Planetary Wizard

Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon, Planetary Wizard year

The post-historic Galactic Beam is in full acceleration as we make our way through this initial 1414-day portal from December 21, 2012, Kin 207 to November 4, 2016, Kin 60.

Energies are being amplified. This Galactic Beam is a high energy plasma frequency beam initiated on July 26, 2013: Yellow Galactic Seed (see previous blogs).

This new energy is beyond the stars that we know by name. The new dimensions that we are entering into cannot be detected by a telescope. The thought frequencies cannot be mind-controlled or measured by any man-made devices.

DNA-Awakening-2012-234x300Many of us are sensing that there is something arriving with this Beam that is beyond our current knowledge and vocabulary with all of its conditioned associations.

What is true? What is real? And how can we know for sure?

Start from your current direct experience.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the information, thoughts and emotions that you are encountering, then smile and return your Mind to the ONE, CENTRAL SOURCE.  This intensified incoming plasmic energy is shaking up core debris as we are being called to let go of resistance and allow our channels to open so energy can flow freely through us in a more fluid manner than we have previously known.

Binary_Pulsar_StillThe beam passes through our sun which focalizes its holographic radio program  through the sunspot cycles. On the sun, the flux (or plasma) tubes eject the sun spots; and the pulsation of the sunspots create the activity of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis. This is key to the rainbow bridge experiment. These tubes, that exist in the inner layers of Earths magnetosphere, have recently began to appear in the mainstream media. Giant plasma tubes spotted circling Earth filled with sun charged particles | Daily Mail Online

Thought Index: From an Army of Super Soldiers to a Collective of Super-Love Avatars

In any given moment there are an index of thoughts to select from. Go for the thought that refreshes you. The thought that relieves you. The thought that comforts you. The thought that makes you feel whole.  We do not need to cling to the past or thoughts that make us feel bad. Dzogchen is a good practice to assist us in learning to direct our mind.

Dzogchen is the highest and simplest Tibetan Buddhist meditation where we practice allowing thoughts to self-liberate by relaxing the mind into its natural state.  Every moment is a new opportunity to release and let go into the clarity of our own mind.


Shifting Perception

We perceive according to which multiple track recording is currently playing in our mind. This is always fluctuating. We refer to these recordings as “thinking layers.”

For example, if you encounter an unfamiliar being (in a dream, meditation or real life), you will perceive it (or attract it) according to the thinking layer you are attuned to.  Some may say it is an alien. Some may say it is an angel. Some may say an ascended master. Some may say it is a demon.


All is mind-generated. There is no one “out there,” it is all “in here.” The Mayan term In Lak’ech, I am another yourself, applies throughout the solar system, universe and all dimensions. YOU are all beings, everything.

Which one is true? All and none according to your perception.

Our job is to learn how to hold and understand all the recordings simultaneously and not to get lost on one groove or play a skipped record.

We want to become skilled at navigating and switching thinking layers at will, this is a key component of the teachings of the Law of Time.

But these are just words. Direct experience is the only way to know.

Emotional Clearing

The number one cause of not being able to access higher states is blockages within our emotional bodies.

Our internal record can skip on past events, playing out the same scenes or stories over and over. When this happens we tend to want to blame others and there is a feeling that our life has always been this way and it will always be like this. In this thinking layer we can feel powerless and at the mercy of what we perceive as a threatening  world that is out to harm us. This feeling of powerlessness can lead to anger, frustration and fear. If this occurs we can ask new questions to help reorient our minds, such as:   What is the blessing? What is right about this situation? What is my lesson?

Only when there is nothing left to defend and no one that we are trying to “be” does new knowledge enter.

In the world we live in it is easier to spend more time on secondhand information than our own direct experience.. We are here to break the mold. We were not born to follow the masses. Direct perception of our true essence is the only thing that will satisfy us.

The  Event

  “The heightened consciousness of the effect of the Event will open our eyes and  perceptions to the grand and majestic order that enslavement to the third-dimensinonal world of illusion kept us from.” – Valum Votan, 20 Tablets of the Law of Time

In this regard the “event” is a trigger mechanism catapulting us into the present moment; a place where we have not yet been as a collective. We do not wish for this to occur in a shocking or violent way, this is why we continue the Work.

Commit to yourself. All of your experiences are meaningful. You are far more fascinating that any personality you could read about in the news!  The beauty of the synchronic order is that it helps us to see the deeper meaning and connections behind apparent life circumstances.

We were all made with equal potential. Will everyone utilize this knowledge? It doesn’t matter. WHAT MATTERS IS YOU!  You have to decide that you WANT TO KNOW the TRUTH. Then make a REQUEST to the MASTER MIND that you really WANT TO KNOW directly WHAT IS GOING ON!   When we really want to know, things are revealed.  This is why listening in silence (meditation) is so important.

In reality there can be no intermediaries between us and our truth essence. There are only pointers. But the work is up to us.

This is the true feminine cycle. The bodhisattvic way. We are working on behalf of the happiness and upliftment of ALL. The Galactic Federation comes in peace.


(For those into the numbers keep reading. If not stop here :).


A few numerical notes on the 812-days to Solar Consciousness (see previous blog).

This cycle began on Kin 29, August 15, 2014 and runs through Kin 60, November 4, 2016.

812 = 29 Moons (of 28 days each). 29 x 28 = 812.

The concluding date is precisely 1414 days from 12-21-2012. 14 + 14 = 28. 14 x 14 = 196, key Bode number of Uranus. This cycle completes in 2016, which reduces to Kin 196.  To find the kin equivalent of any number keep subtracting 260 until you get a number under that. 

