Depressed? Emotional? Read This. Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night: “Easter Sunday”

Depression is the inability to construct a future. Rollo May

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. -Plato

As long as there is a journey there is tension. Some people feel as if they have been dropped into the middle of a strange experiment but were never told the purpose or goal.

We are at a time when sacred view has largely been erased from the human mind. Without sacred view there can be no vision, and “without a vision, the people perish.”

The scientific facts point to extinction. Do we really want another near death experience to wake ourselves up? Haven’t we already died enough? Are we Ready to Change our Minds yet?

This blog entry offers no solutions. Its intention is to activate self-reflection and new ways of perceiving.

The following is an excerpt from a recent report by Kin 68, after observing all facets of the planetary situation:

Within the World Thought System, only Cataclysm Armageddon ensue. All lines of logical progression currently applied to present planetary sitrep lead to mass population reduction. Forces are manipulating for Civil War, war within culture, peoples of U.S., with War now also inevitable with Iran, North Korea and perhaps certain other major figures… There is no best case scenario now within current construct. It is into this “Knot” that we have been cast to untangle … as a function of Pure Spiritual Being and our Supermentally Impressed receptivity through (discipline of) HigherMind…

There is a 3rd Way through the “narrow Gate” it is yet undisclosed, it is ultimately supernatural in essence and will be required as it flows through us. There is no human solution to this current state.

It is true that at the current level of thinking, there is no human solution to the multiple crisis on our planet. But maybe that is the point.

We cling to this World as if it will last forever. But it won’t. All world of form ultimately disappears. Everything goes away. And that’s what we are afraid of. Perhaps the biggest fear isn’t really death-fear, but the fear of Living. Because to truly live we have to face ourselves and that means facing the emptiness and depth of loneliness that resides at the core of our being. So we distract ourselves in every way possible. Or as Terrence McKenna said, “we are distracting ourselves into extinction.”

Free Thinking Allowed?

Why should we continue to believe that what is presented as Reality is absolutely concrete, real or true? From a soul perspective, society is based on mass illusions, governed by the clock that supports mechanized time and produces rote thinking. This mechanization has evolved into the electromagnetic manipulation of the mind (Mind control) in all of its various forms.

It seems there are few freethinkers left on our planet today. Government, media and institutions tell the Mind where it can go and where it cannot, even among those who consider themselves “liberal” or “progressives.”

How can there be real progress when we are still living in an outdated, dissynchronized timing frequency? How can progress occur if we still have not resolved ourselves and our inner emotions and relationships? How can there be any real progress until the basic human rights of clean water, clean air and clean food are available to everyone?

None of what is happening is new. The only thing new is that now we now have enough weapons to destroy the planet several times over.

We are still dealing with the age old problem that Wilhelm Reich referred to as “the conflict of motion against frozen structures.” He said that history has remained “sitting” and nothing has changed since the time of Christ.

The economic and social conflicts are even exact duplicates today of what they were then (at the time of Christ): Emperors and foreign governors and an enslaved nation, and tax burdens and national hatred and religious zeal and collaboration of the subjugated peoples leaders with the conquerers, and tactics and diplomacy and all of the rest of the show. In order to comprehend Christ’s story, you must start thinking in cosmic dimensions.

To think in cosmic dimensions requires regular intervals of silence and self-reflection.

If who owns your time, owns your mind (and if who owns your mind owns your soul); then does this mean that Facebook owns us? Does media own us? Do our Smartphones own us?

If we do not stop our activities and take time to understand our own mind, then we do not know what our actual state of consciousness is. This results in anxiety, irritability, depression and feelings of powerlessness as we are inputting far more information than we can sort through and process. We become reactionary and our emotional body is easily “triggered.”

It requires greater courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in one’s inward journey into new realms, than to stand defiantly for outer freedom… Rollo May

While it is important to be aware of what is happening on our Planet, it is equally important to integrate the information in order to understand it from within. The deeper that you go within, the more you realize that this world is nothing like what we have been told.

New Consciousness

The opposite of Reich’s frozen (vibrational) structures is the Living Vibration of the New Beam of consciousness. This Beam is actually a wave harmonic that when attuned to is instrumented to bypass the artificial systems of control and puts one into direct resonance with Source. But to access it requires shifting Time.

The 13 Moon calendar is the most Universal and practical tool to shift time. It allows us a simple way to access the awareness of the Synchronic Order on a daily basis.

