Atlantis Corporation Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger                                                                   Clear sign on tomb lid of Pacal Votan

The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan is more relevant than ever from The Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension.

“Atlantis Corporation is referred to as a mental disease which takes the form of amnesiac compulsion to materially incorporate all human needs and services into functions of a privately controlled system called “money”.

In this system, money represents power over time; however, the production and circulation of money are strictly controlled, and in order to obtain any of the money, which is the only recognized instrument of power and exchange, one must sell one’s time to an ’employer’ in exchange for it. This system has aptly been called ‘wage slavery’.

Where did it begin? Why does it continue? Why do humans seem powerless in the face of the Atlantis Corporation?

The Atlantis Corporation has its roots in the Babylonian ghost religion of twelve. It is referred to as a ghost religion because it is a fraudulent imitation of true spirituality, a false order of reality born of a fundamental abuse of power, and a need to subjugate free will, which is the same thing.

The roots of this perversion reached beyond Babylon to evoke a primal Atlantis in which power was stratified into a loss of equality. The resulting abuse destroyed the very civilization it created.

The Babylonian loss of equality placed men over women and reduced the 13 annual moons, the power of time, into a calendar of 12, the power of space.

Henceforth, time was to be the pawn of imperial space, enslaved as power units to be known as money. Thus was born the first corporate male hierarchy, a ghost culture of the power of 12 held by men in robes.

Transmitted as a corporate hierarchical structure holding power over time and history, according to corporate rules of the game, the only way to negotiate further power was by using the inverted power symbol, money.

To sustain itself, this male hierarchical ghost culture of the power of 12 instituted taxation and promoted the technology of war to justify its need to collect money and expand its power base.

From Babylonia, the power of 12 spread throughout the Mideast to India and China to the East and the Mediterranean basin to the West. To a greater or lesser degree, the Babylonian power standard of 12 was adopted throughout the civilized world of the Eurasian landmass.

As a complex number, 12 represents the power of a self-perpetuating stasis. All of civilization as it evolved to the present time is an expression of the static power of 12.

The 12-part division of the year is derived from a 12-part division of the circle as the power of space, the Babylonian-Atlantean week, 12-month year.  

The 7-day week’s purpose was to create a yoke in which to contain human energy in units small and easy enough to translate into monetary equivalents.In this way, human survival became lowered to the threshold of daily bread, and the priests and their imperial orders were able to gain greater and greater control over third-dimensional existence.  

The corporate structure of Babylonian priesthood only grew in customs and complexity, finally to be transmitted to the decaying imperial power structure of ancient Rome. The true inheritor of the corporate Babylonian power structure was the Christian church.

Like the original ghost religion of Babylon, based on the power of 12 covering up the 13th moon, the power structure of the Christian Church was used to cover up Jesus, who was a true emanation of the Universal Light of the power of Thirteen.

In AD 321, Emperor Constantine consolidated the Roman imperial order with the Christian Church and adopted the seven day week to the 12-month calendar. The Babylonian ghost culture was now grafted on to the Christian church.

By the 13th century AD, the success of the ghost splinter of the Neo-Babylonian Christian church of Rome was consolidated.

The virus of the Atlantis Corporation was now totally locked up within the secret chambers of the Vatican. At the heart of this power, consolidation was complete power over time and history; the Julian calendar inherited from the Romans, who inherited it from the Babylonians.

The seven day week and the 12 month year now owned by the Church in the form of the Julian calendar was to be converted into a complete system for translating time and property into money, where money in and of itself was to be a very strictly controlled instrument of power.

In this way, since money is only an abstraction of stolen time, the creator of intoxicatingly fictional values, the money system evolved as the chief instrument furthering the creation of a worldwide ghost culture, the Planetary Atlantis Corporation.

With power over time, the Church zealously watched over and financed the European conquest of the world to make sure it maintained its power over history. In 1583 following the securing of its dominion over the planet, the reformed 7 day week, the 12-month Gregorian calendar was instituted by the Vatican, essentially sealing the planet within the Babylonian ghost religion of the Atlantis Corporation.

