Where are we Now? From Artificial Gates to Natural Time/Love Charter

Dissynchronized and at odds with itself everywhere, humanity is broken apart into splintered mind fields, each controlled by a different timing standard, a fact about which the human race is virtually ignorant- to its own detriment. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.– Krishnamurti

You are here alone.

And so is everyone else.

There is no security in this world.

There is no perfection in this world.

The feeling of security is dependent on the direct proportion as to how much of the INFINITE we can embody in our mind and heart.

We must be ready to perceive the unexpected and miraculous.

We are in the midst of the biosphere-noosphere transition. All aspects of our lives are accelerating rapidly. To change the planetary script requires us to make conscious that which has been unconscious. This is our awakening.

We are called upon to have courage in facing a planetary dark night of the soul, but with the certainty of a New Dawn.

Current Scenario

The Law of TIme makes conscious what was previously unconscious. This is the first step to change. Though the current scenario as layed out here might appear a bit dark, it is also perfectly designed for us to Wake up to the Greater Dream. It is incentive for us to remember our power and envision and enact the World we want to see.

Seeing the whole gameboard like a movie is the first step in changing it.

So here we are in 2020: White Magnetic Wizard year. Nineteen years after 9-11, we have Covid 19. LIfe, for many, is now uncertain, and some are living in much fear.

Civilizations are destroyed because of the falsification of fact and corruption of truth. Deception is common. Corruption is vast. Ignorance is enforced.

Call out the actors of the script, but do not blame them for playing their predesignated roles. What if the role they are playing was perfectly designed for you to rise to your highest essence? See them. Thank them. And ask them to please exit the stage, in love.The current planetary scenario is pivoted on people giving up their sovereignty under the guise of safety and protection. The first stage of this occurred at 9-11. Now tracers and surveillance systems are rapidly increasing, tracked by a wi-fi signal.

Independent media is now being censored on nearly every platform, especially media having to do with personal health. Censorship only happens when those in power need to control a narrative because other truth might get out.

One current example is the much talked about the mandatory vaccine. People should be allowed to decide for themselves. The mainstream media shames, labels, and condemns those who question the safety of inoculations. “Officials” are now saying a lockdown will be in place until there is a “cure,” which Bill Gates and others say a vaccine is the only cure.

But. if we have one vaccine for this virus, then what if it mutates, will there be more? What are the ingredients and possible side effects? What is the success/risk rate? Why doesn’t the media inform people how to boost their immune systems as well? Should the public not receive full data before deciding this? http://www.chiropractic.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/1200-studies-The-Truth-Will-Prevail-3.pdf

 What Dreamspell have we Entered?

Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a rejection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest most sublime aspirations.—José Argüelles/Valum Votan

As we sit in our homes, checking our phones, satellites are going up over our heads, and fifth-generational wireless towers are being rapidly installed. By 2023 there are expected to be 42,000 satellites.

 Many scientists put forth that increased radiation weakens the immune system, making people more susceptible to viruses and another disease. Why does the Federal Communications Commission, who oversees wireless and non-wireless,  not address potential human and environmental risks?

Whether we realize it or not, Humanity is already being artificially re-engineered through our cell phones and computers. The cybersphere is becoming increasingly controlled by A.I. Self-replicating nano-bots or nanoparticles and technology are now small enough to be inserted into the food chain, chemtrails, or vaccines.  As we move into 5,6, and 7th generational wireless systems, we might ask if this level of radiation is inhabitable for carbon-based lifeforms?

See Fiorella, KIn 93’s, Charter of the Italian people at the end of this blog. Feel free to share or translate.

Newspeak and Technocracy

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. C. S. Lewis

In the novel 1984 (1949), George Orwell described a society in which thought itself was controlled. In the book, children were taught to use a simplified form of English called Newspeak to assure that they could never express ideas that were dangerous to society.

Years before that, in Brave New World (1932), the British author Aldous Huxley envisioned a near-perfect society in which unhappiness and aggression had been engineered out of humanity through a combination of genetic engineering and psychological conditioning.

When a planetary system is sufficiently stressed, and people are kept in fear, then it is easy for those in power to set up a new social order. In this case, it is a technocracy.

Technocracy means ruling by technology. The term was coined in 1932 with the Technocracy Inc. movement.

“Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers, and technicians monitor and control all facets of personal and civic life—economic, social, and political.” —Patrick Wood, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan horse of Global Transformation.

In Time and the Technosphere, Dr. Jose Arguelles defines the technosphere as the artificial sheathe around the planet. He described the technosphere as the intermediary stage within the biosphere-noosphere transition.

…the technosphere is a structure brought about by the 12:60 timing frequency and thus is purely a function of the latter. As such, the technosphere is embedded in the global macro-organizing principle of the 12:60 frequency, the Gregorian calendar.

The technosphere’s effects are to supplant the organic processes of the biosphere with totally industrialized ones, resulting in a severe imbalance in the biosphere. Biology is being replaced by silicon.

Yet, even with all of this advanced technology, we are still using an outdated Gregorian calendar, fossil fuels, and centralized electrical grids—all due to money and power to control time and energy.

What is this 12:60 frequency?

12:60 timing frequency: Artificial, purely third-dimensional timing frequency based on a combination of irregular twelve-month calendar and mechanistic sixty-minute hour, adoption of which results in the unconscious program within the human mental order, causing the species to deviate altogether from the natural biospheric order, resulting in the technosphere. –Dr. Jose Arguelles

Dr. Arguelles was born in 1939, the same year as The Technocrat magazine wrote:

Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the whole population.

The magazine went on to explain that Technocracy seeks  to create a resource-based economic system where scientists, engineers, and technicians would be the sole planners and controllers of society. This would explain why a billionaire technocrat such as Bill Gates would be allowed to be in charge of global health, agriculture and education?

Dr. Arguelles points out that as an operating planetary structure, the technosphere consists of five interactive components; Commodity production, Cities, Energy, Transport, Communication. We see the fragility of these five components at this time.

He also points out that the final collapse of the technosphere is also the final war between blood (biology) and money (currency). This translates as the harvesting of lifeforce, i.e., biological currency.

Many good people, understandably, do not want to look at the dark sides of humanity. Darkness is just the place that the light has not yet reached. Part of the psychological operation of this time is to make us believe that reality is only what is presented in the mainstream news.

In this Technocracy, which furthers the transhuman agenda, humans are ultimately connected by nano-particles, or smart dust,  to a hive mind that takes command from an Artificial Avatar.

Set apart from the natural cycles by the dissynchronous frequency of mechanization, the Time Wars are also waged against the biosphere, which is viewed as a hostile force to be overwhelmed and plundered. Everywhere on Earth, nature is on the run. –Jose Arguelles

What can we do now?

Those receptive to the New Vibrations are now being ACTIVATED and awakened to new solutions.

Victory of the Light is coming. Time is growing short. The battle is not over yet. We are being called to rise into full ATTUNEMENT with Source of all Creation and identify with the clear mind of Truth. Everything is perfectly designed for our awakening.

What is occurring shows that we have countless ties binding us to an unresolved past. Old ways of thinking, old social and institutional contracts must be broken for our Spirit to ascend. At some point in time, we have consented to this control. But now we are revoking all agreements that do not serve the highest good of humanity..

The new galactic seed of humanity is incubating at a vibratory level, awaiting the right moment to manifest. New rays of Light are being emitted from the cosmos for the builders of the New time to arise and create.

Question everything. Refuse to become an enslaved automaton. Do what you can locally. Educate yourself.The two things we have that machines don’t have are HEART and CREATIVITY.

Begin to view everything as energy. Switch off the news, light a candle, and enter the inner world. This is where real freedom is.  We can change the time as we are time travel vehicles.

Hold the Highest affirmative visions and thoughts.

Live in connection to nature. Be simple. 13 Moons. Cultivate love. Grow your garden and make your soil. Healthy soil and organic seeds = healthy food. Here is an inspiring and useful site: https://www.makesoil.org. This is an excellent book, Free Food, and Medicine, https://www.amazon.com/Medicine-Worldwide-Edible-Plant-Guide/dp/0983449066.

We are the ultimate technology. We were born for this time.





(name and surname, place and date of birth), being of legal age, sound mind and in full possession of my psychophysical faculties, without constraint or quarantine, in my capacity as an inhabitant of Planet Earth, member of the Italian people, according to the will of the Founding Fathers, in the name of the Italian people (art. 1 of the Italian Constitution), I commit myself to leading a Healthy Lifestyle in harmony with Natural Cycles, contributing in every way possible to keep the Planet clean.


