Islam: A Cosmic Feminine Perspective

All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there. ~Rumi

The more we open our hearts to the human experience, the more we are given to feel into the heart of the entire planet. This can be excruciating at times, as the suffering is tremendous, yet underneath it is all is the most beautiful poignant love imaginable that is actually holding everything together. A new context is needed to lift our minds above the daily news and begin to understand the cosmic implications of the drama unfolding on our planet.

Fifty years ago not much was heard of Islam in the West. But today Islam is a topic that is everywhere in the world news. With all the misinformation and propaganda circulating regarding Islam it is important to reflect on the essence and origin of its tradition from a higher vantage point to gain further understanding of where we are at as a human species, and where we are going.  In many ways, the violence we see playing out on our planet today has less to do with religion and more to do with human (or non-human) psychology.

As with all the blog entries, this is offered as reflection for your own journey, as you are the one who holds the key.

Conventional opinion is the ruin of our souls. –Rumi

To become whole humans requires the ability to bypass our conventional mind so that we can see beyond our own conditioned filters and prejudices, most of which have been “installed” by media, mainstream or alternative (as all is second-hand information). The real answers can only be found within.highres_86149371

I have traveled to several Islamic countries – including Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Dubai and Egypt – and have personally known many Muslims, including Mother Tynetta Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and have witnessed the beauty and great art and culture of Islamic societies as well as the warmth and kindness prevalent  among those of the Muslim faith.

In 2004 I had the opportunity to visit Baghdad as part of a peace pilgrimage. Our group drove for 10 hours across the desert from Amman, Jordan to Baghdad. As we walked through the bombed out streets with armed American military everywhere, what struck me the most were the children. Despite all the destruction, they were fearless and curious, reaching out their hands through wired fences and saying As Salaam Aleikum, and “I Love You,” in English. This image is forever stamped in my heart.

It is so important that we keep the children in mind as inspiration to overcome our animosities, judgments, racism and prejudices. The outer “jihad” (holy war or sacred struggle) that we see playing on the world stage is a reflection of the inner jihad playing out within each of us.


Baghdad National Theater, Iraq, 2004: Blue Magnetic Monkey. Peace Pilgrimage sponsored by James Twyman’s Beloved Community.

Recently I visited Egypt where American tourism is very low because of the fear of Islam. The Egyptian people were very kind and went out of their way to reassure us that they are peace-loving and that Muslims and Christians have lived in peace for a long time and that Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and is used by Christians as well as Muslims. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that other religions should be stamped out, or that Muslims should convert people to Islam. Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience.

Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged.
― Rumi


Time Wars: As Above, So Below

In a previous blog we asked: What does it mean that the Goddess Isis has been replaced  by images of war and killing?  What is the deeper origin of this war with regard to the feminine matrix?

From a cosmic perspective, the origin of the war we see is a result of the war of the heavens which traces back to the shattering of Maldek, now the Asteroid belt. Cosmic History tells us that war is the institutionalization of a primal carnal crime originated on Maldek that legitimizes killing just for the sake of killing. This jihad or holy war is actually a reflection of the war of the heavens: As above so below. It is a script set in motion long ago.

The present stage of humankind has reached maximum density in its process of degradation, with the dim memory of the destroyed planet always looming in its unconscious. Third-dimensional events can be likened to a shadow play that originally appeared to accommodate the war of the heavens.

In the Quran, the “Fall” (into lower dimensions) is described in Sura 38 when Iblis (Satan) gets into a feud with God, unfurling a type of drama. From the war in the heavens, cosmic time devolves into mechanized time, locking peoples minds into an artificial matrix  spawning drama on Earth. From this drama is born the myth of the “eternal return.”

In the Telektonon cosmology brought forth by Valum Votan, the time between the “fall” and the “eternal return” is referred to as the “War and Taming of the Heavens, an Opportunity for Planet Earth.”

“War” describes the dynamic dissonance of processes of synchronization within a star system. In this case, the star system is our solar system with all of its planets. Each planet holds a specific quality of consciousness. What happens on one planet ripples into all dimensions throughout the solar system and galaxy.

The War of the Heavens involves orbital relations of planets and the stability or instability of our solar system in relation to other galactic star systems.