With the concurrent mechanization of the clock was born the disease of global materialism. Henceforth, all understanding of time would stop at the docile and unconscious acceptance of the 12-month Gregorian calendar, only to be calculated in monetary terms according to the arbitrary divisions of clock-time.(see more here:

In AD 1992, to affirm its control over time and history, the Church, issuing its first catechism since 1555, declared mediumship to be a sin whose purpose is to gain personal power over time and history. Holding the calendar of 12, the Church keeps the planet within the grip of its version of time and history.

The Protestant Reformation against the power of the Roman Church only resulted in the creation of protestant ghost splinters of the larger Babylonian-Roman ghost splinter.

While the Roman Church consolidated the neo-Babylonian Gregorian calendar of 12, the ghost splinters of Protestantism created a ‘secular’ base for the mechanization of time and the conversion of money into the ultimate determining and controlling human value.

from movie Metropolis

The combination of the two factors–the control of the planet by the calendar of 12 and the mechanization of the 60-minute hour–had the immediate effect of accelerating the DNA of the human species.

Since 1583, a 400-year population explosion had occurred, irrevocably altering the traditional social bases of human society.

At the same time, under the auspices of the explosion of the perfection of artificial and arbitrary 12:60 timing frequency, human engineering and industrial machinery have impacted exponentially on the geological processes of the global ecosystem, hastening the imminent transition of the biosphere into the noosphere.

As acceleration increases the probability of change from within the 12:60 system reduces to zero. The absolute zero of 12:60 time can only result in the entrainment back into the natural galactic timing frequency of 13:20. The event occurs within the climax of the spiraling sickness of the Atlantis Corporation.

Though spawned by the Catholic Church, by AD 1754, the Atlantis Corporation had sprouted its own gorgon-headed monster: the industrial-democratic revolutionary wave.

Vatican’s audience hall, resembles a snake.

Backed by an elite of bankers, by the 19th century, this revolutionary wave becomes the dominant world force. Though the Church had lost influence as its royal patronage and power base shrank, it still held the trump card of the power over time and history, the Gregorian Calendar.

When Italy became democratic, the Church was temporarily orphaned. But in 1928, the Fascist government of Italy recognized the Vatican as a political entity. Since that time, the Pope and the Vatican have continued to exert major influence worldwide. Why?

Not only does the Vatican hold the calendar which runs the planet, but it also allows unrestricted import and export of money from its banks, which otherwise operate under a veil of secrecy. 12:60 time, 12:60 money: why does the Vatican still hold all this power? Because it is still the Babylonian stronghold of the ghost culture of Atlantis.

This ghost culture is also known as the Mafia, the international consortium of cartels who assure the free circulation of money, guns, drugs {and human trafficking}.

Break the power of 12 by the return of the 13 Moons, and the Babylonian power of ghost Atlantis will dissolve …

Image Artist: Daniel B. Holeman


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  1. Indeed, the disengagement from the artificial 12:60 timing is fundamental to all aspects of humanity’s process of self-remembrance and the reclamation of sovereignty. It is the unnatural 12:60 time structure that is largely responsible for holding the false matrix hologram in place. The organic structures of natural time will always align us to the natural forces that govern the cyclic unfoldment of Divine expression through all life forms. From the orbit of the electrons around our own atomic structures to the cycles of the ascension of the human species and everything in between, all will find it’s own perfect way when aligned to natural timing. The Ancient Druidic tradition has always known this, as is demonstrated through the fundamental practice of the Tree Ogham, or Calendar of the Sacred Trees. This calendar of 13 moons journeys through 13 ‘groves’, each grove corresponding to a tree whose energy is at its most powerful during that particular moon. The alignment with the energies of each tree as one progresses through the year deepens one’s connection with the cycles of nature. This connection with natural cycles is of paramount importance as we unify to dislodge the false matrix hologram through our personal and collective processes of self retrieval.
    At the time of this writing, we find ourselves in the Grove of the Oak. The Oak brings strength, survival, grounding, rootedness, truth, power, ancient wisdom and Earth Magick. As we continue through the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence and enter into the ten-day string of Galactic Activation Portal days, let’s invite the power and wisdom of the Mighty Oak to join us and support us in anchoring the organic matrix of the sovereign self and divine, natural time.
    In Lak’ech,
    Juliet Galactic Monkey

