Shifting Timelines: Returning to the Heart of Time, Kin 23: Blue Planetary Night

Interdimensional Memory Mission.                                                                                  Seeks Unity, not division.

Tollan is the city of Heaven in the zuvuya of time. Every culture has its version of Tollan.

The Popol Vuh says that the people leave Tollan in the night looking for the first dawn. They are led by the four elders or star prophets, the Balam Quitze. When they arrive at the four crossroads: the red road, the white road, the black road and the blue-green road, they each take one of these roads and are each appointed a different direction.

The Balam take the people looking for the first dawn. When the dawn arrives, Tollan is reduced to memory. The Popol Vuh says the people shall return to Tollan. This belief is echoed in the myth and stories of Quetzalcoatl.

Teotihuacan is the template of Tollan and the “place where the gods touch the earth” (as named by the Aztecs). Palenque is another manifestaton of this template.

On the Day out of Time, Kin 13/July 25, 2019, people from 45 countries returned to this sacred site of Teotihuacan for a prophetic ceremony followed by the Galactic New Year event: Encoding the Future and Steering the Timeship.

Our venue was situated along the avenue of the dead right next to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl). The focal point of this monument is a six-stepped pyramid, smaller than the other two examples on the Avenue of the Dead: Pyramid of the Sun and Moon.

Temple of the Feathered Serpent

Galactic New Year (July 26, 2019) was also the conclusion of our 7-day mission of Planetary memory retrieval and Cosmic Healing that began in Palenque. Noting that this year takes us into 2020, which will be 1,328 years since the dedication of the tomb of Pacal Votan in 692. A magic key.

So much occurred both inner and outer that I am still integrating but felt to get some impressions out while they are still fresh. I encourage all who were there to share their memories and experiences. You can share here or write to

Palenque: Planetary Memory Retrieval

“When inner groups become externalized and form the base for higher energy to permeate the infra-monadic portion of the planetary life, new patterns arise on a group and planetary scales.” –Triguerihno

Our 4-day Planetary Memory Retrieval began on Kin 8 (July 20, 2019) and concluded on Kin 11.

Many of us experienced initiations and challenges on our journies to the events, as often happens when we say yes to transformation. The word initiation comes from the word “initium” which means entrance or beginning.

This event was not a workshop to teach codes, but rather a ceremonial mission of memory retrieval and cosmic healing with the intention to strengthen our vibratory bridge with each other, the inner earth and the cosmos.

Powerful thunderstorms punctuated the beginning and end of our event.

Palenque as representative of Tollan. “The greater Tollan is the represents the celestial normative value of what we might call the architecture of spiritual thought and development.” – Valum Votan


We began the event in Palenque with the prayer to the 7 directions then the honoring of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik for the seeding the knowledge and basic message of the importance to return to the Earth and make peace with Nature. Only by a collective return to Nature can a new galactic culture of peace emerge on Earth.

As a species we have deviated from Nature (our true essence) and our consciousness has been fractured in one form or another. This fracturing results in emotional body imbalances that keep us from realizing higher aspects of our being. This traces to other times and other worlds.

The Heart knows before the mind can understand.

When consciousness is fractured due to trauma, then memory is eclipsed. We forget our cosmic origins. We suffer in this forgetfulness, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Cultivating love and compassion for ourselves is the first step in putting both our personal and Planetary memory back together again.  Love, love above everything!

The Law of Time tells us that this memory fracture traces to the 12:60 beam that inseminated Earth’s electromagnetic mind field with artificial time, which erases cosmic memory. This is a stage of temporary distortion of our mind through machine consciousness that feeds on separateness, pain, and vulnerability.  Qualities such as blame, self-importance, greed, impatience, and fear belong to the 12:60 frequency.

The initial vision of our gathering was to bring the people of O.M.A. from all walks of life to the sacred places of Palenque and Teotihuacan, where the resonance of earth’s core can be easily accessed. This core is in resonance with our heart. The unification of our energies in love and appreciation creates a field of coherence that is conducive to true learning. Through the heart, the brain/mind begins to remember.

Circle of Unity to the left of Palace of the Winds

Our task was to generate our love battery and hold steady in the 13:20 frequency.

13:20 frequency displays qualities such as gratitude, self-responsibility, service, generosity, patience, and love. The basic teachings of Christ light.

At this event, we shared knowledge and love, visited pyramids, meditated, drank cacao in a beautiful ceremony, did telepathic experiments and shared our music and art.

Many reported deep experiences from their meditations at the Tower of Winds, Tomb of Red Queen and Temple of Inscriptions. All was for the purpose of activating our hearts into a feeling of trust so that remembrance of each other and our innate wholeness could occur.

This heart-mind connection is the prerequisite to aligning with the cosmic whole, which ultimately leads to conscious cooperation within the greater community of galactic intelligence.

Beautiful sacred cacao ceremony led by Gustavo Ik and Paola (in spirit), who helped co-organize our event.



