Unification in Time/13 Moons, Long Count and all Traditions (audio)

IMG_4114This talk was given on Kin 206 (20 December 2012)  at Kin Ha in Palenque, Mexico in dedication to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan “Closer of the Cycle” and the Prophecy of Pacal Votan. I begin the talk describing how 4 ships led me to Palenque then describe the galactic beam, vision of Red Queen, masculine/feminine and transcendence of duality in preparation of new cycle.  Then I am joined by Don Marzo Quetzal, keeper of the sacred traditions, who speaks about unity of all traditions and cultures at the closing of the cycle in acknowledgement of the One Creator who creates all streams that lead to the Infinite Ocean of love. Love and gratitude also to Lwx Votan Quetzal Llhuvatar for his work in unifying these streams.

Thanks to Annibal Luporini–White Galactic Wizard, Kin 34, for great job translating. Thanks to Gustavo Ik-White Lunar Wind, Kin 2, for his magical flute playing for Prayer of 7 Galactic Directions.

Click here to listen to the audio:

Recording by Hix — White Electric Wizard, Kin 94

To hear more audio and see more photos go to “Closing the Cycle of Artificial Time & Opening the New” at Foundation for the Law of Time.

(l to r) Jacob Wyatt (Kin 201), Seamus (Kin 218), Ashtaryah (Kin 197), Don Marzo (Kin 7), Stephanie (Kin 185), Lwx (Kin 170), Oscar (Kin 42). Photo by Sarah Bronson Kin 24



Rainbow Sky - Florida Aug 2012In the Palace of Bolon Ik, Palenque - Photo by Sarah Bronson

Don Marzo Quetzal on Kin 206 (20 December)

Don Marzo Quetzal on Kin 206 (20 December)


photo by tim fussing-4 Dog

Photo by Juanita Perdomo Kin 53

418909_400154500040023_494871647_nNEW 1Gustavo Iq playing the flute224968_481832448524700_664767224_nIMG_4055IMG_4129IMG_1719P1030952
IMG-20121223-00245 copy206675_481832941857984_1579746071_n




P1030986 2TimeScience-BeampalenqueMINDMELDRQ


Temple 13–Tomb of the Red Queen. Photo taken on Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard–13 days before closing of cycle. Photo by Mark Bentley, Kin 199

Final photo in Palenque on Kin 189 (29 Jan. 2010). Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with Stephanie South/Red Queen at the Tomb of the Red Queen. Photo by Luis Zavala, Kin 198



Banner of Peace

Photo by Sarah Bronson kin 24

RedQueen_Votan2VALWMAGINATION Kin 207--4 Ajaw (Dec. 21, 2012) Closing of the Cycle Palenque in dedication to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with Crystal Skull--Star Rainbow Serpent– Kin 207–4 Ajaw (Dec. 21, 2012) Closing of the Cycle Palenque in dedication to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with Crystal Skull–Star Rainbow Serpent

Adobe Photoshop PDF

and thanks to everyone who helped organize and co-create this event, particularly Karina–White Cosmic Wizard, Kin 234 (and her son Alfonso), Mertxe–Blue Crystal Storm, Kin 259, Jacob Wyatt–Red Rhythmic Dragon, Kin 201, and Kelly Harding, Yellow Rhythmic Sun, Kin 240, Luis Zavala, White Electric Wizard, Kin 198, Gustavo and Paola, Red Cosmic Earth, Kin 117, July de Portilla, Red Planetary Serpent, Kin 205; Aida, White Magnetic Wind, Kin 222, Delia, Red Overtone Serpent, Kin 5,

Also special thanks to Seamus Hiestand, White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218; Eden Sky, Self existing Skwalker, Kin 173 (for her 18 years of dedication in creating and disseminating the 13 Moon Natural Time calender!) and thanks to Bob Sky, Red Overtone Skywalker, Kin 213 and Merlin Asher Sky, Blue Self Existing Eagle, Kin 95;  Pachamama Annick Worldbridger, Avani, Blue Electric Eagle, Kin 55; Ashtaryah, Red Lunar Earth, Kin 197,  Silviane and the Blue Princess, Maya Poole, Yellow Resonant Sun, Kin 20; Mark Bentley, Blue Self-Existing Storm, Kin 199; Ivan–Red Cosmic Dragon, Kin 221; Noelle, Blue Overtone Eagle, Kin 135, Sarah Bronson, Yellow Spectral Seed, Kin 24; Tim Tussing, 4 Dog, Damian, Yellow Cosmic Warrior, Kin 156, Denise Ayres, Red Galactic Serpent, Kin 125; Reka, Blue Lunar Night, Kin 223, Naim, Red Cosmic Serpent, Kin 65; Juryt Abma, Blue Solar Night, Kin 243, Emmanuel/Joost, Red Magnetic Skywalker, Kin 53 and Jonas Santos, Blue Lunar Monkey, Kin 171. And thanks to all the Rainbow family–which is everyone…