    • Thank you, Juliet Mathison, your comment speaks loud to me. The Druid history and knowledge is beginning to draw me to this knowledge and trees are becoming magnificent beings to me, never pass unnoticed. I’ve lived for almost 5 years in the S.West of Britain, taking a year’s break from the pandemic madness in Britain, in my country of birth The Netherlands.

      My destiny, when freedom to move is granted, next year springtime,will be a house on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, maybe the West Coast of Ireland.
      The Tree Ogham, or Calendar of the Sacred Trees, is what I’ll look for soon. There are old books and documents, at times, about Ireland’s history, in the website

      Not that I expect you to need these links, but for those who read this it may be helpful. It sure is for me! Any recommendation you have, for studying this calendar, is much welcome, Juliet!

      This is what shows up when I search for The Tree Ogham:

  2. Well, I’ll try to be sucint here. The dualistic view of the sudden appearance of money as both the only 1, efficient transaction f value mechanism and 2, instrument to hold value over time, strongly limits the potential lessons from viewing the human history.

    Just visit the three power waves historic model by Alvin Toffler “The Third Wave” book(1980), continuation of “Future Schock” 1970) where. he focuses on the transmission of power and secondarily on the means to transfer or source it.
    In his model the use of *FORCE* or in its extreme as violence and war is the first instrument utilized to obtain/conquer power by way of domination. That wave encompassed millenia, from hunter-gathering tribes, and also agricultural societies. Second historic wave came via industrialisation that brought massification, repetitive production of goods, etc and utilized *MONEY* allowing the coordination of complex sectors, specialized sciences and material resources. The third wave is the *KNOWLEDGE* era, facilitated by books, education and the spread, multiplication and crossfeeding of sciences. Discoveries rule and command the power which is much more fluid. Internet makes these paradigm shifts exponential.

    In the first wave the strongest tribes, and warriors capture power and the ownership of the land was a mean to keep and transfer power, together with armies. Differently on the second wave private fortunes arised and so Coal, Iron Petrol and Banking Barons hold sometimes even greater power than kings. On the third wave, innovation, inventionst, spread changes in power much fastly.
    Knowledge is not “singly possesed” like land or mining resources, it can be accessed by thousands by means of its publication, and patents last only a time lapse. Technology holds and spreads power rapidly now.

    As you see this model with three sequential factors, give a much accurate view of such complex issues as POWER and the transmission of value at many respects.
    In contrast to the above cited time versus space essay, which portrays only partial and not so relevant events. Therefore it produces comparatively limited conclusions.
    There are other models and crystals through which observe and study our trayectory as Humanity and to view complex societies. We do live in revolutionary times indeed.

    Does the A.Corporation article bring the ultimate advancement in the comprehension of power and the way people organizes and relates? I doubt it. It might have its message and help some of us to search for the true value of our decisions, maybe helps to lift veils…
    However dichotomic views like that are proper of past centuries, fruit of reductionist approaches or illuminated visions. Nowadays we are able to witnessi new interdisciplinary science crossfeeding with novel methods, plus deeper mathematical, phylosophy and sociological studies.
    However, yes, some of these novel consciousness models and tools may produce results similar to those proposed by the highly intuitive work of J. Arguelles…

    ///As humans our compass is inside, and ultimately apart from information and past experiences we inherit the responsibility to attune and judge our perspectives with honesty and coherence with those capacities, as a personal unique gift together with what unite as humans from all times.