1) that during the winter of 2019/2020 it was suggested I live in isolation due to the alarm generated by the British Imperial College report on a possible pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus;
Testimony 1

Testimony 2;

2) that official documents on the progress of the worsening state of health and annual deaths due to the cause of flu viruses from 1918 onwards attest that the number of Italian deaths in 2020 is the lowest in the last seven years (ISTAT);

3) that Dr. Neil Ferguson, director of the infectious disease department of Imperial College (UK), on whose epidemiological model the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree was based, declares that his team has had to re-evaluate the mortality estimates of COVID-19 and expressly says that: “asymptomatic infections have greatly increased and the percentage of lethality has drastically decreased, while mortality is lower than for any seasonal influenza”;

4) that the same conclusions as in point 3) were also reached by:
• the National Virus Surveillance Institute;
• the World Health Organization (WHO): “…evidence shows that limiting the movement of people and goods during public health emergencies is ineffective in most situations and can divert resources for other interventions.”;
• PubMed;
• Columbia University;
• NIH Human Microbiome Project;
• Human Gut Microbiome;
• Leaky Gut Syndrome;

5) that from my research I learned that the COVID-19 virus has been lethal inside hospitals, for patients who:
• were already suffering from various pre-existing pathologies;
• usually took indefinite quantities and types of pharmaceutical drugs;

• had been vaccinated against the flu;

• had been subjected to 5G radiation;
while it is harmless to everyone else (Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai)

6) that 5G technology is harmful to living creatures:

  • Italian Appellate Court judgment of January 13, 2020;
  • Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage;
  • Electromagnetic Biological Medicine;
  • Biological effects of electromagnetic fields;
  • NIH: National Institute of Health;
  • Effect of radiofrequency radiation on reproductive health–Indian Journal of Medicine;
  • Cognitive impairment and neurogenotoxic effects in rats exposed to low-intensitymicrowave radiation–International Journal of Toxicology;
  • Clear Evidence of Cancer – US National Toxicology Program;
  • Biological Effects of millimetric radio waves – USSR Science and Technology BiomedicalSciences;
  • Class Action Lawsuit against the deployment of 5G in the US against the FCC byMunicipalities Across the USA (HumansAreFree.com));I PROCLAIM1. the free movement of both adults and children in the open air, the reopening of parks and beaches, respecting a correct lifestyle in harmony with nature, continuing to work as much as possible from home using as little as possible internal combustion-powered means of transport;2. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the felling of trees for the installation of 5G masts;3. the IMMEDIATE suspension of the installation of 5G antennas and the IMMEDIATE removal of those already installed;4. that all alleged debts borne by each citizen (Art. 23 Italian Constitution) be annulled, giving concrete effect to the AMNESTIES approved by the Extraterritorial Monetary Body GST Virtual Bank:
    • First amnesty (one hundred billion euros to balance alleged debts to the revenue- collection agency),• Second amnesty (three hundred billion euro to be credited towards the revenue agency and banks);
    • Third amnesty (three thousand billion euros to balance the national debt and to demand compensation for damages suffered by the economic collapse generated by the measures deriving from the COVID-19 Prime Ministerial decree);5. that, after the first amnesty referred to above, the Revenue Collection Agency and all other similar organizations be abolished;6. that the use of scriptural currency is accepted as regulated by the gstvt-002-2018 Act of October 9, 2018 of the GST Virtual Bank – Extraterritorial Monetary Body, object of petitions now under discussion by the finance commissions of both the House of Representatives and Senate;
  • Testimony 1, Testimony 2, Testimony 3;

7. that law enforcement personnel respect their oath to be faithful to the Republic and to observe its Constitution (Art. 52 and 54 of the Italian Constitution);

8. that the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) and any other negotiations aimed at affecting the economy of the Italian people be disavowed, unless the people themselves are

the first to benefit;


according to the principles enshrined in the following documents:

1) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Paris 10 December 1948 – UN)
2) the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MOTHER EARTH (Project: February 2010) which recognizes the Earth as a living organism to be respected and protected 3) the CONSTITUTION OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC
4) the Roerich Pact – INTERNATIONAL TREATY OF PEACE of 1935
5) the model of the VIRTUOUS 13:20 MUNICIPALITIES approved on June 22, 2012, n. 116 with a Resolution by the City Council of Ceglie Messapica, Italy;
6) and with unconditional respect for the planet Earth both as a unified biospheric system and Noosphere;
7) respecting the freedom to choose various forms of health treatment and therapeutic integration of complementary and traditional medicines according to the free circulation of scientific information.


