Initiation, Memories and Maldek

Our collective memory holds keys to current challenges facing  our planet today. On this Crystal Wizard day I offer a glimpse of “my” story with the prayer of  activating “your” story so we can enter “Our” Story– a New Story, a new time, and a new galactic myth. This is also inspired by recent requests to describe how these codes translate to 3D and the human aspects of it.  I hope this entry will be of some help and comfort.

“I dedicate in order to enchant, Universalizing receptivity…”

Lost (and Found) In Time

When I was around 8 years old I had recurring visions of underground time tunnels. The images were so vivid that on morning I vowed to sit down at the coffee table and not get up until I had written my first “book.”  The book was called Lost in Time.   I was John, a time traveler, and in it I was in the wrong time searching for the “right” time through underground tunnels. My main fear was winding up in a time of war or too far in the future: 4029 when there might be no humans. For years I carried the now worn book, written on college ruled paper stapled together, with me and still have it to this day. Little did I know that at a future point I would present it to a real time traveler.

When I first read in the Dreamspell introduction that we are time travelers with amnesia, I knew that I had finally found a tool or key to find the right time.

Maldek Memories

As a child, I also had a recurring dream of a porcelain doll sitting high on the shelf. Always in the dream it would fall in slow motion and shatter. Later as my vocabulary grew, I came to associate this doll with the lost planet Maldek.

As I got older, the dreams changed. I then had recurring dreams of being a child on a planet that was about to explode. Everyone seemed oblivious to this impending destruction. I tried to tell them, but no one would listen. I was too young and they didn’t take me seriously.  As the mounting pressure grew, I saw people do all sorts of things to distract themselves, including much hedonistic partying into oblivion.  Then the shatter! I was blasted through space, naked and weightless except for a single silver ring with an etching. It felt as though a male counterpart was with me, though I saw no one. We would land on another planet and then I would wake up.

maldek1Though known by many names, the planet Maldek, the fifth orbit of our solar system, is now known as the Asteroid Belt. Soon after I encountered Valum Votan,  my dreams only intensified. These dreams often felt more real than waking life. And then finally on March 11, 2002, Kin 173, I found myself sitting next to him by a wood stove fire in Mt. Hood  when he was seized by a vision of the final days of Maldek.  (It is curious to note that for a period of 33 consecutive days, lights were beamed into the sky at the World Trade Center in New York City beginning on March 11 and concluding April 14, Kin 206. This was known as the Tribute of Light).

The next day, the Cosmic History transmissions began on White Overtone Wizard, Kin 174 and lasted for 260 consecutive days. These sessions were known as  “between the worlds transmissions” also known as GM108x, Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. Our combined energies unlocked floods of memory.  New knowledge (at least to this planet) poured forth in abundance as we sat faithfully each day for 2-3 hours attuning to what we would know as the “Cosmic History channel.”The foundation of this new knowledge was based on two tombs in Palenque, Mexico: the tomb of Pacal Votan and tomb of the Red Queen.

The first two years of this process was supremely initiatory and continuously took me to the depths of my soul. As my human body was enduring a tumultuous passage, new perceptions and understandings were simultaneously opened.  My awareness increased and I experienced flashes of a sacred covenant  made in another time. The paranormal phenomena that occurred at this time were astounding to say the least, shattering all illusions of “what’s real.”

132434453_6576722_6053878 I began to understand that when new knowledge or light enters  it churns up all of the unconscious within (which is precisely what is happening on our planet today). The first stage of awakening is disillusionment of conditioned programming which generally results in the cognitive dissonance that many are experiencing today.

Preparatory Path of Disillusionment

I experienced two key phases of disillusionment that woke me up and prepared me for this apprenticeship. The first was a near death experience at age 19 when I went through a full life review and was shown glimpses of the pristine and telepathic world that we are evolving into.  A year later I had another pivotal life experience that resulted in me dropping out of college for a year.

At age 20 I hit zero point. I found no pleasure in this world. Nothing external held any interest. Food lost its taste. The only thing that interested me is remembering why I was here and what was my purpose in this world. I  spent most of my time in a bedroom reading books on near death experiences, consciousness and spirituality and hoping to one day “feel normal”, whatever that was. I was depressed and had constant anxiety attacks if I ventured anywhere in public. My sensitivity was increasing and it became  difficult to be around most people.  I had no guides or mentors and no vocabulary to articulate my feelings. Fortunately I had an understanding partner at the time who supported my process. This lasted for nearly a year and I did not know if or how I would get out of it and make anything out of my life. I didn’t feel like I belonged on Earth.

