Prepare for Contact, Kin 8–Yellow Galactic Star

… The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God and the Divine Order, which can only be effected through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.  –Dynamics of Time, 17.6

We all know that we are not alone (and we never have been). More and more people are seeing UFO’s and experiencing contact.  Today our global crisis is in such an advanced state that we have never so greatly needed assistance.

For the past decade I have been in involved in a process of extraterrestrial transmission and so have become accustomed to “non-ordinary states of  consciousness” (as Don Juan called them). “Extraterrestrial” meaning generated outside of this planetary sphere.

The purpose of this transmission of knowledge (known as GM108X) is for preparation of entry into the next stage of evolution and also to give us some glimpse of the vastness of knowledge available in the multidimensional reality that we are moving into.

The universe is far more astonishing and fascinating than what we have been conditioned to believe. We live in an instant feedback zone, meaning that the quality of our experience is in proportion to the level of consciousness that we are projecting.

This is why doing all we can to raise our consciousness and frequency at every level is of great benefit, both to us and to the planet. It is our duty to become multidimensional beings. The Universe is counting on it.

I share a few recent experiences with you with the hope that they further tap your star memory. The more we can shed awareness and light on our star nature the better, as we are quickly being moved into a new time.

This past Kin 207 (April 5), I awoke in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from a lucid dream. In the dream I was outside looking at the sky. The sky opened up and I saw things falling from it that looked like giant squids, then massive structures began to appear; elaborately constructed Ships with flashing lights.

The ships soon filled the sky so that the sky itself was barely visible.  It was overwhelming and I immediately felt the limited capacity of human intelligence and technology in relation to extraterrestrial intelligence and technology. I saw what appeared to be the internal wiring or control panels of what seemed like a gigantic Mothership – I was amazed to note that what I saw looked very similar to the holomind perceiver grid, which I had been immersed in the study of.

I woke up from the dream in a cold sweat and flicked on the light. The electricity was out. I sensed something very big, almost overwhelming, going on and noted that it was precisely one spin from 12-21-2012.

A few days later I was running errands and stopped into a used bookstore. I looked around a bit, but everything felt old and outdated. Then I saw the book Alien Rock on the shelf, and I remembered that I had given that book to my youngest brother (Kin 53) a few years ago.

When I returned home, the phone rang. It was my brother (I only hear from him about once every three moons). He told me he was taking a class in college on the history of rock and roll. And then he told me that he saw his first UFO a few moons earlier. I began to tell him about my dream, and he said: “Wait! This sounds like a dream that I just had.” Then he asked me if in my dream the entire sky was filled with ships.  He said he saw “colored patterns” (while I saw what I thought were “internal wirings” or a “control panel”). In any case it appears we had the same dream on the same night.

However, the most recent incident caused me to write this blog. On the night of  Solar Warrior (May 24) I received a visitation which began in a dream but then extended into a telepathic communication that has since carried over.

I dreamed that I was staring at the sun. It looked like the sun was coming closer and closer, then out flew a magic golden bird (not sure what kind). Suddenly I found myself in my bedroom and the golden bird appeared and shapeshifted into a being about 3 feet high, which felt female but you could not tell by appearance. In fact it was hard to make out its appearance because the glow of light around it was so blinding.

The deepest compassion, love and empathy exuded from this being’s heart to mine. It was as if I had known “her” all my life and knew that she was part of my “star family.” She communicated telepathically but did not reveal her name or the specific place she came from. Though I knew she had traveled through the sun and intuited that she was a representative of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The love she was projecting completely melted my heart causing a deep rememberance to overtake me. She expressed without words a deep empathy that her “people” feel for us humans who are “trapped” in this restrictive material plane at his time where there are many dark forces at play.  Through her I felt a pristine and holy energy, with the memory of what true divine communion among souls feels like, so pure and clean and beautiful. Only when you re-experience the depth of this connection, do you realize how far away our collective humanity is from this state of being.

She communicated that “they” are waiting for the unity and invitation of the humans to offer more assistance. I understood that they have the technologies that can help us to regenerate our planet. However they are awaiting our signal and invitation as a unified consciousness on Earth (this is the purpose of the Rainbow Bridge global peace meditation).

Then I see that she is about to leave. My heart longed to leave with her. She sensed my feelings and turned toward me with deep compassion that I could feel in my solar plexus. She communicated that she would leave me with a “magic elixir.” I saw what appeared as a lightning bolt came out of her third eye hitting mine and “charging” me with beautiful vibrations and deep comfort, but also leaving me with a message and reminder that the unified force of LOVE is the only way to cast out all fear and shadows from this planet. This is the victory of the rainbow bridge prophecy. I understood that once enough beings unify in this vision, then it will unleash uncontrollable waves of Divine Light that will rush forth in ecstasy and heal the Universe.

28 thoughts on “Prepare for Contact

  1. the unified force of LOVE is
    the feelings that this sharing of you makes to my heart
    so much simplicity and deepth
    with a warm hearth and sacred knowing of our pourpose
    we are not alone
    behind everything wee see
    i know
    i hear Votan laughing
    of how his perfect shyncronic plan
    is being fullfield at perfection
    everylittle thing open the gates of the chilam balam

    and here in the ilusion of distance love sourround us
    with the mantra IN LAK ECH

    kin 202

  2. Oh my gosh … the image at the end of the article is absolutely breath taking. Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts and experience. If only, if only. I do my bit, but it seems so small.