And extra special love and gratitude to Ishram Tansley, Blue Overtone Hand and Ashani Tansley, Red Rhythmic Earth from Australia (Blue Night Zone) who were with us in spirit through the Dreamtime, as well as Lois Farrington Hunt, Yellow Magnetic Warrior, Kin 196.

To hear audio from Kin 207/4 Ajaw (21 December) and see more photos go to “Closing the Cycle of Artificial Time & Opening the New” at Foundation for the Law of Time.

13 Moon Calendar Classes

14 thoughts on “Unification in Time/13 Moons, Long Count and all Traditions (audio)

  1. being part of thia adventure of closing the cycle with the truly beloved kins was great
    thaks all, july serpent

  2. Blue Cosmic Hand, 5 Ahau
    Dreamspell-Mayan Long Count

    Today is 40 days from the Closing of the Cycle, the beautiful celebration of Pure Hearts that is shared here. This has been a period of reflection and recapitulation for us all. Today we must apply what we have learned. Today we must see that the ball has passed through the hoop.

    Today I ask that we offer sacrifice of something very dear to us, something which has at once been our Trust and our Keep and yet which has in a way, separated us and held us back. This sacrifice is not our lives nor property nor moral values nor spiritual convictions, rather this entails the union of our two Time Streams, the Dreamspell and the Mayan Long Count.

    To make this sacrifice and enter the New Time, we can ease the transition by recognizing that the End of the Cycle, and this is a very long cycle indeed, completing 5 Suns, yet another precessional cycle, has reset the basic calibration of Time. Which makes this the Cosmic opportunity to bring forth a complete allignment and total cooperation between the Dreamspell and the Mayan Long Count.

    So here is the prophecy from 3 years ago on Red Spectral Skywalker, Resonant 22, 4 Seed year (January 31, 2010): since the Mayan Long Count and the Dreamspell differ by 47 days/kin currently (the difference decreases by 1 for each Leap Day the Dreamspell uses as its Hunab Ku Day), the Dreamspell shall sacrifice one Wavespell, that is, 13 days/kin while the Mayan Long Count sacrifices 60 days/kin. That makes tomorrow, 1 Imix in the Long Count and Red Magnetic Dragon in the Dreamspell, in other words, the same day.

    Rather than being tied to the Gregorian/Anglican Leap Day convention, the New Time collects the leap days for 52 years and then commemorates the Wavespell sacrificed, in fact, the Star Wavespell (the Purpose of Art is Cosmic Enlightenment). On the 33rd recurrence, at the Day Out of Time for the Yellow Cosmic year, the Wavespell is skipped. This keeps the mean Vernal year 365.2424 days, the best astronomical equivalence that can be observed.

    The Mayan Long Count makes its sacrifice to Pacal Votan, kin 60, 8 Ahau, in giving 60 days/kin. This moves the date from 5 Ahau, the literal end of the 5th Sun to 1 Imix instead of 6 Imix as would typically follow. This acknowledges that we understand it is 5 periods of 13 Baktuns (5 Suns) which are the significant count and so it is appropriate to markup the next higher Timecycle place (yet we do not have that record so its actual value is unclear now).

    It is well to recall the Dreamspell’s founders bore the kin 11 Monkey and 9 Wind for the Monkey(11) and Wind(2) add to the 13 of the Wavespell and the tonal numbers sum to 20, thus 13:20, as well as add to kin 33, the Apprentice. And so it is that the 20 thrice repeated is the 60 Kin sacrifice of the Maya and the 13 Kin sacrifice of the Dreamspell with the 33rd Cycle recalled become a truly united New Time, a sacred Time, the real Time for the revitalized New Earth.

