Day Out of Time 2012! Human-Be-Love-In, Kin 52

The Day Out of Time is just 6 days away! See this inspiring invitation to the Day Out of Time in San Francisco–the Human-Be-Love-In, by Doug Slater/Yellow Resonant Warrior.

Also, see the call from Nina Goncharova and the Association of World Citizens in tandem with the Foundation for the Law of Time,  to initiate a “stream of happy events” and Heaven and Earth celebrations on the Day out of Time (25 July) leading up to 21 December 2012. Please send  announcement/flyers for your Day Out of Time events  to:

We, at the Foundation for the Law of Time are sponsoring the Day Out of Time Festival in Ashland Oregon with featured musicans Cornflower, Sara Tone, Michelle Bellamy, Kirtan with Krsna Deva, Dancing People Company, Humandalas with Daniel Levy  guest speaker Eden Sky from, and with conscious comedy by “That Guy Bob Sky!” Come and join us if you are in the area. For more information contact Jacob at or 541-488-0714.

Even if you won’t be attending an event, you can join us in spirit in initiating the Rainbow Bridge global peace meditation that will culminate on 21 December 2012 (Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 207).  See for details.

Purpose of Rainbow Bridge Meditation by Jose Arguelles

The purpose of the meditation is to create the rainbow bridge as an image of the mass consciousness, and through the succession of collective synchronized meditations every seven days, to build up a planetary wave of consciousness, co-precipitating the rainbow bridge at the climax of the most massive auroral outbursts during 2012-2013.

This would be the most phenomenal example of a globally coherent resonance of collective human thought interacting with and altering the electromagnetic and biopsychic fields of the planet.

The successful fulfillment of the circumpolar rainbow bridge experiment would set a new standard for collective human performance and spectacularly illustrate untapped potential of the human mind. It would be the atomic bomb of the human imagination, as enormously positive in its effects and implications as the atomic bomb was negative.

Indeed, a new era shall have dawned, the Noosphere, and with it the promise to all beings of the intrinsic power of their mind and the great possibility of regenerating the earth as a work of art.

-Jose Arguelles/Manifesto for the Noosphere.

3 thoughts on “Day Out of Time 2012! Human-Be-Love-In

  1. OmeteoTL UniVErse !! HUmanS!! EarTH!! LiFE!!! ThanK yoU sOO MUCH FoR thIS PReSENT moMENT!! IT brINGs teaRS OF JOy TO MY eyeS tO see US uNITED !! SucH beauTIfUL HUmAnS!! THis IS unExplainabLY WOnderfUL!!LA FAmiLIA del SUR aQUI estaRA rEUniDA TAMbien, JUnTO con LA sagrada MEDIciNA de NueSTRA MAdrE TieRRA!!SEntiMOS a CAdA dia LAs VIbraciones MAs Y MAs INtensas!!
    loVE is ALL we NeeD!!!! TlaZOcAMATLi!!! > In LakecH

  2. —Maybe this is not the right place … but really want to know what is manifestation .. of

    5. Fifth 113-day cycle, red: “Lord of the Dawn Manifests Cosmic Radiance”, Days 339-227, Resonant 8, Kin 129, 12 Moon (17 January 2012) – Spectral 7, Kin 240, 6 Sun (8 May 2012) 6 Wizard year – Anticipate major 12:60 destabilization during this cycle

    destabilization … gregorian calendar and clock :)

  3. We had a very quiet Doot here in Berlin, been lovely to connect up world wide via the rainbow bridge. Tomorrow sees the completion or opening of Pythagorean triangle Via the clear signs at left bottom tzolkin corner , love to all from Eve, Vern and Noah

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