Slowly, and with much exertion,  I pulled myself out of this bleak space and graduated college with a journalism degree. But I had no ambition to “be anything” in the worldly sense.  I worked a 9-5 job as a newspaper reporter because I liked to hear and write people’s stories. A year later, I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and taught meditation and the 7-line prayer by Tibetan monks.  I had been raised Christian and chose to be baptized at age 18.  I had always felt a deep connection with Christ, and thought that if I was baptized it might alleviate the inner struggle and confusion that I was experiencing.

The next key point of disillusionment came through a series of plant medicine journeys with ahuyuasca.  My first experience was pivotal and I was terrified at the beginning when I felt two serpents squeeze my neck to the brink of death and then I saw some scary monsters coming at me.  Then appeared gentle guides who with soothing whispers showed me the power of Love and that once you embrace your fears with Love then they have no choice but to transform themselves. They reminded me that “love never fails” and advised me to always “be teachable.”

During that pivotal journey, I saw our earth civilization as a type of holographic video game. Then Pac-Man appeared and began to eat all of my conditionings one by one, from MTV to Lucky charms to the White House. UnknownEverything was equally trivial from this vantage point. I was shown that this particular earth hologram  is designed as a maze full of meaningless distractions to see if we can find our way back to the electric thread that runs through this conditioned structure.

I was shown how time-space holograms are constructed by a set of vibrations that translate to symbols.  After Pac-Man ate all my conditionings, he then ate himself and disappeared (similar to the ororoborus when the serpent bites its tale).  Then I saw new worlds  emerge, higher pristine feeling worlds, strange yet familiar. I was taken to far off reaches of the galaxy in a type of “star tour” always with the guiding theme of Love as the answer to all.

Shortly after these journeys I met Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and  I began to follow the 13 Moon calendar and study the time codes. When I initially began to practice these codes, I was amazed at how the synchronicities in my life began to multiply and hidden connections began to reveal themselves. I realized that these are memory codes that expand perceptions to reveal secret passages and gates that are overlooked and filtered out in our conditioned, linear mind-set.

Five years after my initial meeting with Valum Votan,  I became his apprentice and entered into a hermetic path and lifestyle. I voluntarily gave up a “normal” life as lived by my peers. Our lives were extremely disciplined, and during this 9 year period, we practiced daily yoga and ate a vegetarian mostly vegan (often raw) diet. In this unfolding educational process, we covered every subject imaginable and discussed everything.

Where Are We Now?

It is now three years after 2012 and we are still living in a time of male patriarchy based on the Gregorian calendar established in 1582 by Pope Gregory 13.    We’ve been to the moon, smashed the atom, found a quark, polluted and “conquered” Mother Earth and created more than enough nuclear weapons to wipe out civilization many times over. The number 13 is the key to breaking out of the time distortion matrix that keeps us enslaved within our own minds. For it is within our own mind that the world construct originates.

“Humanity of the Earth must nurture the capacity for abstraction, the ability to relate to symbols and energies that transcend its crystallized mental mechanisms.”  –Triguerinho

A new planetary story is emerging  from the depths of the debris. YOU HOLD A KEY! Unlock the Hidden Time Codes and Set our Planet free!

… to be continued…

18 thoughts on “Initiation, Memories and Maldek

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story… I was just listening to Disney’s Hercules “I can go the Distance.” -And I do feel like this right now… and I’m having really hard moments… but I also have made that vow… I will follow the dream until my last breath… and I’m with you, every step of the way. I love you very much <3

  2. thankyou for the humility and grace with which you shared this… ;).. PacMan !!! well .. in 2009 or 2010, I was sitting in deep meditation, and chanting the ho oponopono to myself, which I had used for quite some time for personal healing and clearing, ..but this time, it took me to a place it had not before, so deep that the words were just rolling of my tongue without having to think about it, and I was in a deep trance state.
    Pac man appeared in my minds eye, and I could see it eating all the baggage and trouble I felt I had in my life, it went on and one munching everything, whilst the hooponopono verse ‘ I love you, forgive me, im sorry thankyou, hooponopono .. rolled on and on, … pac man munched till the last..visual was munched, . .and then he munched himself…one tiny dot ..
    … things eventuated and a lot changed after that, some things I had to go through that were difficult be in the end rather liberating…
    the keys are all given, as you say, .. I want to say ‘hidden in the wellsprings of the eternal universe, which is of course, within each cell within us…deeper and deeper , till we find them, one by one, unlocking the infinite possibilities …doors of perception ? ;) bless… in lake’ch

