Sex and Resurrection

NS1.25.10.15—Kin 65, Red Cosmic Serpent
Psi Chrono Unit: 1 Warrior, Kin 196 (11 + 185)

Midpoint Initiation of 7 Mystic Moons

All of our conditioned and unconscious programs are locked into our sexuality. Redefining Sex is redefining what it means to be human.

The purpose of the urge of sexuality at the pure level (when not used for procreation) is the seeking of union with The Divine. But on Earth this pure intention deviated as a result of the karma of Maldek.

This primal split (of masculine/feminine), combined with living in the wrong time is the chief deviation from Nature. From this all other problems stem, creating enormous disharmony in the world.

At the tomb of the Red Queen in Palenque I had a vision regarding the reconnection and activation of these two primal forces through the Earth kundalini grid.

In the vision I entered deep inside myself to the cave of creation – I saw a light and I followed it down a long corridor. I was then taken to the center of the Earth and shown the source of electricity and the circuitry of the Earth kundalini grid, which, when activated, opens the star gates that connect to the other planetary systems.

I saw how this system is the key to the transformation of the entire molecular structure of not only our planet, but the entire solar system. This is also the key to triggering the Rainbow Bridge and engendering the PLANETARY RESURRECTION/REGENERATION script.

But how is this to be accomplished?

Not long ago I had two significant dreams.

In the first dream I was in an underground female-jail cell with concrete walls, no windows and artificial lights. It was overcrowded and the psychic thought-forms were suffocating, but I was relaxed as I was aware I was dreaming.

I was taken into a concrete slab dungeon with fluorescent lighting where the women were eating bad food and taking a lot of medication. I saw a sign that said: “Sexual Deviancy and Schizophrenic Ward of the Collective Unconscious.”

I was told that my job was to pinpoint where these women had split off from their true course and how to help guide them back, if possible.

I was given a room with a disturbed young woman. As I began talking with her, I saw that there was really nothing wrong with her, except that her internal phonograph recording was skipping on the same track.

She was playing and replaying a deep wound that originated in another lifetime and that she could not seem to transcend. Her behavior was simply a reaction to this wounding of which she was largely unconscious. I attempted to divert her from this program and help her attention to switch tracks. How many lifetimes had the grooves of this story been etched in her consciousness?

In the dream I was shown that within the unconscious region of the planetary psi bank there is a vast storehouse of repressed and abused life-force/kundalini energy. This accumulated storehouse contains all the programs of the unconscious mind both of this world and of destroyed worlds.

Its programs feed upon themselves and filter into and use the collective unconscious to perpetrate the misuse of life-force energy, turning it into recurring cycles of abuse, war, aggression, violence, as well as feelings of shame, guilt, etc. This is an ancient script.

In the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan, sex corresponds to the destroyed planet Maldek. This is closely associated with death, which corresponds to Mars. Everything born of sex ends in death (this was explored in a previous blog: World Events and Lost Planets, Part 1 and Part 2).

Today we see that sexuality has veered far from Source and these potent energies are being harnessed for destruction rather than spiritual evolution. Our collective life-force is literally being imprisoned within the concrete walls of our unconscious.

This imprisoned life-force needs to be  released, purified and made collectively conscious. It is the fuel for the Second Creation, or rather the Seventh Day of Creation – when we return to the galactic garden of the parallel universe where the serpent symbolizes wisdom and “Eve didn’t eat the apple.”

So, how do we bring these energies into consciousness as a collective? This brings me to my second dream.

In the dream, I found myself in a futuristic parallel universe where there appeared three androgynous Amazonian lesbians. I asked them about their sexuality and they told me they were “offsetting or balancing the distorted male/female energies on Velatropa 24.3 (earth).” These women were completely empowered and supremely creative.

They had me sit down and one of them put her hand on my third eye, another put her hand on my heart and the third put her hand on my sacral chakra.

Then I saw a vision.

I saw the programming process and biological wiring first of the male organism as it has evolved on planet Earth.

I saw in detail the circuitry of how the biological Earth male was wired, like an animal, to respond visually to different body parts of the female, but largely unconsciously (and that our society and culture exploits and is based around this). I saw that this old, animalistic program had outworn its use and that a new program was soon to be phased in.