In 2002, the Cosmic History Chronicles transmission began as precipitated by the memory of  Maldek’s destruction. These Chronicles serve as memory templates of the planetary transition that we are now undergoing. They contain knowledge and clues about how to  adapt, what to expect, how to move forward, how to view what has gone before and what new methods of operation and states of consciousness that we might look forward to.The-Messiahs-New-Brightness

On the night of Kin 222 (11-11), I had a dream that I was taken on a journey to different planets. Realizing that I was not in the Milky Way galaxy, but the Andromeda galaxy I conversed with many star beings who demonstrated a peaceful solar system with flux tubes connecting each of the planets which made interplanetary travel easy.

On one of the planets, the beings were telling me about the minerals of our solar system, particularly platinum and gold. Though it was a magical dream, I did not put too much emphasis on it until a few weeks later when I saw that President Obama signed a law on November 25, Yellow Lunar Warrior, that “recognizes the right of U.S. citizens to own asteroid resources they obtain and encourages the commercial exploration and utilization of resources from asteroids.’

Platinum and gold are two key minerals that would be mined. This is most interesting in light of Maldek/Asteroid belt and its connection with these minerals. This also ties in with Islam and the Ka’bah (cube)  as everything is connected.

Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you? ~Rumi


Synchronic Order and Muhammad

In the synchronic order, events take on significance according to their relationship in time to each other. For example, Muhammad (born in A.D. 570) was a contemporary of both Pacal Votan and Garab Dorje, who brought the teaching of Dzogchen, which is believe by some to be the highest mind teachings on this planet. Dzogchen is said to be practiced in 13 world systems, with earth being the thirteenth. Muhammad was also a contemporary of Pope Gregory 1 (540 – 604), who consolidated the Catholic church as the Vatican.

Pacal Votan was 29 at the time of Muhammad’s death in A.D. 632. There were 1,320 years between the death of Muhammmad and the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan in 1952.

There were also 1,320 years between the dedication of the tomb of Pacal Votan in A.D. 692 and the closing of the Great cycle in 2012. .

For those new to this, the Thirteen Moon Calendar is based on the 1989 scientific discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies (Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan). The 12:60 refers to the unconsciously accepted order of time that is artificial in nature, and 13:20 is the natural timing frequency.

Old time = Old Mind    New Time = New Mind.

But before we can step into a new time, we have to learn the lessons of the old time by seeing it with new eyes.


The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan says that as long as the human race remains immersed in artificial time, (the time of disorder, mechanization and war) it has no hope of escape and can only be headed for self-destruction. The solution offered is to step out of the old time and into a new time of harmony. The 13 Moon/28-day calendar is the key matrix that holds the new vibrational frequencies.



Synchronic Context: Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad

To attain full comprehension of what is playing out today it is important to understand the connection between the archetypes of Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. They were each born 570 years apart and their influence has greatly shaped civilization as we know it today.

Each messenger or prophet is born into a certain time and place for a specific purpose. It is important to note that while the Bible was written by several people, the Quran was written by only one man, the prophet Muhammad, who received guidance from the angel Gabriel.  (Hadith and Sunna, the sayings and stories of Muhammad, were written by other men four or five centuries later and are the basis of sharia law).

Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad were all reformers. Buddha was reforming the prevalent system of thought in his time which was profusely polytheistic. Christ was supposedly reforming Judaism which had become highly legalistic and separative from its roots in Mosaic law. Muhammad was sent to reform the tradition of Abraham which is where the root of his teaching came from.

The root of Muhammad’s link with Abraham was the Ka’bah (cube) which houses a celestial stone that “fell from heaven.” Some accounts say that the stone was once white but turned black with the “sins of Adam.” Turning black can be related with the Indian concept of Kali Yuga—the dark age which we are now in.

Kali - The Divine Femenine


Early Life of Muhammad

In Muhammad’s time there was talk that there was going to be a prophet from Arabia, but no one knew who this was going to be. Muhammad was the grandson of Abdul Muttalib, a prominent member of the society of Mecca and of the tribe of the Koresh, the tribe in charge of maintaining the Kab’ah in Mecca. Muhammad’s father died on a training mission in Syria before Muhammad was born. He was raised by his grandfather and mother Aminah.

At that time, it was the tradition to take the children from the city to the desert to raise them. The foster mother and Muhammad’s wet nurse had a son who became his close friend. When the two boys were three or four they were playing and his friend came back and said there were two men dressed in white who came to Muhammad, laid him on his back, opened up his chest up took and out his heart and put it back in and then did something to his back.