• respecting all living beings by cultivating Art, Science and Spirituality for a Culture of Peace;
• promoting and implementing the Roerich Pact, for the protection of cultural and artistic values;
• ensuring that scientific research is promoted in respect for and protection of environmental ecology;
• promoting Spirituality and communion between peoples and religious exchange between different spiritual beliefs;
• committing myself to ensure that the aforementioned principles are promoted in schools with an educational orientation representative of a new cultural paradigm and are disseminated throughout national media;
• promoting support for agriculture, local crafts, tourism, the arts and talents through cultural exchanges between regions and foreign countries.

The LOVE CHARTER OF THE ITALIAN PEOPLE must be faithfully observed as a fundamental law of the Republic by all citizens and governmental bodies.

Emerging Viruses by Leonard horowitz

Plague of Corruption

Under an Ionized sky by Elana Freeland

32 thoughts on “Where are we Now? From Artificial Gates to Natural Time/Love Charter

  1. When we feed the Soil we get Food, Water and Shelter; everything we need freely available from GOD’s creation.
    When we feed the banks and the corporations/governments they own we get: pollution of our food, water and shelter as well as forced medical malfeasance all for corporate profit.
    As long as we continue to entertain the belief that banks, insurance and corporations are necessary for life we will continue the cycle, over and over again, that they bring death, control and misery in a shiny package of convenience. Humanity has lived without them for longer. Stave off the shackles…
    Smile and know that you are loved; the creator has everything abundantly available to you in every moment of every day if you choose it.
    What will you feed with your life essence?

  2. Thank you for this piece. I love it and wish to pass it around to as many people I know will read it. In La’kech … Sak Nikte

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  4. Blaahbloop…words heh…
    In that heart all in one
    Just big darshan up it all everything is perfect as last words of liberated masters go and guess whoops about to have that laugh at the end of it… caltivation… zeroing… composting…encoding decocoding recoding code coding …
    Mooji minding it all centered everpresent.youniversal.
    Time body shit :) I am a satalite now.
    Dream gate hotspring santa fe andalucia the timeless land of light glory to the. Alhambra the promised.beyond space and time.
    Loving u all tantricaly everpresently.
    Aho that time yet?
    Todo aki Jay ah yum hunab crew evan maya indeed email ho!!!sangha tree family paninfinitely.

  5. I see Shiva Ayyadurai mentioned in this post. Since I saw the video “Top doctor exposes everything the Deep State hides about CV ( coronavirus)”, an interview by Gary Franchy of Next News Network, I have been watching many videos of him on youtube. He is a phenomenon. I have never been interested in politics, but Shiva Ayyadurai has made understanding politics easy. Even I can follow now! He was born in India as an untouchable, the lowest caste in India.His mother was a successful practitioner of Ayurveda and they managed to leave India for the USA when he was 7 years old. As a young kid he had two interests: natural medicine and politics. Early non in his life he recognized that there are three forces in politics: establishment, those looking for perpetuation of power, benefits and control, not so obvious establishment, those who seem to to stand for empowering the people but actually suck you back to bowing down for establishment, and the real people, who really stand for empowering people. The first two he calls parasites, and the last one he calls the producers. In the USA he realized the opportunities he had there for study and education, which he would never have in India, so he studied and worked hard all his life. He got a Phd and 4 degrees at MIT Massachusetts Institute for Technology, with a specialty in biological engineering and the workings of the immune system. He created a company Cytosolve for personalized medicine and eliminated the need for animal testing with his new system. In essence, he followed the steps of his mother but with modern technology. Today he world renowned for his knowledge on the immune system and is uniquely qualified to educate people on the working of and strengthening of the immune system, but also on the world elite. I have been long time aware of the world elite through the books of Barbara Hand Clow and Patricia Cori. It goes back to the beginning of humanity some 350.000 years ago. But Shiva Ayyadurai has now pointed out the institutions through which they operate today: Big Pharma, W.H.O., Communist Party of China, Bill Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, CDC, GAVI and some others. They all work together to get humanity chipped. Shiva decided to go into politics in 2016 to run for Senate in Massachusetts as an independent, but was not allowed, so he choose republican. His Campaign is called Truth Freedom Health, which he explains in the video I mentioned with Gary Franchy. In 2020 he will have to run against Joe Kennedy, who is endorsed by Robert F. Kennedy, and this is tricky: Kennedy is known as an anti-vaccine activist, but endorses his nephew Joe who is PRO-MANDATED VACCINATION! He also endorsed Hilary Clinton 3 times while she got the highest donations of Big Pharma for her campaign. And, on his website, to discredit Shiva, he produced big lies about Shiva like he is a vaccine-maker, got funded by Bill Gates etc., in total 8 lies. In response Shiva first asked him to take down these lies and apologize publicly as well as personally to him, otherwise he had to go to court. Kennedy did not reply and so Shiva filed a 95 million dollar Lawsuit against R.F. Kennedy, who is not so obvious establishment. Many people believe R.F. Kennedy and now discredit and go after Shiva. This Campaign Truth Freedom Health is genuine and can and will awaken people worldwide people to stand up to empower themselves, if he gets enough support.