The female wiring was very different and far more complex and with more subtle circuitry. Though this circuitry was largely dormant during the male-dominated cycle. During this cycle, the female equally abused her power by using knowledge of the male program to her advantage in attempt to usurp the male power — though this was false power.

However, the male programming was biologically stronger and more animalistic, thus giving way to dominance, first of the female body then of the whole world. (Of course, the first occupation for women on Earth was prostitution – selling the body for money). And now in this age of advanced technology this has evolved into the first sex clones. What is this about?

It is the exhaust of every permutation of the unconscious that originated on red-light district of Maldek, with neon signs flashing: You can never get enough of what you don’t want!

(This is epitomized in the Sex Museum of Amsterdam which depicts images of the darker side of sex – the ancient recesses of memory of the final days on Maldek, which reached the level of highest profanity before the planet was destroyed … the whole culture of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll is a memory fragment from the final days of Maldek).


Continuing with the dream, the three androgynes showed me a future potentiality to which they had evolved. In this parallel universe, we have  finally discovered the male/female energies within and sexuality is evolved into a type of galactic/telepathic union in its purest form, merging with All That Is.

In this parallel universe we evolve out of the biological programming into a state of ongoing ecstatic bliss utilizing our fifth-dimensional electronic bodies.  Though in this universe we could choose a “mate” of either sex to share the divine flow of energy and amplify different sensations and manifestations through focalization, but with the realization that the “other” being was merely a channel of all beings through the aeons.

In the Cosmic History Chronicles we work with noogenesis—

Noogenesis = Birth of noosphere/new mind of Earth. This process is based on love and resonance, and works with the principles of magnetic reconnection and binary crossover polarity. It is activated through male/female energies (not necessarily male/female bodies), in a yin-yang/alchemical exchange of tinctures. This forms a battery of regeneration and resurrection.

Noogenesis involves working with the etheric electrical currents between two beings in perfect resonance, creating a charged electrical field through full mind/body synchronization.

Through perfect synchronization with one other being we can channel the  psychosexual energy (radion) to create, not a child, but a New Earth Consciousness (= Planetary Regeneration and Resurrection).

This is the unified planetary magnetic force field that reconnects the 3-D human (biopsychic field) with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This is the secret of creating the circumpolar rainbow bridge and key to planetary resurrection.

Resurrection begins with the remembrance of the Eternal Unity between the static and dynamic aspects of Absolute Reality.

It is from the union of masculine and feminine that all phenomenal diversities have originated. This is the eternal communion of a changeless being inhabiting different bodies and activating shakti from which all changes flow.

We need to re-think and re-spiritualize sexuality.

All that has existed, exists, or will exist, arises from the union of the masculine and feminine principles. All that which exists, all that which has been formed by the Ancient whose name is HOLY, can only exist through male and female [energies].” —Zohar

TFI 1184  — BMU 302: -5  magnitude sublimating transformer-insulator unit of the Dum kuali red therminic force field. Sublimates 5th mental sphere: super conscious. 5th time dimension, 5th circuit.   Kin equivalent: Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed

(Note the first dream occurred nearly a spin ago on Magnetic Moon 9, Seli, Blue Lunar Hand–Kin 67. This day corresponded with radial plasma Seli, root chakra, and the second mental sphere–the subconsious/unconscious–see Book of the Transcendence. The occult watch of the day was Crystal Wizard, sign of Maldek and opening of the tomb of the Red Queen.  The conscious, or awakened, side of the unconscious is known as informative samadhi, this is the cultivation of unbroken meditative awareness. Through this conscious informative samadhi we can access information previously out of range of our normal waking conscious mind, i.e. the Law of Time makes conscious what was previously unconscious).

19 thoughts on “Sex and Resurrection

  1. I’ve been working on transforming disturbed energy by allowing whatever my awareness is attracted to (be it personal or global) to work within the cube with my body as the retort. In other words, when I do my synchrogalactic yoga practice I connect it to what is going on internally and externally and add to it the harmonizing codes of the Holomind Perceiver Matrix.

    I can’t say that I’ve had any major AHA moments, but I do have an intuitive sense that it is worthwhile continuing with the practice.

    Thanks for your words, I find them very inspiring.