Planetary Memory Retrieval, Palenque

In Temple 13, Tomb of Red Queen on Kin 11. Accompanied by Kin 113. Tomb discovery in 1994. 19 + 94 = 113.                                         The next Day out of Time will be Kin 18: White Magnetic Mirror (July 25, 2020).
Kin 18 also coded June 15, 2012, the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. Also on this day the bones of the Red Queen were brought back to Palenque after 18 years of study in Mexico City.

 Pacal Votan

Pacal Votan was the harmonic master – he was the Master of Synchronization. His consciousness is a galactic database that can be tuned into when in the right frequency.

If the tomb of Pacal Votan had not been opened in 1952 this event would not have occurred. If the tomb of Red Queen had not been opened in 1994, this event would not have occurred.

Tomb of the Red Queen. Valum Votan’s final earthly visit on Kin 189. 2010. Photo by Luis Zavala, Kin 198

On March 12, 1989, Kin 108, Jose Argüelles/Valum Votan had a vision at the Pyramid of Inscriptions that Pacal Votan was going to return, but in a form that everyone would understand – and he wouldn’t rest until everyone had received his spirit and inspiration. He also said that this process would be perceived in a myriad of ways, according to each individual’s belief system.

This is also what is known as the Return of the Galactic Maya (through attunement to Natural Cycles). To return to Nature is to return to the Heart of Time in communion with all seers, saints, sages and prophets who are all part of one integrated circuit.

The prophecy of Pacal Votan shows that the spiritual history of the planet is a single integrated circuit. This is the circuit of the zuvuya.

This circuit ultimately leads to the understanding of the full template known as Holomind Perceiver, the final revelation of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan.

The Holomind Perceiver is a fractal template of wholeness that is connected to the astral libraries stored under pyramids and other sacred structures. It is an interdimensional database and interface system that both synthesizes all forgotten knowledge of the systems of the lost worlds and worlds to come.

It is the ancient future technology. It can only be accessed with a pure heart and clear mind.

“O you who would know me must know your own Heart. To discipline yourself, to tame your mind is to open a path for your Heart, a path of Heart as broad as the universe – to converse with your Heart is to converse with me. For in my heart, I am all paths of Heart dissolved in holy communion with the Supreme One – to keep the Heart pure is the destiny of the true seekers – come with me and we shall liberate the world soul for only by following a path of Heart can we accomplish the great task which it is ours to fulfill.” –Valum Votan


On Kin 12/July 24, 2019, a large group of kin filled the entire Interjet airline flight from Palenque to Teotihuacan. The co-pilot was Captain Arguelles. It was a magic flight filled with synchronicity.

Arriving to Teotihuacan brought with it a surge of energy, like an electrical jolt.

Located about 30 miles (50 kilometers) northeast of modern-day Mexico City, Teotihuacan was one of the largest urban centers in the ancient world. It was a major commerce and religious center for the region. Called the Rome of Mesoamerica, it set the pattern for other city-states after it.  Its semi arid landscape drew multiple ethnic groups and languages.

Yet Teotihuacan remains a mystery. No one knows who built these civilizations or what happened. to them. There are no hieroglyphs. Archeologists have no clear history of this place. We met with the owner of Villas Teotihuacan, where our event was located, who spoke of different planes and dimensions easily accessed here.

The Ceremony

We begin our Day out of Time procession in the morning with the Prayer the Seven Galactic Directions. Don Jesus and Alberto Ruz Buenfil, among others, inaugurated the event on a cubed shaped pedestal in the center of this square stone courtyard.



Our group, several hundred strong, then marched silently toward the entry of the pyramid complex. We first gathered to form a sacred hoop of the people of OMA, a true rainbow nation comprised of people from all over the world.




We continued toward the Pyramid of the Moon and stopped at 7 different platforms to activate each of our 7 chakras and radial plasmas, within our bodies and within the earth. This was done through a symbol, a mantric word and a mudra.

Pyramid of the Sun

On our march toward the Pyramid of the Moon, we stopped to acknowledge the power of the Pyramid of the Sun that carries the masculine energy that we would then bring to the feminine (Pyramid of the Moon).

We synchronistically intersected with another group of ceremonial Aztecs in full regalia, who were doing a ritual on the Pyramid of the Sun.  The Sun is directly above this pyramid every July 25. This group was a joint effort by Accion por la Unidad Mundial, led by Domingo Diaz Porta, la Fundacion Caballeros Aguilas, led by Gorila, one of the guardians of Teotihuacan, and the Mancomunidad America India Solar. A group of Maori natives from Marquese Islands were also participating.

Our group then marched up the avenue to the Pyramid of the Moon, drumming, and singing all the way.














Members of Dr. Jewel’s J.E.W.E.L. University of Immortal Sciences:





Pyramid of Moon

As we approached the pyramid, the drummers came up in front of us and set up. We concluded the formal Day out of Time ceremony with the Rainbow Bridge meditation followed by song and dance.

“The rainbow is the symbol for the unimaginable Nature of Reality–A Reality that escapes our notice in this world of seemingly established things and hard facts. It is, at the same time, a bride between the Real and unreal, the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the invisible and a doorway, which leads us into the world of imagination and fairy tales”   Lama Anagarika Govinda 

As the drumming and singing got stronger, the circle of people started to spin around us.

