Planetary Update from the Internal Realms

1.26. 8.5: Yellow Cosmic Seed, Kin 104–(fractal of Venus cycle 104,000 years)

What is happening on the planet?

It depends on which thinking layer you are tuned into.

I recently returned from a 26-day solitary retreat in the mountains. Being completely unplugged from all external input, I was contemplating the next stages of the galactic mission in relation to our current planetary process with its radiation, pollution, earth changes, economic collapse, war, etc.

Much focus is given to the external appearances but little to what is happening on the inner planes. Everyone is trying to “think” of solutions to our planetary predicament. But, ironically to find the solutions we have to collectively go beyond (human) thinking.  According to Aztec legends, Tetzatlipoca, god of death and destruction will rise to the fullness of his power and then will suddenly remove his jade mask and reveal his true nature: Quetzalcoatl God(dess) of Peace!

The interiorization of the evolutionary process is fast accelerating and the scales of light have been tipped–despite external appearances. Soon all will be made manifest.  Simultaneous to the apparent breakdown of institutions and artificial systems there is another story playing out — a beautiful story, a galactic fairy tale emerging …



Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.  — Meister Eckhart

images-1 copy 2During this retreat I contemplated deeply what it means that “everything is being remade in the light of the new sun.”

My awareness was directed to pray toward the sun. Then I heard a voice say: You don’t pray “to” the sun, you pray “through” the sun!  These words were the trigger! I felt a light switch go on and in that moment every single thing on the planet made complete sense. I saw it all as a holographic time release program projected from another world: a Light Universe. This is the knowledge of the Galactic Maya.

The real earth is hidden from itself in this world of matter. We live in the dense shadow world and generally cannot see the world of light. What we call occult is actually the world of light, which is not occult to itself. To the angels, our world is occult.

images-1 It is interesting to note that the sun’s recent magnetic flip was first announced on Kin 60: Yellow Galactic Sun, sign of Pacal Votan.  The key message?  “Turn your attention toward the Light!”  Our home planet is located in the Velatropa sector.  Vela means “light” and “tropa” means “to turn”—turning toward the LIGHT.

Pacal Votan is known as a solar initiate. The sunspot cycle that recently concluded, Solar Cycle 24, began in 1989, the same year as the discovery of the Law of Time by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Everything is synchronically coded. 19 + 89 = 108. This codes the  GM108X–Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission. 

This discovery was followed a few years later by the decoding of the prophecy of Pacal Votan.The premise of this prophecy shows how we on earth  are the recipients of all the karmic errors and residues of the destroyed planets. Only through the LIGHT can we redeem and purify these errors which relate to  sex, death, materialism and false spirituality. In the Telektonon cosmology every 28-day cycle we consciously focus on clearing the karma of the abusive and abused powers on our planet.


“Purify, therefore, the temple, that the Lord of the temple may dwell therein and occupy a place that is worthy of him.” –Essene Gospel of Peace

The more you are free of conditionings, the sacred LIGHTS will show you the way.” Mevlana, The Knowledge Book

With the new incoming galactic beam initiated on Yellow Galactic Seed (July 26, 2013) there has been an acceleration of the release of LIGHT from matter. The new Galactic beam is being pulsed through the sun. When we are attuned, each pulse is an opportunity for us to open to new levels of perception and healing. Light is the ultimate healer.

Now is the time to prepare for what’s to come.  This new light is shaking up karmic debris at an accelerated rate within the planet body and within our physical bodies. We are now given the the greatest opportunity ever to unplug from the matrix of lower illusion and release and purify karmic toxins from, not just this lifetime, but all lifetimes. This is HUGE!

During this retreat I underwent an intense physical purification process where I could eat very little and experienced many cellular memories being released from my body (this is ongoing).  I had memories of the future when we eat only light. This is fantastic and not boring at all–because within the spectrum of light there are a great variety of flavor frequencies that feed different aspects of our being.