  2. I find deep value in this blog along with the previous Resurrection blog. I am reminded of your speaking at Kin Ha of the bridge between Red Serpent and White Worldbridger days connecting the equalizing impact of the male/female energies. Thank you for sharing your two dreams with the promise of heightened feminine to equality and unity of the female and male energies and principles emerging in new consciousness. In Lak’ech…..Delia Kin 5

  3. “Resurrection begins with the remembrance of the Eternal Unity between the static and dynamic aspects of Absolute Reality.” ~ I am quoting you on this profound and definitive truth. Thank you, thank you for all your postings and information.

  4. when I engage in Tantric loving…there is a oneness that evolves “I am he and she is me and we are all together”…no male dominance rather a soft sexual energy that lingers…

  5. …you only Transcend what you first Masterize… and you only Master what you practise… then… let´s LOVE!! <3 <3 EXCERT!! Peace and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kin34annibal

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  7. I have found that when I am amidst ultimate pleasure, I focus on the rainbow bridge and visualize an explosion of radiant color that surges into the universe as a witness to the ultimate connection and scared between the male and female. I imagine that I am sharing the best of being human with the universe and ultimate gratitude to the creator. Glad to know I’m not nuts.

  8. invoke and dream awake sacred sexuality, ∗
    erotic innocence, and always express the sacredness of sexual force∗
    for pleasure, creativity, and healing. ∗
    I invoke and dream awake world universal healing from all sexual
    woundedness and shame.∗
    – from Astarius Miraculii’s Spirit Rap

    Big Banged into Being by mom n dad :::)
    should make a t-shirt with that on it…

  9. hola, al nacer entre la onda luminosa del enlazador, psi enlazador 5 ,he podido comprender, que algunos sueños son para limpiar y reformular los depositos y almacenes, d etodo tiepo, como el de la muerte y el sexo. tanto mios como colectivos. una podria hacer un inventario tambien de sueños ,por temas. por ejemplo:
    en la onda del enlazador, me vi en distintos dias, liberando almacenes., digamos, carceles ,o programas. por ejemplo? una escena que tube, unlugar oscuro y las entidades hablaban , aun chico , habia una mujer fisica ,las entidades erean sombra, yo empece a descargar la muerte cosmica la proyectaba a sus gargantas, les influenciabab para liberar carceles mentales, para que dejaran de sufrir y oprimir aotros.,creo que las entidades desaparecieron y la mujer que no recuerdo bien su rol pero que estaba cerca del chico, se dirigio hacia mi, quizas? y empece a hacer la misma labor de descargar la transformacion cosmica, tube una sensacion como de miedo en el sueño hay otra escena simultanea ,yo estoy con un gato blanco acariciandolo ,y me tranquiliza, veo al frente y veo un televisor y alli estan los programas y empiezo nuevamente a inplantar en ese TV, la muerte cosmica.le hablo con mi mente,unos dias despues, soñe con gente que entraba a unos antros ,y hacian fila ,llevaban ropa como oscura yo estaba acompañada por alguien, senti una electricidad, senti que esas personas, y unos hombres en especial envian unos rayos ,,y movian sus manos como si llevaran espadas para herirme, y yo recorde que estamos en la integracion, iluminar la sombra, en el sueño ya no mas lucha; asi que luego de quizas 4 pases de movimiento de espada, descargue tambien la muerte cosmica y rayos arcoiris ,los influenciaba mentalmente para que terminara esa carcel mental,.
    otro sueño es que veia un hombre frente ami, muy molesto, como hablando del 1260 y tenia quizas una cuerda o latigo estaba como lanzando un echizo?? y yo no letenia miedo,(agente 1260?) yo tambien le descargue la muerte cosmica maya, la transformacion, es un ejercicio que hago, y bueno luego aparecio un desfile de hombres , que quizas son de la region del departamento de antio quia o colombia , por su ropa, como una especie de memoria programa del hemisferio izquierdo, ,ellos desfilban y llevaban sobrero y enzalzaban su hombria y autoridad, pero identifique algo y a todo ese paquete ,le descargaba tambien la muerte cosmica maya , viendola sobre sus gargantas ,sobre la vision ,etc.
    deseo que entiendan mi español
    creo es coherente ,mi comnetario ya que ,se trata de sueños relacionados con lo almacenado
    esta bien?

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