After dancing and singing for a while, we pulled away and Don Jesus (also known as Eagle Jaguar Guardian) approached us. Don Jesus is a Guardian of Wisdom and the Keeper of the Sacred Flame. He was firekeeper at events for Valum Votan and vowed to him to never let the flame go out.

He had lent me his sacred staff to carry in the march.  He began to passionately explain what each part of the staff symbolized as a representation of the cosmology of the Universe. It had all been revealed to him in a vision and taken him over a year to carve, including the red and blue DNA spiral.

He then insisted that we climb up the steps of the Pyramid of the Moon together because he had been guided to give me his staff. Twelve small pyramid platforms surround the Plaza of the Moon. Making the Moon plaza the 13th.

On Kin 13, I was honored and my heart was really touched to receive his sacred baston (staff) on top of the Pyramid of Moon.  I felt a great sense of responsibility to receive this powerful tool that had been infused with love and wisdom over the past 20 years.

As he was bestowing his baston to me, Don Jesus spoke powerful words and honored our galactic teacher Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan as well as the suffering that occurred when the Spanish Conquest all but demolished the original knowledge and culture.

I flashed to 17  years prior to On March 3, 2002, Kin 164, when Jose/Valum Votan received a baston on top of the Pyramid of the Sun. He originally intended to conduct a ceremony to open the interdimensional portals to the New Time leading to Galactic Synchronization, 2013. He was honored and recognized by 9 elders for his work to bring the new knowledge, or rather bring ancient streams of knowledge up to date in the present moment.

Encoding the Future: White Magnetic Wizard

I unify in order to enchant
Attracting Receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

Our Encoding the Future event the next day, on July 26-Galactic New Year–was truly phenomenal and demonstrated the universality of the Law of Time within different facets of humanity. This was a prophetic calling for diverse groups to unite to demonstrate the harmony of the full rainbow spectrum on behalf of the upliftment of Humanity.

It was a true demonstration of the Banner of Peace. The Banner of Peace contains three red circles signifying the unity of science, art and spirituality. It is held together by a larger red circle of unity signifying One Blood. Sirius is connected with the color red because it looks red when it appears over the horizon.


On this day we opened the 7th interdimensional light gate: the 7th ray of Divine Omnipotence and Supreme Love. Dr. Peter, Kin 29, offered a a powerful ceremony to change the timeline and steer the timeship by altering the current path of event probabilities to one that fully supports the Technology of Abundance. He explained that this is for the “universal support of real human need, the purification and rebalancing of the Natural World, and the conscious awakening of each and every person on this planet in alignment with their highest individual potential.”

The vision behind the event was to gather a diverse set of speakers, who were in resonance with the Law of Time. Each speaker gave a top notch performance, which I will share in another entry. Each of their frequency signatures, as well as the audience members offered a key to the rememberance of Tollan, the original divine blueprint of civilization.  This event was demonstrative of the universality of the Law Of Time as an organizing factor that compliments and uplifts all systems.

Key aspects of the Law of Time were unfolded and expanded in new ways, demonstrating the dynamics of cooperation and collective action.  Each offered and important and powerful  fractal reflection of the 1320 timing frequency.

The speakers and their incredible content and videos will be forthcoming …

Special thanks to the Speakers and Translators: Annibal Luporini, Kin 34: Translater;  Flaviah Motta, Kin 228: Future of Social Organization; Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Kin 210: Future of Medicine; Dr. Ana Zikic, Kin 62: Future of Healing and Synchronotron, Dr. Peter Lindemann, kin 29: Future of Free Energy, Jacob Wyatt, 201: Galactic Master of Ceremonies; Dr. Alexander Trofimov, Kin 224: Future of Science, Stephanie South, kin 185: Future of Inner Technology; Grandmother song; Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Kin 91: Future of the Rainbow Nation; Don Jesus, Eagle Jaguar Guardian and Keeper of the Sacred Flame













Special thanks to Gustavo, Kin 2 and Paola, Kin 117 for helping organize the Palenque event and for the heart-filled cacao ceremony. Special thanks to Jacob Wyatt, Kin 201, for his incredible assistance in both events and galactic M.C.  Special thanks to Noelle Romero, Overtone Eagle, for her perseverance in organizing Teotihuacan event. Special thanks to Seamus Hiestand, Kin 218, for keeping the rhythm and his dedicated personal assistance throughout. And thank you Ik Nehuen, Kin 202,  and Ivan, Kin 221, for video. Also special thanks to the following people, and to all of YOU!

Thank you Volunteers in Mexico:Fernando Arenas Rythmic Night,
Consuelo Molina Self existing Worldbridger,
Alejandra González Cosmic Moon,
Marco Antonio Serrano Solar Skywalker,
Teresa Velasco Resonant Human,
Sergio Velázquez Lunar Moon,
Christian Salazar Solar Sun,
Iqui Balam Cosmic Moon,
Mercedes Rojas Cosmic Sun,
Luis Zavala Electric Mirror,
Karina Pérez de Alba Cosmic Wizard

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