Natural Mind and Cosmic Storm

Solar Moon 12: White Galactic Wizard, Kin 34

Time is consciousness. Life is Cosmos. Dreamspell is the Journey. Telektonon is the Quest. Shambhala is the goal. Prayer is the practice. Art is the form. Where is the mind? –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

On Solar Moon 17: Kin 39, Blue Cosmic Storm (23 March),  the second anniversary of the passage of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan,  I will be making a personal pilgrimage with a few loved ones to the stupa of his Tibetan teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (Red Spectral Earth) in northern Colorado.

The stupa (which represents the heart of the Buddha)  is 108 feet high and is known as Great Stupa of Dharmakaya Which Liberates Upon Seeing.

Let’s light a candle at 11:11 a.m. (Mountain Time) and join hearts in silent prayer and natural mind meditation projecting the rainbow bridge in honor of galactic messenger Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

Sadhana of the Mahamudra/Terma-Terton

We will also have a small ceremony and reading of Chogyam Trungpa’s Sadhana of the Mahamudra. This text is a terma or “hidden treasure” that he discovered in 1968 while meditating in the Taksang Cave (of the Tiger) in 1968.

This is one of the main caves of Padmasambhava, supreme yogi and meditation master credited for having introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the late eighth or early ninth century. He prophesied the coming darkness of the human race plagued by disaster, war, diseases, and above all the reduced inclination to engage in any spiritual endeavor.

In the Tibetan tradition, Padmasambhava and his chief consort Yeshe Tsogyal, concealed treasures “mind terma” in stones, pillars of ancient buildings, pyramids, in cliff faces, in lakes, even in the air. Their discovery is only possible for the predicted terton and even then only at certain moments in time, which are generally revealed through synchronicity.

As Trungpa Rinpoche describes in Crazy Wisdom, “He [Padmasambhava] had various writings of his put in gold and silver containers like capsules and buried in certain appropriate places in the different parts of Tibet so that people of the future would rediscover them….This process of rediscovering the treasures has been happening all along, and a lot of sacred teachings have been revealed. One example is the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Another approach to preserving treasures of wisdom is the style of the thought lineage. Teachings have been rediscovered by certain appropriate teachers who have had memories of them and written them down from memory. This is another kind of hidden treasure”. The Sadhana of Mahamudra is such a mind terma.

Similarly the teachings of the Law of Time and the entire GM108X-Galactic Mayan Mind transmission are a hidden  terma discovered by Valum Votan. One who finds a treasure is called a terton.

(Synchronic Notes: Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche passed away in 1987 — 208 days later Jose’s son Josh, Blue Electric Monkey, Kin 211,  passed away. Kin 208–Yellow Cosmic Star–was the first day of the new cycle (22 Dec. 2012).  

On Easter Sunday 1988, Jose placed one-half of his son’s ashes in a vase beneath some rocks near Chogyam Trungpa’s stupa. The night after he had a prophetic dream instructing him to devote all of his energy to decoding the mathematical system that underlies the Mayan calendar).

Helping to lead this intimate ceremony will be Jose’s long-time dharma friend Blue Electric Monkey, Kin 211. We will also be accompanied by White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218 — galactic signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan (15 June, 1952). 

Blue Cosmic Storm–Year of the Time-Shift

Solar 17 occurs on Blue Cosmic Storm, Kin 39 (3 x 13), which also coded the day 26 July 1992, also known as the Time-Shift.  At this point Jose began promoting the teaching that without a proper timing frequency, humans go out of resonance with nature. When humans go out of resonance with nature, strange mutations and natural catastrophes occur, and in some cases planets might even explode.

The Time-Shift also had to do with the intensification of the galactic beams being projected to Velatropa 24.3 (Earth).  We are now in the process of a new beam phasing in. Jose describes the beam in Surfers of the Zuvuya:

Remember, the purpose of the beam that we are passing through, like the purpose of all galactic beams, is to affect the timing of change. One day there are dinosaurs. The next day they are gone. One day there are woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers, the next day they are gone. Where do they go? Do they die? Or are they radically transmuted–passed through a time warp that places them into memory capsules in the back of our brains? Will that happen to us, too? What will happen to us anyway?


Natural Mind, Authentic Self and Unborn Awareness by Jose Arguelles

… All along the watchtower of human consciousness, over the ages, have been those advance guard humans watching their minds, learning the nature of self, finding the truth of nature in the reality of their own minds, or receiving the imprint of God directly in the stillness of their mind when no thoughts are forming. These are not just values of bygone eras. They are eternal human verities that are essential and meant to be put into practice if we are to survive as a species.

Knowing the natural mind directly is now a prerequisite for evolution. It is the one sure way of establishing peace as the foundation of human consciousness. Without this foundation of peace we will not root out war from our conditioned mental vocabulary.