  3. Thank you for the sincerity.
    Is nice to listen how many of us experience the same processes.
    Your despcription in “Preparatory Path of Disillusionment” are exactly at the same ages for me, but I remained in this extremly deep, deep abyss of ‘zero point’, for two years… until someone put in my hands “Autobiography of a yogi” of Paramahansa Yogananda…
    Is hard to believe how someone can pass from an absolute depression to a an absolute illumination practically from one day to another…, and simply catalyzed by a book ! (I spent two unforgettable weeks in this abolute metamorphosis state of illumination…, my inmediate close family was really scared, as well as grateful for the ‘miracle’ !) Obviously my next part of the journey was enter in the school of Yogananda ‘Self Realization Fellowship’ and learn all I can, transmute all I can and prepare my system with Kriya Yoga for 7 years (until 2006) when I feel ready for the next…
    So thank you, RQ. Accurate descriptions of the rebirths and similar in many, many ways…
    Kin 7

  4. i and i, blessed by lord and saviour whom visited me before he promoted to glory Valum Votan, my life conditioning tells me Aotearoa New Zealand Alpha Omega please come home, land of the rising sun. Concious act of following 13 moonth calendar before humans can comment. The computer operating system of artificial, blocks heartbrain.. The league of nations fought for this C.R.A.N.Z

