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NOW AVAILABLE: STAR TRAVELER’S 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity for the Red Solar Moon Year (2014-2015). This year’s almanac has taken a quantum leap into a futuristic galactic workbook, thanks to RuBen–Red Solar Skywalker, Jacob–Red Rhythmic Dragon and Nickki–Blue Rhythmic Hand. At 312 pages it is loaded with easy-to-understand information and instructions about galactic time. It has everything that you need for daily practice. Increase your synchronicity and tune into the fourth-dimensional matrix to create galactic culture on earth!

Why use the 13 Moon/28-day Calendar (Synchronometer)?  

Here is an excerpt from Accessing Your Multidimensional Self: A Key to Cosmic History. This compendium, dedicated to Valum Votan, is a navigational companion to the Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity. It is a synthesis of the seven-volume Cosmic History Chronicles and teachings of the Law of Time.

Mapping New Perceptions

When we enter unfamiliar territory it is important to have a map or set of codes to establish the object of the journey. Our sense and experience of reality comes from internal patterns or maps that cause us to behave and perceive in particular ways. When these internal maps are changed, then our perception of reality changes.

We couldn’t learn from nature if there weren’t patterns. Nature is organized so that everything supports everything else.

Unknown-1The same process that creates nature, creates the human.

We recognize patterns because they are coded into our DNA. Baby-to-Human-in-CubeWhen we learn to recognize higher patterns of intelligence, then we change the way we interface with the perceived phenomenal world.

The most fundamental way we can begin to change our patterns is through shifting our timing frequency. How? By following different cycles of time than we are accustomed to. This is the function of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar.

This calendar is a gift from galactic intelligence that contains a set of patterns that attunes us to “higher” level experiences within the radial matrix of time where past, future and present are one.

The order demonstrated in the 13 Moon/28-day calendar is not only a vehicle for the re- harmonization of the human mind and even the human DNA, but also a tool for the transcendence of history. This is because the 13 Moon/28-day calendar attunes us to the synchronic order—a symbolically coded organization of time. It gives a renewed and cosmic meaning to time.

This calendar, or synchronometer, is part of a solar/galactic operating system that lifts us out of linear concepts of time and third-dimensional dogmas. It helps us to break out of conditioned barriers in order to realign and ride our own energy current back to Source. From here we can receive new perceptions of ourselves, our relationships and our place in the cosmos.

How does this work?

According to the Law of Time, everything occurring in the universe (down to our daily lives) is the result or manifestation of a fourth/fifth-dimensional matrix of synchronicity that encompasses space.

Time informs space. The shifting timespace realities that we experience are all part of one master matrix.

This matrix is radial, emanating from one center point, known as the Divine Source or GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic), the Central Intelligence of all creation. 

Accessing Your Multidimensional Self: A Key to Cosmic History – Now Available for Pre-Order!

Table of Contents

Foreword: Interplanetary History – The Context
Introduction: The Skeleton Key
Introduction Part 2: Numerical Proofs of Prophecy

Part I: Entering the Cosmic Mystery Play
Chapter 1: From Vela Pulsar to Cosmic History
Chapter 2: Becoming A Cosmic Thinker
Chapter 3: Activating the New Frequency: 13:20

Part II: Entering the Unified Mind of the Earth: Noosphere
Chapter 4: Defining the Mind of Gaia – Noosphere
Chapter 5: Empowering Telepathy
Chapter 6: Balancing UR: Universal Recollection

Part III: Rethinking the Universe through Cosmic Science
Chapter 7: Attuning to the Sun, Solar System and 7 Rays
Chapter 8: Integrating the Plasma Universe and 7 Psychic Centers
Chapter 9: Realizing the 13 Dimensions

Part IV: Applying the Synchronic Codes
Chapter 10: Enchanting the Numbers
Chapter 11: Liberating the Planet Holon
Chapter 12: Universalizing the Planetary Grid

Chapter 13: Synchrogalactic Yoga

Appendix: Foundations of the Synchronic Order

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  1. Stephanie South | Valum Votan | Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx = SS | VV | MM = Spirit | Will | Mind = we are fully awake now, everything is being perfect, deep inside our hearts, we know… a Turtle from Orion with the wisdom, eloquence, and strength of Og Mios, our prophecy is being fulfilled. I only will send you a message per year but my email is serpientedecristal at gmail dot com if you need me. best wishes and blessings, everything is always perfect, I know now

    MM from OZ, VZ, MX = 7:7::7:7 = 7,7,14 = rhythmic dog, activation of the heart

  2. Valum Votan Lord and Saviour Blessed Family New Jerusalem is Aotearoa New Zealand, Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand we as Universal Galactic Children with a Universal Connection known as Human Beings are entittled to an Orbit(year) following mother natures 7,7,7,7 A to Z Alpha Omega i am another yourself

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