Pacal Votan: Time’s Special Witness Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183

Seek the origin of the present circumstance

As I write, it is the 69th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan: Crystal Moon 17 (June 15, 2021): Blue Magnetic Night. Without this discovery, none of the knowledge of the Law of Time or Cosmic History would be.

Human history is the opposite of Cosmic History.

Human history is the history of materialism, power, and domination. It is based on how economic history conforms to materialism.

This materialism is embedded into the 12:60 artificial frequency, and is exemplified by the fact that now the world’s eight richest people have as much wealth as half the human race.

This materialism is ruled by Saturn and maintains itself by manipulating death fear, represented by Mars (think pharmaceutical and insurance companies).

This mechanized  frequency disconnects us from Nature, each other, and ultimately our soul. We now live in a world where we are databased and categorized; Our information is bought and sold for marketing purposes.

All that is pure and true has been hijacked and inverted by what is referred to as the “theft in time.” In this inverted world, we are not encouraged to freely speak our heart, express our creativity and trust our intuition, but instead are expected to recite premade scripts, platitudes, and slogans that fit the prescribed narrative.

Globalist (Time is Money) Bankers seek to create a shadow world ruled by a divide and conquer mentality. They own pharmaceutical companies; they own scientists; they own hospitals; they own media; they own churches. All to advance a particular narrative, based on total dominance of the third dimension and all of its bodies in Time.

When considering modern communication, we must also focus on the chief method of globalization, which is marketing propaganda on behalf of consumerism. Marketing is the use of means of mass communication to control the mind of the consumer. In the final stage of globalization, marketing replaces consciousness –Jose Arguelles, Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs.

The Prophecy of Pacal Votan and the Path of the Galactic Maya came to remind us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in the machine. Our bodies are the keepers and temples of Ancient-Future wisdom.

Understanding this prophecy and its teachings requires us to lift our mind above current circumstances, and join our Awareness with that which is Eternal. At the Ultimate level, all is within us, including those who appear seeking control.

The prophecy of Pacal Votan was brought through Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, making the clear distinction between artificial time (12:60) and natural time (13:20). Though it may sound simplistic, when grasped, it has world-changing implications. If new to this, go here:

Origins of Current Earth Movie

Whereas human history is based on materialism, Cosmic History is based on cycles of time and the prophecy of Pacal Votan.

According to this prophecy, all that is playing out is a Babylonian script with its origins in the destroyed planet Maldek (now the Asteroid Belt). This is an archetypal story that has also occurred in other world systems.

This prophecy of Pacal Votan was a time-released response to the destruction of Maldek. The unresolved trauma on Maldek was carried to Mars, and then to Earth by a radio genetic time ark, as recalled by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

Radiogenetic refers to genetic memory carried and transmitted through radio or electromagnetic waves. We are electromagnetic beings who vibrate with the farthest plane of the cosmos, to the most subatomic part of the cosmos, to the most stellar parts.

Radiogenetic time ark is defined as the invisible mind thread carrying genetic information transmitted like radio waves from one point to another.

Additonal Synchronic Notes: (send me corrections if any errors, and send additional synchronicities if you find :)

The occult (or hidden power) for the Blue Magnetic Night is White Cosmic Mirror, Kin 78. This is significant, as 78, is the total sum of the tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs found engraved upon Pacal’s tomb in Palenque.

Furthermore, the 78th year of the tomb opening in the Yellow Spectral Seed year (2029 – 2030. This year is written N.S.1.42. 42 is a number of key significance. There are 42 years between the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan and the tomb of the Red Queen. 42 months is often mentioned in the Bible and is equivalent to approximately 1,260 days. The Spectral Seed year opens us to the remaining four year of the 13 year cycle to establish the Noosphere of Timeship Earth (2020 – 2033).

Interestingly, there are 1,320 days from June 15, 2021 to January 24, 2025 (NS This is Resonant Moon 15 of the Rhythmic Storm Year. We will be in the fifth time dimension of the nine-time dimension vision map: which is signified by the Divine Masculine. This year is also my 52nd return.

This day is Red Rhythmic Dragon, Kin 201, which is also the 86th solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and also the midway point of the 13 Moon year.

