Shifting Movie Holograms   Kin 161–Red Overtone Dragon

The conclusion of the cycle in A.D. 2012 – kin 1872000, – bodes nothing less than a major evolutionary upgrading of the light-life (radiogenetic)  process which our planet represents.
–Jose Arguelles/The Mayan Factor

Movies are holograms just like this life is a hologram projected from elsewhere. The closing of the cycle completes the 5125-year galactic beam cycle of a particular world hologram.   Everything occurring on our planet now was coded into this beam (see Galactic Beam blog). The beam is moderated through the sun (Kinich Ahau), the local star.

But why doesn’t everyone realize this? Because the conditioned filters are still so strong on this planet. These conditioned filters are but outmoded forms of the hologram that is now being dissolved. We have to break out of the limiting thought matrix of conditioned reality and become as children again, accessing Divine Intelligence directly. A whole new picture of reality is emerging – a picture that is completely different than what we have been conditioned to believe.

Ultimately we want to evolve our mind to the degree where we can see all of history as a single thoughtform (or as a single galactic beam unfolding knowledge according to a time-release program). You can watch this evolution from 3113 BC to 2012 AD like a movie being projected onto your inner mind screen – a movie that was approximately 45 billion hours long.

So now, we are coming to the end of one movie followed by an intermission or integration period known as the 7 Mystic Moons (Resonant Moon to Cosmic Moon). At this time the new beam or new film will be loaded into the projecter and then on Galactic Synchronization (26 July 2013), we push “play” on the new upgraded movie. The quality of the movie is determined by our collective vision for the highest future world possible.

It is fascinating to stop and consider that everything that has occurred, everything we have experienced, everything we have been taught to think of reality was programmed into a galactic beam that is now shifting. It is even more fascinating to consider that the raw material that formed this particular beam was the karmic residue of previous worlds that was then coded into the DNA of the beings on this planet.

So when the holographic structures of information hit the DNA of the beings on this planet it activated past world analphs (thoughtforms). These analphs intertwined with the DNA codes and created the information templates that caused the human species to create empires, literature, art, science, mathematics and every other subject. All of this is a particular form of knowledge that was loaded into this time-release beam program and projected to Earth (the experimental zone) to see what the humans would do with this knowledge. This beam was also loaded with the information codes causing us to create archetypal situations and to create different archetypal messengers, prophets, avatars, world leaders, etc.,  to catalyze masses or catalyze huge eras of time.

Different beings perform different archetypal functions that are coded into their DNA and activated by the holographic information of the beam. Whether conscious or unconscious, everyone is performing a part of the Divine Plan that is leading ultimately to the greatest Harmonic Convergence ever known and the realization of all minds as a single planetary organism (see Manifesto for the Noosphere).

Back to the Beam

The Mayan Factor describes the galactic beams as resonant frequency or radio waves emanating from Hunab Ku, galactic core – and even more specifically from the black hole close to the center of Hunab Ku. These high frequency radio waves are coded with HOLOGRAMS or holographic information.

Near the core of the galaxy is a black hole. A black hole is usually described as a place where the gravitational field of a star or galaxy becomes so intense that everything caves into it. It is thought that the other side of the black hole is another dimension or universe. Inside the black hole is a dense core of information, which is a synthesis of everything that particular star system or universal order represented – it is condensed here and then emitted as high frequency waves. This is also similar to what Russian astrophysicist Kozyrev spoke of when he spoke of time beams, where time is being emitted from a stellar core or different celestial bodies – this is where time beams come from.

Graphic by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles
computer enhanced by Jacob Wyatt/Rhythmic Dragon. The beam we are talking about is a specialized type of beam, 5,125 years. It is nested within a 26,000-year beam, which itself is nested in a 104,000-year beam. These all climax on Kin 207, 21 December 2012.

The beam we are now passing through contains the hologram of everything that has occurred in human history. Everything that has unfolded on this planet since 3113 BC – all that information is encoded in a hologram contained in this time beam. It is called a synchronization beam because the hologram and time beam synchronizes with the actuality of events in the dense plane of 3D matter.

But who creates these information beams?

