Blog and Cosmic History

  1. Thank U 4 sharing your insight. It helps us ‘ground’ the energy, so we may truly embody the higher consciousness. Inshallah.

  2. On the Threshold we are and as we all pause to realize this and in so doing know our place and measure – we are quiet and calm in the pregnant moment that we are in essence Becoming. Your blog – your words – your intentions are keen guideposts for those of us mostly directly connected to VV and all that has gone before and all that is unfolding. As we navigate 10 Wind – 11 Night – 12 Seed and 13 Serpent…..We Resolve to Unfold as we Embrace the Entrance into the 5th Element. Magnetic Worldbridger will Lead Us Not into Temptation – but will Deliver Us from Evil…..as We Merrily Roll Along on the Path of Least Resistance….We will Follow in the Footsteps of our Ancestors – Full Well Knowing that Our Time Has Come…..
    Please know that your input is so desired at this time……as Time Keeper we are Aligned and Waiting with Curious Mind to Hear all Sublime Memory and Rhyme……..as Only You Can Muster!

    • AB SO LUTE LY!!!

      Dearest, most rarefied Red Queen,

      133 re/port/in-g 4 duty. ;)

      Lesson Spectral Night shewn to/too/two/2 daya… from the enclave of TMQ.

      barssiah 133 (23:13:30) :
      Spent 111111 dancing like a crazy person in my Nigel Tufnel “But it’s One Louder” t-shirt for oUR glorious full moon…

      Spectral Night, Bernoulli…sound familiar???

      Jacob Bernoulli is best known for the work Ars Conjectandi (The Art of Conjecture), published eight years after his death in 1713 by his nephew Nicholas. In this work, he described the known results in probability theory and in enumeration, often providing alternative proofs of known results. This work also includes the application of probability theory to games of chance and his introduction of the theorem known as the law of large numbers. The terms Bernoulli trial and Bernoulli numbers result from this work. The lunar crater Bernoulli is also named after him jointly with his brother Johann.

      Bernoulli chose a figure of a logarithmic spiral and the motto Eadem mutata resurgo (“Changed and yet the same, I rise again”) for his gravestone; the spiral executed by the stonemasons was, however, an Archimedean spiral.,[1] “[Jacques Bernoulli] wrote that the logarithmic spiral ‘may be used as a symbol, either of fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which after all its changes, even after death, will be restored to its exact and perfect self’.” (Livio 2002: 116).


      Love US!!!

      Cannae express how grateful to be able to interface…elect/trick! Sky wave dis/solving so World-bridges may be built. Night night. ;)

  3. Red Queen, thank you very much for sharing these powerful sequences that help us learn, and to guide us in the new time with the greatest clarity.
    Love in your heart

  4. NS Kin 62 Withe Galactic Wind, 2º Watch Kin 10 White Planetary Dog….

    Many thanks for all, i’m one with you rigth here rigth now, since the cradle to the tomb and resurrection in the natural time 13:20 frecuency

    You’re active brother in servant:

    Oxcimi GA 146 – Operation Earth Rescue – Comision of Time – National Council, Pan – Rap – Yellow Human Biorregion – Venezuela…

    Klatu Barada Nikto…

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