    Please note that I humbly offer this prophecy and note as well that it in no way impinges on the 13moon/28 day calendar, nor the Mayan Long Count (although it is meant to unify these), nor the Haab calendar, nor even the Gregorian/Anglican caelndar although for the later it does detatch on February 29, 2016.

    This does alter the year bearer family for the Dresmspell, causing this coming New Year to fall on Galactic Earth rather than Galactic Seed, moving the year bearing task to the Core family and meaning this year (still) Blue Resonant Storm which is year 7 in the 52 year “Castle” of Time becomes year 20, the next, Red Galactic Earth being year 21. The final year of the 52 year “Castle” is thus the Yellow Cosmic Human.

    I find this a difficult sacrifice to make and I ask each who reads or shares this to please, look into your Heart of Hearts to see if this is indeed the real Time, the sacred Time, the New Time which we may keep as our Trust, and which may Keep us in Spirit.

    For the next 40 days, Magnetic Dragon to Magnetic Sun, let us celerate our Victory in Time.

    In Love, with asking of Grace, to You
    I am another yourself and I see you are another me,
    In Lak’ech
    Will, White Electric Wizard

  3. you are the beginning, you are the center, and you are beyond the end… and I love u so, for u help me see, see you in all … is to see you in me. We R 1. tnx queen, keep shinning, keep being, the reign of love is here! blessings of supreme and absolute peace from the warrior bioregion, serra acor (hawk mountains), dragon valley peace garden.
    inlakech kin 75

  4. I have loved every sharing through words and photos of the Closing of the Cycle here through the blog. It is the first photo I have seen of the Orbs over the ceremony 12/21/12. I am so grateful to have been there for the entire ceremonial service in honoring Valum Votan.
    In Lak’ech, Delia Serpent

  5. Thank you so much for those beautiful impressions Stephanie/RQ
    I think the date of the “final photo with you and Votan in Palenque“ is wrong. Certainly I got curious as my Kin number 189 was mentioned as date and it was taken by Kin 198. The Exif data of the jpeg (date/time/etc. are normally saved by the camera and you can read it out with Photoshop just by downloading a pic) says 2010-01-09 which would be Lunar Monkey Kin 171.
    711 + 171 + 117 = 999
    711 (Valum 9 – One tomb surrounded by 9 Bolontiku))
    171 (Lunar Monkey – Unification with female principle- twin soul)
    117 (Kin number Jose had the first dream of the 441 matrix 2007-01-10))
    999 (the Christian year Quetzalcoatl left on a raft of serpents, symbol of the Noosphere)
    Ah – Throat Chakra
    Yum- Heart Chakra
    Hu Nab Ku- God, Galaxy, Giver of Movement and Measure
    Evam – Sanskrit : thus, contains eva, eve the female principle
    Maya –Galactic Maya, the name of Lord Buddha`s mother
    Emaho -is a Tibetan exclamation and also a Sanskrit word –describing joy, wonder and realization.
    Jannis 7 Moon
    who saw a Rainbow on 13 Blue Cosmic Hand  (see last blog) and who thinks 3 Wizard`s words are very worth of contemplating.
    The United States of Rainbow Warriors.
    ReURn to UR when OMA is attained.

    • Thanks Jannis for this– Yes, it was Kin 189 (your kin)–this is correct(Resonant 18, Jan. 27 2010)–we went to Palenque a few days after Cancun conference which VV spoke at on his b-day (Kin 186).
      … (looks like the Lunar Monkey was playing with us through photoshop :)) –

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  7. Wow. Fascinating point of view. I loved how you protected this subject….
    A couple of things I dont accept but hi… thats a
    new perspective. I’m super-keen to read your next post.
    Is it possible to make the next one more comprehensive? Thanks :)

  8. I FEEL speechless…..Today is the MAYAN Day of RED SYK WALKER and I been searching for a picture to place on my wall on FB. Well, the Universe had another picture for me on hand, I was shown my own vision, when visiting the most scared Chamber of the KARNAK Temple in Egypt. of the World inside the rainbow, is exactly the vision I received in the sacred Chamber. Since a number of years I do follow the MAYAN Calander, developing myself….. OMG….. I FEEL, I AM, so Blessed and lucky today …… Holy Universe, My Ancestors, my visions from years ago become true .seen myself as a Goldkeeper from the MAYAN….. and now its 12:00 I write this and next I see 12:12 – Mitakuye Oyasin, Namaste, All my families,

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