It is one thing to have the Thirteen Moon calendar as an externalized reflection of the evolutionary shift in human consciousness. It is a whole other matter to come again into possession of the natural mind that allows the experience of natural time to expand internally into the next higher collective state of human consciousness. The natural time embedded in the natural mind is the irreversible evolutionary thread that is now waiting to be stitched, sewing the human mind into the noosphere—forever.

If you are just beginning this practice you may naturally keep wondering: What’s in this for me,why am I doing this? To have a direct experience of your true, authentic self is the answer. Without this experience, you are actually living a counterfeit self, a make believe, made up self that has never stopped long enough to get unzipped, it is hogging the whole show.

This part can be painful— unsticking yourself from the conventional habituated programs. Once you begin to see all the different thought programs that are running you, however, you will also naturally develop the instinct to breathe them out of your system and yearn to breathe freely at last.

But it takes time. This is why the discipline is so important. You must do everything in your power to do this practice every day. You must take time to do it, just like you take time to surf the Internet. It is the only real way you will make progress in seeing your mind directly and experiencing your natural self, your authentic self.The key, as we said earlier, is in the gap between the thoughts.

You might first experience this gap as a momentary pause after you exhale. But eventually you will be able to maintain the space between the thoughts for longer intervals. As you do this you will feel the mind relaxing into itself. The thoughts will arise and subside with greater clarity. You will note that mind and thought are

the same, or that the essence of mind—whatever that may be—pervades all the thoughts equally. Whose mind is it? Is there only one mind with infinite outlets and you are one of them? And if the essence of mind is a substanceless emptiness, then is that also the nature of the thought programs—a substanceless emptiness? Then you will note or ask yourself something else: Who is watching? Who is being aware?

If you are not your thoughts, who is being aware? Is it the mind watching itself or being aware of itself? Whose awareness is it? This awareness is like the mind, always existent, non-fabricated. In fact, the awareness seems to be inseparable from the mind. The quality of experience that you have when you become aware of the inseparability of this awareness from the mind—that, that is your authentic self: Colorless, odorless, thought free. And also, it seems, inseparable from this intrinsic, unborn, ever- present awareness.

So you have this always existing awareness—unborn, because it was already there when you became self-aware. The nature of your authentic self is inseparable from this intrinsic awareness. And natural mind does not exist apart from this unborn awareness. It is impossible to separate these three elements. And in reality, the experience of that “space” between the thoughts is ineffable, though much ink has been shed in attempting to describe or speak about it.

But when you experience it, you know it. Eventually it will be accompanied by a sense of serenity or even bliss. The clarity of mind that you experience will be its own reward. You will not want to lose it. You will see how easily misled you had been previously in your life. You will have regained your authentic self.

You will note that the authentic self is naturally curious and fearless. The ego-obsessed self is not curious because it does not want anything new to upset it; and it is the opposite of fearless—it is self- defended. But the authentic self of the natural mind is the self of your innocent childhood—curious, fearless, open and fresh.

These qualities will help you tremendously in preparing for the descent of the divine, the dimensional shift, the advent of the noosphere! Being able to identify thoughts as they arise and yet not to identify with them, you actually will be prepared for two things: 1) a dimensional shift and 2) your own death.

The shift to the noosphere is a dimensional shift, a descent of the fourth-dimensional mind as a self-existing perceptual or consciousness construct. When this occurs you need to be absolutely open. Whatever thought you hold onto will not only obstruct the shift in your mental sphere, but it will consign you to an intolerable experience of that which you are holding onto in your mind. This is really important to consider. This is why we said that the mindfulness training is the prerequisite for the evolutionary shift.

Secondly, for the same reason as for the evolutionary/dimensional shift, you need a mind that is capable of seeing itself nakedly and directly when you transit out of your present body. Whatever you are holding onto, or whatever is unexamined or still unconscious within you, whatever it is and to that degree, you will be incapable of experiencing directly the big post-mortem premium.

In fact your hang ups will become magnified and it may seem like a very difficult situation. That is why it is wise to face your illusions and your karma truthfully while you’ve still got a chance to wake up to your natural mind and see the clear light directly with your own unborn, intrinsic awareness.

Now it must be kept in mind that I am only scratching the surface of a topic that is as vast as mind itself. But we have to open the door somewhere. And we have to begin to let in some air and shed some light someplace. So we have begun with where we have begun. We are cultivating mindfulness training not to be become Zen buddhists, but to navigate the synchronic order with utter clarity and decisiveness.

The tides of history are now crashing on an unknown shore. You want to remain on that shore and not get sucked back into the tide as it goes out again. And on that unknown shore you want to have a fresh mind to see clearly and an authentic self that is unattached, that has let go of the past and all of its ego-baggage, ready to receive the new without reservation. One final point in this introductory statement on the direct introduction to your natural mind.