If you are currently experiencing physical pain or challenges don’t give up and think this is how you will always be. It is only temporary for your learning. Keep purifying and directing pure light to your body. At night when you go to sleep visualize the starry sky and feel that each star is pulsing the most brilliant healing light into each of your seven chakras bathing every fiber of your body with divine healing light.


Now is the time to make our body a receptacle to hold more light and generate more love. A clear body and a focussed mind can beam through all static in an instant.  In this state the air becomes clearer, the body spontaneously corrects itself and new energy circulates. This is how we Vibrate the New Earth into being. For genuine planetary healing to occur, this is the space that must be accessed by groups in order to arrive at clear and fresh solutions for the challenges that now face humanity. It must for once and for all be recognized that everything comes from mind and that GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) is in control of everything.


hunabku_v12_1000x333 The 13 moon calendar and codes of the law of time serve as resonant activators for regenerating the new light within the planetary mind (the noosphere). These codes are vibrational conductors that help us reorient our mind, synchronize our physical being and attune our heart energy to the new incoming solar frequencies.

These solar frequencies code the electromagnetic fields of each of the planets with not just protons, electrons, etc, but also with electromagnetically coded symbolic structures of thought forms. These new codes and images are carried into our orbit through the sun’s rays.

images-3All of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan has been to wake people up to the fact that our  evolution is a function of the Star–the Sun–Kinich Ahau. (See “The Coming Solar Age”, the last chapter of The Mayan Factor).The Mayan Factor tells how what we call sunspot cycles are pulsations of the minds of the solar masters, the ahau kin, fifth dimensional beings who dwell in the core of the sun.

celestial_mechanics_2012580x360-jpgwidth580height360The sun itself–Kinich Ahau– is controlled by Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleaides. And Alcyone is controlled by an even farther higher central sun, Sirius.

Our sun is a focalization lens for other star systems and is linked to all other suns. It receives its programs and energy from  Hunab Ku, the core or hub of the galaxy. There are UFOs that go in and out of the sun all of the time.

At the center of the sun is the solar galactic core dynamic program generator. Here information from other star systems is received and transduced. At this time the codes that control the light threshold spectrums are being amped up. These new gradations of light are then translated into the appearance of different lifeforms which explains dreams of new animals and new colors. The information is stepped down through the light rays and beamed to the planets. 

images-2As above so below.From the center of the sun to the center of the earth.

Within the crystal core of the earth is stored the holographic blueprint of the perfection of earth to be activated and called forth at the appointed hour. This blueprint is also contained within our bodies. When the image of the new earth “turns on” everyone everywhere will see the light simultaneously. Divine blueprints and original missions will be remembered in an instant.  Then the light will quickly disappear. Those who have been preparing will be able to retain the higher vision and their soul will be empowered to bring the vision to full manifestation. Others will turn away and try to forget or deny that it occurred.  Those who remember are charged with great responsibility for the great work of healing the planet.

images Unfold your wings of light, and in the eye of your thought, soar with the stars into the farthest reaches of heaven, where untold suns blaze with light.

For at the beginning of the times, the Holy Law said, let there be Light, and there was Light. And you shall be one with it, and the power of the Holy Light Stream will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might.” Essene Gospel of Peace

24 thoughts on “Planetary Update from the Internal Realms

  1. ditto in many degree.. within is the key <3 in lakech , the magic mirror of enlightenment is full of reflective degrees of and sunspots that ignite our soul, awaken our mind and are assisting us with giving voice .. as one.
    Soon to enter my 2nd conscious galactic birthday kin 107, which happens to be valentines day the day of love, ..and love is the way and the destination .
    the day following is 108, the more I learn , the more synchronicity I find, and I become..i never thort before I stepped into the dream(spell) that my life could become more synchronic than it already was..calling my self and synchronist for many years..
    it was nothing, compared to the evolvement and daily gifts that come in the form of the synchronici order as I study more and tune in more consciously to all that V V.. has left in the endless information that streamed, and continues to stream forth via the consciousness of RQ ( <3) and all of us.
    I give many thankx for the day I met you Stephanie, and all has begun to make so much sense..everything in the past , was just for now..for this 'time' on earth..
    In lakech ..hand avatar and friend :) bless.