  3. 「13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT 」在 2020年7月14日 週二,上午4:21 寫道:

    > Stephanie South posted: “ Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger > Clear sign > on tomb lid of Pacal Votan The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum > Votan is more relevant than ever from The Call of Pacal Vo” >

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  5. Thank you very much, Stephanie! Muchos gracias! This post is so well presented and put in form, truly more relevant to our time, our lives, I should say. Some of Earth’s population is so fixed on artificial time and the condition of enslavement, that it hardly CAN see what’s wrong with it, or how reality could be different. Or changed.

    Our consciousness takes part in our perception of time, plays a part in how we perceive our reality, and even it may be the case in reverse, that taking for granted what and how we perceive the world around us, fixes our consciousness. A loop. That’s where the observer in us plays a part, keeping our attention and awareness in an alert state.

    In my attempts to understand the process of transformation in human consciousness, mine included, I’ve found an explanation in my own words, that helps to keep a perspective on how reality shows up to me and to the collective.

    That term is “We are the changers and the changed” meaning that on the Highway of Transformation, we may find ourselves in both roles, changing lanes, and redirect our course, and finding ourselves lost, in unknown territory, without realizing how we got there. Perhaps with an adventure in tow that may alter the course of our lives or the way we see things, and choose.

    I believe that this is why subjects like the nature of time, aren’t much on peoples’ mind, and those that carry memories and life-experiences of the past, related to the nature of time and the natural cycles of life, nature, our Solar System, the Galaxy and the entire Cosmos, are triggered and wake up. Beginning to feel drawn to the 13 Moon Calendar and the Law of Time.

    And now, I’m talking as an artist who can visualize with ease:

    I picture you, Stephanie, in a hall of enormous proportions. The Hall of Valum Votan. With the large volume of Valum Votan’s work on the walls ,texts and images on display, in 3D format as well, and in books on shelves, Even tapestries, with intricate patterns are hanging on rails and on the walls. One shows the image of Pacal Votan’s sarcophage’s lid. And there are sculptures too, works of art in wood and precious metals. There’s a planetarium in motion too.

    I can see you present in that huge Hall, as a tour-guide, a teacher and guardian of the Hall and all the works displayed, visible and invisible. The atmosphere and sacredness, clean and pure (without burning incense and rituals) reminds me in a way of the Halls of the Akashic Records, where I’ve been for a visit or two, in my life.

    I can see you at work choosing certain works of art, a complete volume of Votan’s work in images and texts, to be placed near the entrance. Changing it on a regular basis. For students visiting.
    Isn’t it true that this is what we find here on the 1320frequencyshift pages?

    This picture is what I shall draw in colour and I’ll send it to you, Stephanie, by post. It won’t be small and I’ll thoroughly enjoy myself creating it. Maybe it’s finished before the Day out of Time 😉🎨💛
    It’s now that I feel the creative inspiration flowing with ease, I’ve sorted all my art materials and know exactly where everything is. Great!

    In Lak’ech Marian Yellow Cosmic Star The Netherlands.

  6. On this day of New Year July 26th 2020 Blue Lunar Monkey I felt inspired by the awareness of making each moment a conscious choice, reminding myself of the power in that stance and the memory of being in such a state. I’ve moved through such an empowered state of being and its side effect is confidence and strength. The feeling of being focussed and at the same time present in an energy-field with a 360 degrees radius around oneself, in 6 directions, E-N-W-S-above and below, leaving the flat linear plane where we tend to move our attention fast forward in order to control if what we do now guarantees the desired result/outcome at the end of that line.

