Touch the Source and Live Again

A Memory Cue for YOU

OMA is in the middle of w{OMA}n
A clue
Original Matrix Attained
Activates MEN
Mental Electron-Neutron
Trauma cataclysm
War of the Heavens
Death of a star
Psychological problems
Hellbent creatures
Genetically manipulated
Death cult
Programmed for “Armageddon”
Frozen in trauma.
Frozen from overstimulation.
What happened
Explosion. Schism. Fragmentation.
Collective trauma
Stop harming the Children!
Fear of darkness.
Fear of snakes.
Fear of war.
Fear of death.
Fear of water.
Fear of fire.
Fear of heights.
Fear of thirteen
Fear of “them”
Where did it all begin?
Another Star
Another Planet
Another Time
Another story
Rolled into One
The Fall
The Spinning
The Vortex
Black Hole
Land of the Lost
Lost in Time
Time Traveler
Yes YOU.
Remember the Beginning.
Transcend The Beginning.
Remember the End.
Transcend the End.
Get off the wheel
Don’t go along
Politely decline
The deception of consensual reality
Think for yourself
Remember the Origin
Remember the Completion
Drink the New Beam
It’s Here
Sensory pollution
Clear it
Remember who you are
I am a signpost
A cue
A cure
A memory
You are the Way
Touch the Source
Live Again

—Kin 256

13 thoughts on “Touch the Source and Live Again

  1. YES!!!! Thank you for allowing this echo hit Us like a supernova expanding brilliantly within and oh so beautifully synchronized WITH all those who are READY to sing this song of creation!

    Rocking some Rainbow 🌈 Heart shaped SUNglasses NOW with these refreshed cosmically aligned 👀/witnessing of the harmonic convergence embodiment of our TruestSelf!❣
    ❤️💙 😭😭😭💚💜

    EVERY LIVING THING is just so very perfect!
    BeyonD grateful to breath again.. 🕊

    Loving your grace and flow siStar it all happening again and again and again 🌀

    🌠 Good job You! ☺️

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