(please pardon the technical challenges … it seems the machines are making a lot of changes without consulting humans–hope this reads OK)

20 thoughts on “Pacal Votan: Time’s Special Witness

  1. How do the Pacal Votan Clear Signs fit in the Tzolkin? And what is their significance? Why has no one done this? What does the pattern reveal?

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  4. Precisely
    Pakal Votan in the Dreamspell is KIN 189 Red Resonant Moon.
    Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, the discoverer of the tomb, in the Dreamspell is KIN 189 Red Resonant Moon!
    This is the key why Pakal Votan should look seen as KIN 189 Red Resonant Moon and not KIN 60 Yellow Galactic Sun!
    The secrets of the codes of the tomb do not reside in language but in the vision of time and numbers!

    189 + 189 = 118
    118 + 78 = 196
    185 + 11 = 196
    189 + 7 = 196

    7 + 63 = 70
    70 + 63 = 133
    133 + 63 = 196

    2 x 7 = 14
    2 x 21 = 42
    2 x 63 = 126
    14 + 42 + 126 = 182

    3 x 7 = 21
    3 x 21 = 63
    3 x 63 = 189
    21 + 63 + 126 = 273 – 260 = 13

    7 x 7 = 49
    7 x 21 = 147
    7 x 63 = 441
    49 + 147 + 441 = 637 – 260 – 260 = 117

    182 + 13 + 117 = 312 – 260 = 52

    42 + 78 = 120
    120 + 185 = 305 – 260 = 45
    45 + 189 = 234

    184 + 189 + 189 + 218 = 780 – 260 – 260 = 260


    Soon I will send you my study on the correspondence between matrix 260 and matrix 3, 6, 9 of Tesla;)

  5. My mother is a Certified Naturopath Practitioner and has tested many supplements. Her main test was being able to increase bone density in patients of all ages. The ones that work the best are from whole food sources NOT from chemical extracts. Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered vitamin C and discovered that your organs store H- ions. There is a big difference between chemically created vitamin C and Naturally found vitamin C. It is important to get a Reams saliva and urine test in-order to find out what kind of calcium you need (There are many types of calcium, each can have tremendously different efficacy [effectiveness]). Your whole body runs on pH balance and calcium is possibly the most important, certainly by weight).
    Your body is a radio antenna, resonance is all, maintaining proper frequency modulation provides optimal transmission and reception.
    And for the cheap seats in the back GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT you are what you assimilate;-)
    You must cleanse yourself before you can modulate to the highest order {synchronic*}.

    Monophagous blessings for phagocytic bioluminescent photocatalysis… Peace be to ALL and Yes LOVE is in ALLWAYS the answer.

    • Our bodies are an antenna!! Thank you for extra inspiration to truly become God-Technology and that is why the push for tainted food supply and nuerotoxins and toxic pharmacueticals, etc…is such a huge agenda to block our cosmic receptors, but now we know and we can clean up and tune our antennas. So grateful for FLT and the Synchronic Order, truly.

  6. Other interesting synchronicities… the last time you were here in Mexico with José, he entered your wavespell as kin 186 (the day I met you both on Cancun’s 2010 Prophet’s Conference), and the day after, it was the galactic return of the Massacre of Tlatelolco (October 2nd 1968) and the Death of Regina (Kin 232), on kin 187.

    Happy galactic return <3

  7. It seems the machines are making a lot of changes without consulting humans ?
    In fact there is a group of “machine-loving-humans” making a lot of changes without consulting other humans. they make it very hard for other humans to keep up.

  8. Gracias por todos tus trabajos!!! aquí estamos en continua sincronización, gracias por toda la información sobre la Ley del Tiempo a lo largo de estos años.
    Desde la máxima humildad posible, dejo una sugerencia de investigación: la teoría del heliocentrismo impulsada en el mismo momento que el calendario gregoriano, es un instrumento de engaño también. El heliocentrismo es al espacio, lo que el Gregoriano al Tiempo.
    La Ley del Tiempo necesita redescubrir al espacio.
    Dispuesto a profundizar más sobre este tema, y poder compartir ideas sobre esto.
    Más allá de esto, muy contento de poder comunicarme y saludarte, y decirte !!!gracias!!!

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