    So often I need to remind myself of this quality, for it’s like training a new muscle, to actually move through my days in an autonomous way, observing my motives.
    There’s no need to say more, this page is a New Year’s gift of mine to those of you pondering the quality of choice in a connection with one’s consciousness:

  7. Have to say something about the design and seal on the dollar: there is a wide misunderstanding and confusion on the meaning of the design and seal on the dollar, especially on words like Novus ordo seclorum ( New World Order) and the Illuminati. Now it is widely associated with evil, especially since the Bushes used that term for their plans. Originally however, the Illuminati were worshippers of the Goddess descended from the Templars and Ismaili, and the New World Order was their banner, meaning a revival of the Matriarchy but now in balance with the intellect and ego, associated withe Patriarchy. Also, the design was made by European serpents of wisdom. In “Return of the serpents of wisdom” you will find this design explained, and in “Conversations with the Great Goddess”, Mark Amaru’s second book now rewritten, the Illuminati, New World Order and the nature of Lucifer, the most complicated entity in the Universe, are all explained by the Great Goddess herself, channeled by Mark Amaru Pinkham.

    • It is also important to understand the true nature of the American Revolution Stephanie. In “Time, synchronicity and calendar change” you write on page 134:
      “Supported and affirmed by the Gregorian Calendar reform of 1582, the calendar which inaugurated the time of colonialism, by 1776 the force generated by the Doctrine of Discovery congealed into the phenomenon known as the American Revolution. Embedded in the Gregorian Calendar, the principles of the American Revolution catapulted the thirteen colonies into the role model for the rest of the people of the planet.”
      Well, the British Crown was sure enough involved in the Doctrine of Discovery, but not all colonists were lead to the USA by this Doctrine. Some were of the very highest intentions, guided by the Celestial Command. They were the heirs of the Sufis, the European branches of the serpents of wisdom. The American Revolution had nothing to do with the Doctrine of Discovery. It was the clash between the heirs of the Sufis and the British Clown, engendered in 1773 by the first ones in the Boston Tea Party, who also became victorious. The thirteen colonies were therefore not at all a result of the Doctrine of Discovery, but a conscious revival of the Matriarchy, not a fake but a true model for all the people of the world to follow. Such is also the nature of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These were dictated by the Celestial Command. Of course, corruption set in at a later stage because of the Counter Revolution by those who defended the British Crown, the Rednecks, but the original pure intention cannot be denied. As Norma Milanovich ( who also wrote We, the Arcturians ) writes on page 135 in “The light shall set you free”:
      “The original intention of the Declaration of Independence was to provide a foundation on Earth that would allow all children of God to realize their full human potential and experience life to its fullest in a productive beautiful way. The United States of America was designed specifically to hold this vision for the rest of the world until the time would come upon the Earth for all to become self-realized.”
      “The light shall set you free” is an outstanding book on the understanding Universal Laws, the basic concepts of transformation of consciousness and on journeying smoothly to the fifth dimension.

    • Your comment is informative and sounds well thought through, Lucas. I’ll see to it that reading “Conversations with the Great Goddess” is on my reading list. There are many wells in the desert of what’s left of ancient wisdom and culture of nations long long gone, I believe. For years now, I’ve tried to begin writing my book, for which I quickly found the appropriate title “The seeds of Eve’s apple”. How in the world have masculine and feminine natures danced their dance, on each other’s toes or in a flow of harmony, as if floating in the ballroom of life.

      When I read this part in the end of your comment “…..the nature of Lucifer, the most complicated entity in the Universe….. , I remembered listening to a reading of one of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures: “On the Christ, Ahriman and Lucifer and their Relationship to Man By Rudolf Steiner”
      This is one of a whole series at the YouTube Channels “The Karmic Police Bureau” and “Rudolf Steiner Archive”:

      Not only are the recordings of Steiner’s lectures educational and well presented by a narrator who “knows his stuff”, the visuals that are created with the recordings, are sublime works of art and offer a non-ordinary sense of reality that is in sync with the content of the reading. I’ve found the publications outstanding. The website with Rudolf Steiner’s lectures and books, translated in English, is

      Anthroposophy and the views of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian born visionair, in the last quarter of the 19th century, and the designer/founder of the Goetheanum in Germany, the bio-dynamic way of agriculture and the Waldorf School system, I’ve stumbled on it since end of the 70’s, seemingly without a chance to escape this subject, for I’m returning to it again, and again, I decided to really look into the nature of Lucifer and Ahriman, as Rudolf Steiner has explained and described, and come to an understanding of what they represent.