If this is true, was this some purificatory rite (or was it a type of star intervention?). Some accounts say he had an oval shaped spot on his back. Many other people testified that Muhammad was an unusual boy. His mother died when he was six, followed by the death of his grandfather, leaving Muhammad in the care of his uncle. Muhammad was recognized by a Christian monk who lived in a cave called the Hira cave when they were on a caravan route to Syria. The monk had a premonition that there was going to be a prophet and told people about it.

When Muhammad was 12 years old and was a water boy, this monk said he wanted to see everyone in the village because he had been having visions. The monk told the people that they forgot to bring someone, and they realized they had left Muhammad to tend the horses. The monk prophesied that Muhammad would become a prophet. Then another monk came who also recognized Muhammad by the spot on his back claiming it was the sign of his destiny.

When he was in his early 20s Muhammad had gained a reputation as being a very just person and was also called “Al amin” – “the merciful”.  When he was 25 years old he married Khadija, a prominent forty year old woman who recognized something special in him. Khadija kept Muhammad well protected and provided for him financially. When he was 35 years old, Muhammad started having more dreams and visions showing him that the Ka’bah should be repaired and reconstructed.

Unknown-3Soon he began the reconstruction of the Ka’bah and the walls were pulled down where the mysterious stone sat in the corner, placed there 2500 years earlier by Abraham and Ishmael after an angel had directed Abraham to a celestial stone.

At this time the shrine of the Ka’bah was in disrepair and a haven of idol worship. The next challenge was figuring out how to move the black stone. Who would have the honor of lifting it and putting it in the corner? A group of holy men were trying to determine this and one said:  “Let the first man who walks into the mosque be the one to put it in.”

Muhammad walked in. He said everybody who wants to lift it up can lift it up altogether. Now, everyday more than a billion people pray five times in the direction of this stone. This stone has a tremendous magnetic attraction (see Book of the Transcendence, Cosmic History, Volume 6).

After this Muhammad started spending more and more time in the Hira outside of Mecca. It was here when he was 40 that the angel Gabriel appeared and gave him the first revelation, which terrified him.

The first sura he heard was sura 96:  “Read,and your Lord Most Exalted, teaches by means of the pen, teaches man what he never knew.” According to the Hadith, the prophet said the first thing God created was the pen, he created the tablet and said to the pen: “write” and the pen said: “What shall I write?”  He said: “Write my knowledge of my creation untiil the day of resurrection.” In any case this was the first revelation.

More revelations came and Muhammad thought he might be going crazy but Khadija  believed in him and consoled and encouraged him. Slowly other people came around and recognized him as a prophet bringing through a whole new dispensation.

Muhammad had a number of children through Khadija and later other wives. All of their sons died and only the daughters survived. Of the daughters he was closest with the youngest Fatima (see previous blog about Fatima the 13th).  Interesting that the final prophecies of the Catholic Church are the Fatima prophecies, named after a small town in Portugal. Spain and Portugal had been under the control of the Muslims for many centuries. The Virgin Mary allegedly appeared  to some school children on three occasions and gave them these prophecies on July 13, 1917, Kin 211). The third prophecy is known as “the secret” and is allegedly still with the Vatican yet to be revealed.


Following Muhammad’s death on June 8, 632, Islam split into two schools. One school follows the tradition of Imams (the Shiite school) and the other school follows the Hadith and Sunna (The Sunna school). The Shiite Muslims trace back to the blood lineage of Muhammad. The Sunna claims that from Ali (Muhammad’s nephew) that there was a long succession, more like the Dalai Lama lineage. Ali was considered the first Imam of the Shiite tradition.The main Shiite country today is Iran most others are Sunna.

Many of the Sufi traditions also come from the Shiite traditions. Many of the traditions of the Shiites are taken from the Sunna and have a much more mythic/historical aspect which goes beyond Muhammad.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. –Rumi

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. –Rumi

If you value this work, please consider making a donation to the Foundation for the Law of Time or purchasing from our bookstore. I recently compiled 365 of my favorite quotes for daily inspiration with tips on how to create your own synchronic book of inspirations.