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing me the chance to share mine. I remember reading the Dreamspell Genesis for the first time in 2010. I know that this was a missing key. There is history written in the Solar System that seems to elude mainstream teachings. I know Arguelles was very keen on this. I felt an overwhelming amount of reassurance when I discovered my lost space suit that was to cure me of my amnesia.
    There is a lot to your post. As I read over it, I think back to what I was doing at that exact Gregorian age, but moreso than that, I am decoding where you are at in your 52 year destiny cycle at different points in your life. I belong to the same Polar Earth Family as you and as we progress through our cycles, we can learn different things from each other. You are 20 years ahead of me in your cycle, or I am 32 years ahead of you depending on how you look at it.
    If you had your medicine journeys at age 20 or shortly afterward (21 or 22) and then met Arguelles for the first time, +5 years after your initial meeting, +9 years as his apprentice, then this places you at age 34 to 36. At age 36, you are 10 years after your full antipode (KIN: 55) putting you at (KIN: 65) at the end of your Red Serpent Wavespell. Perhaps now, you are a bit older than that if Arguelles died in 2011, adding an additional 4 years. This puts you near the beginning of a White Dog Wavespell, approaching the second tower within the wavespell encoded by KIN: 70. Or you are just coming out of KIN: 170 if you are a bit younger than that. I wish to share many reflections regarding this observation.
    During the ages 5 through 17, amidst a White Dog Wavespell, I remember feeling a strong desire to have companions in my life. In the beginning I was very shy and unsure of how to approach or even maintain an acquaintance, but I studied those around me and tried my best to mimic or adopt what I felt was acceptable behavior to establish friendships. I had accomplished this by age 17 (White Cosmic Dog) and established a large group of friends. We would have regular ‘get-togethers’, where we played an imaginary roleplaying game. This facilitated our desire to expand our minds and consciousness. Most of us were avid readers of fiction novels. This game allowed us to get together and co-create something. I realize now, that we are constantly co-creating with every action (learned from James Endredy’s book “Beyond 2012”). Many years have passed since then and I am no longer in contact with any of these people. I do not find this unfortunate because different people come and go in our lives for different reasons. I time with them had exhausted itself, memories are all that is left.
    I recognize that you have been synchronized with the 13 Moon Calendar for approximately 20 years now. This astonishes me, and I am trying to imagine what it is like to be synchronized with natural time for so long. I feel that I am a supreme novice and that you are an ultimate guide for me because you are so accomplished in this. I have been keen enough to synchronize myself with the Tzolkin since Yellow Rhythmic Sun which is a total of 9 Gregorian years. For some reason synchronizing with the 13 Moon Calendar is more difficult for me. The best I have done is to consecutively follow it for two moons. I had to do a complete unplug from technology – phone, computer, car, to accomplish this. Since I have reclaimed my phone and computer, I seem to forget to remind myself to synchronize daily. I am also unable to convince any friends or family to synchronize with me.
    Being born on KIN 185, your 8th birthday is on KIN: 245 in the 52 Year Destiny Cycle of the Polar Earth Family. I myself being born on KIN 165, at age 28, my birthday was on KIN: 245. During this age I had worked in collaboration with my brother on an outline for a lengthy work of fiction. But I had a side project that was completely my own idea that I outlined during my 28th year back in late 2010 or early 2011.
    The story is a coming of age story about a boy named Tarivol, whom has a special relationship with the Earth. Tarivol realizes that Onchlea (Mother Earth) is dying and he must travel back in time to key points and reverse the damaging effects that initially poisoned her. Upon completion of his mission, he can return to the present time with Onchlea restored to full health.
    Later on in life, in the very middle of the Blue Eagle Wavespell, I had turned 24. It had only been a year since I had been introduced to Time and The Technosphere. Some of the material in the book was still very hard for me to grasp. My career as a sales representative for a beverage company had took a turn for the worst. Management demanded that I work longer hours, and if I could not, that I had to work on the weekends. I started looking for a different job, or even a new career. Instead of making a strong decision to pick something new and stick with it I went through 3 to 4 completely different jobs in very short fashion. For those synchronized with artificial time, this is known as career suicide. Although this time in my life was very stressful for me, something told me that this was right, and was the only way to truly break free from artificial time. The last job at this stage was working for a temporary placement agency that put me on an assignment working in the records department at an orphanage.
    One weekend, I decided to take a road trip to a nearby city with my brother to take some time away from my stressful job. I also ate a large amount of Angel Trumpets and began to hallucinate. We seemed to be teleporting to different highways while driving on the road. At one point, we were driving from one city to another, and then a second later, we were on a completely different highway driving from a completely different city to a completely different destination. It was if we had teleported – surpassing all boundaries of time and space. All the rules were broken of what most people would consider possible. Also, while driving through the cities, the highways seemed to actually bend and change their directions while driving on them. At some point, we spent the cash that was supposed to go to a hotel room, and decided to sleep in the car on a dark street. I was wide awake, and did not feel the need to sleep.
    This whole experience was very disillusioning for me. I could hear things that I wasn’t seeing. I was watching buildings completely melt down to nothing. There seemed to be seven red balls of light that followed me around. I walked all over the city. At some point I decided there was a source of evil hidden within an alleyway. I approached the alley and saw nothing but an evergreen tree growing out of a crack in the pavement. I begin to punch this tree, which turned into a prickly pear cactus as I made contact with it. I went to the restroom of a grocery store, and was washing the cactus needles from my fist, when a gothic-dressed man walked into the stall and then re-emerged looking completely different. His piercings and tattoos had completely vanished, and he was wearing a beach bums outfit instead of black leather. I later collapsed from exhaustion on the mulch bags for sale in front of the store. The ambulance arrived and they took me to a mental hospital.
    Getting out of the mental hospital was not difficult. I realized the whole thing was completely fictitious when they brought some strange man in that wasn’t a doctor to evaluate me. I began to tell him some of my story. I also asked that they please remove the cactus needles from my fist and treat the blisters on my feet. He was trying to get me signed up on some program. I think he could tell that I wasn’t receptive. As the nurse was using some tweezers to tend to my hands, He told me, “what if I told you that these cactus needles don’t even exist.” That’s when I realized this guy was showing me a lot of love. I kind of laughed and said, “Maybe you’re right.” I called my mother the next day, and she drove in and picked me up. The hallucinations faded a couple of days after that.
    I have read Graham Hancock’s book “Fingerprints of the Gods” and within it, he outlines some of his experiences consuming Ayahuasca in the Amazonian jungles. Reading this has really encouraged me to experiment, but I feel the setting must be right for it to be a positive transformation for me. I need to find the right guide that can provide this for me. I would love to do a complete transformation (pass through the belly of the snake). In my core being, I feel that whenever I am fearful, many bad things can happen. It is only when I am completely fearless that I can benefit from every experience.
    “When you find something’s nice, you always want to share it to the others. It is the same when you find your path to your heart, show it to others, and don’t be afraid.” – Swami Vishwananda (
    “Whatever you do, don’t panic. When you panic, that is when bad things happen.” – Yellow Lunar Warrior (Male)
    “Always avoid extremes.” – Red Lunar Serpent (Female)
    Ever since I can remember, I have always had dreams of natural disasters taking place. Many times, I have dreamt of being near the ocean. The waves seemed more intense than usual. Then suddenly, the tide would go way far out, and upon the horizon I could see a huge wave coming in. I would run and try to take shelter, but I knew it was of no use, and as soon as the wave would hit, I would wake up.
    Other times, I would dream of being sucked up in a Tornado. Sometimes, I would be in a house, and I would get sucked up into the vortex along with the house and debris. Other times, I would be on a road somewhere, or in a field, and the Tornado would pull me up into the air and then I would be let down after the twister had moved on. I would wake up as I was falling.
    Another time, very recently, I had a dream of a Volcano coming close to erupting. This dream was very peculiar because I was not myself in the dream. I was some type of indigenous tribesman, leading my family to safety as the rocks heated up beneath our feet. The Volcano never erupted but came very close to erupting. I remember my daughter asking the most difficult question at this inopportune time – “When will I become a mother?” while trying to find the proper answer I responded with a look. Being that she is only 13 or 14 years old, I don’t know how to answer the question. I feel that she is already a mother considering her nurturing spirit, but I feel that the true answer to her question is something best left unexplained. In her own time, she will find the answers that she is seeking. Exploring the mysteries of life are sometimes the most wondrous experiences that we can have. I remember exactly where I was when I had my first kiss at age 13. I could tell you exactly where I stood, who she was, and the way it made me feel. I will never forget that experience. I could also tell you most of the story which led up to the experience. Long story short, I was very nervous, she grabbed me and pulled me into her.
    I have had other dreams of travelling to different planets or spaces not quite conceivable as a planet. I took many mental pictures from these fascinating dreams. There are worlds out there, filled with wondrous beauty. Anyone can go to these places in their dreams. All one must do is to state it out loud what they want to dream about for about 10 minutes before they fall asleep. Your dreams will become much more vivid and memorable if you keep a dream journal next to your bed and practice recording your dreams as soon as you awaken. You can get insights into the future this way as well.
    Again, thank you for sharing your experiences.
    “What is within oneself is present in all in the form of grace and love of God. So see no differences in the peoples you meet. Love all as God.” – Swami Vishwananda