      By listening to the video-recordings on both YouTube channels, I’ve begun to wrap my head around the nature of these two “forces” or “beings” playing their role in human consciousness and – societies. I’ve met quite a number of Anthroposophy-minded families in the Netherlands, when I worked as a Nanny, and some of these parents were dismissing Ahriman or Lucifer as negative forces. They were the fanatic type of people, placing good and bad in opposition, in a battle always.

      This attitude caused question marks within me, after I grew up in a strict Calvinistic Church Institute that showed the same attitude of cold hearts and hot heads in fanatic disputes. Our family at large broke in half twice, since after WW2 due to fanatic disputes. My world was very small before I left my parents’ home and I heard about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc. only when I was 16 years of age.
      I still remember the huge sigh of relief I felt, when my world expanded in that way.

      By finally beginning to understand the role of Lucifer and Ahriman, in our present time, I’ve noticed how the role of AI and the digital technology advancing with great speed, in sync with nano-technology and artificial consciousness aka human looking robots, and even holograms that seem so real that it’s hard to discern the true nature of them, is similar to the nature of Ahriman.

      Described by Steiner as a force that loves to see us live on junk food, junk teachings, junk consciousness and junk content on our blue screens, small and large. Instant gratification, no thinking with one’s own mind and making choices based on our autonomous position in our lives.

      One of the examples Steiner gave, his lectures are all archived since the start of the 20th century, which makes it very clear, is the tendency in the education system, to feed students with morsels of knowledge, data and systems of logic that are a replacement of the students’ own thinking through of the subjects of study.

      In other words, the students haven’t internalised what they have received by the teacher, online or in college. They don’t need to come to a proper understanding, prepared for a working life that is close to being an automaton, a human slave. It seems that in this year, it’s now end of August 2020, human submission is a key element in the battlefield of a pandemic that is in essence a silent weapon for a quiet war over human sovereignty.

      For those of us who are aware of this battle, the larger picture if you will, there’s a choice to not succumb to the fear-program that will show up with part 2: second wave of COVID-19, part 3: vaccination, etc. in order to prepare us for forms of obedience in the near future for which the tools are made years ago. Don’t believe what I’m saying in this long comment, find your own facts and intuitive know-how, please. I’m presenting my views and information after following what happens in the US, in The Netherlands and in Britain, regarding the “management” of a flu-attack that has known less cases than those in the flu-attack of the year 2018.

      Steiner foresaw the increase of de-humanising development before the start of the year 1900 AD without putting a label on it as negative, as if it’s not supposed to show up in this way. He had great insight in how Ahrimanic and Luciferian influences are part of a Universal principle, related to the level of consciousness through time. Isn’t it true, that we’re all experiencing duality consciousness now?
      The condition of a 3D level of existence?

      What I’ve finally understood, and it’s a second sigh of relief for me, is that it’s those 2 forces, working in our human consciousness, with whatever name you choose to call them (Sauron in The Lord of the Rings comes to mind as representing Ahriman) that are like hand in glove, offering us a chance to consciously choose and experience if we either walk a PATH WITH HEART, with an awareness of life and death, both moving in cycles and an existence in a larger picture, with those of you reading this, also familiar with the nature of time, or a PATH WITH A CALCULATING MIND, linear, focused on physical form, material perfection, graphs and frozen formulas aka absence of evolution in human consciousness, which results in the taking away of our free will and autonomy. When we allow it.

      As I perceive the development of AI -technology, there’s a stealth-wise strategy to implement trans-humanism, by playing on the needs, fears and uncertainties in many of us, especially in this yea 2020, playing on the screen-selfie-identity that grows into an addiction, so that we may feel as if we’re safe and sound in AI’s robotic arms. Surveillance and control perceived as protection without having to think for oneself.