Who are you doing this practice for? Of course, you are doing it to gain a glimpse and then increasingly prolonged experience of your authentic self. But that is not an end in itself. That experience of natural mind and authentic self is to increase your effectiveness in relating to your world, your environment, the rest of humanity and all of life.

As you practice you may note that your ego really doesn’t exist, that your thoughts are like bubbles floating in the currents of the universal mind, so you don’t really need to defend yourself. You are already an open vessel. Then you must think of those who are still trapped in their suffering.

Truly we live in a plane of existence where accumulated sorrow weighs virtually everyone down. If you have seen the nature of reality and know that it is empty of anything but light and truth, then you know that that is actually true for everyone. Yet why is everyone not experiencing that? In reality, the nature of mind is compassion, peace, undivided reality.

As we dissolve our mental boundaries, compassion naturally arises in us. So then, you must see to it that you actually dedicate your practice of mindfulness training so that all beings may come to this same realization.

After all, what good does it do if you are enlightened and everyone else is in the dark? It doesn’t really work like that anyway. If we are all one, then we will not really become fully enlightened until all are enlightened with us. That being so, then do everything in your effort to become clear and allow the light of your clarity to shine on all who need it.

In Tibetan, authentic presence is wangthang, which literally means, ‘field of power’… The cause or the virtue that brings about authentic presence is emptying out and letting go. You have to be without clinging. — Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Video Tribute to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan by Sarah Bronson/Yellow Spectral Seed

11 thoughts on “Natural Mind and Cosmic Storm

  1. dont believe me.. because i really dont know nothing… but i try to explain…somehow all :) .. in early 2011 i saw that terma… 1008 days..and focus become… destabilization of 12 60… clips 11 11… and i saw … too many clips … connected for clock.. nov 11… dec 21 11.11 etc etc….

    and comes moon 11 day 11 kin 139 (may 12 2011) … 13 and 9 telektonon 31…. terma… …search number 22… and middle from 139-22 is 210…. next in this crazy stuff i am spectral worldbridger … hierophant that is tarot… i guess… because i dont know tarot,,, just because all comes… in weird …dates… that middle kin 210(22 july 2011) moon 13 day 26…. and book of thoth 210 and 7 —- next kin 22…. moon 3 day 13 … (2 oct 2011) again 2 10…. and when search meaning of crown 2.10 that lead mi in next level 31×13 with tone 9 … whole telektonon 31… and esoteric ….asked this site meaning nothing… and nothing happend with destabilization … next in july 2012… i saw number 117 … search … 117 days countdown ….cube comes … on august 26… share that cube… ok terma… again… and add 216 days… on inspiration … about destabilization …

    all comes …. on moon 7 day 12… . or 21 jan … 211 —- well 7 and 12 … blue crystal hand… end of cycle… circle… i dont know what… but ok…

    next point…. i saw in analog clock… numbers 12 and 7…… just 7 o clock… and see this …. 1260 years… ser Isaac Newton… that is …25 12 2060….

    that is 360 day in the year(lap year) and that is on 12… next

    216 days… fall on 29 .07.2061… that is…210 day in the year …

    number 7 …. or 210 degress .. next day…is 30.7 or … 211 day in the year… something like out of “”cube””:)

    normal if clock ,,,continue to work… :)

  2. Thanks for this post full of pearls of wisdom. It is worth noticing also that on March 23, 2013 will take place “Earth Hour 2013” (, the largest synchronized global event celebrated by people around the world by switching off their lights for 1 hour. This year, under the theme “Beyond the hour” the event is intended to have a prolonged impact and participants are encouraged to commit to specific actions in order to save the planet. The event is then without a doubt a pre- activation of the Noosphere and the Unification of Planetary Mind. What a better date for this kind of unified intention in action than the second anniversary of the passage of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan…


  3. a galactic being i honour and cherish as he showed us a path of impeccability i will be with you sistar as a little bird dancing the winds of change and singing the song of oneness blessing

  4. A wonderful synchronicity here since I remember July 26, 1992 as the day I found myself simultaneously in the past, present and future (due to the fact that I had been seriously studying Earth Ascending and creating works of art to make sense of the diagrams and text) and one week later I read the introduction to Arguelles book The Transformative Vision where he identified July 26, 1992 as the date when Earth’s time gates would open.

    It seems only too apt that this would be the second anniversary of his transformation.

    He hooked me good and hard – I haven’t been able to shake it since.

    Much love.

  5. I’ve just started to ascend…and need to feel like in a group of others with the same experience. Someone out there?

  6. You’re so awesome! I don’t suppose I’ve read a single
    thing like that before. So wonderful to discover another person with a
    few unique thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up.

    This web site is something that is required on the web, someone with a bit
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