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  4. As always, your articles come as cleansing light in a world filled with confusion and darkness. I wish the best for you and your endeavor to carry Arguelles’s torch.

    “It depends on which thinking layer you are tuned into.”
    Synchronicity is everything you are aware of. What goes on in our minds is not visibly seen by others yet affects everything about our reality. What you choose to think about dictates what is gathered from your environment everywhere you go. The ONLY power we really have is the tuning of our minds – the conscientious proactive directing of our attention.

    “I recently returned from a 26-day solitary retreat in the mountains.”
    I’m glad you were able to do this. I’ve recently had the opportunity to do the same thing, and will be very soon. My retreat will be in the hills with acreage of pine. Diet will be meager with lots of physical labor. I guess that’s not much of a retreat. I love the area because of how far it is from “civilization”. The trees themselves seem to soak up all my stress, which is relieving. The sounds of the wood-life actually heal me somehow.

    “During this retreat I contemplated deeply what it means that “everything is being remade in the light of the new sun.””
    The sun is there to remind us of god’s love. If you are ever feeling down, you should turn to the sun and share your heart. The burning from far off that gives light so generously knows everything you are going through. The sun helps us to remember that life is not to be taken too seriously. On a cloudy day when the sun breaks through, hold your palm open-faced to the sun and say out loud, “Yes! I receive my wisdom and instructions from the sun!”

    “During this retreat I underwent an intense physical purification process where I could eat very little and experienced many cellular memories being released from my body (this is ongoing).”
    Did you undergo intense physical labor? What caused the release of cellular memories? Was it the small diet or perhaps solitude?

    Enra ” pleaides ” was awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Thanks again for all your hard work on this blog. I look forward to all of your posts. I find them inspiring and grounding to what I feel is real. I was slightly worried because you went so long without posting. I guess I shouldn’t be selfish. :) I really just want you to know that you are greatly appreciated and infinitely loved in these cosmos for the guiding light you provide through your insights. *hugs*


  5. – Spiritual Dignity –

    Why are we alive? What is the point?
    Dont we all ask ourselves questions like
    these at some stage in our lives?
    And no matter where our journey takes us-
    why is it that these basic questions
    continually follow each of us around?
    Why are such simple questions so tricky
    to answer and so impossible to ignore?

    Wouldnt knowing why we are here on earth, bring
    us more inner-peace? Wouldnt understanding our
    purpose remove alot of frustration and confusion
    from our daily lives? Wouldnt we all feel alot
    lighter and content, knowing that we had realized
    our true purpose here on earth and that we could
    all work towards it together? Wouldnt it be
    refreshing to share such a profound and deep
    connection with one another again?

    Arent we all getting a little bored of paying
    taxes and in our spare time being entertained by
    holywood and professional sports? Isnt there a
    little bit in each of us, that is sick of the
    corporate world destroying our families and
    the earth? So, what is it that we are forgetting?
    In this day and age, what is it that we need to
    remember in order to get that fire burning in our
    spirits again, so we can lift one another up
    to a higher state of being?

    The answer is simple, each of us needs to remember
    that ‘life is a gift’, and that we must honour the gift.

    We honour the gift by by focusing on our
    responsibilities instead of our ‘rights’.
    Our first and most basic responsibility is to
    uphold our end of the bargain with mother earth
    and live in ‘harmony’ with all of creation while
    we are here. We have ignored this fundamental
    responsibility for too long and now is the time
    to show that we have remembered. We forgot about
    ‘harmony’, only to realize how essential it is.
    We were graciously given much time here by mother
    earth to learn this sacred lesson- but now school
    is out. And if you can not show that you have
    learned this lesson, you dis-honour both your soul and
    the agreement you made with mother earth, when you were
    given the gift of life and allowed to live it here.