      A movie that shows this in a clear way, is “Metropolis”. Highly recommended, if you haven’t seen it yet. Another movie that reveals a false program seemingly for the benefit of a (trans)human community, is “Stepford Wives” by the director Jim Henson, who also published the Muppet-show and The Dark Crystal.

      Thank you for reading this long comment of mine, gosh, it’s a subject close to my heart 🧡🇱🇺🤗

      • “Conversations with the Great Goddess” starts when the author goes to the forest intent upon communing with Lucifer. Instead, he gets a direct line with his mother and the Mother of the entire Universe, the Great Goddess, who answers all he desires to know about Lucifer. Later on she also lets him have an experience of what it is to be Lucifer. The split between matter and spirit began with the Goddess and her first son, Lucifer……… Looks like the books of Mark Amaru Pinkham are written for you Devon. In his third book “The truth behind the Christ myth” he unravels all related myths like that of Ahriman.

      • The most important revelation of the Great Goddess about Lucifer is that he is BOTH the lower and the higher self, both ego and intuition. The lower self she calls Sanat-Lucifer, and the higher self she calls Sanat-Sananda. It is up to us to choose whether we align with the lower or higher self. Yes, this year we will know humanity’s choice. That is why I follow Shiva Ayyadurai and also place comments to ponder on to some of his video’s, because he plays an important role in awakening people to the Global Elite’s program in Massachusetts, the worldcenter of the swamp, the Global Elite. Last week, when projected to win in a landslide, he lost the primal elections in Massachusetts because of huge election fraud: at least a hundred thousand votes were just missing, probably shredded. In the USA you do not need to show your ID card nor do you get any proof of having voted and for what candidate. The American Voting system is set up for fraud. It can be manipulated when there is no other way left for the Elite to have it their way. In today’s video Shiva explains how they do it.

      • Today’s video is called: Dr. Shiva Live Election Fraud in MA 2020. The software mechanics of Fraud part 2. In june this year a new version of Election Systems appeared in which an option is inbuilt to turn off the pictures of what they are doing, which is illegal, and second, to fractal the votes of certain candidates, so that the vote is not counted as one, but 0,5 per vote, for example. Yesterday Shiva went to ask all the pictures and they answered that they turned off the pictures, where after Shiva has filed a Lawsuit. All this and much more you find in this video. Most of his videos are not for long on youtube because of censorship, so you have to be fast or download…….

      • This completely fraudulous Elections System actually already operates in the USA since 27 june 2001, not this year……

  8. this is amazing but also so much for me to wrap my head around. i see the distortion of the calendar and i understand the control factor, but i’m also not sure how it works? how does distorting the calendar keep us under control?

    • From one star to another, thanks for this question.. Im curious to see how it will be answered! Hello Dearest Beautifull and Gentle Red Queen. I have been so enjoying the Artwork through facebook and working playing as hard as i can for The Harmony.. Your words of Truth, specific to us, stay with me alllways.. Love, star

  9. He did say we’d c it when its T&T it is… Evidently.
    “Ppl will start going crazy”.

    I call starships now hihi… Yeah & ting is I’m totally UFO… Unbelievable Fucking Objects & creating the jewel of pure isness… He says it takes time… But time don’t even exist so… He then mentions patience… But again then wot is this a cookoos nest? God is bipolar with major mpdisorders and yeah talks2himself…even considering himself as he…. Madness my queen point.

    Like with creating UFOs its all in the folding unfolding more unfolding now patiently in time everpresently.