      • The reason I bring up Shiva Ayyadurai is because there cannot be a planetary telepathic culture without first having a revolution flushing out the world elite. Shiva Ayyadurai embodies revolution not unlike Memnosis by educating people with real science and making people conscious of the existence of a parasitic world elite perpetuating power, profit and control for a few at the expense of humanity through fake science, and creating fake problems and fake solutions like this shutdown of the entire planet.

      • Have to say now that Shiva initially fooled me with his idea of revolution. In the introduction of his book “The system and revolution” he justifies hatred as a feeling to cultivate and act on, and that was when the alarm-bell went off for me. Although he does a good job awakening people, he has unnecessarily polarized the Medical Freedom Movement. Forgot momentarily that the only revolution there ever can be is coming to know your own mind and transcending it.

      • Actually I consider this movement Freedom Truth Health that Shiva Ayyadurai started a movement of the first stage of the Noosphere, the Higher Mind, which is not yet free of the egoic mind but clearly goes in the right direction as he strives to repeal the 1962 Kennedy Vaccine Act, which empowers governments for mandated vaccines.

      • Or rather, Truth Freedom Health is the fertile ground on which the first phase of the noosphere can be built, because it honors the spirit of the foundation of the USA. This story was in fact the last piece of a much greater story that is told in the book “Return of the serpents of wisdom” by Mark Amaru Pinkham ( http://www.sevenrayorder.com ), and which began 6 million years ago with the arrival of Sanat Kumara of Venus ( also called Lucifer) on Earth. It is the story of the Goddess, the serpents of wisdom or the spiritual traditions affiliated with the serpent or dragon. The USA was the first democratic country in the world where the rights and equality of its citizens were guaranteed in the Constitution and that was no coincidence but well prepared in advance by European branches of the the serpents of wisdom. By acknowledging the past, it is possible to build a viable future.

      • Shiva Ayyadurai honors the spirit of the founders of the USA because, although he has 4 degrees and a Phd from MIT, the world-center of technology, he is loyal to the people and to his own background, not to the aristocracy who created MIT. Shiva recognizes that after the American Revolution won by European branches of serpents of wisdom, the Rednecks who lost, stayed in Massachusetts where they lost the final battle, From there they started a Counter Revolution to attempt to gain back their power to colonize and enslave people as they had done before. Their Headquarters became Harvard University, where the global elite family still learns the tricks to impose their will and fake science to the people worldwide. Shiva calls Harvard a fake tax free University where fake science is practiced, financed by huge donations of the global elite. If Shiva wins this year the Senate in Massachusetts, it will likely be a death blow for the privileges of Harvard and the global elite.

      • Happy New Year for you too Stephanie! Would advise you, if you do so, to read or check out the revised and expanded Special Edition of “Return of the serpents of wisdom”, much new information.