    All this answers the two simple questions from the start.
    The point of being alive, the reason you are here, is
    to remember that we must live in complete harmony with
    mother earth and all of creation. We must remember the
    sacred teachings and that we are the ‘care-takers’ of
    the earth- not its ‘destroyer’. So we fufill our true
    purpose by becoming the care-takers again. And we do
    this by using another sacred gift that we have- imagination.
    Our ‘level’ of imagination is what makes us unique from
    the rest of nature. And we have this high level of imagination
    so that we can ‘create’ and express our-‘self’, to then
    understand what we are and how we fit into the whole
    of creation. We use our imagination to create stone circles,
    pyramids, cairns, sacred mounds and more to help balance
    the energies of mother earth. This is our true purpose.
    A chimpanzee could play a song on the piano after much
    practice. But could the same chimp reflect on its own
    feelings and both imagine and create a song about them?
    We are here to use our hearts and creative powers to the
    highest degree we can ‘imagine’, to protect and nurture
    the gift of life.

    Our creative powers begin by the soul expressing its-‘self’
    by creating a physical body and then the body again expresses
    its-‘self’, through imagination and creativity. Through our
    ‘minds eye’ we work with our hearts and soul to envision
    a creation before we manifest it. We ‘will’ things to be.
    Our body even creates many versions of ‘self’ that through
    each life you live lets the soul re-discover and remember
    in a unique and organic way each time who and what it is.
    The ‘creator’ was just the first soul to ask these questions.
    This is where the vesica piscis comes from- one circle
    represents the soul and wholeness. That same circle creating
    a second circle represents a ‘mirror of self’- a creative
    expression of self, so that the self may begin to understand
    what it is. This is the reason for life and all of creation.
    Even our cells during mitosis create a vesica piscis
    as they replicate and express themselves creating mirrors.
    The creator- the first soul to create, had only itself,
    it had nothing else around to reflect back to it information
    to help it understand what it was. So the vesica picis was born
    and then through it so were we. And we are all the answers to
    the creators questions- as each of us lives out our different
    ‘lives’, the creator gets to understand what it wanted to
    know about its-‘self’. This is why we all ask the same basic
    questions as the creator did- its in our ‘nature’, it is
    built into our creation blueprint.

    So, we can answer these questions in a much deeper sense by
    fufilling our true purpose on earth using our imagination
    and creative powers to live in harmony with all of creation.
    It is clear we came here to learn from nature. The natives
    watched the animals to help understand what to eat. Throughout
    history we have created many inventions where the ideas
    came from animals.

    We are here to make mistakes and grow so we can understand
    our-‘self'(soul) in the deepest sense possible. Knowing
    that mistakes are inevitable we must give back to mother
    earth as we are making the mistakes here. We must learn
    from our mistakes and remember it is a gift to be able
    to learn and grow as we are on this planet. Nature is the law.
    We must follow it by living in harmony with it or we will
    destroy ourselves. You cant expect to survive if you only
    follow the laws of society. They dont apply to nature and
    the whole of creation. We need to re-examine our way of life
    and remember the sacred teachings.

    We are a being of light, of pure consciousness and living
    out our different lives is part of our cosmic education
    in trying to understand our-‘self’ and the rest of creation.
    Sirius-Isis, our vesica piscis is mirroring energy to our
    sun and our vibrational tuning is expanding and deepening.
    The earth and us are going through a ‘flowering’ and growing
    into another state of being. Join in, stay sacred.
    Love,love,love – thankyou,thankyou,thankyou.


  7. Thank you for those posts Stephanie. Great things to contemplate for us Earthlings at this time👍☺😇🎶

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