This number 1414 reduces to a kin equivalent 114, White Planetary Wizard.  If we rearrange these numbers we have 1144, the cycle of the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl that concluded on August 16, 1987, Harmonic Convergence.

This cycle began 602 days after 12-21-2012, Kin 207. Pacal Votan was born in 603 A.D.

The midpoint of this cycle is Kin 175, Blue Rhythmic Eagle, September 25, 2015, three days before the final lunar eclipse of the tetrad “blood moon.”  This day marks 58 weeks from the beginning of this 812-day cycle. It is also precisely 144 weeks from our time marker 12-21-2012.

There are 113 weeks from the inauguration of the New Beam on July 26, 2013, Kin 164,  until September 25, 2015. Kin 113 was our day out of time this year. 113 weeks is 791 days, key to the galactic spiral density waves.

psi chrono Kin 11 — 1600 days since VV-89…


9 thoughts on “Planetary Wizard

  1. 11 Aug 2015 kin 130 Cosmic Dog:( Melbourne time)
    Dear RQ, .. i was shown some number synch, a few weeks before, the recent DOOT and Kin 114 weekend, as follows, you know me and number, but I don’t have all the info and understanding of the codes that you do, but I see the patterns in the numbers themselves.
    ( note I’m writing Australian style, so date is day then month :)

    25/7/2013 is 7 7 6 is 20 (as a kin synch resonant sun)
    26/7/2013 is 8 7 6 is 21 (as a kin synch galactic dragon)

    25/7/2014 is 7 7 7 is 21 ( as a kin synch galactic dragon)
    26/7/2014 is 8 7 7 is 22 ( as a kin synch solar wind, also kin number of Bolinik , and master numeric, as I type this my bedside lamp just flashed ! )

    25/7/2015 is 7 7 8 is 22 (as a kin synch solar wind, kin Bolonik, master number)
    26/7/2015 is 8 7 8 is 23 (as a kin synch planetary night)\

    add these totals in as date, as number, or total kin synchs, 129 which is yesterday for me in Melbourne, present day this email was send for you in USA, and kin of Crystal Moon, but it is the 7’s and 8’s that fill the dates, that interest me, as you will see below, the doots and new year bearers, correspond, with the harmonic convergence below…

    Original harmonic convergence weekend .. please see the number synchs.
    16/8/1987 is 7 8 7 ( is 22 solar wind, master number, kin of Bolonik )
    17/8/1987 is 8 8 7 ( is 23 planetary night)
    current harmonic convergence date approaching white wizard year 2015
    16/8/2015 is 7 8 8 (is 23 planetary night)
    17/8/2015 is 8 8 8 ( is 24 spectral seed)

    Adding the number totals, again, gives us a kin synch of 92
    92 is magnetic human
    92 is also the reverse of the kin 29 mentioned in your post re 15 august 2014.
    2 and 9 or 9 and 2 is also 11
    812 day cycle.. 8 2 1 is 11
    11:11 ? number of pure illumination, and spectral magical liberation.
    (back to the beginning, or end of cycle , Dec/21 /2012 is also 11 )

    just funny number play, but it reveals so much vibration , and the number synchs between, harmonic convergence and doot and year bearer, I thought interesting.

    kin 114, also is of course planetary tone, as I was looking at playing with it all, including dates, time, births deaths etc, I was given the words, to Major Tom, ( Bowie).. count down engines on, and 10 +9+8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1 = 55.. electric eagle, which was the kin of the harmonic convergence in 1987, and the synchs then began another 5 pages, but you know it all, it never ceases to amaze me, that there is so much, and it is infinite, in synchronisation and possibility, and of course, the messages are always given …

    :) in illuminating number vision and synchronising joy xxx

    ( hoping all typed correctly, lol)

  2. Pope Francis will arrive in Philadelphia, PA on September 25, 2015 (Kin 175 Blue Rhythmic Eagle). Philadelphia is home to the Eagles (National Football League), a franchise formed in 1933 that replaced the former “Frankford Yellow Jackets”. Bert Bell, co-owner of Phila. Eagles (and eventually NFL’s commissioner) chose the team name “Eagles” to recognize the NRA (National Recovery Administration) symbol of a BLUE EAGLE created that same year (July 20, 1933).

    I’ll be in Phila the day Pope Francis arrives.

  3. Blink 182 – Down

    The drops of rain they fall all over
    This awkward silence makes me crazy
    The glow inside burns light upon her
    I’ll try to kiss you if you let me
    (This can’t be the end)

    Tidal waves they rip right through me
    Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
    Pick me up now, I need you so bad

    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    (It gets me so)
    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    Down down down down
    (It gets me so)

    Your vows of silence fall all over
    The look in your eyes makes me crazy
    I feel the darkness break upon her
    I’ll take you over if you let me
    (You did this)

    Tidal waves they rip right through me
    Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
    Pick me up now, I need you so bad

    Down down down down
    Down down down down

    Peter S. Beagle is Kin#97 and author of “The Last Unicorn”

    “Make sure you see yourself through the eyes of those who value you, even if others do not.” – Message visible from the window at the Druid’s Nook

    -165 Bear

  4. Hey, thanks for your comments regarding the ascended masters/ angels/ demons or whatever they are. Being from a more ‘earth’ bound shamanic background, my consciousness still grapples with these lighter ‘beings?’ that seem to fill my head from time to time since the 2012 shift. Nice to know that I’m not going crazy, sometimes I wonder how much is illusion and how much is real. Life was easier when all I had to worry about was the occasional dream quest and seeking out my power animals.

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