      • Shiva Ayyadurai is a leading Orion soul who has dedicated most of his life to studying and working with all kinds of systems for clear and natural solutions. Among many other inventions, he is the creator of the E-mail system. In “We, the Arcturians” by Norma Milanovich, a book that answers questions on the Arcturian civilisation and their mission on planet Earth, a question is asked on the mission of other star systems in Earth’s ascension process. The first star system the Arcturians talk about is the Orion system, because they help securing the first phase. On page 240/241 they say:
        “The Orion system is a very erratic system, meaning that they have capability to polarize forces to obtain balance and beauty that could not otherwise be created. You might call it havoc or chaos, but we call it another form of creation. These sisters and brothers are bringing in souls who have an understanding of your recently formed theory of “cognitive dissonance”. They are the ones who are working through the chaotic forces that surround them. By focusing their thoughts, emotions, words and actions, they are able to transcend these same forces on Earth and to bring harmony to the volume of chaotic data with which they have to work. Thus, they create “systems”. In this process they actually have taken the skill of the quality of their home planet, transferred the application of it, applied it to the cultures and environment of the Earth and moved it into a theory of understanding that many can comprehend. For the purpose of clarification, then, let us state that the Orions are contributing their mental power for the development of smoothly running systems on the planet Earth. They ride on the color yellow and beam that frequency to Earth for the purpose of contributing to the stabilization of intuitive powers within human consciousness. They are the source of power for many of the organizational structures of government, business, and industry which have the main task of developing networks and linkages between data systems on the planet.”

        I doubt anyone can better explain what Shiva Ayyadurai does. The Arcturians go on saying that once the proper working systems are in place on Earth, souls from other star systems, like Lyra, will take over for more advanced processes of harmony and evolution.

  6. That’s a powerful statement, copied from your very informative post, with which I fully agree, dear Stephanie. At the same time it’s challenging to many human beings who find themselves angered and in grieving for all that is gone, be if fellow human beings, a lifestyle, a business, and even their homes. As Qanon has shared in the year 2017, on its site, “The STORM is upon us”.

    “Call out the actors of the bad script, but do not blame them for playing their predesignated role.

    What if the role they are playing was perfectly designed for you to rise to your highest essence? Then how could you hate them?

    See them. Thank them. And ask them to please exit the stage. They will be left to face themselves.

    The new galactic seed of humanity is incubating at a vibratory level, awaiting the right moment to manifest. New rays of Light are being emitted from the cosmos for the builders of the New time to arise and create”.

    While following a number of discussions in the virtual world, I’m reminding myself and those who read my comments, that the blame-game is over now, for the sake of our freedom and the freedom of choice and expression. Since the start of this year, I’m at “school” each day, learning from my inner voice growing louder and I’m grateful to enjoy a growing sense of humor as well.

    For isn’t it true that we as humanity, manage to create pandemonium in a turmoil of all emotional colors and shades, probably causing those “Wise elders” sitting around the holo-Earth, watching it,
    to slap their knees in amusement and giggles, at times?

    How wonderful creative we are! In trial and error, during many lifetimes. I agree with the new energy that is bathing planet Earth, and the sun changing our diet of light quality. The water and air have cleared up so much in the last months. Did you notice it too? Let’s continue this recovery of nature and apply it to our own human nature. It’s truly time to renew and rejuvenate what’s in sync with our human nature as CREATORS, living in natural time.

    As an incurable optimist, I can see happier times approaching in sync with a fair financial system that leaves no one excluded from a comfortable life, with a revival of enthusiasm, supporting life
    and manifesting more of it with love.

    • Thank you so much for these thoughtful comments. I echo you on no more blame and hate…more love and gratitude needed…
      Resolving all from within and remaining in the dwelling Place of the Most High, the field of all potentialities. Something New is coming… Love…

  7. in the beginning of this year I said to my friends the number 20 is for the Mayan also the number 0 so in a way this is the year 00. I said for me its gonna be a reset year cause my life was not going well and I really had to act differently. And see what happend! the whole world is in reset! Magical Mayan! Thanxxx Stephanie for your wisdom. Always happy when you post something new!!

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  9. this is a planetary initiatic death when in darkness we dont fight the dark we bring the light lets just create a pandemic of love and light <3 radiance is the key

  10. Hello Stephanie, what happened to the links to Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva that were in the first version of the post? 🌈Alexander

  11. Pingback: “Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers, and technicians monitor and control all facets of personal and civic life—economic, social, and political.” —Patrick Wood, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan horse of Glo

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