Galactic Ezine–New Beam Edition: Crystal Star, Yellow Crystal Star, Kin 168 (Gregorian New Year 2015). 140/812 cycle.

I dedicate in order to beautify

Universalizing Art

I seal the store of elegance

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I a guided by the power of universal fire

I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.

In honor of Universalizing Art of the Galactic Renaissance we offer a new Galactic Ezine with hopes of inspiring YOU to find or amplify your creative channel in whatever form. (click on graphic cover to enter).

To see previous Ezine edition zero:

The Galactic Times: An Illusory eZine from Other Worlds


Join us in L.A. Spectral Moon 20-23 (May 21-24) 2015 :) to explore and envision Galactic Culture on Earth!


Gregorian New Year and 13 Moon New Year

In  light of Gregorian New Year, here is an excerpt from Natural Time… by Lisa Star, Overtone Storm explaining the New Year (This is a  brilliant introduction to the law of time from a feminine perspective and highly recommended).

Unknown-2From Natural Time A Guidebook to the Mayan Calendars by Lisa Star:

” The Maya began their year count from a place in our ellipsis around the sun, rather than a time called summer or July. They saw particularly poignant alignment and celebrated this view as a special homecoming within the larger spiral of our earth’s orbit. Conversely, the Gregorian New Year was not chosen based on a consideration of the movement or interrelationship of the stars.

January 1 is aligned in some respects with Winter Solstice, the moment when in the Northern Hemisphere we are tilted at our farthest point from direct sunlight and are characteristically cold, dark in days and temperament. We know that bureaucratic shifts in Roman antiquity reoriented the New Year from spring bloom into the sleepier heights of winter, and that as a result we begin our annual cycle in the climate of stopped growth, dormancy and scarce resources.

While New Year’s on the Gregorian calendar seems to have no astronomical significance, it holds an intriguing opposition to an inaugural day of the (13 Moon) calendar. On New Year’s Eve at  midnight Sirius crests in the south. In other words, it looms very low to the southern horizon line of our nightscape, a reversal of its eastern rising in July. The celebration of the turn of the years was originally pinpointed not by clocks but this recognizable sighting of Sirius at the sky’s periphery. So the Natural Time new year is interwoven with the Gregorian calendar in paying homage to the Dog Star.

Sirius’ position in the sky on midnight of December 31 is an opposition to its sunrise ascension on July 26, and so when we move into harmony with the Natural Time calendar’s new year, we polarize from our current Gregorian count. Maybe this will bring needed relief. In the Northern Hemisphere, the new year is aligned with the depths of winter, a picture of starting from the harshest conditions of scarcity, cold and dark. The cycle itself has the mythology of beginning and ending with nothing.

The Natural Time year teaches us to renew our year in a summer climate of full harvest, bounty and joyous warmth. For the Egyptian, the Dog Days brought a flood of the Nile and watered their crops for easy, abundant growth. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the rise of Sirius on July 26 refreshes a new solar cycle from the sense o fullness and ease, circling through the lower yields and temperatures of winter and back through spring into summer’s affluence. It’s a different psycho-spriitual departure point to begin and end a calendar count in the horn of plenty, not paucity.” To order Natural Time:


2 thoughts on “Galactic Ezine–New Beam Edition: Crystal Star

  1. i dont know i am not expert in math and geometry but probably someone is .crop circle (damn who is creator) lead with 2160 days in day out of time (yellow crystal star 168) 7 25.2018 and also can give different view for main page in sector Synchronotron and i was on this page on january 1 2014 with the same lol

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