Water, Memory, and Gratitude to Dr. Emoto Kin 96: Yellow Overtone Warrior. Day 68/812 day cycle

Dedicated in memory of Dr. Emoto, GOD’S (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) Messenger of Water, White Crystal Dog, Kin 90. We send our prayers to his wife and family and our prayers of love and thanks to the WATER.

Dr. Emoto passed away on the 84th day of the Red Solar Moon year, the year of  UNIVERSAL WATER  on Kin 92, Yellow Magnetic Human: “I unify in order to Influence, Attracting Wisdom.”

He worked tirelessly to spread the vast, yet simple messages of water as a living intelligence, and scientifically demonstrated the shapeshifting power of water according to vibration into various crystalline structures. He demonstrated that water responds to vibration contained in words, pictures, music and prayer.


Water is the Universal Life force and the great mystery of creation.

Dr. Emoto’s passing was coded by the psi energy of White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218. This is the galactic signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan and is a key to oceanic consciousness on the planet holon.

Two days after Dr. Emoto’s passing on White Electric Wizard (19 October, 2014) was an explosion on Mars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx3WdyOihH8. Those familiar with the Law of Time know that Mars codes Japan on the Planet Holon. (For those following the deeper codings of the Synchronotron you will note that the daily BMU on this day–Kin 94– was 113, Red Solar Skywalker, associated with Mars and Quetzalcoatl.).

Dr. Emoto: Messenger of Water.  

Dr. Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan: Messenger of Time

Crystal Skull, 13, and Japan

Dr. Emoto was a friend of Dr. Jose Arguelles and a supporter of the 13 Moon calendar. Dr. Emoto created the Global Water Appreciation Day on July 25, which coincides with the Day out of Time, Peace through Culture festival.

Dr. Emoto told Dr. Arguelles that he had to come to Japan 13 times, but he only got there 12 times.  Synchronistically I reminded him of this at a  dinner in Hilo, Hawaii on White Overtone Mirror, March 2, 2013 (accompanied by Crys’tal, Kin 60/Pacal Votan).   His reply was: “You are the 13th.” I was prompted to give him two gifts in honor of his tireless work as Messenger of Water. One gift was a crystal skull for healing. The other was Jose’s double terminated crystal.


Gifting Crystal Skull.  White Overtone Mirror Galactic Moon 5 (2 March, 2013) Hilo, Hawaii.

The crystal skull was one of two skulls given to me in Australia to bring to Palenque, Mexico for the closing of the Great Cycle on December 21, 2012, Kin 207.



Dr. Emoto holding Jose Arguelles double terminated meditation crystal — spectralizing .


Love is all

Interesting to note that Dr. Emoto was born on July 22, the day sacred to Mary Magdeline. Magdeline is associated with skull and the feminine energy of the moon (water). marymagdalene Day out of TIme and Global Water Appreciation Day

I believe the original idea of creation by the Creator of this universe was ‘the pursuit of beauty.’ Everything is combination of energetic vibration. As vibration resonates, it makes some tangible objects. –Dr. Emoto

On July 25, 2011, Red Overtone Skywalker,  Dr. Emoto called for a Water ceremony in Fukushima in which prayers were held for peace on earth. He also called for a prayer for “peace in heaven” for Dr. Jose Arguelles, who had left this world twelve days after the tsunami. http://hado.com/ihm/news/25-july/. On this same day, a  star was named after Jose Arguelles in the constellation Leo, published in the star almanac (Russia).


We now plant the seeds for this years Day out of Time, Kin 113 Red Solar Skywalker guided by the power of UNIVERSAL WATER. Let’s begin to envision the largest ever peace through culture festivals, human tzolkins and synchronized water meditations all around the globe. We will include prayers for both Dr. Arguelles, Time Messenger, and Dr. Emoto, Water Messenger, as representatives of peace in heaven as on earth. May the Banner of Peace proliferate all over our Planet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Graphic courtesy of RuBen, Red Solar Skywalker, director of Banner of Peace Committee/Foundation for the Law of TIme

This day, Kali 4 of the Self Existing Moon (4.4), coincides with the prophetic date in 4772 (see 812 days to Solar Consciousness for more).

Unknown“I would like to think of this book as the will of my old dear friend, the late Dr. José Argüelles. He is the person who taught me what the nature of time and the calendar really mean. I am certain that we can learn how human beings can live with nature in the noosphere. I strongly recommend this wonderful work.”
—Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water

8 thoughts on “Water, Memory, and Gratitude to Dr. Emoto

  1. So what then becomes of Jose’s doubly terminated crystal and the crystal skull (s)? Let these not be lost~!

  2. so much synchronicities with the numbering throughout… and always…the 11’s 22’s and 7’s are prolific.. march 2 2013, the day you were able to visit with Dr Emoto..adds to 11, .. always, in the ethers, we are opening gateways “1 1” just be being in the moment, being with another person of ‘resonance’ (7), ..
    You also mention, that he said, you are the ’13’th in regard to the conversation with him and Jose, .. and you gifted him the skull, .. reminds me of the legend of the 13th skull ;).. which people interpret in many different ways, to me our combined consciousness and awakening is the 13th skull, and it shows when we are interacting in situations, and moments, of resonance like you did on that day.
    I manifest, I think, I imagine, I communicate , I connect, I meditate.. are all to me, what the number 13 says, and when we do these things, we become part of , or tune into that greater consciousness of divine energy (G O D).. the reflection of….:)

    ON NOVEMBER 22 USA AND NORTHERN HEMISPHERE , AND 23 NOVEMBER AUSTRALIA AND SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE , THERE IS A WORLD WIDE CRYSTAL SKULL PEACE MEDITATION, PEOPLE ARE GATHERING, OR JUST DOING IT IN THEIR OWN SPACE .. for peace and harmony, if you have a crystal skull or just a crystal, if you choose to join in on this day, you will join a consciousness of being , of light and of crystal consciousness .
    The crystal skulls, have been connected to the water blessings and ceremonies around the planet for a long time, we as humans, are the water, are the crystal.. and we are the skulls.

    http://www.crystalskullworldday.com for more information .

  3. …once a Time, in a fireground round table under the stars, a very young kid was asked “- what is magik to U?? – and his answer was: MAGIK IS WHAT IT TAKES TO WATER TO BECOME A TREE…

  4. Neptune (300) Frequency of oceanic memory. 300 is the triangular of 24 (1+2+3+4….+24 =300) Kinich Ahau is designated Velatropa 24. This signifies that the power of the cumulative memory of Velatropa 24 is kept in Neptune, planet of oceanic consciousness. CHC Vol.6 (Neptune: Dragon/Mirror)

  5. Hi Stephy/RQ185, following with the ongoing research i made a post exploring your Human Design’s chart. I had already made one about Jose, and next i’ll do a Connection Chart to get a deepen understanding of how both of you engaged in what came out as the Cosmic History Chronicles and all the rest, it’ll be quite interesting to explore!

    Here’s the link: http://galactichumandesign.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/stephanie-southred-queens-chart/



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