7 Seed Thoughts to Navigate the Unknown Red Rhythmic Skywalker

During these tumultous times of uncertainty, mind training has never been more important.  Reality as we know it is changing at a rapid rate. Change is the only certainty.

In times of fear and disinformation, the tendency of the human is to project blame outside of themselves. But this will do nothing to forward the soul journey. Truth can only be found  within.  The world of form is temporary. Focus on what is Eternal. Remember God, the author of Peace.

We are in the birth pains of the biosphere-noosphere transition. We are children of the Most High.  All is an inner journey. The only way to change the outer, is to change the inner. This is a time of Great opportunity. Keep your mind steeped in high vibrational thoughts. Vibration and frequency changes reality. Practicing Atisha’s 7 points of mind training is very valuable. The commentary was originally shared with me by Valum Votan and can be found in Galactic Meditation and is also reprinted in The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time.  Here is an abbreviated version. Love!

  1. Consider all Phenomena as Dreams.

… Every experience, memory or perception is no more substantial than a passing dream. When we consider all phenomena as dreams, then we don’t fixate and get hung up on that which is passing. The point is, you do not want to solidify your thought-forms. You become what you think. Let it all go, and experience freedom.

2. Be Grateful to Everyone.

This is important since everybody seems to have some enemy or nemesis. You have to be free of karma, so you have to be free of resentment and hatred and creeping jealousy and all of that. Instead, be grateful to everyone. Be grateful that they are giving you an obstacle to practice your patience, your tolerance, even your creativity. 

Everyone we encounter in our path is there for a reason, and that is to help develop our character in the direction of the light. Be grateful to your enemy for giving you a  good reason to spiritually wake up and turn the other cheek. In lak’ech, You could even consider that where your ‘enemy’ is coming from is an unenlightened place, and therefore he or she is deserving of compassion. To rise to the level of universal compassion is the purpose of being grateful to everyone.

3. Don’t be Swayed by Outer Circumstances

In the cultivation of spiritual discipline, one of the greatest challenges is the unexpected effect of outer circumstances, especially those that are really upsetting. The whole point of spiritual discipline is forbearance, which means to bear with all kinds of people and circumstances and not lose it. When we are able to maintain our inner cool no matter what happens on the outside, then we are perfecting our discipline; and by not reacting to outer circumstances we are lessening the creation of negative karma for ourselves and others.  

4. Don’t Brood over the Faults of Others. 

There is nothing easier than spending time thinking or talking about another person’s faults and relishing it. When we do this we are really making ourselves superior—to what or whom and why? To brood over the faults of others is the greatest lure for projecting blame outside of oneself and of actually avoiding personal responsibility for one’s own world. The fact that is that time spent in any kind of negative thinking means that we are spending our time negatively.

5. Explore the Nature of Unborn Awareness. 

… Only from the perspective of being identified with what is beyond human perceptions—unborn, timeless awareness—can one begin to see how one is the author of one’s own suffering, and so start to take a more profound responsibility for one’s world. At the same time one can develop authentic compassion for all beings.

6. At All Times Rely on a Joyful Mind. 

In the development of spiritual discipline, the cultivation of a genuinely positive attitude is essential. To rely at all times on a joyful mind is one of the hallmarks of true spiritual discipline. Yes, it is easy to get discouraged, to think the world is against one, that no one understands and that, therefore, it is easy or even justifiable to give in to anger, or depression, or self-defeating thoughts. And, of course, an emotional outburst is sometimes unavoidable—or is it?

To rely on a joyful mind at all times means that you understand phenomena as dreams and that you have attained a certain meditative stabilization. So that what appears to be a personal disaster or negative projections directed against one may be incentive for greater spiritual practice, insight, and discipline. And to always delight in the good that befalls others—that is truly joyful! 

7. Don’t Expect a Standing Ovation. 

When one has set out on a course of being a peacemaker, a galactic crusader with a  cause that will benefit the world, one becomes some type of activist. When one typically acts, one expects a response. One expects acclaim and praise of one’s actions. If you are doing something because you want acclaim, then you are tainting the purity of what you are doing. So the point is—don’t expect a standing ovation.  Selfless giving is true love. 

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