Beam information is telepathically passed across star systems from one galactic intelligence to another. These patterns do not just happen randomly, but are intelligently conceived and projected as holographic structures or images within these different time beams. These beams then sweep through the universe informing different structures of celestial/cosmic reality. To receive the beam information (as the galactic Maya did in 10th baktun) requires telepathic attunement. The galactic Maya knew that the paranormal functions of the human brain are activated by solar frequencies or emission frequencies from the Sun.

Purpose of Law of Time and Synchronic Order

The 13 Moon calendar and all practices of the synchronic order define a New Galactic Time Program based on extraterrestrial intelligence which serves the purpose of creating resonant pathways from the third-dimensional individual mind into the Planetary Mind (noosphere).

Those who follow these practices have noted the internal “activation”, shifts in perception and increase of synchronicity that occurs when these codes are applied. How does this work? These activations are felt because the codes, symbols and patterns of the synchronic order are resonant structures that inscribe new neurological pathways, allowing in more cosmic electricity, linking our consciousness to other star systems or galactic intelligences. Those who have been practicing over the years are galactic pioneers and earth wizards who have helped/are helping to carve new etheric passageways to facilitate the great shift of consciousness and entry into the new beam.

“The information flow between a planet body like Earth and the galactic core is maintained and mediated by the Solar activity known as the binary sunspots. Both sun and planet operate with the same galactic information bank. Whenever a stellar body, such as our Sun, begins its evolutionary course, it is imprinted with the 260-unit galactic code. Once a planet such as ours attains a point of resonant activation, the galactic information flow mediated through the sunspots imprints the outer electromagnetic sheath with the basics of the planetary memory program.” p. 109 The Mayan Factor

The hour is getting late…

14 thoughts on “Shifting Movie Holograms

  1. Creating and building the holomind perceiver is such an amazing and out-of-this-world provincialjourney that has opened a plethora of doors and opportunities, both terrestial and cosmic. However, its challenging bringing others into it ar first, let alone finding the discipline within yourself to embrace fully the practices of synchrogalactic yoga and the 441 matrix. Its magnificent though. The synchronotron has changed so much for me in less than a year and is helping unweave and understand the the vast layers of synchronicity I’ve been storing since 87. Purely lovely.

  2. Welcome and Realize RAINBOW NATION!
    Pick a Direction on the Medicine Wheel of Life and Do yOUR work!
    Grow up and share yOUR Kindness and Respect with one another!
    LOVE the ONE in Everyone!
    KNOW the Noosphere!

  3. The present world which encloses the memory of the previous worlds is the frame of time enclosing the soul in this physical body.
    Eternity`s memory am I forever the power of seven.
    From Arcturus was I sprung the ancient one am I.
    In Maldek was I before I came here.
    In Mars was I before I came here.
    CHC Vol.4 Book of the Initiation: Consciousness and it`s transmission page 119
    Gate 10 The Serpent Initiates:
    In the flow of transmigration of atoms and consciousness there are stopping points-other planets, other form bodys- all yearning to the wholeness of the original One. We are all remnants of this divine remembering, being taught to remember the way back home. . …p.180

    I guess another lost planet analph is this movie, from the same directors as the matrix trilogy. When the first matrix film came out in 1997/8 it was somehow “mindblowing”. Curiously the Wachovski brothers are not anymore brothers but brother and sister now. Must be some galactic beam effect! More female power please.
    In lak ech 9.7 on 2.6
    Will they vote for Mars captain Self existing Skywalker? Anyway everything is perfect. And Jesus may bless America.

  4. So brilliant this one release yet so many pieces here within…..again gratitude for YOU our Beloved Red Queen for bringing forth VV’s presence once again unleashing the power of his PReSENSE and unfathomable Approach to Truth that none has yet to embrace – only this ONE finds the words that fill the empty space that exists between the words/worlds as we enter this final ascent into these very chambers of the MIND HOLOmind that HE once offered us and has done so again Thanks to You…. I am quiet now that I have had a drink of His Holiness that is His Essence…..and is Yours…..

  5. Another movie to recommend, certainly better then Skyfall, the new Bond Film. Broers an international renown austrian bio physicist build`s a bridge between science and spirituality. He did tens of years research on magnetic wave Frequency-Therapy and worked for governemntal funded institutions. He proofs the direct influence of solar activity (Sun spots, plasma, sun winds) through earth`s magnetic field on our creative, mental and spiritual evolution. Thus Solar (r)evolution. Several times he recites Arguelles and the Mayan Factor.
    can we? yes

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