    Now votan… He is everywhere too ramana my captain, papa dZiki the eternal friend and mooji… Dad… Bramanada saraswatti my jogging partner and sad(happy)guru chess opponent heh.old chogyam trungpa joint connection :)

    Yeah never ending story. Jay sri ashtar command AKI seriously…. The aboriginal lightning man.
    So we timewaved zero. Double basing Mayan mathematics 2020 and next year is 2012 actually 2021 pffffat at that crystal core knock knock knock who’s there???its d psibaba.which one?by god its number4.
    Dreaming in a dream time again… The planet shifted too… So jungle age here we come… Aya101… Dogon mask dance masks on masks off…
    I could keep this up eternally… And 2000 years ago Jesus rocked…. NOW he raves.
    Mooji backwards omji at u yeah its d other u… Eh as of late Rafa too… Afghan loving u…. 1+1 shit… Hihi

  10. Salaam, Aho– As we entered in the second Moon of Challenge, the One moon to root out duality by Transmutation- (within) it is Time to adress ourselves honestly, looking back to the choas and havoc surrounding the (several) HC33 events and presentations… And, we have some issues to look at, to clear away, before we can collectively reach the Noosphere in the spirit of Peace and harmony that is the steering energygift of the Overtone Star in this present Wavespell of becomng. Read the several texts offered by various well-seasoned Kin members of our Galactic Mayan Society and you will all agree no- one should be insensitive to pleas for unification, on each level of human and cosmic consciousness we have gained access to.

    By now,the details do not even count, as in the next Moon, in which the Universal Power of Unconditional Love is the featured Fifth Force, themes as solidarity, loving relationships with self and others (in lakëch!) are being adressed, and we will be asked to see clearly, steered by the wizard with his timeless perspective, the secret laws of karma inscribed on his Rune Staff (hihi) into how to balance out and equalize these relationships. All in service of our own grasping the real impact of Universally directed Unconditional love, in service of Self, in our human condition, and the Universe…

    I am writing this message for a reason, then. For those who advocate the blessings of the gift of Seeing and Steering through the Time Waves, powered by the logic magic of the numbers and the symbols we all so diligently decoded for ourselves, and internalized as fuel for these Zuvuyan time travels that allow us to overcome blind mistakes we have made and may be holding on to in the present.

    Need I say more? about Electric Worldbridger, legalizing the crossing of bridges that separate dimensions… The fidelity of the faithfull, resonating from the centre of this cycle of becoming-
    let us be faithfull to the Prohecy, Detach ourselves fromKarmic consequences’ residues, TRUST in the REAL Powers ofthe so hopefully mentioned Kin 140- with ALL his powers from Telektonon, to Culmination pf the Spinal powers of Tzolkin, Tones, Resonances … Real Trust that we are, allthough plagued by our Human flaws, part of this magnificent Prophesy and are all entitled to benefit from those powers WE TOGETHER BRING BACK TO LIFE by believing, applying and sharing the joy about this amongst us and the ever growing community of initiates!..

    So here is my plea, to all teachers, prophets, graphical artists, decoders, depicters, storytellers, organizers, facilitators, reflectors and admireres of the greatness of our Dimensional Soulmates- let us get together as One, work together as One, and put everything In Motion to establish Natural Time Conscience all over the globe. It starts with US and how far have we gotten… after all…

    All the tools are here, we represent all archetypes, and need each other to fulfill the prophecy.
    I would like to invite everyone who can and wants to understand the meaning of this message, to make contac and stay into contact, aware of the privileges that we have earned, and humbly put into service our abilities- offered from loving heArts, to the One Sun- our Great Symbolic connection to the Hunab Ku center force of Origin, the Source of All that Is.
    Please leave a sign of Life and Love if you feel the call.

    P.S. personally I am aware of … the abundance of all elements … in this tapestry … In Human shape and form, as a Living WoMan, my yearbearer kin 60 Galactic Sun… Occult Wavespell, Red earth- //long count or real time kin 14 magnetic Wizard and Unified Count kin 74 Solar Wizard.
    This lunar Moon will see the end of this year’s mission, on Alpha 19, kin 165, Solar Serpent, the day of my 65th birthday. This Call for Unity is then not a self-imposed mission. I have been posting here and there, signs of existance, encouragements, a question mark, a smal remark or correction on a technical level.. Mystical Language can be tricky and can be read and explained differently from different points of view. But we are gifted with clear symbols.. Let’s make good use of this, humbly, in Service of the Ultimate Goal which is Peace

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