  3. Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing, this really helps!! I have a question is this being a OMA? The book of cube is dedicated to them and I would like to know more about them! Thank you for your love and dedication to our world!

  4. Our Galactic Handbook Study Group at Sacred Lands met on Kin 6, White Rhythmic Worldbridger and mediated to both the YouTube, Rainbow Bridge and to the Venus Transit meditation in the Handbook. Two of our members are Kin 5, Red Overtone Serpent. I am one of them and as such find your blog very significant and inspiring as the Venus Transit opens the portal to higher vibrations of divine love and light. There was a UFO sighting over Captiva Island, FL on May 31st. With gratitude for your blog, Delia

    • Thank you Delia, and happy to hear about your study! Here’s a suggestion for your group–place a picture of the rainbow bridge in the center of your circle with
      a crystal on it. Tune into Mother Earth and the meaning of this image. Envision the Highest Dream of love and healing for our planet and for every sentient being.
      Then as people are so inspired have them speak their vision, so that you are putting the intention into this image. It is a simple and powerful exercise… :)

      • Thank you RQ for your study tip. One of our group members brought a transparency of the Rainbow Bridge for everyone and indeed we all had a crystal (or sacred piece) with us. Now we will put the crystal on the Rainbow Bridge in the center of the circle when we meet again. So grateful for your blog and the meditation for June 20th, the Summer Soltice.

  5. Just had a beautiful experience of tender waves getting downloaded, your words describe the same. She is transmitting in full blossom…Venus, what a Lady!

  6. I continue to receive messages about the rainbow conscienceless. Would love to hear more and share with you.

  7. how much more of an invitation do they need? Humanity is crying out for this Divine Intervention and Undeniable Public Third Contact type event which totally wipes out fear, control and greed on this planet and blesses people with instant Enlightenment, Peace and Abundance for all. We have awakened, we’ve sent our Intentions for the Galactic Federation to help. I’ve been there myself in a lucid dream and also in a shamanic meditation in two Galactic Federation Round Table discussions a few moons apart and the second time I went I found my voice and stated this intention. They said that it was time humanity graduated and came into heart of the extended Galactic Family and that they were awaiting us with open arms.

    • Thank you Ellish…we are certainly being tested in patience at this time! … thank you for sharing your lucid dream–let’s keep
      holding the highest vision together as we navigate through this narrow portal that leads to an unimaginably vast galactic future. :)SS

    • Our Galactic Family is growing and we together did the Summer Solstice Meditation from the Galactic Handbook. It is such a loving and compassionate inner work. We are in agreement to do the daily routine including the Human Holon 13:20 13 articulation and 20 fingers and toes, plus our heart felt integration of Galactic Signature and rainbow bridge visioning. We are loving like newborns counting our fingers and toes. Practicing IN LAK’ech as well all the time. We welcome the Summer Solstice and the 184 days until 12/21/12.

  8. thank you for the inspiration of your words to help us keep on track when our mission seems so difficult. @ pblakey wrote of feeling like each one is so small and your words remind me that it takes a committed few to start the wave. i am so grateful for your vision and work. te et on Ra RQ. love 101

    • Great to hear from you Planetary Dragon–we are certainly navigating through some rough terrain! –it helps to know we
      are not alone :) blessings to you dear sister…in lakech :)

  9. This blog connects with me so well. Moving from Southwest Florida, to Santa Fe New Mexico, My partner and I stayed in Austin for a week with some friends, I had a dream on our last night there where i was speaking with an extra terrestrial telepathically, he looked just as you and I do. as kin 55 Blue Electric Eagle, kin 185 Red Electric Serpent is my Challenge/Strengthening Partner, I have recently dived into the Synchronic order and The Book of the Cube, specifically the practice of the 441 matrix and Holomind Perceiver, seeing this as my challenge and strengthening practice as received by the Red Queen. After only a few weeks of practice things have been falling in place..I let my neighbor store their bike in our studio/workspace..the bike code was 0441..the next day at the store the total for the customer in front of me was 4.41, then a couple nights ago I had a dream of a man( i think) who seemed very galactic in nature..I felt intuitively that he was Arcturian.. all i could see was his face..nothing else was visible in my dream.. and behind him pure white.. his eyes were the clearest sky blue and after telling me why he wasnt able to go into public because of his physical features(very pale white.. almost see through, i could see the veins in his face, and his very large lips, bald head) he asked me if i could have anything in my library what would it be..(by library i think he was speaking of my brain.. or what i had access too mentally) all my excitement i Said “multinational!”..not even sure what i was referring to(not a lucid dream) i hope this is understood as Galactic-National or Universal-national! haha. I would like to give thanks to the Red Queen for all her work she has done on this blog and for us all, thank you!
    Ah Yum Hunab-Ku Evam Maya Ema Ho!
    In lakech

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