8 thoughts on “Islam: A Cosmic Feminine Perspective

  1. Thank you for this most important, essential and radically profound sharing… Here is a poem from me to you and all your readers:

    [Thank you Islam]

    The Jihad is within
    Can you surrender your heart to the light of God
    This is what this is all about
    Down to every last action
    Of every day

    Changing your baby’s diapers
    Waking up in the morning

    Can you let go
    Let go
    Let go

    Of all your ambitions as attachments
    Of all your complaints about what is
    Of all your anger of not getting yours

    Can you just do
    Just do
    Just do

    All the things that you need to
    All the things that you want to
    All the things giving life to life

    Can you laugh at the struggle
    Can you grin in discomfort
    Will you play with your day
    Will you find the true way

    For our hearts are all one
    And though equal to zero
    The secret of the soul
    Is within each one
    Lies the power
    To free

  2. As Salaam Alaikum! <3 as "always is something that never happened", i humbly guess it's Time to go back to Gardening satisfakZION, freedom, peace and love…even if it's just for today. Tomorrow probably be another today, and if not, please somebody let me know it!! :) ANNI34L

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  5. Hello,I never write here tho I’ve read this website for 4 years now and I’ve observed the tzolkin calender in our every day reality over 6. The reason I write is to say I’m deep enough to realize I’m shallow. Comeing the following text that is not to break or harm anybody, just point out some of our commonly known psychological disorders.

    Whenever one thinks in duality, there’s no such thing as seeing things clearly.(World is not black and white LOOK ITS A RAINBOWW!!(So I’ll run away from the rainbow, cause when I turn around, I’ll see it while it’s Strong..)
    Whenever one is Imagining, forcing himself/herself into state of tranquility, then one sees nothing more than mere image of the past.
    Whenever one has a Way to enlightenment, one is lost. (There was no messiah who wasen’t a slave to its brain.)
    A person who is part of a certain group, ideal, belief system, dogma, doctorine, organization and follows it cant possibly bring freedom. Freedom infact is chaos where order will establish itself, when all participants can be peaceful.
    It’s not about sentencing or approveing. It’s about being serious. Serious with yourself, honest.
    Never running away from the Rain. As you all know, sun will always shine after rainstorm and the purpouse of storm is to shake off everything that’s not anymore valid.(Pain is part of the game, no need to explain.)
    Because there’s no ways to truth, truth infact is a constantly moveing thing. Therefore haveing a certain belief, dogma or a way of “Knowing Life” while life is constantly moveing is obviously absurd.
    Therefore we move with ourselves and with our minds, evolving every day, standing Alone.
    Standing on our two feet, never ever being blinded by stars or authorities, everything that guides us is our expierence that we have aquired while in totaly clear and imageless state of mind.

    I just love your work of connecting people, telling them these small facts that obviously make their life very confusing. Full of weeping and sorrow. That infact is caused by the very nature of self.

    Everything is changeing, moveing, liveing evolving, while we humans tend to be stuck in our past expierences, rewinding and repeating, being endlessly dependent on pleasure and always running from this self projected “negative state” . When one doesn’t deal with pain and runs from it, then one is not moveing and evolving with life.
    There’s no such thing as half-way pregnant, you eather do or you dont.
    Also there’s no such thing as step-by-steb enlightenment. You eather understand or you dont.
    And training ones mind to see imagry and visions, wont make it free, rather its just trained in lieng to itself.(We were trained not to think, just react, sometimes when a person goes this far, their never comeing back.)
    Know if nothing else is then atleast your existence Is True!

    On this Journey I don’t expect nothing
    But the un-expectable
    The only thing I know for a fact
    Is that I’ll never know too much about myself
    So I’m a keep learning
    Cause I’m determined to find what keeps this fire burning
    Turning these pages just as slow as I can
    Reading every single word from the poet within
    I float with the wind and stay content
    Wherever it carries me
    There was no beginning and there won’t be an end
    I’m just a piece of the galaxy
    A seed in the soil
    A stream of consciousness
    And to the seasons I’m loyal
    Don’t take my movement personal
    It’s not that I don’t dig you
    But I can’t be on the beach
    Of your sea to see when it boils
    And so I walk with the music
    Because to me that’s all that’s real
    Don’t know where I’m going
    Don’t have a plan
    I’ve been hearing instructions my whole life
    And I still think walking away from the rainbow
    Will make you more of a man

    Sincerely yours

    Crystal Human-Crystal Sun from eastern arian fire tribes.

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