    Neutralize Crayen by Veela –

  6. What an amazing story, Stephanie. As always, we don’t see things until their time for presentation is at hand, eh? Well, it was evidently my time today. Thank you. I am honored.

    I learned of Maldek in the late 80s, about a year after the Harmonic Convergence. I had already been on a path to realization of consciousness in form, with a variety of interesting situations presented to make sure I was paying attention and remaining free and willing to explore the depths of reality that few ever have the opportunity to find out about, let alone experience.

    I met Volum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1997 when I was managing an event in Phoenix called The Prophets Conference. I spent a week with them, on and off, conversations mostly at a friend’s office in Tempe… Village Labs. During the actual event I had a notebook that I asked folks to contribute their considerations for the future in at the time. Volum’s comment was, “The Galactic Federations looks foward to the New Time!! Zen of the Clean Wave Form.. Harmony of the One Mind!.”

    I’d been introduced to the Harmonic Convergence the day before it happen, an amazing ‘quiver’ in my solar plexus when I heard about it on the radio. The night/morning of Aug 17 and 18, 1987 was an amazing experience for me, too much to write here for now.

    My nurturing in the ways of natural being, including space/time, began as a child shortly after being informed of my adoption when I my adopted sister was brought home. My parents thought I’d be able to handle the truth, even at 4 years old. They were unaware of the quest it would send me on as a result. It’s been amazing and full of phenomena I’m still learning about and integrating as I approach 60. The most profound I wrote about under the title of ‘Messianic Complex’ initially, then as ‘Messy Antics’ sometime later. (re:

    I was in Santiago, Chile for the Day Out of Time Festival and was surprised to run into Jose’s South American coordinator whom I’d met at the Prophets Conference, too, just a few years prior. He gave my companion and I (who had connected at an Ashtar Command event in America) a copy of a recent channeling you are probably familiar with, a conversation between Lucifer and Memgnosis, in Spanish of course. It felt rather uncomfortably close to home.

    When Bolon and Volum gave me the Dreamspell, I found the ‘Cosmic White Self-Existing Mirror’ to be rather overwhelming, however true it was. After our conversations about the shift, it became clear that the ‘waxing’ of awareness and consciousness prior to 2012, and after the opening of the window during the Harmonic Convergence, would reach its apex at the Winter Solstice, only to usher in a period where the awareness/consciousness would then be implemented into the existing systems by those destined, and by choice, to do so.

    Of course the first few years of any new trend is a bit wonky, exampled by the many who have been uprooted from ‘traditional’ environments on their way to becoming who they truly are as cosmically conscious beings. We are, after all, cosmic consciousness condensed into these forms we call bodies currently, our space suits for now. I believe you, Stephanie, know this to be true and the articulation to the public, making sense common, is the arduous path we both have chosen to take as well. It’s an honor to be here with you now.

    In lak’ ech…

    • Blessings Zendor! I so much appreciate this heartfelt sharing…love hearing these stories! Thank you for your wisdom here…it is an honor to be here with YOU too! Love and In Lak’ech, Stephanie

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