The teachings of the Synchronic Order are like Living Water as we make our way through the current desert of consciousness. They offer an inner technology to plug into the cosmos, as well as an all-inclusive frame of Time to organize knowledge in a coherent and harmonious way. But we are the ones who provide the story.

Here are a few more key suggestions for staying in Resonance with the New Beam.

Discipline. Take time each day to be Silent. Make it as mandatory as brushing your teeth. Discipline creates coherency and a quickening of memory. This memory puts us in touch with cosmic gnosis: Knowing through direct attunement with Source. This Source is where the Master Codes emanate. This is the remembrance of Essence. When Essence is remembered, no more gurus are needed. We are done with the age of giving our power away and of setting people up only so we can knock them down, and blame them so that we do not have to really face ourselves.

Question Yourself. Are you building Walls or Bridges? We build bridges when we seek to understand viewpoints that are different from our own. We build walls when we force our viewpoint or opinion on another (no matter how unequivocally right we feel we are). By seeking to first Understand (rather than be understood) we assist in dissolving the Template of Separation that has created our current polarized timespace. There is always something to learn from every viewpoint. We don’t have to agree with everything in order to learn. What if one of the main purposes of life is to understand the totality of viewpoints of all lifeforms of all times in all world systems?

Question Yourself. Are you reacting to a world of shadows (fear) or enacting from the world of Essence (love)? What if the entirety of global civilization is built on a theory and structure of reality based on a perceptual error emanating from a Shadow world? And this World of Shadows seeks to keep us ‘in the dark’ through control of our emotional body. It thrives on any attention that we give it, good or bad. Every time we make an emotional deposit into the World of Shadows, it gets happy and grows more shadowy. It loves nothing more than to keep us distracted from accessing our own Creative Source. Why? Because it knows that when our collective Creativity is fully Unleashed, the World of Shadows will become Extinct.


The root of this world problem is the creation of a false and artificial timing frequency which drives human life as if humans were also machines. This is to the worldly profit of a few, but to the detriment of the many, and, regardless of profit, the false 12:60 timing frequency (twelve-month Gegorian calendar and 60-minute hour), has set the planet on a course of ultimate self-destruction. Thus far the good will of a few people here and there have made the sole difference between utter chaos and total destruction. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

17 thoughts on “Depressed? Emotional? Read This.

  1. wow always on the nail!!!!!! all there is, is love!!!!
    thanks for the inner reflection, everythings seems so wrong on the surface that we lose ourselves on the galerys of shadow and your words and memory is fressh water in the brhgt stary night


    white elephant!

  2. Great post!

    Let me just add that there is a solution. It is just too simple that we don’t see it. It is not about doing anything more for ourselves, but finding a new way of relating. It is that simple, and I have a plan.

  3. Thank you for the thoughts and actions. BTW is there a spanish version somewhere around the webpage? Cheers

  4. Gracias 225 Inlakech

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 16/04/2017, a las 11:01 p.m., 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT escribió: > > >

  5. No Need to be depressed. I believe there is a NEW WAY emerging that is capable of “WAKING UP” a large percentage of the population (mostly in the west at the moment i think). To bring them to the understanding of what true LOVE means in this universe of ours and how they can access this thru new technologies of Brain Entrainment, Binaural Beats and Meditations all available on MP3’s
    Yes there is and possibility of corruption… it is accessed thru “Abundance Marketing” but there are definitely companies out there (Mindvalley is one) who are aiming to get as many people as close to the final stage of growth…”ONENESS” as fast as possible. It takes daily meditation and spiritual practices but I feel it can’t be ignored as a real possible way out of the numbness most westerners are stuck in, giving results fast and uplifting people to the “LOVE CODE”. All that is required is committment to a daily practice of listening to MP3 tracks and then the realisation that there is more to all this “Abundance” than just getting rich! And if you find the right companies to access this you will get it all for free… unless you WANT to pay!!!
    I will state that I am a believer in the 13 moon time code and this is a heartfelt reply
    Yellow Resonant Warrior kin176

  6. rainbow Fairie

    you are so speaking out of my heart!
    Our “world” is woven of magic. Can we be able to create out of our hearts, or even the deep space beyond of them? Can we create in oneness, playfulness and respect of all life, knowing all of it is Leela?
    Sending you much love, I feel grateful for the deep and sacred space you offer to us,

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  8. Finally something my entire Being can assimilate and navigate the days ahead with. Took my watch off 40 years ago while watching a movie about some Indians who refused to wear white-man’s “time piece” because it was not a True Way. Now I have a sound reason that explains their hearts and mine. Thank you.

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